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File: bac2f8db27a0a88⋯.jpeg (47.9 KB, 359x787, 359:787, 1468997536800.jpeg)

File: a20f15c7cae8270⋯.jpeg (60.8 KB, 473x711, 473:711, 135790752368.jpeg)


Why is it that the images of women people consider beautiful always involve photoshop and CGI, not to mention the woman is always wearing ten pounds of makeup?



I've you've ever seen playmates in person you realize they're even more attractive than in the photos.



Women are ersatz people.Most men don't notice this because tiddies.


File: 3de30692184e0ab⋯.jpg (64.18 KB, 474x681, 158:227, 13579085335890.jpg)

File: 22afd29a99d36de⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 89f579c7f2dbb053a76f89391f….jpg)


I'm not talking about playmates, you autist. Leave it to an autist to miss the the point.



Quads don't lie, but most of them are flat chested and wearing pushup-bras. The only time they have big tits, besides implants, are when they're obese.


Good question


American men want an ideal woman.



>that second pic



What about it? It's certainly photoshopped.


because women look better when you remove/cover the imperfections



Because you perceive symmetry as beautiful, and real people usually fall short of that.



No they don't. That's just a lie. Beauty is the only thing worthwhile about women, so when that is gone…




I would like to have a talk with the people who are intentionally messing with perfection to make it look ridiculous and call it an improvement. Makeup beyond foundation and maybe one other type (depending on the person) is only for the ego of the woman, and it's the same way with photoshop. The point where the woman looks as good as possible and the point where the editors stop editing are usually quite far removed.

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