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File: 66c4cbc53839c88⋯.jpeg (41.22 KB, 408x516, 34:43, m hentai moar.jpeg)


There's a girl at work. She's a 6/10 on a real scale of 0-10. She started work a week ago. I ignored her for 4 days and (as I'm a voyeur and tend to try to look at my female co-workers bodies when they're on display) she became increasingly exhibitionistic. One day after she deliberately adjusted her bra in a way that would have completely flashed her tits at me if I were looking (while I was talking to her, so it was definitely deliberate) I asked her out and she agreed. That night she took a rain check on the date. She has tried to demonstrate mating value at every turn, matching her attitude and answers to casual questions to a different girl to whom I do pay attention and adjusting her answers to what she thinks I want. But by indefinitely postponing the date she's sending mixed signals. I've been casually looking at what she shows for the last two days.

She dresses like a slut (which I greatly enjoy and freely, look at) but turns to hide her body if she catches me looking. She's either creeped out or she just has that habit. No idea which. Relevant information: I'm the only man she could reasonably be trying to attract at my workplace. The only other men are 70 years old and up. I'm definitely not throwing off that desperation vibe that turns women off: honestly take her or leave her. I may, however, seem creepy since I don't play that look-and-look-away game.

What I'm thinking is happening is she just wants attention and doesn't want me. I want to encourage both the exhibitionism and for her to take me up on that date. Her attitude is neutral/friendly and as I said attempting to demonstrate her own value.

My choices are to ignore her (in the romantic sense: as a workplace colleague and new worker I wouldn't ever withhold my assistance and advice) and hope she tries to earn my attention; to seem interested as a friend (who also likes looking) and otherwise ignore her; to keep looking at her body and otherwise ignore her (translucent pants and a thong, hard not to look.) Enjoyable and lets her know I'm interested, but also creepy. Ignore her as in professional contact only); or to actively pursue her as a romantic interest.

My assessment of myself is a (real scale) 5/10 body/appearance and 7/10 provider.

What do? Pic unrelated. inb4 kys


Please do not answer this dupe and use the other thread. Fix the site Jim you butt fucking fairy. I don't even know if this sage will work

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