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File: ebf1b355a9bf3df⋯.png (429.46 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20181205-052801.png)


I finally figured it out, it's because In the wild more aggressive men were seen as better protectors and so women were more likely to choose them over a calmer mate because the more aggressive male would be more likely to be able to protect her.

Wagecuck here, I constantly insult this girl at work and yet she still flirts with me, I've insulted her intelligence openly to her multiple times, said she sleeps around ect and yet she won't fuck off, I think this is because of the stated above.



3DPD are hypergamous

they want someone better then them, and you treat people you think are beneath like shit.

you're telling the 3DPD that you are better then her by being an asshole to her.


You aren't wrong, but what you're doing subconsciously says you're above her and women always try to marry up. In caveman times if a shit warrior acted tough towards someone better than him (be it the chief or a stronger warrior) he'd get badly hurt or even killed, our brains are still pretty much the same since then so instinctively she feels you're above her (or you wouldn't do that, you're basically bluffing). Likewise if you act too nice it sends the message you're below them. That doesn't mean you should always be a complete asshole or never do anything nice though, if you're always an asshole she may realize you're just an asshole. Men are no better in this btw, although I don't think you can get away with directly insulting a guy without making him hate your guts.



>Men are no better in this btw

men aren't hypergamous



Men are polygamous.

I don't blame women for choosing the best mate.

Contrary to men, reproduction is a big investment for them, they take risks.

They can't afford to fuck around with whoever asks.



>They can't afford to fuck around with whoever asks.

can and do



>caring about what women like




No they don't, they fuck around with Chads.

Normal guys like us rarely get a peace of it, if any.


File: 50bbeda188803ef⋯.gif (719.35 KB, 295x360, 59:72, 1421646969164.gif)


you're an genuine opened person as to understand the evolutionary pressure in humans, and to be able to accept it to the point of using it at a factor in consideration

Still wouldn't associate with 3DPD for enjoyment due to knowing what motivates them myself, but I can't blame them for what they are as well.



Or maybe they're just idiots who make no sense.



every pattern in human behavior, any organism's behavior, can be explained via evolutionary context, working form what benefits does that behavior bring, working to it being selected for.

the universe is orderly, nothing just happens, especially behavior of an evolved organism.



>Wagecuck here, I constantly insult this girl at work and yet she still flirts with me

wtf is wrong with you?


EvoPsyche is pure pseudopscience. For example, 90% of evo-psychologists are openly cucks. They believe this grants them an evolutionary advantage over not being a cuck. It's all C O PE. Evo-Psychology is nothing but projection and cope-faggotry.



I don't know EvoPsyche is, nor do I want to know

they don't have a monopoly on thinking behavior and mindset in the human ape are a result of adaptation.



Not everybody believes in Darwinism. I think everything is just random.


File: 61b4092eab8e3c7⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 400x225, 16:9, 69015.gif)


File: a7b0a682155b27e⋯.jpg (149.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a7b0a682155b27e24c298939a4….jpg)

Because asshole men are the kinds of people to push others around, take their stuff, stifle their progress (less competition), and make decisions that affect the leadership of the tribe. They tend to hoard power and influence, and women have evolved to survive best by leeching onto powerful males who hoard the most resources, are pushy enough to wield influence the woman also enjoys, and because even if he beats her and the kids a little bit - he's also more able to beat anyone who tries to harm his kids.

In a lot of ways, women can't help it. They're mesmerized by them, like moths to the flame… even if they deny it or bitch about them later.

Also, assholeish men are more likely to give them a good hard fucking, while a niceguy and soyboy is just going ask for her wear the strap-on and give him a good hard fucking. It might fulfill her power fantasy for a while, but it's not going to satisfy her needs for a strong dominant mate.



>thinking women are logical and can be figured out. Ascribes a rhyme and reason to them.



3DPD are pretty easy to understand if you don't project male attributes on them



>They can't afford to fuck around with whoever asks.

Neither can men these days with current child custody, support, and listen and believe rape allegations. If anything, men take a bigger risk now since a woman can just get an abortion or stay on the pill. A guy can't really pull one over on a woman and force her to have a baby - whereas a woman can supply a condom with holes in it and ensure that she does get pregnant so that she can ensnare the man either into a relationship or get him on the hook financially.

What's our insurance in all this? Cut your balls off. And even that might not get you off the hook for support.


File: 777d83805289391⋯.png (419.38 KB, 703x525, 703:525, dog cage.png)


I want to be more of an asshole, but I work pretty well playing it cool/smooth. I'm an artfag and I like rescuing animals and stuff, it works pretty well, but I'm not really an asshole, I just don't take any shit from them. Still deep down, I want to be that abusive bf they can't get enough of no matter how much they talk shit.



Men are logical and can figure women out. Women have a logic, and its a bitch logic - find the best male, to secure her offspring with best possible genes.



If women weren't logical, at least at their core, then they wouldn't be so easy to manipulate by assholes. They surround themselves with illogical filler, usually involving abdication of responsibility or ad-hoc rationalization for their own actions taken out of emotional impulse, but that's all gravitating around a few buried nuggets of logical operation.

Learn those, and women become much simpler to deal with.


Revelation for OP: What you think you've "figured out" about women only applies to the one specific woman you're talking to at best and can not and will not work universally with all women.

Also you're probably wealthy and attractive and most of all have a "I don't give a fuck attitude" and that's helping.

I think women hate tension and are basically devils that hate to be judged. As long as you don't judge them they like you.


File: 4625fbd5b328cf8⋯.jpg (98.69 KB, 607x542, 607:542, woke.jpg)

File: e52b49150fa3e30⋯.jpg (117.89 KB, 586x531, 586:531, slaaayyy kween.jpg)

Women like asshole men because they're the only ones who tell them to shut the fuck up when they're being retarded. See pics related; I saved this from my Twitter fuck off, I'm required to have one for work - no I'm not a govt shill. She's your typical cat mom (sans the morbid obesity) starter pack incarnate with meme tats, le 50s look but modern aesthetic while looking somehow old and young at the same time, condescending "What you have to/must/need to realize is…" verbiage, etc. No one tells her when she's being stupid, though. No one would tell her that she could replace "white supremacy" with "diversity (is our strength)" and have literally the same thing except that the latter is socially acceptable and mainstream.

What you call asshole men are often just guys who don't give a shit. Not to say that a lot aren't assholes, but mostly they're just not slaves to pussy and social shaming. Women don't like guys who kowtow to them for anything other than an ego boost.

I'm not even advocating for white supremacy since I don't care about it for the record, and I know that virtually all of the "white supremacy" accusations are retarded anyway.


File: b7e9edb611f8282⋯.jpeg (51.6 KB, 599x510, 599:510, wymyn.jpeg)


Basically this. You don't need MGTOW to be redpilled regarding wymyn. All you need is to be around them when you were a kid.

Just because they will both put you in a pedestal if you have any other interests than girls, but take a piss and push you around if you chase them like a dog. To be around millennial girls was everything I needed to know, but fucking zoomers was totally a whole new game that I couldn't regret more.

MGTOW is useful for young adults, because it is when you are in your prime and their harassment increase at insane levels, that if you keep your shit moderately together. It is also helpful to brief you about the trainwreck wymyn become after their prime and the dangers of it. Wish I had been in touch with it sooner.


File: 15217e0a257bb6f⋯.jpeg (22.39 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download.jpeg)


MGTOW is useful for men of all ages. As long as there's women, there's a need for MGTOW.


They don't like assholes. They like attractive assholes.

They'd also like attractive "nice guys", but attractive men aren't as likely to be passive since being assertive is more rewarding for them.

Also what you could just be describing is friendly banter. People choose whether they want to be offended by something most of the time, and I doubt you're actually hostile towards her.



MGTOW is a result of biology being an environment it didn't evolve to be in due to technology

MGTOW not be 'needed' when something forces 3DPD to behave themselves or 3DPD lose all value in regards to reproduction.



I guess even more today. I'm an oldfag and in my days, disregarding females was the mainstream, and actually encouraged and passed on via word of mouth. So you could actually get along with bro culture only. But it is basically dead today after that respect wymyn came along with rainbow crap.




>being this blue pilled on women's nature

>reddit spacing

just go back

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