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File: aa8decbd50ac405⋯.jpg (361.18 KB, 1932x2576, 3:4, 1546948511717.jpg)


riddle me this godfags. if we are supposed to precreate and spread our geenes than why the fuck are girls so stuck up and damn impossible to even get in a room alone with you much less get naked and have sex? any good answers for that? because i will never precreate when no girl will even allow me within 10 feet of her!



The command to procreate was addressed to us as a species, not to you personally. Illiterate retards like you are not supposed to reproduce, and women know that, which is why you will never touch one.


It's because you are ugly as fuck.




damn you don't even know me but it is ture






File: f408858e727dde6⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 650x622, 325:311, 1521732868314.jpg)

Because women are entitled and stupid and don't know their only function is to produce little humans.



Because girls that look like in your OP want more than just personality also you need a certain peer group that has such females in it, at least to get easy access to it.


In a word, society has gone out of control, this is not the ideal, and I don't know if I should say this, but fuck it I will anyhow.

… it's going to be wiped clean.

So don't worry so much, it's all going to be gone in due time.



Competition is harsh OP especially when your a faggot

Buy a surrogate, if you cant afford a surrogate you shouldnt breed in the first place


File: 1398befc6560b34⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 8398beac4484d7eb0eb266c5a1….jpg)


maybe it's because you're autistic



As an autist who has had multiple baby scares and a plan b pill i had to pay for i assure you its because OP loves cock



Another explanation is actually one entirely of biological importance, it's a phenomena known as the fisherian runaway and it coincides directly with hypergamy. Basically it's a phenomena of exclusivity, it's where certain traits are presented in exclusive numbers among a certain animal population which is "supposed" to be indicative of higher breeding potential, only for that entire population to eventually be comprised of those who possess those traits.

Well what the fuck do you think happens, is it happily ever after in utopia?

Fuck no, it then becomes an issue of other less important, less relevant traits to actual survival or genetic suitability and then it becomes this "runaway" where completely arbitrary shit that shouldn't matter then becomes the ever-reaching status quo.

It's kind of like how in calculus you can never reach zero, it's always just a division of increments going ever further, but never reaching this zero point where you have completion.

This is basically what it is to be a woman, women are truly the NPCs of the human race, they will unquestioningly accept the fisherian runaway even though eventually - if we aren't wiped out soon enough, all women and men will have generally high genetic suitability for reproduction, but women will always look for increasingly silly, pointless differentiations of genetic expression or hell, even wealth, or a combination of both - to govern their decision making.

It could in the future theoretically become so fucking retarded that having certain natural eyebrow shape becomes the defining quality of a chad, I'm not fucking kidding, that's the Fisherian runaway and women will consciously unconsciously defend it.

The only thing worse than the women who defend this are the men who enable them.



when and how? you sound like you might have some inside knowledge. i really want to be at ground zero of a hydrogen bomb strike.



I guess I do, I could have been lied to but all I can say is that we've strayed very far and this, all of this is not sustainable, it's gone too far.

Like an infection that's killing the host inevitably.



> The only thing worse than the women who defend this are the men who enable them.

that is all desperate internet beta males that beg girls for photos and pay them to do retarded shit like cosplay or play video games badly.



is it going to be an act of god or will people destroy themselves and how soon?



It doesn't matter who they are, the men who enable that kind of reasoning and thottery is objectively worse than the thot themselves.



Not sure, although it is going to be cataclysmic at least from what I was told.



As an addendum a lot of shit is going to go off the chain before that I believe, there will be social/political upheavals.

But the clock is ticking for this world, it's gone too far, it's too diseased, I've been told it can't be saved now.



i'm glad. i kind of want a global disaster so i don't have to go to work everyday and my chances of getting killed for everyday survival will go up dramatically. i still would like the h-bomb on my house though.



I don't know when its going to happen, that's just what I was told, that humanity has crossed the threshold of being saved.



Doesnt work like that for humans in terms of beauty standards. Chads look good but have other innate qualities, also there needs to be a differentiation between the ages of the chads. A chad in his 20s only needs to look good and exert an alpha male personality, a chad in his 30ies needs to have wealth and the other two factors aswell.

Cant blame the feminals for that, so they cant also blame me for liking big udders.

The point here is that betas instinctively react to female demands in that sense (as in criticizing male preference and behaviour).

In fact the female preference in humans is much less "stupid" than those of animals from objective point of few. The reason why "they" are dumbing down the population is because of the mathematical problem: Want males of higher status than yourself, you are facing a numbers game.



If i had more money to spare i would also be inclined to pay the thot to do things, the problem here is that they pay off random thots, not high quality ones.



You're underestimating the level of mindless conformity and stupidity that is achieveable by women, presumably because you want to perceive there being some innate value in their decision making process.

You're blinded by your own cognitive bias, it will eventually get to that point, it's already getting close.



>evel of mindless conformity and stupidity that is achieveable by women, presumably because you want to perceive there being some innate value in their decision making process.


>The reason why "they" are dumbing down the population is because of the mathematical problem: Want males of higher status than yourself, you are facing a numbers game.

You just validated the principle behind the fisherian runaway but you're defending it as valid, are you aware of your own cognitive dissonance.

Your post was nothing but a screed of rationalizations that did nothing to disprove the phenomena.


Wasting your time just have fun. Everyone knows some animals weren't going to make it. You reek of natural selection


The entire point behind the fisherian runaway is that the qualities that contribute to perceived status, become increasingly non-conducive to anything except maintaining that perception of exclusivity.

In the case of animals, it's instinctive, in the case of humans it's a combination of that and outright narcissism on behalf of the women. Literally, you said, "women are making poor reproductive decisions, but what you said is wrong because women are concerned with validating their status by status seeking"

That's literally what I described, and it is fucking stupid, if it has a corrosive social impact, it's bad, and if one does nothing to correct it, it's stupid. Mindless self indulgent narcissism, isn't self justifying, it's just as stupid as being a purely instinct driven robot.


Idiocracy will be achieved directly as a result of western society becoming on average less poor and less dysgenic, because of the fisherian runaway effect, and consequently because of the women who enable the phenomena.



The highest status you can attain is to be the greatest animal your genes allow. Become the best hunter you can, smart and strong. You will be selected and not give a fuck about it


But this is /b/ and most of you would rather complain than adapt. Happy starving!





<The only thing worse than the women who defend this are the men who enable them.

>But this is /b/ and most of you would rather complain than adapt. Happy starving!





It's like you guys have only halfway accepted the true stage of humanity today. You are a bunch of faggots in a world of retarded adult babies. You can cry your own stupid tune or just have fun and thrive



You're a failure in God's eyes.



















That image was distorted by sin.




Say sorry to Jesus again, maybe you will stop having slave mentality



Christian here, catholic.

What? i even almost had legal problems because they are the ones molesting me, also your question is biased as CNN, being a promiscuous beast that hang out with child murderers isnt the same as procreation.



Sauce on who the girl is in the picture?



>not being a servant of the lord

begone heretic!



good goy kneel before g*d


File: 188a313edbe1307⋯.jpg (350.4 KB, 1932x2576, 3:4, 1546021642858.jpg)



Go back to /pol/.



Go back to israel



Ask Hex! my country projector.



Because you're too white. 'God' is a Jewish fabrication used as a tool to destroy the white race.


File: b039ada23e802a8⋯.jpg (276.87 KB, 2048x1223, 2048:1223, alpha squad.jpg)


because they want their children to have the best genes. that is, not your genes



ur a nigger, thread ignored



This looks like a nice group of friends. I wish I had friends.


File: 79b17b31a810526⋯.mp4 (5.28 MB, 720x480, 3:2, feminism REEEEEE!.mp4)


>why the fuck are girls so stuck up and damn impossible to even get in a room alone with you much less get naked and have sex?

Jew-created feminism.


File: d9775dd0812f771⋯.png (186.3 KB, 300x410, 30:41, i dont know that feel.png)

Actually, It's so easy to get a woman naked in a room alone by simply existing and using the knowledge that sexual conduct is a direct result of paying for it with goods and services (like prostitution with a 3rd party you contact to turn it into a bartering situation but never mention as status quo never allows a man to complain about the simple ungenuine and emptiness of the soul it portrays) that there's no point to procreate. your genetic composition only effects your ability to acquire currency and spend it on sex. Your wife would fuck the neighbor for a lifetime pension check. your wife would stay with you 10 years to get a pension check. your wife would do anything to not lift a finger or address how unendearing the whole thing is. your girlfriend will fuck anything that buys 4 drinks at a bar. You get knowledge and money, women get pumped full of cum and say it has equal worth in terms of respect.

OP on the other hand, is just a fucking retard.



nigger do you even have a job?



These tits look too perfect to be natural.


File: 8ef72b97b758cde⋯.jpg (67.35 KB, 618x576, 103:96, 1448972221022.jpg)


>8billion + humans

>still wants to procreate



yeah i have a job but i never bought a prostitute if that's what you're thinking


yea it doesn't matter if i do just pointing out that it goes against what the godfags say we are supposed to do but women are scumbags



even if one of them was a marshmallow man who has cancer?


Stop longing so much for it and focus on improving your body, mind, spirit, soul and you will get it. By constantly keeping the desire for coochie in your conscious mind you block it from entering your subconscious, thus chances of it happening in physical reality are significantly diminished. Just take your mind off of it brother and it will manifest sooner or later.


File: 91ed0059bc28041⋯.png (89 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1483334348591.png)


>but women are scumbags

Can't argue with that



You act like the number is relevent. Do you think the perpetuation of the human species as a whole is the only reason people see value in their progeny, or even a reason that they seriously consider? Do you think they ought to?


>If females didn't have vaginas they would be hunted for sport


<female privilege negated

<pussy pass denied

<time to die…



TLDR: Evolutionary psychology.

If you werent such a loser girls would line up to have sex with you.

Believe me i know all about being a loser.



all you need is either money, good looks, or charisma.

guess you have none.


>why the fuck are girls so stuck up and damn impossible to even get in a room alone with

Genghis Khan had more children than any other man in history and he did it by raping every virgin he could find and not giving a fuck what they thought.



If another Temüjin was alive today, he would be shot on sight or imprisoned for life after the first virgin.


There's a thing for that now. It's called rape. Look it up, it'll change your sex life.

Seriously though it's very basic, women and men have similar but different wants. I could try to explain but if you don't know it by now you probably won't get it so the tl;dr version is you're too ugly/poor/weak/uncool, you can either lift yourself, which is very difficult, or aim lower.

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