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File: 7a766f7d9c1fe76⋯.jpeg (738.93 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, B193E4CF-0BFD-4840-B2CF-6….jpeg)


>youngest girl in porn at 18

>peak Stacy physique

>has mostly been fucked by black guys


File: a7d675316e2c4db⋯.jpg (23.94 KB, 255x220, 51:44, NOT_EVeNMY_FINAL_FORM.jpg)



Hahahahahha, also, no.

She's cuckchans girl, /ourgirl/ is some 2D one.



Melody is the girl for both cuckchan and fullchan because she represents what America has truly become and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all know /b/ jerk off multiple times a day and that /pol/acks have a hard on for white women who get fucked by Tyrone and Jamal.


File: 5cebf698b61c2e4⋯.jpg (50.71 KB, 414x509, 414:509, 5cebf698b61c2e4f319e08868b….jpg)

there is only one queen of /b/ and its ashley, a 13 yo mexican boy who died of aids


File: 105f666559d92f4⋯.jpg (194.8 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 2.jpg)

>has the best amateur girls

>camera work and scenes in general are the most retarded ever

Why is girls do porn guy such a massive faggot?



>those eye bags


sure thing, pal



Her face is absolutely not symmetrical, its weird.




she looks like Dee from IASIP



I'd pound his boipucci if you know what i mean.



yeah, I've always felt that Girls Do Porn is a lot of wasted potential



Oh no, she’s 18. Peak zoomer.


Is that Tomi Lahren?



God, her toes look so succulent ……



I know right??!!


File: 46520a52a818a4f⋯.jpg (105.55 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, 517548_06big.jpg)

Lilly Ford is the best, she's always so happy to have her big pussy lips and wide open cunt hole stuffed with flesh eating virus, she has so much stench to give, enjoy.



File: d779f56077cd73f⋯.jpg (321.78 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, no boot.jpg)



Ngl, I love Lily, but she doesn’t compare to Melody



You're retarded. /ourthot/ doesn't exist because all thots are literally everything we stand against.


You've obviously been on cuckchan far more than here, I urge you to go back.

And not even normies like BMWF, (look at any vid on PH that has a hint of IR, they're all rated less than 80%, meanwhile 3dcg vids and other niche stuff are all 80%+ with the same number of views) media corporations and cuck-owned sites like halfchan are the only ones who endorse it.


File: ac4b4b2ffb05997⋯.gif (1.64 MB, 540x300, 9:5, 555.gif)


GirlsDoPorn is FAKE. All the girls are professional or amateur models already in the industry.

Whats next, BangBus is real too?



it isnt?



Actually, there’s a huge market for BMWF/WMBF. Blacked owns most of the highest video views in the porn industry. Sorry white boy, but deal with the facts.


They’re one-timers. Remember that one thot who was wearing the same clothes greeting her military bf and while on scene? She hasn’t done any other videos since. GirlsDoPorn pays one-timers a ton for college tuition or other shit.



>black guys

what? you mean niggers? use appropriate nomenclature, nigger.



Racism doesn’t fly on /nu/8chan.



>implying there’s anything wrong with the free market operating properly



shut up, commie



>commies are for the free market now


File: 4c4f5c295f08622⋯.jpeg (327.07 KB, 1242x678, 207:113, 5D381826-DA2A-48F7-86E0-C….jpeg)

Mmm ….. imagine, just imagine ………….



imagine there's no heaven? it's easy if you try


>18 years old

<face looks like 35 heroin addicted thot

No thanks my man


File: c4e9a9cef47ebd2⋯.png (436.42 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_20190112-185911.png)


Anon that's not a truly happiness smile you can tell how much she is suffering inside


>>8583388 (heil’d)

No, imagine the smell.


She doesn’t look anywhere near 35, anon.


>young enough to make awful life decisions without understanding the repercussions

>peak average physique with a face like Jordung Pedosen

>has mostly been abused by niggers


/ourgirl/ doesn't exist in 3d, but the closest thing might be renee gittins since seeing anons split into skinny fetishists and "eat a sandwich bitch" niggers is funny every time.



>young enough to appease /pol/ but old enough to make these types of decisions

>solid 9/10 body and good genes, doesn’t resemble Jordan Penison unless you’re a blind faggot who can’t into physiognomy

>has realized that white men in the modern west are anything but men, while black men have been let loose and can act in their natural way, which many white women find attractive because it’s instinctual for women to want strong men

Renee is very average looking and not even white.



<opinions that disgree with my opinions

>while many white women find attractive


niggers have the worst response rate of all races. don't kid yourself.



Any proof to back that up, you weird little Nazi?


File: 53f79799b6f4c58⋯.png (311.67 KB, 1260x1430, 126:143, ethnic-preferences2.png)


okcupid's 2014 study shows women respond least to asian and black men. the chart you usually see thrown around is from facebook's AYI (are you interested). various articles say that tinder's data correlates though I haven't seen the exact response rate for okcupid and tinder like is available for AYI.

for men, asian women are the most popular and blacks the least. white men are favored amongst all women except blacks.

also keep in mind that the kind of people who use these services. I'd guess that white women who are not degenerate enough to use dating apps have an even stronger preference for just whites but I don't have the data to back that up.

if you wanted an academic source for this go fuck with JSTOR or something I don't feel like searching databases for an 8ch post


File: 942819d963e43f0⋯.jpeg (74.63 KB, 718x877, 718:877, perfect-girl.jpeg)


>/ourgirl/ doesn't exist in 3d





File: 28aedfc93c8203e⋯.jpeg (99.16 KB, 640x646, 320:323, 5847b8887340f.jpeg)

There's no such thing as /ourgirl/, at least here on earth or in our imagination my dearest anon, women just care about money, looks or status, every single one of them no exception



File: e5542bbdf05b1c2⋯.jpg (96.46 KB, 1200x1217, 1200:1217, serveimage.jpg)


>>has mostly been fucked by black guys

That disqualifies her.


> /ourgirl/ is some 2D one.

No. Your being a sagefag disqualifies anything you say from consideration. You just disappointed a lot of faggots, shitbird.


Getting closer.

Fact is, /b/'s "ourgirl" is the same one that it has always been and the same one that it always will be…pic related.



<fucking black guys disqualifies her

Lul why



link to said series?


>fucks niggers


I see you faggot rejects from 4/tv/ are leaking here.



Because niggers.

Coalburners are not welcome here.

Hell, their offspring are not even welcome here, which is probably the only reason that Zhenya is not "ourgirl".



>porn industry owned by kikes

>huge push for nigger fucking

Gee I wonder why?



Go back to stuffing your pie hole.



No actually I’m leftypol, if another anon is to be believed. :)


Lul ok racist


>muh porn kikes forcing muh Aryan women into fucking those n-niggers, mom! I just know it!



That is not my pie hole, it is your mom's.


File: dc7c54b59d04bc8⋯.jpg (499.38 KB, 639x1600, 639:1600, w987574893.jpg)


>Lul ok racist



So she has had sex with negroids, how exactly does this affect me.

Why do people now feel the need to advertise the fact that they fuck niggers.



>you have to be a real none racist man to watch niggers fuck white women





>Belarusians aren’t white now


>>8584299 (not checked)

A real white man lets his women get fucked the world around, while he holds his dick in his hand.



Have fun stuffing pie holes then you servile swine.



I think what you're saying that that while men need to keep white women in line, and not just blame niggers and jews

I agree with you on that



More like, white men should let their women get fucked by blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, etc. to make up for colonization and Slavery.



>Mindgeek, owner of most porn streaming and production sites co-owned by a kike

>it's just pure coincidence goy



>control muh womens

Go back to fucking your goat.


File: 76952cc0050f6a6⋯.jpg (206.41 KB, 567x622, 567:622, 1428094944801.jpg)


you do know if whites go away niggers are going to suffer the most, right?


File: 2dd9e21af2cd000⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 945x531, 105:59, 2dd9e21af2cd0008639e18e059….jpg)


retards like you are why the white race is dying



<everything is owned by kikes


Blacks will succeed lul fym



It's retards like you that actually believe that the white race is dying.

You aren't even in control of your own life but you want to control others.

You're a subhuman, a servant. You and your children will be servants, always.



if by succeed you mean stave to death, then yes you are right


women need to be controlled or else they fuck everything up



Never said it was you nasty antisemite, it's just pure coincidence I assure you.



>how exactly does this affect me.

If you are looking for someone to be /b/'s thot, it affects you because it makes that thot ineligible.


>Have fun stuffing pie holes then you servile swine.

OK. BTW, your mom wants to know how your history exam went yesterday.



But you live in your mom's basement.




Are you a nigger.



OP was the niggercattle who uttered the first instant of thot tbh. Probably a cuckchan rapefugee.



Just fuck back to 4cuck you dumb fucking nigger ape.


File: 8f8d488437d9b73⋯.png (454.96 KB, 810x688, 405:344, 8f8d488437d9b731d8c49c45c7….png)


oh boi, that argument really got me

if you are so fucking adamant about women not being controlled, then pay 60% of my income tax, because we wouldn't have a welfare state, that 60% of the national budget goes to, that is voted for by women and paid for by men

I wouldn't have a reason to take women's rights away other then the population thing.



But you don't even earn an income you dumbass autist.


File: 616973fe3a1449e⋯.gif (420.2 KB, 225x236, 225:236, 1378214339209.gif)


again retarded white knights like you are the reason nothing meaningful can get done

fucking kill yourself, you'll be helping the world out



Go eat a dick, you don't mean shit, your opinion is as worthless as your lyfe, bitch.


File: b184766a3a5556f⋯.jpg (79.43 KB, 403x479, 403:479, crynig.jpg)


Awww, poor little niglet got his feelings hurt on /b/.



I might be a nigger, but you're a godamned faggot son.



my opinion is at least representative of reality, more that can be said about your dumb shit



You get cucked by your own hand.



you think getting cucked is just part of having a gf



I wonder what her feet smell like after a long day and she takes her shoes off? Can you imagine the stench, /b/tards? The stench of a woman who prefers men that aren’t you? Hahaahahaaha



Your own hand literally cucks you while you use it to masturbate.



Those feet aren't virgin anymore, they've been rubbed on some AIDs-laden cock. Those toes have been getting sucked on and licked by a fag with syphilis.



She doesn't have any preferences or a choice in the matter since she's a mere whore, raised from a young age to submit to animals for survival.




in order to be ourthot she has to first be a thot

she is not

she is ugly, plain looking at best

plus tattooed

so no

not /ourthot/

not /anythot/



I’d sniff that.


To submit to real men, you mean? Because black men are only animals in bed. ;)


Would you smell her toes at least?



>Would you smell her toes at least?

not for $10,000



You'd probably contract some weird STD just from doing that.



Fuck your life.



I’d do it for free.


>implying I’m not already disease-riddled

Hi I’m Bronx Blogger


Fuck my asshole.



Bugchasing faggot.



You've already fucked yourself proper.

All that's left for you now is to sun-bake your clusters of hemorrhoids.



This isn’t Pokémon.


Hemorhhoids are based and redpilled.



This is what /b/ has come to now? *sigh* i miss fred and the pedos.



Just finished wanking it to her toes. This woman truly is a goddess.



Lul ngl I’d suck her toes dry


File: 316a737f4ffff21⋯.png (77.8 KB, 240x265, 48:53, 316a737f4ffff2194a48dafa42….png)



<being this mad



It's a waste of a perfectly good woman.



Desu des


lmao typically roasties only do interracial porn when they cant get "normal" gigs anymore. you'd have to be a gigawhore to do interracial porn right off the bat lol


>says she's 18

>looks in her late 40s




you are wrong nigga, sure most of them are cam whores and sluts that try to get into porn industry. but there is also a big percentage of amateur one timers



yup , girls do porn guy is not rough or degrading enough



It's common knowledge dick speeds up the female aging process.

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