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File: 5a96fd9596d041d⋯.jpg (66.09 KB, 1100x722, 550:361, man-with-groin-pain.jpg)


Am I the only one who experiences excruciating pain when pissing immediately after a wank? To avoid the pain, I've learned to pee just before jerking off or lay there covered in jizz for 20 minutes before peeing. The pain cannot be put into words it is that bad. Some sources say that you should always urinate after sex or ejaculation, but I don't see how that is possible.



Everyone and then it is usually when you are holding in a piss and quite powerfully masturbating especially for a long period of time you can put to much pressure in your nether region and it can cause a strange pain.

It's no big deal I don't think anyway.


I would get it checked out, that doesn't happen to me, although it does go spraying all over the fucking place if i try. Maybe you're having prostate problems.



I don't think anyone gets that pain but you OP…

you might want to get yourself checked


your dick is fucked trust i had it i didnt get it checked and now my piss stream is screwed up when erect, btw i pissed blood twice and my dick hurted me for awhile whenever i jerk off shits is fucked get help before you become like me


It's either piss with pain after every jerk, or risk pissing with pain everytime you piss because you got a UTI.



Dickfart tbh


File: 99a1c8aa658692d⋯.png (170.29 KB, 379x441, 379:441, U_T_I.png)


go see a doctor



Only if I jerk off real hard beforehand, but that makes sense because your abdomen is then sore.



Are you talking about pipeburn by any chance? Is the pain coming from the head, if so your deathgrip masturbation is probably putting too much pressure on it, which leads to a more or less strong burning and itching sensation when urinating coupled with an almost incontinence like feeling



>when pissing immediately after a wank?

Yeah, I get it too, it's normal. Also if it's right after sex but I guess you wouldn't know anything about that.


No. What I experience pain with is if I stop the urine mid-stream, and then start up again. It's the restarting that hurts. But that's regardless of whether or not I've recently ejaculated.

I find urinating after ejaculating to be extremely pleasant because you flush the tubes out, it's a nice relief.

If you need to piss at all before fap/sex, always do it, you don't want the bladder pressure during sex, it will make it not as good. This goes for both sexes. Plus holding in piss is never a good thing anyway, it's unhealthy, same with shit. You gotta go, you gotta go.



I get this occasionally, it fucking sucks.



>Am I the only one who experiences excruciating pain when pissing immediately after a wank?

No, I do too

I read that it happens when you grip it way too hard. Just control your grip. Spend a couple days without jerking off, and when you do, do it softer than usual. Your nerves should be getting more sensitive with time.


File: 79e5eb12849934e⋯.jpg (26.15 KB, 540x540, 1:1, urine-specimen-cup__44522_….jpg)

op here. ended up going to the doc yesterday just to make sure it wasn't a uti (i had already been scared into thinking it was).

the day i felt that horrendous pain, it was followed up by several strong and sudden urges to piss, but each time i'd only trickled out a few drops. this went away after an hour and i was able to piss again without pain. yesterday day i made this thread, i had also been experiencing stabbing pains in my flanks and my back ached like i had slept wrong or had been sitting for hours with shitty posture. then i got chills for like 30 mins and decided to call the doc before the fever set it.

the urine sample came back clean. the doc said i had probably passed a small stone, though there's no way to verify that for sure. glad i don't have a uti and will continue peeing before nutting up

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