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File: ba13af3f04ecb77⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 800x533, 800:533, two-teen-girls-ice-cream-sā€¦.jpg)


>you will never have a young girl innocently fondle your balls.

i have the same dream regularly, i'm in guys bathroom in what looks like a highschool .

Taking a piss in one of those urinals, then a couple girls come in laughing, i make sure to give them a good view of my cock, they stare at it for a moment then one of the girls ask where are my balls?, i pull down my pants a bit and pull them out, she reach to them and start to fondle them gently with her little innocent fingers.

Then i wake up.

Am i a pervert?


Yes, because you only think about sex, lets do some algebra instead hm?



But in my dream i'm about the same age they are.



so what? life isn't all about sex dude


You're not a pervert. I like reinacting dreams like that with younger cuties.



If you have no skills or passion the primal instincts are all that's left, OP is just a boring person like most pedos.



I couldn't agree more, but I feel that 90% of the population need to learn that, and women no less these days.



>Am i a pervert?

Masochism is a personality structure based on submission and dependence.



>>you will never have a young girl innocently fondle your balls.

I've had a 37 year old MILF lick my balls. It was fucking amazing.



Brooke will do it ;)




>Am i a pervert?

No, you are just a teenager.



One time I had a dream that I was taking a piss in my bathroom and there was a cute little girl giggling and covering her eyes but peeking at my penis as I pissed.

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