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File: e74371a4770c20d⋯.jpg (85.34 KB, 998x1120, 499:560, misc 1816.jpg)


You mean I can bang all the third world kiddies I like if I jut fly to a country where its legal?



Depends on where you live. I think the US passed some laws recently that makes that sort of thing illegal, and most of western Europe and the Anglosphere probably have something similar. So prepare to get prosecuted when you get back.


just buy an lg from v*lv*troad on tor.



don't be a moron and keep a low profile.You don't have to tell anyone what you are going to do




It's legal as long as nobody finds out it isn't. Nice digits btw


File: 3336e72dfcc367a⋯.jpg (83.94 KB, 640x972, 160:243, learning-thai-sure_o_11316….jpg)


Yes. In the US if an american commits a crime (according to US law) outside the US he can still be prosecuted even if it's no crime in the country it happened (if it's a crime he can be prosecuted in either country). I don't know what happens with someone who's from elsewhere and commits no crime then visits the US, I think they're also fucked because I remember reading about a russian hacker who was jailed in the US despite never committing a crime neither in Russia or in the US (it was some reverse engineering stuff, which breaches the DMCA but isn't illegal in Russia).



OP just posted his intentions on an internet message board that the FBI is almost certainly monitoring. He's screwed already.



lets hope he's using a good VPN




so he doesn't get a visit from the (((party van)))


File: 0ee690f735689c6⋯.gif (772.15 KB, 418x213, 418:213, mzmwbcbKlW1rag9z8o6_r2_500.gif)


No you mental ill faggot

rape kids is not legal in any country here. Thailand / China /japan / korea etc. No fuck off



>Thailand / China /japan / korea

All those countries have child sex tourism


File: 4243a2b0546c8f7⋯.png (2.63 KB, 439x334, 439:334, sparkster7.png)





is also illegal to smoke weed in most states. Yet people still do it.



Captain morality


File: fa38797952b0e4a⋯.jpg (13.35 KB, 210x240, 7:8, lunar nall.jpg)


As long as it's not rebel against my happiness

I am ok with Morals


but I want to chat with kemo shota :/



>You mean I can bang all the third world kiddies I like if I jut fly to a country where its legal?

No. Someone else could, but not you. You are repulsive cross-culturally and across all ages and genders. You might get lucky with a goat or something, but that is pretty much it for you, OP. So choose a country where that is legal. Or at least tolerated.

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