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File: d300c332ce6e1b4⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 130x553, 130:553, 998.jpg)

File: cfbd09ddbdbfe6a⋯.png (142.28 KB, 147x453, 49:151, ClipboardImage.png)


>My GF likes forced sex.

>Asked me to arrange for her to be "raped"

If you can find her you can be the one to do it. Guess her info and i'll let you be the one.


Brooke needs Breaking in!



She wants a rape fantasy, not to actually be raped. Somen are passive followers and enjoy being dominated. Its not the same as rape which is victimization of a woman by a BETA male. Women want alphas to knock them around and show them some hardcore pleasure.

Know the difference, spongeboy.



That's why I am arranging for her to be "raped"


Brook Clarke and she appears to live in Florida. Pretty sure you’re just a retard fantasying about a roastie.



where in fl?



No Florida :)


The kind of women who are into being abused and shit are the same kind that turn around and call you an abusive monster and try to push charges when you break up. RUN.



Opa Locka Miami area?





damn im in tampa



I’m not OP. Lol. OP probably is like her Beta Orbiter though.






File: fc89d9ad8ed47b4⋯.jpeg (44.61 KB, 558x614, 279:307, F00D072F-3ADB-42B2-BC19-9….jpeg)


Alright well when do I get to rape her?


File: de7785cd009d852⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 695x850, 139:170, BlackCrimeStatistics2.jpg)


As soon as you get to Pennsylvania anon



I’m not going to fantasy rape a chick without consent. Because real rape means jail unless you’re a mooslim. I can just rape a chick by me.


If she wants to get raped so bad why can't she come to my place ?

Lazy fucking bitch, not sure I want to rape her anymore.


Where are you Op? You want her raped or not?

>Durr find her and rape her

>Get arrested

>A faggot on an incel board said I could

>Get 20 years in prison

Consent only faggot.



wat if their fetish is being victimized by a BETA male and they find alpha males disgusting?



Ok listen up OP you nigger, make sure she signs a fucking consent form.

One night make sure to slip her some sleeping pills and wait till shes out then tie her down to the bed or something and wake her up in the night or some shit and bam there you go its not fucking complicated. You don't need to 'arrange' jack shit.



What if the OP is Brooke?


Post better pics fagola


File: 3075367aab58cbb⋯.webm (7.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ShitpostingBuffs.webm)


>Consent only faggot.


Rape 'er? I barely even know her!



>Implying OP isn’t trying to get a random girl raped.

>Not your personal army.


do i get to kill her too



>Ok listen up OP you nigger, make sure she signs a fucking consent form.

lemme tell you something you retard.

"sex contracts" don't matter in court. if she claims she was raped, they're gonna side with her. especially because she was under the influence of a drug that you consciously put in her drink for the sole purpose of raping her, which will all be written out in the contract that the lawyer who will never take your case will enter in as evidence.


Why dont 11 year old girls do this? I would never rape a kid, but its a fucking crapshoot trying to get a little girl to let me have intercourse with her.


OP is a copypasta faggot.

If you are responding to this thread you are a gullible newfaggot.

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