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File: bc55bfb69348f3b⋯.jpg (587.71 KB, 1920x1395, 128:93, joi_blade_runner_2049.jpg)


yesterday i travel to the city to see my psychiatrist and i was in a hurry because she always get mad at me because i am late but i walked by a alley and i heard someone whisper to me. he say "pssst look here". i look down the alley and i see a weird man wearing a bowler hat and a green jacket. he said "want to make so me money? come down here". so i go to the end of the alley and he is standing behind a cardboard box. and on top of the box he put 3 playing cards.

when i look at him real close i see he has a dead eye and look at me funny. then he whisper again "psst you want to make some money?" i was kind of scared but i say ok how can i make some money. he tell me he has 3 cards. 2 are jacks and 1 are queen. he says he will scramble the cards and i just have to pick the queen. he says to make it fun we bet money on if i can find the queen. if i do i win the money, if i don't he win the money. i say how much do we bet? he says we bet $1 each and we play as many times as we like. now i am very smart according to my psychiatrist. so i think for a minute i say if there is three card and i win with one but lose with two then on average i will lose $1 every three game. so i say to him that is not a good game because i will lose money. he looks very surprised and stand up straight even his dead eye move and stare at me. he says you know you are very smart as your psychiatrist has told you. ok how about this betting game: evey time we play i will bet $2 and you will bet $1. then i think again and think that i will will $0 on average but since i have nothing else to do for today i say ok. maybe if i get lucky i will win a few dollar.

so we start to play the game. and the man scramble the card on his cardboard box and his hands move very fast. but he always stare at me. always. his dead eye never move from my direction. then when he done moving the cards he says to me: now pick a card. and we do this many times maybe 20. and it turn out i win about $0. after that many game he says to me "you know what this is boring. i will change the game to make it more fun. every time i shuffle the cards you will pick the card you think is the queen. i will show you another card. then i will ask you would you like to switch to the last remaining card with no penalty." i think about this for a minute because my psychiatrist warn me about people in the city. she say they will steal my money. but now i think again. i he let me pick another card before he show me the queen then i have a 50% chance of winning. it doesn't matter if i switch the card or not. so if he bet $2 and i bet $1 i will win money because of the even odds. but i see him staring at me like he is reading my brain. and his dead eye never move from me. i think to myself he is smart and can read my brain, and he scaring me. i tell him i am late to see my psychiatrist and he say "just a few more games."

ok so now we play the game like he say. every time he still bet $2 and i bet $1 and he scramble the cards, then he say "pick a card!" and i pick one. then he shows me a card. it is never the queen, always a jack how he knows this i don't know because his dead eye always stare at me. since the odss are even i just say whatever and every single time switch my card to whatever the other unflipped card is. sometimes it is the queen sometime not. we play many game. like 100 game. after all those game he gets into a rage! he flipp over his cardboard box and the cards fly at me in the face. he says "i am out of money now and you are a cheater!" i look in my pocket and i have all money i put in my wallet when i leave the house plus an extra $100! he says i am cheating and stealing his money. i said "no sir i just played the game the way you told me. i guess i just got lucky." and he say then why you switch every single time when i give you the chance!? because it is impossible to win so much money playing this game. there is no way it can happen! then i see him reach into his dirty green jacket and pull out a knife so i run out of the alley and all the way to my psychiatrist office. when i get there she starts yelling at me and she tell me i am fired because i am always late. i tell her that it is not my fault that i met a man with a dead eye, a dirty green jacket, and a dead eye that stare at me and he offered to play a game of cards with me in a dark alley. she tell me to leave that she don't believe me and i am fired so don't come back again. now i can not get my medication anymore because i do not have a psychiatrist.

when i go home i write a computer program to calculate the odds of me winning so many times to get the $100 from the man. and program show that it is impossible to do i should win only a little money like $50 but i win two times that money. this only happen if we live in a simulation


you really must be from reddit, faggot cuck.


File: d2dc26a1ab279a7⋯.jpg (29.65 KB, 396x381, 132:127, dude matrix lmao.jpg)


File: 0ab7a960f14ed53⋯.png (35.11 KB, 1046x775, 1046:775, my_money_should_win_agains….png)


this is the proof that it is impissible. see i shuld onlly win $50 but win many more.

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import argparse
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from scipy.stats import norm

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description =
'count how many money i am supposed to win when playing the card game')
help = 'how many dollars the dealer puts up each round',
default = 10, type = float)
help = 'how many dollars i put up to bet each round',
default = 10, type = float)
help = 'how many times i simulate this experiment',
default = 10000, type = int)
parser.add_argument('-r', '--rounds',
help = 'how many times i play the card game with the man',
default = 100, type = int)
parser.add_argument('-s', '--switch',
help = 'once i select a card, the dealer shows me a card that doesn\'t have the queen and i always switch my card choice to the other face down card.',
default = False,
action = 'store_true')
args = parser.parse_args()

ntrial = args.ntrial
nround = args.rounds # number of times i played the cards game
my_bet = args.my_bet # how much money i bet each round
dealer_bet = args.dealer_bet # how much money the dealer bets each round

print(f'my bet: ${my_bet:.2f}')
print(f'dealer bet: ${dealer_bet:.2f}')
print(f'rounds of cards: {nround} simulated over {ntrial} trial experiments')
if args.switch:
print('i switch cards every round')
print('i never switch cards')

# distribution of money won (ntrial entries)
money_won = []
for n in range(ntrial):
net_money = 0
for game in range(nround):
queen_card = np.random.randint(3)
my_card = np.random.randint(3) # card i randomly pick

if args.switch:
show_card_choices = {0, 1, 2}
show_card_choices = show_card_choices - {queen_card}
show_card_choices = show_card_choices - {my_card}
show_card_choices = list(show_card_choices)
# dealer shows me show_card and asks if i want to switch my card
show_card = np.random.choice(show_card_choices)

# switch my card to the last remaining card (not my_card and not
# show_card)
my_new_card = {0, 1, 2}
my_new_card = my_new_card - {show_card}
my_new_card = my_new_card - {my_card}
if args.switch:
my_card = list(my_new_card)[0]

if my_card == queen_card:
net_money += dealer_bet
net_money -= my_bet


# distribution of money_won only takes on discrete values with gaps of
# abs(dealer_bet - my_bet) between allowed values. compute optimal bin widths
# otherwise the histogram looks bad.
bin_width = np.abs(dealer_bet - (-my_bet))
nbin = int(np.floor((np.max(money_won) - np.min(money_won))/bin_width))
hist, bin_edges = np.histogram(money_won, bins = nbin)
hist_integral = np.sum(hist)*(bin_edges[1] - bin_edges[0])
bin_centers = (bin_edges[:-1] + bin_edges[1:])/2

def gauss(x, *p):
A, mu, sigma = p
return A*np.exp(-(x - mu)**2/(2.*sigma**2))

p0 = [ntrial/2., np.mean(money_won), np.std(money_won)]
plt.hist(money_won, bins = nbin)
plt.xlabel('net money won ($)')

print('net money won: ${0:.2f} +/- {1:.2f}'.format(np.mean(money_won),
# fit the distribution to a gaussian distribution to see if they agree
gmean, gstd = norm.fit(money_won)
print('[fit to normal distribution: net money won: ${0:.2f} +/- {1:.2f}]'.format(gmean, gstd/np.sqrt(len(money_won))))
gx = np.linspace(bin_edges[0], bin_edges[-1], 1000)
gy = gauss(gx, hist_integral/(np.sqrt(2.*np.pi)*gstd), gmean, gstd)
plt.plot(gx, gy)



File: 7d6d888c18069da⋯.jpg (791.91 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, BladeRunner-Joi.jpg)



you can see here: >>8583003 i win too much money unless we are in a simulation



These are kind of entertaining, keep up the good work!

Relevant Vsauce video "Spooky Coincidences" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHCHEykUxP4




>what is variance


File: 3bbec74adf039f0⋯.png (386.56 KB, 700x393, 700:393, Joi_apartment.png)


simulacron, look at the picture >>8583003. the program does the 100 games 10000 times. i print out

my bet: $1.00
dealer bet: $2.00
rounds of cards: 100 simulated over 10000 trial experiments
i never switch cards
net money won: $49.89 +/- 0.15
[fit to normal distribution: net money won: $49.89 +/- 0.15]

$50 +/- 15 cents. so how can i get so lucky to make $50 + $50? that is 333 times the uncertainty! not possible! we live in a simulation. simulacrons can not trick me.


File: e2c0e0f6fb60544⋯.jpg (13.44 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 97611-1532336916.jpg)


umm i am trying to warn people we live in a simulation to stop the simulacrons not have fun.



looks like a completely ordinary normal distribution


File: 96e1a7e141f4dd1⋯.jpg (137.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


it is, simulacron. that how i knoe it is impossible for me to win so much money.


File: 180b51c7395066c⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 600x337, 600:337, sheev_disgusted.jpg)

>the simulacron schizo is back


>fedora tipping atheist fags

if you accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior you wouldnt need this simulation bull shit. stop being such a faggot and embrace the love of the true god.

peace be with you.



I get something like your claim when I use the switches '-dealer_bet=1 –my_bet=0.5 -s' where you claime you didn't use card switching.

Choose one:

a) your PRNG is broken

b) you lie


File: 1f9e29e0b841c6d⋯.jpg (348.73 KB, 1360x1504, 85:94, follow your leader.jpg)


File: 1debbabc54dc062⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 500x333, 500:333, HNNNG.jpg)


>atheifags still post kikefied version

fuck you goy


You can't prove a simulation by using metrics from within the construct itself.

Wanna know how I know reality isn't what its presented to be?

Because I have people shamble up to me in a semi hypnotized state as if being controlled by something else talking to me in person about aspects of my life that the physical stranger in front of me has no reason or could possibly know.

Extra-dimensional consciousness, spirits, whatever you wish to call them, it's real, and whether this is a game or something else, you're being watched unless you're just following your program like a good little NPC. I believe I'm now a problem, as I did have some causal path, but I'm simultaneously becoming aware, and I'm starting to reject it.

This world isn't what you think it is, and once you realize that, you realize that it's mostly bullshit. Are you one of those kinds of people that saves and loads games after a bad stroke of luck? I certainly am, and while I can't do that here, I'm certainly not going to take the Dark Souls path in life and keep smashing up against the same retarded boss in the hopes it'll work out.

That's what causality is, that's what fate is, you're on a track, and whether due to "developer" or "divine" error, sometimes you can fuck with that, and now I find myself at a standstill, because I can't return to the NPC way of living, I can't live a normal life anymore. The japanese call it Karoshi, but that's what it'd do to me now.

I feel like because I see no way to make this experience what I want it to be that I just need to unplug the console from the wall so to speak. Becoming aware that this world is not what you think it is can in all likelihood ruin it if things take a few wrong turns, because then you wonder why you're being forsaken.

If it's your destiny to have a shit life, or an unnecessarily, pointlessly difficult one, and you -know- that this is just scripted in, why move forward? A sense of meaning? None of this shit matters after you're dead, not a thing. Your personal experience is the only thing that matters, and if that's destined to be unpleasant, then why progress?



As an addendum the best way I can describe what I'm inclined for now is to use Saints Row 2 as an analogy.

There are "cheat codes" implemented that can turn the world around you into a hyperviolent, chaotic warzone.

Once you get sick of playing the game properly, or you see no point in progressing, perhaps you just want the raw challenge and stimulation of chaos and violence. That's all I see being worthy of my attention anymore, living a domesticated life? Fuck that, why?

Morals don't mean anything to me anymore, it's all a joke, the whole thing is a joke. If causality predisposes certain people to a horrific fate, morality is literally a contrivance of this construct, and has no application outside of it.

This means the very concept is completely bogus, it's nothing but a component in a framework used to keep a given system going. If it's a system that has predetermined outcomes that one would know are negative or tragic, how is that different than pulling a gun on somebody and pulling the trigger? Who gets to say what is moral and what isn't in that context? There is no moral standard, it's literally made up, so why adhere to it beyond certain physical consequences.

If those are removed or mitigated? Why bother?

I can't play the role anymore, it's a joke, this is all a silly play and I've been given a shitty walk on role, either I can piss on the script and write a new one or I have to bow out.


File: b4ec7933f0cf84b⋯.jpg (85.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tldr.jpg)



Oh, the best way to handle these threads is to have some fun. The fake insistence is amusing, too.


If somewhat believe you can't get out of the bad deal you've got, why submit in he end? Why go out in a whimp instead of a bang?

Please refer to me for directions when you decide, I would love you to provide meaning for the end of your journey.


Love to provide*



You realize that "simulated universe" theory is rebranded creationism right? There could not be a simulation without a creator on a higher plane of existence to have created the simulation.


File: be0eb50ecc60a48⋯.jpg (126.04 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, tardis smells like fart mi….jpg)


after all the quality work I have done here and you just reset the timeline. fuck you professor, I'm tired of playing in time with you.




How's the Zoloft working out?


File: 19f1d65517e400d⋯.png (3.4 MB, 3840x1600, 12:5, 8xzSALD.png)


she give me risperdal but since she fired me i cannot get it now.



It's not a tent and but a different way of ontologically proving creation of some kind is a viable hypothesis.

Your resistance to that on principle is highly irrational.







>yesterday i travel to the city to see my psychiatrist

stopped reading



Pretty good tbh, though I don't stim as often


File: ad0faaa1b96ddc0⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 831x465, 277:155, 18-Blade-Runner-2049-Joi.jpg)








what if the simulation i live in is broken or unperfect. my observations prove to us we (or i if the rest of you are non-ai simulacrons) are in a simulation. that can give us clues about the rest of the universe


don't invade my thoughts simulacron i have created mental defenses



This is a picture of a pyramid with a line through it. Can someone explain how this proves anything OP is talking about?


File: 5d0d0d83a5eda2c⋯.gif (2.55 MB, 400x252, 100:63, didnt read lol.gif)



>follow your leader

I do. Feels good, man.



cuz u r mental and u think we live in a simulation and expect to take your delusion seriously


File: cd1f714c377208b⋯.gif (1.17 MB, 435x250, 87:50, matrix1.gif)


>Use blade Runner in simulation theory

>Inspire from Number 23 movie of Jim Carry

>and Matrix

you like watching movies aren't you ?


op got hustled new orleans style




this cde prints

"OP is a faggot"

Is this correctt?


File: 9115857bd88ff0f⋯.jpg (98.4 KB, 1920x799, 1920:799, Blade-Runner-2049-0138.jpg)


it is showing the distribution of money that would happen by natural chance playing the game i playwith the card man. but i win too much money. i won $100. that chart see it says if you played many many times like i did i could only $50! i win twice as much? how? it is not possible but because i live in a simulation it happened. the math does not lie.


nah this has nothing to do with the matrix


my man did you not see? i won much money more money than is possible by chance alone. this is proff with live in a simulation.


no. this simulacron propaganda.


File: bab517351d5a1eb⋯.jpeg (107.61 KB, 376x343, 376:343, 2AE1C3D3-C8C9-486B-BD9A-D….jpeg)


Imagine being this much of a redditor

fucking disgusting, and he doesn’t even realize OP is a schiz




i'm not sure the Monty Hall problem has much to do with this anon's claims.



Then you're not very intelligent.


Why are you seeing a psychiatrist? Isn't everything an agent of the simulation says suspect?



Hmmm, very interesting



It would only be $50 when you play infinitely many hands.

Blackjack players who use strategy still have only a 47% chance of winning, meaning that over time, they will definitely lose money.

>But why are there still people who make their living off of blackjack?

Because they understand variance– if they are playing while it's "Hot" then they will win more than they lose, and they will stop betting when the deck "cools off".

But, congrats, Anon. You're the only person to ever win at 3 card Monte.



It shows how OP won so many times. You kinda sound dumb


File: 62664a0881f3ea5⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 480x360, 4:3, what is reality.webm)

Op you are making fun threads for these kids but convincing people that the world is a simulation makes them not value their own lives.

If they think all material is fake kind of like religious people value immaterial stuff more then they will basically be more complacent to being robbed and enslaved because "it isn't real"

<Since people are less religious it has become harder to make them give up their possessions. If they believe things they have are simulations they part with them more freely.


File: 2df22e1863aaafc⋯.jpg (37.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


i cannot tell you what my psychiatrist says about my brain because of her patient-doctor confidentiality



i read that webpage and it not the same. i bet on cards they bet on goats.


well one day i go to the store by my house and it has a starbuck. i buy a bag of m and ms and a large unsweetened black iiced tea with no ice. i drink my tea and i open my m and ms and pull out a red m and m. then i pull out another. then i pull out another. finally i pull out 5 red m and m before i pull out a blue one. i said this is not possible and proff i am in a simulation. so i start going to each table and asking people about the m and ms and if they think this is possible. one of them tell the people in the store and they say they will call the police on me even though i have proff that we live in a simulation. then another person says wait i will talk to him. she tells me to report to her office in the city to talk about the m and ms. she tries telling me that we do not live in a simulation and tells me to take some pills but it did not change mind.




yeah see that's what i calculate as well as here: >>8583003 look at the picture. but i won 2 times that much. proof we live in a simulation.



that's why i am telling them


i don't understand. this sounds like simulacron attack.



Did you lose even once?


File: ba44f528af15bff⋯.jpg (21.88 KB, 620x470, 62:47, blade-runner-joi-1.jpg)


with the evil card man i did lose sometimes. sometime i get the queen sometime i get the jack. but after a while he starts yelling at me that i cheat and stole all of his money. i counted my money and had $100 extra but i stole nothing. only in a similation could that hapen.


File: fda5e54db4f7d2d⋯.jpg (43.17 KB, 701x485, 701:485, 109.jpg)

File: 702a133b3cea942⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 600x376, 75:47, 109a.jpg)



>i cannot tell you what my psychiatrist says about my brain because of her patient-doctor confidentiality

Nigger patient-doctor confidentially just means a doctor shouldn't go on babbling about their patients. The patient is free to talk whatever they want.


File: 0f30b50cf2b4c6e⋯.jpg (237.48 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, JOI chinese dress light.jpg)


well i cannot ask her because she refuse to answer when i call her. but i have some things like today i wanted to go to eat somewhere and i don't like to go out because people look at me funny. but i was really hungry and i got some additional stress today so i went to a place to get my food. i walk very fast and so as i got close to the place i wanted to eat i see some guy walking real slow with his ugly wife. then the corridor get narrow and i could not pass them so i had to walk slower than them. as we get near to the place i want to eat there is a fork and they could go left or right. the place i want to eat is to the right. so they keep walking slow like old fat dumb idiots. i start thinking "no no no there is no way they will turn right because then they will get in my way going into my food place." but that is what they do they turn right, then they stand in front of the door reading the signs. i couldn't believe it because this is not possible and i started to really get angry. so i did what my psychiatrist tell me and i turn around and i go like a quarter mile away because by the time i go baak they will be gone. so i do that. i am still angry but as i go back they are gone and that makes me happy. but then again right when i get to the door again! another old couple gets in front of me forrcing me to walk slow and they get in my way and they do the same exact thing by standing in front of the door and reading the signs. i started to meltdown and just left turned around and went back to my house without eating because that is not possible. there is no way by random chance twice in 10 minutes 2 old fat couples block me from entering a place i want to enter and loiter in front of it. the only way that can happen is if it is contrived by someone that controls a simulation. there is no way by random chance people know to act that way on purpose to stop me. they are simulacrons.


How do you know that you aren't the only one in the simulation? You could simply be talking to programs here.



Why couldn't you just say "excuse me" and go past?



This is the question the simulation aims to answer



People like you really confuse me. Are you just fucking stupid or an ultra Normie?



The same exact thing happened to me yesterday! I was so upset I just went home too…this is unbelievable I’m starting to think this all really is a simulation and we all just keep doing basically the same type of shit because the “program” generates similarities even when trying to run nothing but randomized events.



Or am I a glorified chatbot designed to make you think there are actually other people in this simulation? Do you actually have any evidence at all that I exist?


File: 003bb111fcf63f6⋯.jpg (136.19 KB, 1920x799, 1920:799, Blade-Runner-2049-0162.jpg)


i've said that many times. i don't know if i am the only real one in a simulation shared by others or everyone else is a simulacron.


i can't do it. why are the people there? how is it they just happen to appear in my way blocking my paths all the time. if it happened just once maybe i would do that. but they keep appearing and doing the same thing.


i am proving this is a simulation with my observations of reality. i'm a scientist.


File: d65d1afeb7d2216⋯.jpg (65.22 KB, 960x754, 480:377, d65d1afeb7d2216a80daade7b9….jpg)

If we live a simulation why don't our basement dwelling computer masters make anime real?




If you can't confirm anyone else actually exists, who are you proving it to?



>i can't do it. why are the people there? how is it they just happen to appear in my way blocking my paths all the time. if it happened just once maybe i would do that. but they keep appearing and doing the same thing.

That's easy! Just say "Excuse me" again


File: 71edc533c0d67f3⋯.jpg (147.05 KB, 1920x799, 1920:799, Blade-Runner-2049-0970.jpg)


simulacron propaganda


i can't conform everyone is simulacron.



Gave up on the dice ey!?


You guys ever experienced glitches?

I have many times I think I'm insane but it could also be a sim glitch.

Or I'm insane.

I've dropped things and they've gone further away than they should have I've had things change state I think that it may be me remembering wrong but I'm pretty sure something's just change and I trick myself into thinking my memory is bad.

I have been disoriented when I wake up and I wake up somewhere else but then I fall back into where they installed me.

It's pretty crazy.

I think we do work for them without knowing.

I think maybe they suck at our energy and they make us to certain virtual things to emit certain real energies that they feed on.


Or I'm insane.


simulation guy makes me miss 3bear

tbh nohomo






working on it bro.



>that sour old face




It is scrambling pattern recognition. Not that i respect them because they are infact beta males just wanting regular cash, i actually really like it. There is beta males doing work for the elite with all the creativity and effort they can muster so they can cash a check. But that is pretty much like that everywhere else. I m glad we have the hypermoralists and kibbuz friends.



I mean the kibbuz friends and communists really guide us, showing us what it is to be a man by not being man but a fag, and a coward. It isnt like i could tell when i look at them. Really hard to do so, next level shit.



I slave at a job I hate I don't know how to get out I trapped myself with debt and my parents were basically gonna make me homeless if I didn't get a job I hate them they're cunt I think I might just run off.

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