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File: aeb67523a5af0bc⋯.jpg (110.03 KB, 768x432, 16:9, c29tZWZ1Y2tpbmdyYW5kb21waW….jpg)


Supposed to be greentext but can't be bothered

> I was always a freak, but adapted to society. A lot of academic effort to relate to other beings

I've started re-exploring Jungian theories three or four days ago and sort of obsessed about it since then. I'm a INTP-T who has worked to become a INTJ from early teens without knowing it.

Me apparently

>INTPs tend to appear lazy, procrastinating, messy, indecisive, anti-social and over-analytical to many others. They also generally won't do what they are told. These >features don't generally make them ideal employees to most management teams

anons personality and what you want to change or otherwise do with your life


why are you obsessed with Jungian Theory?


I don't think you can change your type.


I am so gay, I make Freddie Mercury looks like a girl scout



You should find this funny:

They [INTPs] are flawlessly intelligent and exceptional at anything and everything. They are the deepest, and most complex MBTI type, Their thoughts are so incredibly superior, transcendent, so beyond anything any other type is capable of that it only makes sense that they're the ones who usually end up revolutionizing humanity. They have no emotions and minimal empathy but can read people effortlessly; we're all such simple, pathetic creatures compared to them, we're nothing. They are pinnacles of mental strength, able to brush off trauma with reason like no one else can. They lack the animal instincts that other humans have, with no need for relationships, no need to fit in or feel accepted, no awareness or feelings of competition (what do gods want with ants, anyway?) and easy denial of their body - and most happen to be quite attractive, almost like laughing in the face of nature. They have perfect discipline and rationality, and never fall prey to any bias or fallacy that other, weak, emotional, stupid humans do. Some of this also results in a perfect morality, that only this type can maintain through their natural adherence to principles, making them morally superior as well as intellectually, humanistically, and emotionally superior. Humanistically superior - by which I mean that INTPs desire nothing for themselves but are perfectly humble an only seek to bring us up to their level of thinking, to challenge our meager intellects and perfect us in their own image. With such nobility, is it any wonder people are so fascinated by this type, in ways no other type can intrigue the masses?




You mean the assburgers? Yeah, me too.


I wish I could be around people without wanting to vomit.



I don't actually know really. I've always been interested in the psyche. Took a year of psychology without much results. I've always been at odds with myself and wanting to be like the assertive and confident and grounded friends I have. The Jungian theory gave me a sort of explanation to my own unease, and that was settling to me for some reason. It might not (and can't really be) accurate, but for me it is a sort of confirmation that I'm not broken.


File: 9d1920959ea00cf⋯.jpg (10.91 KB, 259x194, 259:194, asparagus.jpg)

It's good when my asparagus was diagnosed



But is aspargus really a diagnosis? Or is it just a few personal traits tilting in the extremes?


>Personality types

Meme science, disregarded



Did you feel as if everything finally made sense?



OP here

Yeah given that good truth - what good is there being this awesome creature when noone can understand your message? And that the fault mainly falls on yourself and your half-ass attempt to explain your reasoning that you know beforehand will fall short? If you have nothing to show for your so called genius, you are not a genius.



So I'm trying to move more to a self-assured confident dickheaded stance of declaring absolute truths of where we should be going (more in the INTJ-direction). I'm working as an architect/tech lead. And It's working. It's ridiculous. People actually asks for easy answers event though I'm telling them they are most probable wrong.



Incredible bogus




Seems a lot like /intl/. What are you shilling for here? Tbh it seems as if op is saying /int*/ is superior to all.



My closest friend is INTJ and its clear as day that i will never be like him and he will never be like me, but together we get shit done and come up with some pretty twisted ideas that can actually be implemented.



No if I could choose I'd choose to be like my son who is naturally social and find his greatest joys in activities with his friends.

Intjs are the closest match to me who actually seem to achieve something worth doing.



INFJ type can be really smart too.


File: 2b5dce6f3ca8965⋯.jpg (75.34 KB, 525x809, 525:809, 2b5dce6f3ca8965be6047ad139….jpg)

/int*/ confirmed to be correct all along.


File: 6594392540ac606⋯.webm (9.29 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Tool - Schism - Lyrics [ ….webm)


>caring about what others think

found the problem



personality quiz is outdated. the personality you're assigned is also unchangeable, as it as has its roots in childhood - not 2 say u can't change - just not in a way that is consistent with the theory



took me a long time to get here, but this is indeed the answer.



Any tool is meaningless for those who are incapable to use them, if you can't use it in real time to predict people's actions, it is probably because you are some extroverted sensor type and don't have the aptitude for it. No need to jealous though.

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