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File: ff0aa24478667ab⋯.jpg (851.27 KB, 960x720, 4:3, IranianMutt.jpg)


Why is it so easy to brainwash Americucks?


because meh freedom meh sheit also women… they gave women too much rights.. now faggot feminists are taking over


Because Wi-Fi


Left-leaning cannabis consumer from Canada detected



>they gave women too much right.

This. Women shouldn't have that much power, they can't handle it.




Depends on the woman, but the fact that most women are for abortion doesn't make any sense to me


Evolution is the problem. It is also the way Americans were taught to think. I have evolved past the mental barriers that evolution has placed in our brains. I actually owe my way of thinking to my mild autism. When I was a kid, autism prevented me from being like everybody else and this gave me the impulse to ask questions that most people never think to ask. As time went on I aged out of autism, but sadly I still have a mild form of it. My mind has been pushed to a new level and sadly most people will never achieve my way of thinking. In some ways I think humans are still very primitive, because most people are shallow and they rarely question the big things that matter in life.


$T$e$l$l$ $m$e$ $/$b$/$,$ $w$h$y$ $i$s$ $O$P$ $s$u$c$h$ $a$ $f$a$g$g$o$t$?$


File: ab2f2ae07cdd81b⋯.png (198.3 KB, 458x692, 229:346, ab2.png)


>Why is it so easy to brainwash Americucks?

It's called patronizing



Just a few guesses…

>A lack of firm roots and culture

>extremely polarized Partisan politics. ConservitIves will believe literally anything if it makes the liberals look bad.

>gullibility starts at a young age due to religious teachings. Generally speaking, Christianity in the US is more retarded than in other developed countries – or, at least we have a higher percentage of knuckle-dragging Christians (mostly down south and midwest).

If Americans are, in fact, more gullible than people in other developed countries, it's probably not by much.


Race mixing leading to lower than average IQ.

No well developed culture to speak of.


File: fab9f2c7e5950ed⋯.png (29.07 KB, 180x171, 20:19, 1549543361800.png)


This. Having just enough sperg makes you question everything, and when you do, you become self aware, a Non-NPC.


They all have small town mentalities even those who aren't from a small town I swear you would think that the internet doesn't exist they are so ignorant of anything outside of where they live.

They are also raised to be hyper aggressive in almost every facet of life which is very annoying to non Americans they really need to learn to hold their tongue.

On top of that it is a very consumer based instant gratification culture and they are seemingly all on meds.

General experience of usa for me is that it is tacky about 25 years in the past at least and just generally over the top.

It's basically a bullshit country and if you nuked it off the face of the earth the rest of humanity would be much better off.


People who think they are the "elite" let themselve easily brainwashed by those they think are the "elite" too.

The best example is students. Most kids believe blindly everything the teacher says, they do not even ask themselve anything, they just believe and think what they are told to believe and think. Only very few of them think by themselve, question and make their own opinion on things. These seem to be harder to brainwash.

But then they go to college. They see themselve as the elite, that other students are the elite too, and that their college teachers are the elite of the teachers. Without noticing it, they let themselve being brainwashed and become your typical college hippies, who think they know best but are just brainless clones brainwashed with shitty left ideas by teacher who never know anything about real life because they only studied then teached, formed by other teachers who only studied then teached, and so on since always.


>>8654026 pretty much nailed it.



Pretty much all of North America could stand to get nuked and the world would be a better place.



Yup that land is an abomination.


Lack of moral standards. The state became their god and money their religion.


america is a vast spiritual desert



When you consider that women are naturally feminist, and that feminism was designed to relieve women of their responsibilities while giving them extra rights and free shit, it makes perfect fucking sense. Abortion allows women to be sluts and not get tied down by those pesky repercussions for their actions.

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