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File: f80dd939b8af722⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 333x499, 333:499, adjustmentday.jpg)

File: 0438b7b20a171f1⋯.png (107.42 KB, 1736x814, 868:407, hate.png)


Sorry it doesn't look pretty yet:

Remember how the book Fight Club manipulated a generation of men into starting real life fight clubs? Chuck Palahniuk's new book did the same thing for me. In Adjustment Day, the DOTR happens in America and people decide who to kill by using a website similar to The Hate List. Making this website was the first step to a violent revolution in the book. I wonder what will happen if this website exists irl…



Back to cuckchan , Chuck











I'm just a fan of Chuck and I haven't been to halfchan in 5 years.



I mean, view the source. I'm not tracking anybody's information.



Seams intriguing, thanks for the book suggestion.

Website needs something to distinguish people with same name.


File: 3913c7eff7784e4⋯.gif (17.82 KB, 32x32, 1:1, 32-portal.gif)


I was considering making it so you must provide a wikipedia link to the individual instead of just typing in whatever you want. Of course, this would prevent people from submitting less famous people but maybe that's okay.



I agree.



WP link is fine, that will handle disambiguation for you and harness WP autism to verify someone is notable enough to be included.


This is off topic, just wanted to show this website:


Its an involuntary facebook of the 1%


Aight next weekend I'll clear out the database and make it so you must provide a unique wikipedia link to submit someone. What do you guys think about only allowing you to vote hate (no "vote love") and the fact that anyone can vote as many times as they like?


Great idea, terrible branding. I get what they're going for but, c'mon.



Hate votes only. Try to limit it to one vote per IP per person, if possible.


Yes, only hate votes.



If it doesn't name the Jew it's shit tbh.


I hate OP

Lets hunt and kill him.



You think that, but if you arent thinking of consequences. I mean, you are going after millionaires.



Then you should go reread lullaby. Then you will know what to do.


Fight Club was dumb, the plot was dumb and it was bad overall.

Only fat, ugly dykes could enjoy that crap.



Op is creating something while you are just a useless nigger.



opinion - discarded



Fuck off niggerfaggot.


great book. I found it to be very coherent, at least compared to his earlier work.

All in all, a very entertaining read. I'd say it's his best



You choose whoever you want to be killed, others can choose you to be killed. Isnt it easier for one group of people who love eachother to commit genocide.



It is possible, but then I'd have to track everyone's IPs. The database is hosted on mlab and the EULA says they will immediately give all data to the feds at the drop of a hat. I'm a NEET so I can't get a fast enough computer to host my own server. So would you rather have me track everyone's IPs/use a login system or let everyone have infinite votes? I could also implement something like at the end of the week, all hatees are culled from the database except the top 10 who have a permanent +1 to their hate vote count.


You're in luck! OP is already on the list so vote hate!


Actually haven't read that one yet.


Okay, but this isn't about Fight Club, this is about Adjustment Day. Look it up. If you hate feminists, you are the target audience.


I still like Survivor the best but this is a close second.



add my name to the list- John Smith




I read the book too

OP is not a faggot today

I love you OP

I want you to have my children



If a link is needed then I can't put my sister or her Jew husband's name in there then.

very sad

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