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File: dc7d6a027ac01e1⋯.png (57.65 KB, 409x435, 409:435, pseudo nerd.png)


Around the mid-2000's, "nerd culture" started to gain a following. I'm pretty sure it is directly correlated with the movie Napolean Dynamite which was released by MTV in 2004. After this movie became successful, MTV and many other jewish programs started to push this nerd narrative. Suddenly everyone was pretending to be a nerd and things like capeshit started to get extremely popular. We are now witnessing the inevitable fall of nerd culture, as everything has become completely commercialized and people are starting to realize that it's shit and always was shit.

This has given rise to "chad culture", which is a watered down version of 80's/early 90's preppy culture. After this new pseudo-chad culture inevitably dies, it will give rise to Nerd Culture 2.0. What will it look like? Will it be even gayer than the first nerd culture movement?


File: 768ad07014cac3d⋯.jpg (105.05 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, 35098t_2x.jpg)


Your media determines your social strata. Ditch the programming.



Fags will start unironically liking this.


File: 43a556d2f077ed6⋯.jpg (130.64 KB, 1100x405, 220:81, King-of-the-Nerds-banner.jpg)


File: 65f583ab15f0f15⋯.mp4 (12.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, KOTN-TALKNERYTOME.mp4)


File: 66fbc24be3395f7⋯.jpg (86.52 KB, 894x894, 1:1, alita_battle_angel_by_neoa….jpg)

File: 211b1993ab5236a⋯.jpg (397.4 KB, 700x380, 35:19, Alita-2.jpg)

File: 2c9afc2366aaf53⋯.jpg (231.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alita.jpg)

File: 43b551b884da324⋯.jpg (119.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 09bcf1988c5d808⋯.jpg (115.41 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, seriously-kickass-new-trai….jpg)


File: 36c646f1d43a841⋯.gif (890.06 KB, 521x369, 521:369, 1444697195772.gif)


Please stop.


nerd culture 2.0 will be pretty much the same but feature length anime films will receive top billing in mainstream american theaters instead of marvel/dc movies and we can all complain about how played out it all is and that it didn't used to be like that back in our day.




moar !!!


File: a1585c1b31ca4fc⋯.png (419.92 KB, 412x618, 2:3, 9tcbrdq8kk911[1].png)

nerd culture today is gamers whining about the most retarded shit, then making ironic memes about it to try and make themselves look not like crying children



>Napolean Dynamite

Meh. It was more like The Big Bang Theory which put """le nerd culture xD""" in the spotlight and made it profitable among normalfags (endless stream of cookie cutter capeshit, retro vidya etc) rather than ND which was just about some weird autists and their lives. Also, back in the day nerd culture meant actually having some interest in science and technology and building your own computers/hardware, now the entire thing has been reduced to smartphone bugman faggotry and wearing a N64 shirt.



Thanks we need a Lain replacement, at least this one can fight, instead of wandering around in a circle mumbling.


File: 8ae4329f0331952⋯.jpg (270.03 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, girl gamer.jpg)


nice gatekeeping, shitlord


File: 7def0350d6c39fe⋯.png (39.27 KB, 255x191, 255:191, say_what_now.png)


lain@NAVI:~$ echo lets love lain!

#tbh your post was pretty damn funny#


File: 8f72639bb302513⋯.png (14.31 KB, 250x272, 125:136, 1453516825903.png)


>de joooooooooooooooooooooooooooos


File: 31442cce5f1ef7c⋯.jpg (82.16 KB, 640x632, 80:79, cuck3.jpg)




OP is confusing geeks and nerds.

Geeks obsess over things like entertainment without any particular skill or specific knowledge.

Nerds are smart and actually useful.


File: f60981e4b8fbd5a⋯.png (132.66 KB, 636x351, 212:117, nataliedormer13.png)

wtf is capeshit?



it's when you take a shit, then put a little cape on the shit and pretend it's a superhero



>OP is confusing geeks and nerds

good goy, keep perpetuating those buzzwords



Check out this geek, giant nerdy nerd go calculate something.



did they just make a digital version of ann frank?



I wish. at least then she'd die at the end


File: 910009be87ccb67⋯.jpg (145.4 KB, 1439x251, 1439:251, Whoevenwantstogeek.jpg)

Fucking geeks, amirite goys



I've never rad Battle Angel Alita. Are her cyborg eyes supposed to be abnormally large? The drawn pic just looks like the typical anime/manga aesthetic.



>Keeping up with trends

>Inb4 op is a fag



Its pretty insulting to me that they did this to the character, much less made a live action Alita to begin with.



There's really no such thing as a "nerd" anymore. Pretty much everyone is in some way.



shut up Dork!



>I'm pretty sure it is directly correlated with the movie Napolean Dynamite which was released by MTV in 2004. After this movie became successful, MTV and many other jewish programs started to push this nerd narrative. Suddenly everyone was pretending to be a nerd and things like capeshit started to get extremely popular.

The modern capeshit movie trend directly began with X-Men in 2000. By 2004, there were already a flood of capeshit movies. Two X-Men movies, two Spider-Man movies, a Daredevil movie, a Punisher movie, Catwoman. Plenty more in development that would be coming out shortly after.

It always shocks me how young people are when they complain about capeshit and don't remember how far back this movie trend has gone, and how long people have been complaining about it. You had the Batman movies in the late '80s and '90s, and the Superman movies in the late '70s and '80s, but once X-Men hit at the box office, movie studios started buying up every comic property they could get their dirty little hands on.



the manga is good


File: 3dde544da77260c⋯.jpg (83.09 KB, 700x394, 350:197, revengenerds-e144785243335….jpg)


>Around the mid-2000's

No. Nerd "culture" started to become more popular the moment it started to make real money. It just took till the mid-2000's for the technology to saturate into our everyday lives that it began to really became dominant as the old stereotypes of "Nerd = Smart = Money" were put within the reach of the layman to emulate without actually having to be smart or skilled or technical. Computers for the rest of us, and all that.


File: 4a933d57354bca4⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 342x379, 342:379, 61TtN25aFvL._UX342_.jpg)

File: 4e52967a12298e8⋯.jpg (16.38 KB, 351x381, 117:127, -c2-053-top-quality-handma….jpg)


Remember that when anime first started to go 3D in games and even early figurines, their eyes were godawful and it took a lot of years of refinement to get them to look decent. This movie basically just threw all that refinement out the window and started from scratch, and amplified the shittiness by warping it onto a 3DPD face which the brain is already wired to look for specific proportions on. Features that are too big and exaggerated tend to induce feelings of revulsion because it's usually an indicator of genetic problems that nature doesn't want passed on.

They could have still managed to give her big eyes, but done it in a much more subtle way that are noticeably larger and more expressive than average, but still nowhere near as large as the manga or pushing into AYYLMAO territory. Now, I haven't read the manga - but I heard there was a reason why they needed her eyes so big in the first one - because the movie is going to be part of a series, and her eyes change to reflect her growth and maturation from an innocent lost lamb reborn into the world, to maturing as she rediscovers her own will and purpose. That could be total bullshit, but assuming it's true, there still could have been dozens of ways they could have rendered the eyes to reflected this change better without making her look absolutely hideous. Even more hideous than 3DPD anyhow.



Just watched the movie yesterday.. really what a movie..I can't express in words..story screenplay vfx action in every aspect the movie is extraordinary..




this >>8656613 is an ad-bot, spamming the exact same text in the youtube comments



No I'm not you fucking idiot, watch the movie, stop the retardation.


File: 7abad80ba0358e0⋯.png (69.22 KB, 1427x660, 1427:660, BA_spam-1.png)


dude, you're an ad-agency shill trying to hide your roboposting





Did they do that in any of the original drawn properties, though? Anime/manga have big eyes for expressiveness, but real humans don't need big ass eyes to be just as expressive. This seems like a total failure in understanding the manga aesthetic. They didn't give huge animu eyes to anyone in that shitty GitS movie, did they? (Never actually saw it. Knew they would fuck it up.)


File: 5d843c8c406ebe6⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, obligatory.png)



Simply had to.


Nerd culture will evolve into cuck culture



Just read your post yesterday… really what a post..I can't express in words..smart sentence structure in every aspect of your retort..Waiting for your 2nd response..


File: 0a25db6793da402⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 296x211, 296:211, kot.jpg)


>evolve into cuck culture

>implying we ain't already there yet


File: f9cd6829297a22c⋯.jpg (148.41 KB, 931x594, 931:594, jewsdidanime.jpg)

fucking yids



come again when we have a tv show called big bang cuckoldry airing on tv



>she can fight

but does she even understand?




>Python3 libraries start backchatting to you




t. assmad shekelberg




Considering the pace at which the Marxist school system is systematically destroying the minds of all young people by the time the present Chat Culture thing ends there won't be anyone left who's smart enough to even know what 'culture' means!



Fucking twelve year olds get out.



Anyone who uses t. in front of anything is a fucking 12 yo!


File: e7e8b8102074db8⋯.png (139.14 KB, 500x700, 5:7, python btfo.png)


python a shit



By fags you mean /tv/ I assume



t. buttmad niggerfaggot


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