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File: 75b338aafc985b7⋯.jpg (23 KB, 425x282, 425:282, heart-attack-blood-test425….jpg)


>constant chest pain/discomfort

>constant lightheadedness

>semi-frequent numbness in face

>been to ER 5 times in the past 7 months thinking I am having a heart attack or stroke

>they do xrays, EKG, and blood work and find nothing

>stay overnight at hospital and do stress test. nothing

However, I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Can anxiety really cause all this bullshit or could there be some cardiovascular issue that they're just not finding? So tired of the bullshit. I just want whatever it is that has a hold of me to just get it over with and fucking take me. End me now.


Join the club, get in line.


What is your diet like?


File: f80138858bf2a11⋯.jpg (103.04 KB, 1433x1443, 1433:1443, obviously-we-all-want-to-d….jpg)

Look on the bright side, sooner or later those xrays will give you some sweet cancer.



Sounds like you're having panic attacks rather than a heart attack



>constant lightheadedness

that is anxiety, eliminate caffeine, go for walks in nature and stop worrying about your health. Load up on Turmeric capsules if you are worried about your heart. Stop smoking if necessary and don't watch news (it is trying to make everyone panic)



>What is your diet like?

Holy shit it's awful. I eat so bad it's not even funny. Plus, I drink excessively and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Honestly, I know that my lifestyle choices are probably the culprit here, but I can't imagine that it would cause all this.



>eliminate caffeine

As I sit here drinking a Red Bull. I would kill myself if I had to eliminate caffeine. It's my friend. Perhaps I may have to bite that bullet one day, but not right this second. Gotta finish this Red Bull and then I'll think about it. I also quit smoking many years ago, so I am glad about that.


File: b1f76d10527bf58⋯.png (71.34 KB, 452x290, 226:145, b1f76d10527bf585bf61dbd99a….png)


Jesus fucking christ.

Carbs used to give me AWFUL anxiety, anon. Limit your carb intake to about 30g per day, that's it. I used to get heart aches and such like you, but once I went keto, I lose weight, was able to fap like 6 full loads a day and my anxiety basically dissapeared into thin air.


File: e70b719ad324a39⋯.jpg (59.85 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Ohys-Raws] Kiratto Pri-ch….jpg)



This. I don't know what the fuck is happening but this happened to me every day for about two years and even though I sort of "got over it" it still comes back to haunt every now and then. I woke up my dad at like 2 am and had him call an ambulance for me once and now he thinks I'm crazy or something and looks down on me even more than he did before (of course, nothing was found from any of my doctor appointments or visits either). I hear about shit like this on imageboards relatively frequently. I don't know what the hell is wrong with this generation but we're losing it. I just want to be normal but nonsense like this never seems to go away completely.

My advice:

-go to bed when you're tired, wait until 4am if you have to, do not EVER try to go to bed early, and don't get up early either

-cut caffeine out of your diet completely if possible

-get drunk every now and then, it takes the edge off pretty well

-do any kinds of activities where you can't hear yourself think or you stop thinking. Not being an NPC is a gift, but also a curse if you're inexperienced. The voice in my head is far too strong, more often than not, and just drives me crazy. Loud music, hanging out with large groups of people, getting stuck in traffic where everyone is trying to fuck you over, arguing with people, generally being aggressive: all these things silence your inner voice and calm you down (yes, aggression is really calming, ironically)

Good luck, we're gonna make it through this.


Read about Dr. Carey Reams and his biological theory of ionization. Cause of all heart attacks is not systematically drinking distilled water. One type is caused by salt in the body -plaques up arteries. The other is caused by undigested protein in the blood - makes the heart beat too hard. You need to start distilled water immediately - 4oz every half hour for 10 hours a day


Study Dr. Carey Reams and the biological theory of ionization (RBTI). Heart attacks are caused by no drinking distilled water systematically, half your weight in ounces 4 ounces every half hour throughout the day. One type of heart attack is caused by salt in the body causing plaque in the arteries. The other is caused by undigested proteins making the heart beat too hard. Start immediately so you move out of heart attack range.



try eating vegetables other than ketchup once in a while



what kind of a devices are these anon , are you a retarded?

look , I completely agree with you on saying that we are a fucked up generation , it's true, I myself and for many years suffered familiar shit like this but it went too far and really fucked up my life , anyways I couldn't get out of my room even for my highschool exams I failed in 12 subjects because of the state of fear and depression i was in , I tried to read about what kind of shit I've been suffering , anxiety , depression, even agoraphobia ! I've been suffering all that shit because I was .. just doing nothing but staying in my closed isolated room , if the anon really needs a piece of advice to work with he needs to stop everything he is doing now including browsing these goddamned chans however without putting at least any kind of healthy habits like sleeping early , cutting with caffeine, smoking etc he won't be able to do any progress while not doing these things as a factors for his changing by time that won't come in one night , he needs to talk to anyone who loves or respect about how he feels etc, I am not in a 'better' shape after all that but comparing it to the former life of hell that I was living it's too much better.

and for sure yes anxiety makes more than that too op.


Dont forget to get sexual release with a young preteen girl now and then.



Few reasons why it might be reoccurring now more than ever this generation:

1. Helicopter Parenting that literally teaches kids to fear new situations

2. Nontraditional or Mixed Raced Families (Gay, Single parents, happa mix, etc..) creating an unstable environment

3. Over prescription/Big Pharma (ADD meds and other speed)

4. The shit cultural environment (multi racial, wageslaving, rootless) that adds to the high stress environment

5. Instant Gratification (phones, computer chips in everything, etc..) contributing to the in the now mindset adding stress

6. Shitty high sugary and carb diet

7. Little to no exercise or resistance training

BONUS. Contaminants (pollution, plastics, EM waves…)

Try to empty your mind from time to time, see if that helps.


>distilled water now

You ever tried it?


>suggests underage sex to relieve stress

That's literal vamparism, pedo.



No its not. Stop name calling. It will make you feel much better and give you a great confidence boost.



Have you tried Propranolol? I got it for hand tremors, but it works for angina and irregular heartbeat too. It also sort of "takes the edge off" without making me dozy. I have found no interference with consumption of alcohol, caffeine, or ephedrine. It's cheap as fuck, so no big loss if it doesn't work.


Work out you couch potato



One thing I didn't mention in my OP were my heart palpitations. My heart will either suddenly speed up with a consistent beat or will start fluttering erratically, the latter, I believe, known as atrial fibrillation. I also experience tremors. While I get them in my arms and hands mostly, I often feel them deep within my core. I am going to look into Propranolololol.



energy drinks are for middleschoolers and degenerates, it's either that or live with constant heart attacks and doctors who think you're crying wolf


File: a1b2728987c1f8c⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 460x258, 230:129, 1514342751318.gif)


>That's literal vamparism, pedo!!!!

>making cute little girls cum dumps your stress into them and saps them of their life force

normalfags everyone



>Can anxiety really cause all this bullshit

Yes. Ask your doc for a beta blocker. Yes, I'm serious.



>Have you tried Propranolol?

That's what I take. It's a beta blocker. Works fucking magic.


Yes, I have had severe anxiety which caused my entire body to feel numb.



You realize you can just stop eating and eventually you'll die, right?



Too slow, too painful.


You lads would be surprised at the weird symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety can cause chest pains. These aren't signs of a heart attack or anything life threatening, its just a annoying side effect of anxiety some people can get.

Anxiety can also cause harmless heart palpations (aka your heart "skipping a beat"). Even if you're not currently feeling anxiety you can still get them out of the blue as a delayed symptom of anxiety / stress.

It can also cause a feeling of numbness which can commonly effect the face, but can also effect other parts of the body such as hands / feet / legs / arms. Some people get a 'tingling' feeling.

Anxiety can also cause hyper ventilating, shortness of breath, a feeling of "emotional numbness" that's difficult to describe, and a whole lot of other weird symptoms.

The symptoms aren't anything life threatening, just annoying. A lot of people don't realize their anxiety can cause these symptoms which causes them to freak out and in turn makes the symptoms worse, creating a viscous circle.


File: 2ff7f3a43fb3c73⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 2ff7f3a43fb3c7382da09b3cb5….jpg)


Just stop being a massive faggot.


I used to Google my symptoms which turned me into a big hypochondriac. I felt the same symptoms as op die to anxiety. Just try to stay calm and the symptoms will eventually go away.



You're probably low in some electrolyte or mineral like magnesium. Doctors and hospitals don't look into that because they're not supposed to. Cut out alcohol and caffeine from your diet, stop fapping, and look into curing nutritional deficiencies. Start on an organic and broad multivitamin like a top rated one verified by labdoor and look up natural medicine sites.

You don't have to become a humongous healthfag, unless you want to live a normal life after you cured yourself. Fix your diet, fixing your deficiencies, and you fix yourself.



If you are as unhealthy as you say, then you are probably suffering from a vitamin deficiency. Start taking a multivitamin.


Numbness sounds like neuropathy. Again, likely due to vitamin deficiency.


File: ef64cc2100adbd9⋯.jpg (239.03 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1546061954661.jpg)


Can confirm.

A few months ago I went to my GP because I hadnt been able to keep solid food down for a month and was regurgitating brackish water every half hour or so as well as some other gastrointestinal symptoms. I was convinced it was something serious because i had been googling my symptoms (didnt want to waste my money and feel like a hypocondriac for nothing), my doc was really unconcerned and told me it was probably anxiety. A day or two later all my gastrointestinal symptoms disappeared (only to be replaced by cardiovascular ones).

Will be making an appointment this week to see if i can get a script for a beta blocker after reading this thread.



Anxiety can fuck you over in ways you'd never think possible.

It's just anxiety, if it were anything serious they would have found something by now.



stop that retard, you might have blood pressure that doesn't work well with energy drinks. If you want caffeine that badly go buy some good coffee that doesn't have caffeine in it but works as a substitute. You should try a hobby, took me a while to find one but now that I have one I feel a lot more comfortable. I fucking despise going out but said hobby made me think "boy I sure would enjoy going to college today"


That'd take well over a full week of excruciating pain. If he wants to die he should stop drinking, not eating. Or just jump of a building.


Okay, I had the same.. and have reduced all of it by 90% by completely cutting out gluten. which I always thought was such a faggot thing.. but as it turns out its some serious shit.. try it for 2 weeks .. ALL GLUTEN.. you'll be fine


Also OP.. get a stool test done.. very high chance you have candida in the intestines.. can cause all of these symptoms.. quick 2 week course of anti fungals will wipe it out..



If they won't give you the antifungals you can buy fish metronidazole online, it kills candida take at least 400mg 3x day for 7 days, not sure about any other dosing.

Not sure about doing it for 2 weeks.


File: 34e0196469c7ca6⋯.jpg (263.16 KB, 1934x2513, 1934:2513, Human_tongue_infected_with….jpg)


>look up candida

>see this




Idk if im in alot of pain or not i dont really feel anymore



would lick this up like crazy :3


File: a37d33c61812852⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 1200x661, 1200:661, 1547006650263.jpg)


>>constant chest pain/discomfort


>>constant lightheadedness


>>semi-frequent numbness in face


>>been to ER 5 times in the past 7 months thinking I am having a heart attack or stroke


>>they do xrays, EKG, and blood work and find nothing


>>stay overnight at hospital and do stress test. nothing


You have severe CSA (sleep apnea). Get a sleep study done and it will probably have to sleep with a CPAP. Luckily though you will recover quickly within a few weeks.

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