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File: 1de41034addec8f⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 1100x804, 275:201, aae6b74b4e43345c0f1629dc72….jpg)

File: 6efa96b662911f9⋯.jpg (72.93 KB, 736x503, 736:503, c94355ff752085af5bcb05038f….jpg)

File: a9063552c891942⋯.jpg (208.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, SpecialImagesPortrait-gian….jpg)


the worst way to die would be being wrapped up in web by a giant spider, and then you have to just sit there for who knows how long waiting for it to liquefy your insides and then suck them out


cement-encased girl



explain further please


>tfw no spider gf




sounds like marriage.



Hah. I've gotta say, knowing she beat them in a game of mahjong after all that, she had massive fucking balls. I hope, when she died, the last thing those fucks saw was her smug grin. Assuming there was enough of her mind left TO grin.



the stuff she endured before the concrete, or the concrete itself? because it says that she was already dead before they encased her in concrete so that's not a method of death.



the stuff before

the whole incident is just referred to as the concrete encased girl


File: 6b565cf26e1e0a0⋯.gif (780.49 KB, 350x310, 35:31, 1548048516521.gif)


I really think being burned at a stake is the worst death imaginable especially in front of a bunch of people. The pain would be second to none, you would smell your own flesh burning and you would be thinking: "why are these people letting me burn"?


Being stuck in a low rocky tunnel which is filling up with water.


File: 8bf69209cc907a9⋯.jpg (103.34 KB, 537x586, 537:586, 8bf69209cc907a98cd429067f1….jpg)


>Three of the boys served less than 8 years, the leader was originally sentenced to 17 years in prison, but after his appeal, instead of lowering his sentence, judge Ryūji Yanase bumped his sentence to 20 years.

i hope some vigilante finds them, murders them all and isn't caught. psychopaths like them should get mandatory death sentences, juvenile or not.



Dying of old age after a gray and pointless existence, realizing in the end that you could have as well never been born at all and it wouldn't have made any difference to you or the world.



I'm looking at these spider pics and thinking, "You know, there's probably some real freaks in here right now fapping to this shit!" (TOPKEK)

>INB4 Some lame little faggot who's been here like three days and doesn't know you're supposed to lurk for a year says, "it's probably you."



>Having a spider gf would give a whole new meaning to "getting sucked off" HEH!



Okay, I'm guessing you're about fifteen because no one older than that would be that depressing or that stupid but I'm old, myself, and what you just posted is some of the stupidest, most arrogant, most egotistical bullshit I've ever read!






I have no intent on living to 60, maybe not even past 50 if I can help it.


>go to zoo

>fall in chimp area

>break both legs from fall

>male chimps see you as threat

>start tearing you to shreds legs first

>bite off dick and asshole

>rip your skin and muscles off bones

>tear stomach open

>another chimp joins in and starts beating your upper body

>the zoo people final come to your rescue

>shoot you in the throat by accident

>slowly bleed out with dead chimp on what used to be your body


being slaughtered by isil



You'll find that life has value eventually.



I hope you live to be 150 in spite of yourself.


Could spend years in your own country slowly having your rights taken away, any idea of self or national identity mocked and your people displaced by hordes of third world scum all because your race is a threat to a tribe of psychopaths that have plagued the earth for milenia but have recently used technology created by other races to misinform and divide the world.



>I have no intent on living to 60, maybe not even past 50 if I can help i

stop being edgy, you have no balls to kys


File: 6b46337251a3442⋯.jpg (40.2 KB, 279x255, 93:85, 6b46337251a34429ca03ca72e2….jpg)


Supposedly the mother of one of the perpetrators puked/spat on her grave as the news ruined her son's life.


Waterboarding, 1000 cuts, pulled apart by horses, burned at stake, the judas cradle, iron madien, brazen bull just to name a few more realisic ones



Judas Cradle is the ultamate butt fuck so it's good for fagots like >>8654061


>go seadiving

>loose site of diving buddy

>pass out

>slowly drift further down into darkness

>wake up

>little to no oxygen left

>don't know where you are

>everything is dark

>try to swim up

>your lungs fill with water just as you begin to see light again



Jesus fucking Christ. I was in a good mood this evening. That's not even something I can make a joke out of.


That's the Yakuza for you, though I assume the other kids weren't Yakuza it's unsurprising that the Yakuza would do that.

>yfw there are unironically weebs who think the Yakuza are super cool and epic

it pisses me off I was one of them once



Since the universes inevitable fate is becoming a cold empty void filled with iron, nothing you do in life will really ever matter. But that's a bitchmade attitude to have.



no, not death. that's too easy. they deserve to have the exact same thing done to them. over and over until they understand why they are diseases on this planet and need to be wiped off.


Hardly, at least it would be fairly quick

What about that shit during WW2 where Japanese soldiers would put a rat on an immobile persons stomach, put a metal bowl over it and then put a flaming torch against the bowl so when the metal heats up the rat would start burrowing through the persons stomach to try to escape the heat. Just imagine the sheer agony of that!

Also imagine having a long greased wooden stake with a blunt tip shoved up your ass and it being lifted into an upright position with you on top. Impalement if it was done right could take days to kill somebody where they'd die a really agonizing, uncomfortable and humiliating death.


Slowing being clipped apart with toenail clippers, starting with the belly button.


File: e05ddead628152b⋯.jpg (702.31 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, 9573f9a620c15a48ba91574268….jpg)


Being tortured to death in some dungeon by some rich faggot who had the money to keep you alive as long as possible while inflicting as much pain as possible - sort of like Law Abiding Citizen, but without the justice and being right part.



I don't feel like Human would look like that after being cooked. You are, of course, the most correct here. The only things worse would be things with more power. Insane all-powerful A.I. or actual angry gods and the like.


File: 6927c3ded6a4667⋯.png (380.67 KB, 575x500, 23:20, a8e05035efffd218953edc2f1a….png)

>be my friend's younger brother

>dating this qt for 6 years, high school sweetheart

>leave work early one day because you have the flu and you're vomiting all over the place

>get home to find your apartment unlocked

>open the door and there's Jamal from down the hall nutting your wife into another dimension over the living room sofa

>throw a fit and shit gets violent

>you violated the NAP so Jamal knocks you the fuck out

>smash the side of your skull over the granite kitchen counter on your way down

>Jamal kicks the shit out of your unconscious half-corpse for a while, until your gf begs him to stop and she calls an ambulance

>pronounced dead at the hospital because your brain is hemorrhaged as fuck

I'm obviously filling in few blanks here, but the story goes that he caught his gf cheating and ended up getting beaten to death by the guy who was just fucking his gf.



Only if we never find a way to skip universes.



it's a bunch of meats from other animals made up by an artist to look like a human. You can look it up if you want and find it quickly probably. It was an art project.



actually it's even simpler

entropy is a retarded concept and thermodynamics can kiss my ass

now ive just saved the universe since it'll truck on as it does, seeing as matter still can't be destroyed, only changed



Relatable. George L. Rockwell, I believe, said that if the white race is ever going to be extinct, it should die fighting


Nope. Worst way to die is by fire. That is exceptionally painful.

Actually, just thought this up right now. Probably the worst way to die would be to be held over a giant pot of boiling water, and your feet only are immersed, and you are slowly boiled like this while being lowered into the pot very gradually over a long period of time. I think this would cause the most excruciating death humanly possible. You get the extreme pain of burning, but it also happens over a long period of time. It might be required though to splash the victim with cold water every now and then so the steam doesn't kill him or maybe to strap him to some boards or something where he's upside down and is slowly brought over the steam. So instead of being lowered into the pot he's gradually moved into place over it.

I think this could also then be combined with psychological priming and perhaps certain drugs like were used in MK Ultra to make the person extra receptive to pain both physical and mental.

Check out MK Ultra Subproject 68 for some ideas on how to cause insane amounts of human suffering.

I have thought a lot about torture and I would like to also try to combine certain occult experimentation with soul fragmentation caused by intense emotional pain to see what is possible. Check out some of the programming techniques used on children lately where they have their souls fractured through emotional pains too intense for them to bear so they can be programmed with multiple personalities.

Anyways given the right setting and a combination of this intense physical death with mental torture one could cause a truly horrible way to die beyond anything else imaginable.



It's literally right at the top as most painful suicide method.



This is actually one of the more pleasant ways to die. Not much pain involved and comfy hallucinations.



Wow holy shit I don't understand how she was able to endure all that stuff and for 44 days. She should have died much sooner it's amazing she lived that long. I hope that every single Yakuza that raped her was sentenced to death and that everyone that knew about her plight and didn't do anything to stop it at least spend 10 years in prison.



>Japs somehow manage to outdo the cartels for brutality



>Japan is experimenting with robotic construction because there aren’t enough workers


<tfw instead of flooding their country with savage shitskins they are instead making a utopia where the robots do the work for them




This is the worst.



>det-cord necklace

>clean decapitation by sword

>point blank shotgun blast to the cranium

Those niggers can be pretty damn good at their job. Way better than having some wetback hacking away at your throat with a shitty knife.



I've been watered boarded and I tried to kill myself by 1000 cuts.

Neither qualify as "painful" at all. Waterboarding causes euphoria. 1000 cuts you don't feel because adrenaline.

Being burned at stake, iron maiden, and brazen bull would be really bad.

What is a judas cradle?



>Since the universes inevitable fate is becoming a cold empty void filled with iron




Just killing them is more efficient and solves the problem.



So… Marriage?



cringe and redditpilled



Napalm or getting strapped to a bathtub out in the woods covered in honey.



Edit: Thanks for the (you) kind stranger!

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