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File: 255efe099b76b98⋯.jpeg (52.22 KB, 474x623, 474:623, 23568097642345.jpeg)


Why do people insist on believing in female orgasms when they're obviously not PHYSICALLY possible?


bro i have made my lithe nubile teen gf shudder and nearly loser her mind when she cums



Fake and gay



bro i have made my lithe nubile teen gf shudder and nearly loser her mind when she cums >Fake and gay

no bro more like based and red pilled!


>not having a thicc qt3.14 to insert your monstermeat into.

>not feeling that sweet squeeze as their hotpocket literally tries to keep your meatsickle inside to never escape.

>not making it happen repeatedly until their eyes roll into the back of their head and they die.

>be OP.


that's why you should become gay

prostate orgasms are real



>Thinks female orgasms are a meme, so he must be gay

Your logic is retarded. Is everybody with a different opinion magically gay to you?



Anal prolapse orgasms are real as well. I can confirm from personal experience.



this tbh


pro-tip: master semen retention and you too will be able to have orgasms without the messy semen.


>77,639 times

That would translate to nearly 8 calls a minute, assuming that she didn't stop to eat, sleep or anything else. The nearly 2,000 emails could be managed at the same time and perhaps the 647 physical letters, but 41,229 text messages are much less likely unless she was using multiple phones. Finally, even if the sung messages were rather short, that's still increasing the amount of times she'd have to be calling when not leaving those. So unless "a week" is a serious misestimate of the time period, this story sounds rather bullshit unless the process was automated.





I hope she had a flatrate.



It's a meme, you dip. Why do you think you're being clever?


File: 9148a3d42eda5de⋯.jpeg (62.75 KB, 473x711, 473:711, 1358007531246.jpeg)


>Without the messy semen

Why? The funnest part is to cum on the slut's face.



I always make sure my cum goes inside my kid sister… less mess that way.


File: c0f1cced459c23e⋯.jpeg (16.41 KB, 474x301, 474:301, 2358975323.jpeg)

File: 8e0b21d6dca52bd⋯.jpeg (47.42 KB, 474x565, 474:565, 764311468986.jpeg)

File: b67dc667c4dab99⋯.jpeg (27.79 KB, 474x402, 79:67, 1357874224.jpeg)


But, who wouldn't want to shoot theirs over this face?


Because they're stupid



So 7 times a minute for a week straight?


How do we define orgasm? An involuntary muscle spasm related to sexual pleasure? Obviously what a woman has in that regard is not the same as what a man has, but I'm pretty sure it happens. Also, I suppose I can't be 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure women can't voluntarily make their cervix move, but it spasms during orgasm.


are you retards kidding me with this thread rn fucking pathetic go get laid

t. Zoomer who saw the phenom in the first person


File: 660891ef0f8343e⋯.jpg (9.39 KB, 277x277, 1:1, 660891ef0f8343e9b9dad3636a….jpg)


Someone please do the math on this.



77000 / 7 days = 11000 per day, duh

11000 / 24 hours = 458.33 per hour

/ 60 minutes = 7.63 per minute

let's see what that looks like if we assume she took time to sleep!

11000 / 16 hours = 687.5 per hour

/ 60 minutes = 11.46 per minute

bitch is a psycho.


Now somebody calculate how many dicks OP sucks.



Dickhead, you simply typed all of that in a calculator, and you also seem to have miss that the pic in the OP is just a meme.


File: 702579ad17204d4⋯.jpg (232.45 KB, 650x560, 65:56, 1375441453995.jpg)



t. nascar





i have defeated you. you may now kill yourself.


Damn she's got shitposting powers that possibly surpass my own I mean fuck I can only make a thousand shitposts a day.


I'm a man. I can cum but I can't orgasm. I am not sure men can actually have orgasms or if it's just that fapping to porn is nowhere near the same as having sex with an actual woman.




Who the fuck passes up on loving a cute yandere gal?



stop confusing 3d with 2d. 3d cannot be cute.



Yeah, but it was still made into a meme. So the OP is still a meme.



ur a meme



Obsession without devotion isn't attractive or enjoyable. For an example, look no further than all those people obsessed with anime and bad memes. You can find one right beneath these words.



File: fab9f2c7e5950ed⋯.png (29.07 KB, 180x171, 20:19, 1549543361800.png)

>doesn't know about the mating press



I have a stalker who is absolutely obsessed with me. As the other anon mentioned though, there's no devotion. It's a kind of "I want to catalog everything you do and make your life miserable" type of obsession. I'd rather have the "I want to serve you and make you happy every day of my life" type of obsession.



That seems to be the only kind of stalker that exists, except in the most rare cases. I had one person who randomly became obsessed with me, but, unfortunately, he was a homo, so he really had nothing to offer me.



Me. Because that would be cheating on my wife.


File: ead549d308ece7c⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 320x240, 4:3, nnn nnn nnn.mp4)



Is this pissing thing normal? I find it disgusting and don't want to encounter this during sex if I ever end up with a woman.



You need a bigger peepee to do that, OP



>they're obviously not PHYSICALLY possible?






>if I ever end up with a woman

anon, I…



That's 8 times per minute day in and day out without sleeping. It's just not physically possible.



I miss how wet my ex got. I remember needing to put a towel over my bed because she leaked so much love juice during sex. My current one doesn't get nearly as wet.



He probably is talking about the "squirting" thing. There's only one place in human anatomy that stores that much liquid and can release it at the genitals.



>That's 8 times per minute day in and day out without sleeping

You can make it 16 times per minute and have 12 hours off each day. His phone was probably off so it wouldn't take much to reach the voicemail to try again, so 16 per minute is doable.



Is there any study that concludes they're not real? I'm not dying to believe in it, but I'm more inclined to believe they're real because I've never heard of them not being real.



Maybe she used scripts to amplify her shitposting power.

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