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File: 683303a56ce1b4a⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1653x2171, 1653:2171, tamamo 0657.png)


If you hate girls so much, why not make your sexuality to gay?


mgtow are working on that


If you hate everything so much, why not self mutilate yourself?



except that's exactly what they do, or they become asexual.


File: 149db237e100fd2⋯.jpg (5.82 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 149db237e100fd2648c992e642….jpg)


I'm not a fag but I'll admit that I've thought about what it be like to have those smooth perfect legs of yours wrapped around my waist on more than one occasion. Please post them again I accidentally cleared my collection in a purge.


I dont hate girls.


I'm becoming gayer and gayer just because women are insufferable.


I like girls just fine. :3


File: 8b9528bd647d411⋯.png (369.24 KB, 851x727, 851:727, Tomcat.png)


Exactly this invariably across all age groups. Women are just horrible to hang out with, and everyday she wants to hang and doesn't fuck is simply a giant waste of time that could have been spent actually having fun with some dudes playing video games.

I've only thrice met a girl who has any real conversational skills beyond just bitching, and they were all fat lesbians, and one is a Mexican. They are never actually funny without repeating something a dude said.

Sucks that pussy feels so good, otherwise I would just be gay tbh.



Saying this in a completely nonsexual context but hanging out with lollies is usually a good time, it's when they hit puberty which is the deciding factor as to whether they end up horrible or not.



You can't change your sexual orientation, you certainly must know this.

You cannot force yourself to like man ass no matter how much utility that might serve in your life, what you like is what you like.






I'm not a fan, young girls <12 are starting to bud, but they still don't know when they are being provocative. Im not one for kid fiddling, but when a 10 year old with too much ass tries to show me her back end or whatever, I instantly feel like a criminal just for watching



I just said in a completely nonsexual context, as in they're just nice to be around, especially if they like you. Most of them lack the pretense and secrecy that most females have as they get older, they're very candid and spontaneous, which means they're enjoyable to be around.



And no, at 10 they know precisely what they're doing often times.



And I'm saying even in a non sexual context they are uncomfortable to be around.



Has media corrupted them that early?

I don't think girls that age are actually trying to attract guys sexually, they just do it on accident promise. 12 is when the majority learn I would think



Agreed. Some of my cousins and sister's friends were great kids to hang out with until they became teenagers and it really doesn't get better after that.





Not at all, it's lovely, unless of course they're awkward around you.


When I was in my teens the neighborhood girls around that age were definitely sexually awake. The dangerous ones were those obviously who were very precocious and had the disposition of a teenager, they're the kind that will turn on you and say some nasty shit about you if you were ever left alone with them.

Speaking of which I found myself way more uncomfortable around a 10 year old trying to perv on me than I did a lolly who had a crush.



>personal opinion

<"not at all"




Why would you feel uneasy around them unless you were the one with the issue?


For a place that supposedly hates pedophiles, you fucks sure love talking about fucking little girls a lot.


Is there a way to hide threads from the fastest threads box? The shills here are getting outrageous.



They just do what you do an worship cartoons of women



>Why would you feel weird anon, something wrong?


>Personal opinion

You don't comprehend very well do you.



No, you implied that what I said was, but you're clearly not wanting to be honest about your subjective misgivings.

You don't "imply" things about yourself.


File: 870403da6a5cb8e⋯.jpg (300.34 KB, 1333x1333, 1:1, sxm7vnE.jpg)


Literally what



Sex robots are the future


fuck you nigger.


File: 89fb98e1505d761⋯.png (483.16 KB, 540x533, 540:533, BD67B0F8-52CB-4637-AFFB-8A….png)


god you’re such a tard


File: 7bc1cc8d88640d2⋯.png (31.97 KB, 202x361, 202:361, do your best beam.png)

hating women is like hating dogs because most are mistrained barking shit factories that eat money. I simply don't want to deal with it.

I'm not expecting perfect, someone that isn't garbage would be nice for once.


>thinks that romantic rejects repulsive to women would be any less repulsive to men

>being fucked in the ass by a horny faggot at random would somehow disprove that



u dont choose sexuality, retard


File: 362bebdc1bdabe4⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2507x3541, 2507:3541, tamamo 1010.jpg)


I choose to like hot boys and I can stop whenever I want so you're wrong.


File: 3eb615303050eec⋯.jpg (148.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, eyes closeup.jpg)

what girl mean by this




People can't just choose to not have a mental illness.


File: b44ec900c922497⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 1800x2546, 900:1273, tamamo 1077.jpg)


Psychology is a psuedoscience. There is no such thing as mental illness and pathology proves it.



>neurosyphilis is a myth


File: 509a22c1e612662⋯.jpg (337.86 KB, 1540x2048, 385:512, tamamo 1043.jpg)


Neursyphilis is not the cause of much of any existing mental disorders in the DSM-5 anon.




>anime posting

all checks out here


File: 94d0b41c33cf431⋯.png (91.09 KB, 463x349, 463:349, cropped porn.png)


>anime reaction images prove anything

>on an imageboard


File: 3655caa034b1786⋯.png (262.37 KB, 700x906, 350:453, 899976507800478965.png)

I'm triggered by faggotry on internet, in my country we still take them to the woods to never be seen again. Mods should at least ban faggots, but they don't, so apparently this imageboard is as subverted by social-marxists as most of the western civilization.


File: 62b3ecbce648514⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1200x1500, 4:5, tamamo 1022.jpg)


Because again psychology is not a verifiable science and the mental disorders prescribed are merely labels for difference in brain function, not illness. A chemical imbalance is not a disease as defined by pathology.



>a crazy person who thinks that it is not crazy

Aren't most retards like that?


If I record myself fapping and fap to that, does that make me gay?



No because you already are.




what makes you think psychology is not verifiable?


File: 5fe154a15d17e24⋯.jpeg (23.46 KB, 256x300, 64:75, EFE35B12-D7EC-4333-9324-4….jpeg)


Incels are about worshiping women. Women they can’t have. It’s not about sex or relationships. It’s about them being unable to acheive female validation.

What they don’t realize is that female validation is worthless and women have nothing to offer a man.

Going you’re own way is truly the only path the modern man has left to him.


File: 7be8c92c982a441⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1002x1500, 167:250, tamamo 0397.png)


Nobody can be mentally ill until labeled as such by another. It is an entirely subjective field rooted in fiction instead of reality.



How does that answer my question?



Some kinds of chemical imbalances are. Example: avitaminosis/hypovitaminosis


I am a pioneer and I like to fuck children.



And the whole field of endocrinology tbh


File: 7a24f608591a258⋯.png (5.15 MB, 2599x3683, 2599:3683, tamamo 0529.png)


An illness is a disease anon. The words are interchangable according to the medical dictionary. Mental illness does not exist and hearing voices is not a disease.


It is not an objective science and so is not scientifically verifiable.


File: 094f9dec58e90fc⋯.jpg (672.01 KB, 676x902, 338:451, tamamo 0385.jpg)


No, the cause might be but the altered function of the brain is not a disease in and of itself as they would have you believe.



Nobody can tell the rock is magnetite until labeled as such by another. There, i proved geology is pseudoscience.



Explain psychogenic amnesia, for example.



>have an object A that was created to do action X

>object A is unable of performing action X

>object A is therefore broken

How do you not understand this simple pattern for defining mental illness? Humans are social animals, they are literally born to interact and live among their kind. If one is psychologically not able to do that, he is mentally ill.

If you'd have a dolphin that couldn't swim, wouldn't you consider it sick or deformed?


File: 23e03c894f0f5d9⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2160x3000, 18:25, tamamo 0026.jpg)


I don't know about you but I can tell stone from iron.



Because you are brainwashed into recognizing the man-made labels.

There is nothing stopping magnetite from being quartz outside of subjective human minds.


File: efc2331f145585c⋯.jpg (369.7 KB, 709x932, 709:932, tamamo 1143.jpg)


Lapse of brain function is still not an illness even if the cause is.


File: 570ea6c06f93272⋯.jpg (788.69 KB, 800x888, 100:111, tamamo 0333.jpg)


That's semantics, another psuedoscience.


I wouldn't consider it sick until it was ill.



I literally just repeated what you said and replaced "mentally ill" with "magnetite"

why are your arguments valid but when i repeat it, its suddenly semantics?


File: 3d7e12af8a41c79⋯.jpg (90.23 KB, 641x906, 641:906, silver fox.jpg)


Why is a lapse of function of any body organ an illness, only with the brain being an exception?



Meant here: >>8582625


File: 7451f00465cf619⋯.png (913.05 KB, 1000x1380, 50:69, tamamo 1098.png)


A rock is a rock because it is immediately obvservable. A depressed person is not ill until a psychologist stamps him as such. Try harder anon.


File: a3ac9f4921feb82⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1000x1798, 500:899, tamamo 1093.png)


If erectile dysfunction is a disease and the cure is viagra, call me a psychologist.



You can immediately see that rock is a rock because you were taught to recognize it by the society who gave the rock label of the rock. Without humans giving the rock the label, the rock might not have been a rock. The definition of "rock" was only given to it by some geologist and therefor it is again just subjective and whole geology is pseudoscience.


File: e1c1f8319b6abec⋯.jpg (537.17 KB, 1110x685, 222:137, tamamo 1140.jpg)


Sweetie, I don't need society to tell apart rocks from one another. Hell, I don't even need words. But you can't tell a sane person from an insane one without subjective criteria.




This is what happens when you have no response and want to get out of being accountable for the current thread of discussion.

Very childish.





Being able of self-sufficient functioning within human society seems like a pretty objective criteria to me.


File: 00641599acb5d5f⋯.jpg (571.4 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, tamamo 0395.jpg)


Society is malleable anon. Even sane people would not be self-sufficient in Dagestan for a variety of reasons. Or just look at niggers.



I wouldn't call a cure something that only treats a symptom.

And erectile dysfunction is an analogue to jaundice in case of liver, the underlying cause is the disease.



Not that anon, but being dependent on gibsmedats is not healthy itself.


File: 78244ba2cb5a9ba⋯.jpg (823.21 KB, 1000x933, 1000:933, tamamo 0020.jpg)


Then no cures exist for mental illnesses. Odd.



why you stop calling me a sweetie :(

I never said anything about being self-sufficient since external causes can prevent that. I was talking about the ability to be self-sufficient




Its a man.


File: d6b913a5f02df4c⋯.jpg (615.66 KB, 766x1080, 383:540, tamamo 0915.jpg)


Which again is a criterion met by many supposedly ill or insane people.



That could be any number of things as jaundice can be caused by many issues.

It's kind of pointless to conflate jaundice with ED.



Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by many different things. Just like amnesia and jaundice.



Functioning within society includes working, finding home, getting groceries etc. but also psychological and social self-sufficiency. Depressed person doesn't work and he has extreme issues interacting with other people, hence he is not able to function within society.



Is that exclusive to mental illnesses? Many other diseases can be only treated symptomatically.


File: dae15f9908d1100⋯.png (769.87 KB, 700x992, 175:248, tamamo 1044.png)


A depressed person might not be able to function within society. A fag that refuses to work is not eligible for disability cheques.



No, jaundice is a symptom, it is not a cause.



If he is diagnosed as clinically depressed he isn't able to function within society whether you mean practically-wise (work, living, groceries) or socially-wise (friends, mental issues, love life)


File: 766a16586c66b51⋯.jpg (528.3 KB, 813x1072, 813:1072, tamamo 0965.jpg)


>If he is diagnosed as clinically depressed he isn't able to function within society

Wrong again. Keep trying sweetie.



>If you hate girls so much, why not make your sexuality to gay?

why don't you restrict yourself to speaking languages you actually understand and can use properly?



Anon is in fact correct. In order to get a ''diagnosis" of clinical depression, it has to be bad enough to prevent or significantly restrict normal social functions.

You can be depressed without it affecting your social function all that much, but in order to be diagnosed as clinically depressed, social function has to be at least significantly restricted.


Anime is a symptom of faggotry, btw.

Not all faggots like anime, but all anime fans are faggots.



Dear walking aids infestation, you will end your life in suicide.



Amnesia is also a symptom. Erectile dysfunction is also a symptom.


File: 10a5bfe07c12b89⋯.jpg (516.09 KB, 2592x4000, 81:125, tamamo 1009.jpg)


In order to get diagnosed with clinical depression, a doctor must diagnose you with clinical depression. There is no criteria.



If you're depressed just kill yourself bro

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