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File: 66c4cbc53839c88⋯.jpeg (41.22 KB, 408x516, 34:43, m hentai moar.jpeg)


There's a girl at work. She's a 6/10 on a real scale of 0-10. She started work a week ago. I ignored her for 4 days and (as I'm a voyeur and tend to try to look at my female co-workers bodies when they're on display) she became increasingly exhibitionistic. One day after she deliberately adjusted her bra in a way that would have completely flashed her tits at me if I were looking (while I was talking to her, so it was definitely deliberate) I asked her out and she agreed. That night she took a rain check on the date. She has tried to demonstrate mating value at every turn, matching her attitude and answers to casual questions to a different girl to whom I do pay attention and adjusting her answers to what she thinks I want. But by indefinitely postponing the date she's sending mixed signals. I've been casually looking at what she shows for the last two days.

She dresses like a slut (which I greatly enjoy and freely, look at) but turns to hide her body if she catches me looking. She's either creeped out or she just has that habit. No idea which. Relevant information: I'm the only man she could reasonably be trying to attract at my workplace. The only other men are 70 years old and up. I'm definitely not throwing off that desperation vibe that turns women off: honestly take her or leave her. I may, however, seem creepy since I don't play that look-and-look-away game.

What I'm thinking is happening is she just wants attention and doesn't want me. I want to encourage both the exhibitionism and for her to take me up on that date. Her attitude is neutral/friendly and as I said attempting to demonstrate her own value.

My choices are to ignore her (in the romantic sense: as a workplace colleague and new worker I wouldn't ever withhold my assistance and advice) and hope she tries to earn my attention; to seem interested as a friend (who also likes looking) and otherwise ignore her; to keep looking at her body and otherwise ignore her (translucent pants and a thong, hard not to look.) Enjoyable and lets her know I'm interested, but also creepy. Ignore her as in professional contact only); or to actively pursue her as a romantic interest.

My assessment of myself is a (real scale) 5/10 body/appearance and 7/10 provider.

What do? Pic unrelated. inb4 kys. Sorry if dupe, 8ch threw an error



Just be upfront and ask her if she's going out with you or not. If not, then kys. If yes, then j-j-jam it in.



Sorry, mixed that last part up.



Can't. I already told her the ball is in her court and to let me know when or if she wants to do that.



Demand an answer. She's fucking with you right now, so just tell her that it's off if she can't give you a straight answer.


>rating people

>everyone rates other 6/10

>and themselves 5/10 or 7/10

>well I can't rate too good but also not too bad, guess something in the middle

you normies are all the same and need to be gassed

and beware of workplace dating

this is the perfect ingredient for losing your source of income for good



Demand an answer after I brought it up twice and told her the ball is in her court? That would stink of desperation.



Can you not read?

>tell her that it's off if she can't give you a straight answer.

You sound far more desperate waiting for an answer like a good little boy.


File: 684779d637d300e⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 636x348, 53:29, fuck you.jpg)

Fucking hell, give advice or I bump until the alcohol makes me pass out you pack of ungrateful green insubordinate adolescent halfwits with thumbs in your asses and zits on your faces. I haves seen the turn of the moons and I will use that wisdom to twist your minds into kinks from you will never escape.


File: 90308a66191effb⋯.webm (4.26 MB, 480x360, 4:3, kind sein.webm)


>asking for advice

>on a site for socially retarded and autistoid men

get a load of this hothead

but here, have this track to calm down


If she's playing the typical "dumbshit animal" route by exhibiting herself, she probably basically wants you to rape her. Obviously, this is a horrible idea, but unless you're willing to go through with it, the second best option is to completely ignore her and start browsing your phone/ignoring her at every opportunity. I can almost guarantee the bitch will have an attitude of, "I'm too good for him anyway" and fuck off for good, in which case you dodged a bullet, but you will probably ruin the exhibitionism that you like.

Take her showing her shit off for what it is: Softcore porn. If sh'es a 6/10, she has had betas telling her she's a 9/10 all her life, and she is just trying to fuck around with you, because now she knows that you're within her grasp whenever she feels like it, so she's playing. i.e. you're getting fucking played.


Your musc isfucking awesome but it's ruined by the babbling faggot in the foreground. TIL rap sucks in any language. Go rape someone you nigger



So enjoy the show until it stops and then there''s no more value to be had?




he fills concert halls with thousands of girls, drives a benz and has his own recording company. what are you again? a corporate drone?

btw the song is about the desire to be a child again without any worries or backstabbing "friends"


>She's a 6/10

>on a real scale of 0-10

I bet you have autism



translation or gtfo




The only people giving advice ITT need to vicariously live through op, and op is a faggot

Get a life losers



wannabe chad


what are you expecting anyways? anons already told you to tell her openly



no, opne anon said that, faggggwot. i neeedd advice or i woulnt't be asking for it


File: b180f0187451a81⋯.webm (10.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - E….webm)

then tell me what you want from me

have this song to listen to until I write you my reply


Workplace suicide or get some scopolamine





File: 306d76949fc2131⋯.webm (4.28 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Necorbeatz Production - S….webm)



god damn but thiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is sweeett musc8ic. i cannnd answer whatever your e err wearluer question is but i loveyou bydee



Pretty much. If she's playing this sort of game, it's because she wants power, and if you give it to her by making an advance, she has you by the balls, in a bad way. So unless you want to be on the wrong end of a sexual harassment case, there's nothing you can do from this point except

1) feign disinterest to try and force her to act

2) stay the course and enjoy the show for what it is



aaaaaaaaaaaaasoooooo i sholu ld do nlgttgjmg but denjoh the show4


post more musiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc lilkeb ty8svthnsi8 r bthis faggggggggggot






So you want people to give you advice, but you don't want to actually take it.


File: 347ff3771a9593e⋯.webm (6.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - A….webm)


File: f621020826f488e⋯.webm (5.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - A….webm)


File: a7a9ba5a78c8539⋯.webm (7.61 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - D….webm)


File: e5a71f6688dc394⋯.webm (5.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - I….webm)


File: 631f70a74d0caad⋯.webm (6.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - I….webm)


File: 6eba5a00f00fc80⋯.webm (6.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - M….webm)


File: e850648efc471e3⋯.webm (7.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - M….webm)


File: 8433d6fbfb926b3⋯.webm (4.53 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - S….webm)


File: fecb7128205bfc2⋯.webm (11.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - T….webm)


File: da0d8a8164711af⋯.webm (6.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Necorbeatz Production - Z….webm)



Ich ficke deine fette Mutter und stosse von hinten wie Treppenschubser


File: 7c1e44b80492147⋯.webm (9.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jordan f space romance.webm)

>when op abandons his own bread


File: 967f90790357512⋯.webm (7.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jordan f our destiny.webm)

have some more


File: 5e10af94d8948ad⋯.webm (2.57 MB, 600x600, 1:1, Azad Narben & Tränen.webm)



She sounds like an absolute trash-fire. Why do you care about her? Why are interested in dating her?



she's what's on the menu. I'm not intensely interested in her, but if I can look at her body or date her, why not?



Why's that?


>why not

You're about to find out.



I get that you don't have a lot of options. It's just that, by the way you've chosen to evaluate yourself as being low in physical desirability but might make a good "provider", I could infer that you aren't just looking for an easy in/out and you actually want to invest and commit yourself to this girl, but by the way you've described her, she seems like she's going to be an endless hassle with juice that isn't worth the squeeze, even by your own admittedly meek standards.



Obviously I don't know whych Anon you are. Also i'm on the trailing edge of alcohol poisoning, so I'm not thinking straight. So Im just answering the one post.

I make the statement about being a 7/10 (so yes, a good) provider because I know that's how she is instinctively evaluating me.

Why do you say she would be an endless hassle? Kindly answer for her as someone to look at and later fap to and as someone to actually be a potential mate.



>>how can she be a hassle?




>I don't know which anon you are

>>8584248 >>8584260 >>8584271

>I make the statement about being a 7/10 (so yes, a good) provider because I know that's how she is instinctively evaluatin me

Why do you assume that? She could just be a massive THOT, and frankly that doesn't seem too unlikely. The thing about THOTs is that they don't necessarily try to provoke this kind of attention because they have any genuine interest in you particularly, but merely because they want an affirmention of their sexual desirability, which is the core of their sense of self-worth.

>Why do you say she would be an endless hassle?

Because she's already shit-testing you pretty hard, and you aren't even one fuck in. That's bad.

>Kindly answer for her as someone to look at and later fap to and as someone to actually be a potential mate.

How about you make it clearer 'what you want from this girl exactly, and what you actually expect?





< 5/10 body/appearance and 7/10 provider.

I'll let you in on a little secret, the 4-6 tier rating in attractiveness for women is the absolute -worst- fucking bracket you can deal in as those women are super fucking insecure in the worst possible ways.

You being of 5-10 attractiveness but high in being an agreeable provider means they're going to use you and toss you like yesterday's garbage because it validates that they can punch above their own weight.

I'm just telling you, that unless you fuck and chuck, you're in for a disaster.



What I *really* want: to tell her: Hey, I like to look and you like the attention. So wear even sexier clothes and we'll both be happy. What I really want her to do: drop to her knees and blow me. But let's be realistic.

What I expect: When I stop paying her as much attention she'll probably keep dressing about the same, but act like she never wanted attention from me. So in that case I get to keep looking but nothing will ever change and in about two weeks I'll get blase about her.

I don't have time or interest in playing games. The degree of interest I stated above is actually the case. If she doesn't want me that's fine. I'm just asking the best approach to 1: get her to keep showing off her body and 2: if it's in the cards date me. What I think you're saying is that number 2 is already off the table, am I right?



I'm experienced and not as agreeable as you think. I'm confident in me self-worth and I don't roll over for anyone.



Then you'll know that you can't wrangle her into a relationship, and that the longer you associate with her the more validated she will feel in discarding you.

She's a thot, just chuck her after poking her a few times, you don't have to cruel about it, just cool off and give some distance.



I'd like to poke her, but that's not even in the cards as far as I can tell.



Then you should be using her as a training dummy of your social adeptitude, namely interacting with her without giving her the validation she desires, while simultaneously denying her the desire she has to devalue you.



So I should treat her as a colleague and nothing more? And not even look at her displays?



No, you can, it's just, you do it in such a way that she knows you're getting something out of it, but you could take it or leave it.

Like, you're not there to gawk at her, but she's putting it on display so you'll take it in. Women like that look for validation through men devaluing themselves to them, from their perspective.



That I can do. Also nice digits.



You're saying she hopes to turn me into a beta orbiter, right? And when I don't do that she'll either do what I want or not but it was my best chance.



Basically, if you want to call it that.



She'll probably start ignoring you after she realizes her efforts don't get her the narcissistic supply she wants.

But that's good because then the mask comes off and you know the truth.



I don't have the personality to give her endless attention whilst she gives me nothing in return. There's another girl to whom I give all the attention she wants because she facilitates my perversion (for example once I said I hope to see more of her the next day and the next day in front of everyone before work she stood directly in front of me and positively preened for the five minutes we had)

But this new girl sends mixed messages and plays games.



I can live with that outcome. Thanks for the advice.


>That night she took a rain check on the date. She has tried to demonstrate mating value at every turn, matching her attitude and answers to casual questions to a different girl to whom I do pay attention and adjusting her answers to what she thinks I want. But by indefinitely postponing the date she's sending mixed signals. I've been casually looking at what she shows for the last two days.

This is why SUPER BIG REASON why society is so fucked up, need to go back to arranged marriages to loli tbh.



I don't think you really need our advice, tbh. If you've already got her to agree to a date, then you know everything you need to know about whether your dealing with a locked door or an open one, and your foot's already in, so there's nothing left to do but pry that shit open.

Be as sexually aggressive as you can get away with, and make it clear what you want from her. Keep the pressure on, go on these dates and never end one without asking her to come back to your place. She'll either cut things off entirely, or things will get dragged out to the point where she'll eventually feel expected and obligated to put out.

Get as many dickings in as you can and ghost her. I hope you have the sense to understand the necessity of that last part.



So in your opinion the games she has already played make her unworthy as a partner?



What? You told me that you were only in it for the blowjobs. Why are you asking me?



I didn't say that, i said it was what I wanted, but I didn't say it's the only thing I want. I haven't evaluated her as a partner. On the first date, if I got one, I would tell her to submit to me or don't bother. But I can't say that at work. If she did submit I would have a potential partner. I have no idea whether she's what I'm looking for. At the moment all I know she's good for is blowjobs and flashing her bits, but that may change.


File: 617e496e7d3a93f⋯.gif (688.23 KB, 286x310, 143:155, 617e496e7d3a93fcfadd294592….gif)


Oh boy. What exactly are you after then? That's what I asked, and you gave me your immediate short term interest, which suggested that you didn't really see any value in her beyond sex, but apparently now there's this. What do you want her to be, to you, in the long term?


File: f8cdea385b37761⋯.jpg (191.89 KB, 951x634, 3:2, 1351292586215.jpg)


If she were a worthy partner it could go all the way to marriage. If I were fantasizing about her in a long term way I would want her to be an absolutely loyal, absolutely obedient house slave with a ring on her finger. But that presupposes several properties I don't know she has, that are necessary for her to be my ideal mate. So far I only know she's probably quite intelligent, which is one of several criteria.

But that's putting the cart before the horse's grandmother.



>that's putting the cart before the horse's grandmother

I disagree, if that's what you want, then I think it's something important to keep in back of your mind from the get-to. Start as you mean to go on, and disregard everything I've said thus far.



Considering her behavior thus far, that I want to gently push her to asking for that date, and the fact that I'll probably quit my job for a better one three weeks from now, what is your advice?



From what I've read you've already failed. You're too normal for her. Women don't like normal men these days. That's why you should have faked who you were from the start. Every male fakes it these days, you fucks just haven't figured it out. That's why you only see psychopaths and 'bad boys' win. They're fake af, and women don't know it and don't know how to convince themselves, after the fact, that they've been duped afterwards because women have fragile egos and will rationalize anything done to them to save face to themselves. My only advice to you now would be to just go date an escort (especially since you seem to have money to spare) and get over your co-worker's tits.However, my 2nd piece of advice for you is to learn how to act. Seriously, learn how to be something you aren't.DON't ever be yourself. Philosophically speaking, identity itself is a dubious concept. But women these days have supreme standards that can only be met by being one of the few highly attractive men around or by you meeting some girl that happens to really like you for a peculiar reason known only to her and her subconscious (you look like her dad, or etc.). So, forget about your co-worker, bang a whore to get over your urges (banging whores does wonders to the psyche), and spend 10 minutes a day from now on on learning how to be different, in every way, from what you currently are. Be shallow. You're not special for being *genuine*. Go out and get your dick sucked faggot.


OP is playing completely out of his league. That is why I never take seriously those who are out of my league. I just disregard them because I know they are about me to get something without giving anything in return. They are in for some free shit and validation, fuck that. I aim at my level. I considerate me a 7 and only go as far as an 8 and only if I know she is on to me or if I think she is worth marrying. 10 and 9 will get absolute shit from me, even if they are friendly, I'll be cool and ready to tell them fuck off ASAP. That is what they like anyway, so you are playing safe.

OP, you already lost. She is playing you some hot and cold and you are afraid to screw up, which in fact is keeping you from giving her what she is looking for, to be pressured in to a bathroom while saying choke me daddy. Unfortunately this is what how things are today, this is what was called kinky 20 years ago, now it is straight up what they call romance.


File: ad7716d932c0b2a⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 650x365, 130:73, a-miracle.jpg)




im a bit older than you. Ive seen people wanting a relationship so much that they go for it. I think you should let her go. ill explain why

You need to take a pen and paper and write down the ideals that you have. Which properties, if you would possess them, would make you the absolute superhuman?

Once you start learning about yourself, you can compare that to the girl. Your qualities and ideals are yours, she has them too. Maybe her ideal is to become a seducer and fuck her way to the top. maybe its becomming the best caregiver one can be. you never know whats going on in someone's soul.

Think of this, the way you met and bonded with close friends you have, have a whole different feeling to them than these forced half sexual half lust bs talks only to get into her pants. You wont benefit from her on the long run. Spending more than 3 days with her in a house will be the absolute max of gaining something from her. After that she will start sucking your energy up, be annoying, stop you frfom improving, developing, inject insecurities into you etc.

What should you do?

Take that pen and paper, those points you wrote down. Work them out, tell yourself on paper exactly why it would accomplish your goal. (yo maybe your goal is to become a chad and delaying this girl can benefit you in that way) Now set that paper in test, fuck anyone fuck everyone and start becomming what you wrote down. Keep telling yourself the reasons why the properties will make you a superhuman (dont think about it, just tell yourself. thinking about a point you make will be able to result in insecurity). work hard play hard, one day she will suck your dick just because its your dick. One day a girl that has also become a superhuman will find you and you will live happily ever after. If shes a superhuman, you will feel it, because you felt what made your close friend so special. you will find your friend for the rest of your life in the same way



From the sound of it this girl is either a cock tease, or is genuinely interested in you and trying (poorly) to size you up. So first you should establish which it is. You try casually devaluing her by talking down to her, try and create the impression in her mind that you better than her. If she just wants attention she'll have to find it somewhere else, but if she's int you she 'll be forced to make a move before she looses you for good. *She's probable just a cock tease tho*



So I say "kiss me right here and now or no date"?


File: a527cd4d7eda565⋯.jpg (115.24 KB, 774x774, 1:1, george_washington_the_orig….jpg)


Quit being a faggot and tell her straight up, "listen up, anon I don't have time for your thot bullshit. I don't want to be friends, I want to either fuck or date and fuck. Don't come at me with that 3DP friendzone bullshit I have my right hand and anime to sustain myself with or without you."



The third thing I want is for her to keep dressing like a whore and accommodate me staring at her body.


Actually I don't even care if we fuck. I could take it or leave it. I want either a relationship or an all you can see buffet.


I wouldn't mind saying I want those two things, but I'm worried that will drain the mystery and energy from what we're already doing.

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