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File: a1a3313eb37ee03⋯.jpg (276.34 KB, 2151x2603, 2151:2603, tmp_13609-ji6fajmk4fb11200….jpg)


How do I stop stopping? I get into a hobby like weight lifting, writing or drawing and then a couple weeks or mounths in some shit comes up where it messes up my routine and I slowly just stop doing it. On top of this I lose my interest and passion towards said activity. How do I stop this from happening? How do I stop losing the will and passion?


baby steps tbh

try to do something you really dont want to do at all, physical labor works well

do it for as long as you want, and then tell yourself to do more

don't ever try to negotiate with yourself, because at that point youve already lost

anyhow, keep doing small bits of things, and keep doing more and more, and eventually apply that to things you want to do


I never have routines that's why I get shit done. I just do things when I feel like it and end up doing those things a lot.



What do you mean negotiate with yourself? Like when you go,"oh it's getting dark better do this later" or when you're like"well i gotta take a shit but I'm not even half done and by the time I'm done taking a shit ___is coming over" Or do you mean when you bitch out because it's raining?



nh, i mean when you're telling yourself something needs to be done, quantity maybe, when you go "oh, i'll do this much, or that much", in context to the doing something you don't want to do

regardless of how much of whatever you do, on average it tends to put some weird mental thing on it that for most people just gives them an excuse to say fuck it all



Just try to do it every day, even if it's just a little tiny thing, 5 pushups, a little 5 minute drawing, 10 minutes on the piano, etc. Helps reinforce habits. But yeah, another thing I've noticed is it gets easier as you get older, mostly I think because you realize you have less and less time to waste.



So what I should just do said thing until I'm bored or tired and then just do even more? When would I stop? Until I physically can't or something? What do you personally do if you don't mind me asking?


Too many options. Too many impulses around. Zen yourself.



pretty much, yes

do a bit more than what you feel you are capable of or feel like doing, within reason of course

increase the amount you're doing more of, more each time

obviously there's the comfortable pace thing, which you shouldn't really worry about unless there's pain involved, in which case don't be dumb


File: 7ced3a6b465e87c⋯.jpg (191.88 KB, 1682x1820, 841:910, gromit.jpg)


Thanks anon, I'll give that a try and see what's up.


File: df9679758356372⋯.png (92.57 KB, 521x778, 521:778, 4545.png)


been at drawing for fuckin two years now, still can't do shit

for drawing or writing, maybe an get a teacher. bumbling around, not knowing what to do, isn't fun, and it isn't something that will keep you at it. At least with a teacher you have someone that can tell you what to do.

as for working out, generally that just takes 30 days to get into the a habit like that. You won't feel right unless you do it.



begin simply, expand assets

ie, draw an eye separate from the face, then work up from just the eye to the skull shape and the eye in the socket, then the musculature, then the flesh and hair

in this instance it would be good to never expand beyond the one side of the hypothetical face, just concentrate on the eye and its surrounding features



Try doing draw a box mate, and give yourself a routine schedule.



File: 15c5539879512cf⋯.png (25.49 KB, 610x599, 610:599, 454545454.png)

File: 91cc2158b35b9b4⋯.png (149.99 KB, 1350x747, 150:83, 4564564.png)



upload to mega pls




used to have 3mbs of upload, now less then 200kb of upload

would take days to upload now, sorry mag



then stop scratching paper like a retard and instead trace shapes without an overlay until you can replicate those strokes in other shit


File: a8954cf1254ce6c⋯.png (124.4 KB, 814x868, 407:434, 454545.png)


I didn't draw in layers for that one, just kind of rough sketch it out to prove I am shit at drawing


You don't get energy to do things, you get energy from doing things. Hype whatever it is in your mind, think of all the good things about it, and create positive associations - refuse to have negative thoughts about whatever it is. Start doing it, and force yourself until it becomes interesting again and then eventually a habit. Don't overdo shit if you really aren't feeling it.


File: 74984000e869d54⋯.jpg (104.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 74984000e869d548ed24287aa2….jpg)


oh its you

maybe try going slower

theres also the possibility that youre trying to not take it so seriously that might be making your shit all goofy, but thats a different thing altogether


File: d453e05b78424a2⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 600x600, 1:1, d453e05b78424a29870bbd014e….jpg)


I struggle with the same thing. Do you know if you have ADD? I have it, but I've never gotten treatment in the form of medication, and I've just had to deal with my shifting hobbies and make as much use of my limited time as I can. Maybe if you got proper treatment, it would help with this. I believe this is fundamentally a problem with long term attention span deficiency.


File: 27fddb51d06d2e5⋯.gif (172.71 KB, 323x244, 323:244, 1430978792230-2.gif)


I don't know how to do draw, that is why it is goofy



supposedly though, at least one would think, you do know how to draw

just not how to put it onto stuff

or maybe im just being autistic about it because i want to see you succeed, son


File: 6f3bd90daa85af1⋯.gif (826.27 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 1421814647110.gif)


that is rather nice of an anon, but I wouldn't waste want on me

I'll get there, even if it takes decades, it is all I have



What things are you doing when you aren't doing the things you ought to be doing? Vidya? Anime? Fapping? Shitposting here or binge watching YouTube videos?



you're always gonna lose your motivation at some point. the trick is to keep doing it even though the motivation has run out



The nature of our civilization, and our modern medicine and science has led to a situation in which hundreds of millions of people who, two centuries ago, would not have survived infancy or childhood, now live a full lifespan. In that sense, many people now alive are superfluous human beings. Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps you're one of them?

Maybe you were never destined to do anything great, or lasting, or even slightly above average. Maybe a desultory attempt at a weightlifting routine and a few amateurish sketches that weren't worth marring the paper they were drawn on is the best you can accomplish.

In order for there to be geniuses, for that to mean anything, there must be mouthbreathing retards. And there must be many more people in the middle whose lives consist of shopping at Walmart, and working an office job, and going home and watching TV or fucking around on social media for 6 hours until they drag themselves to bed, only to get up the next day and do it all again. For 60 years, until they qualify for Social Security or die unmemorably of some illness, this is their adult life.

Now, I'm not one of those geniuses or high achievers, or even just an above-average impressive person, and I can't claim to know what motivates them. I do know this, however: they don't ever, ever need to come to a place like this and ask how to stick to things or keep up their interest or passion. They just do.

It's okay, OP. Just let go.



File: b1c25b8c578274d⋯.jpg (19.06 KB, 225x350, 9:14, Ghetto.jpg)


you must start first

set high dreams many big

when try many hard you meet smaller than big but at first dream you make

it may be low but still great

you dream so high you get somewhere

so good



>lots of people and modernity mean you can't be motivated as you weren't born as one with the genes that allow for it, and you survived early life due to technological advancement


File: 23da5dd07260382⋯.gif (1.46 MB, 446x469, 446:469, 1a9.gif)


File: 2b9fae8d83208ad⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 545x480, 109:96, tree advice.jpg)


Just procrastinate tomorrow.



Practise sticking at things.

Form a habit, force it for the first few weeks, and then make it a priority to stick to it no matter what.

It doesn't have to be important, but you have to prioritise it so that nothing stops it from happening or interrupts it.

Do something that takes 5 minutes a day, then you will have less excuses.When you have done it with something small, then you can build up from there to larger habits.

Keeping it simple and regular is important, for example, do 1 type of exercise, instead of 8. Stick with that 1 and after 2 months or so, add another gradually.

Forming habits and discipline takes practice. Don't make a big deal about it if you slip up, don't be negative about it. Just start again immediately afterwards and stick with it again.



I would get tested but these assholes will probably just put me on pills or some shit, I refuse to put myself through that.



Youtube videos, browsing 8ch, playing video games. But ever since I've become a neet(a year of neetdom now) I mostly just take care of my nephew all the time. When I was working I'd just get home and wouldn't want to do anything but watch youtube/movies or play video games.


File: dbcb810f2a25cf9⋯.jpg (3.17 MB, 4160x2080, 2:1, 20190207_152728.jpg)


Yeah I've thought of that many times and I'm certain I'm one of those people. But since I'm here I thought I might as well waste my time on some hobbies until I die. I don't mean to brag but I think I'm pretty good at drawing, figured if I actually take it seriously I could write a comic or graphic novel someday. Leave something behind at least, better than nothing.



I don't know anything about what "makes good art", but I think that drawing is pretty good, anon.


File: a1dcc08337216f7⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 539x538, 539:538, 19d8345.jpg)


Well thank you, but as for me I think I still got a lot to work on if I want to go pro. Hands, lips and action poses always come out shitty for me.



Not bad.

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