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File: 3d2534a779132e9⋯.png (20.84 KB, 245x300, 49:60, 1494442703160.png)


Dumb? Stupid? Maybe even a bit mentally retarded? Just need to waste time spouting nonsense?

Have I got the server for you!


Come join us on a quest to waste time waiting for sweet realease!

<High IQs not welcome.



t. retard


why are you posting discord servers

nobody will use this centrallized shit when we can just shitpost anonymously on slim jims pig farm



you really must be a redditfag.



I was ready for anhy and all insults but that one was low faggot



why not both?


File: 0007b7bfeff5879⋯.jpg (123.28 KB, 1024x934, 512:467, ChucklesSovietly.jpg)


>slim jims pig farm




It's totally obvious they are.


Because you suck that's why and we don't need another reason even if it s a valid one so BTFO






reddit is pretty gay but this server is pretty based







just a humble dumbposter here shilling my special needs server. got a highschool diploma? move on


its ok to be a mouth breather sometimes


i smell like cheese but you can smell my toes i'll even send pics of them!


brainlets pls come and bully me


really makes you think

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