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File: 64466da30bbe3ac⋯.jpg (199.08 KB, 1202x800, 601:400, umaru209.jpg)


Men and women are not equal. They are unequal because they are different. They are different because they are complementary. Women and men have evolved to complete each other in everything, from the shape of their genitals to the personality of their minds. For brevity, TCOS considers faggots, dykes and genderbenders to be freaks of nature and as such this post does not address them.

The Church of Symbioticism believes that not only are the two genders complementary, but also that they are symbiotic. Societies which devalue the symbiotic relationship between men and women are doomed to collapse sooner than later. Healthy societies will prevent competition between men and women by way of strict gender roles. Healthy societies will enforce symbiotic behavior between men and women: men are to protect women physically (accidents, natural disasters, war, etc) and women are to protect men psychologically (demotivation, depression, suicide, etc).

TCOS is saddened by the current state of western societies, in which feminism and "women's liberation" has upset the symbiotic relationship between men and women. TCOS is saddened by the destructive Jewish influence in western societies which fosters distrust between men and women. TCOS condemns feminism, misogyny, misandry, anime, jews, the normalization of gender-related mental illnesses, and anything else that is misaligned with the utopian goals of Symbioticism.



Does the COS recognize the symbiotic relationship between humankind and the mushroom hivemind that caused us to evolve to become intelligent (t. Stoned ape)?


File: 40b2ef196b48397⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 384x708, 32:59, umaru191.jpg)


Not if the individual mushroom gets killed.


The secret is, the complementary symbiote to men is and has to be basically useless, and can only serve three functions: pretty to look at for, sex and procreation, basic alliance and basic job.

In society, women are deadweight driving, working, voting. They should be relegated to homemaking crafts or industrial homemaking trades such as education, cooking, textiles, which are important.

They're only necessary until we have a genetically engineered vagina/womb creature that's set into a wall that will randomly birth women that we could pass around as fuck holes because our robo-wives will fulfill our requests with accuracy and exactitude, qualities that women are designed to lack.




no. at least not past middle school.



I see that. Agreed.




But then where the impregnable eggs come from? You think about that? No you not think about that.




man is complete by himself. women, however require men to exist. its parasitism not symbiosis



They're the simplest cell a human can produce. It's just a ball of fat with half a DNA strand in the middle. Securing an artificial egg supply won't be a problem.


>"No you not think about that."

>T. You



Something's not right. Mother Nature is known for efficiency. If women were just about producing those simple cells the woman itself would be shaped like a big egg with a snail foot to crawl around when necessary. Meanwhile the male would be shaped like, say, a facehugger from Aliens. Something's not right about your troll logic.



no man is complete without a woman. that's why incels are going crazy. and manless women are going crazy too



>Women and men have evolved to complete each other in everything

that isn't how nature works



>no man is complete without a woman.

nigger, I have been "without women" for all of my life.

I am fine, the only thing I worry about is money. Woman are a want, not a need like air, water, or food


File: f6fdaf659405a8d⋯.jpg (65.44 KB, 650x975, 2:3, umaru96.jpg)


>that isn't how nature works

ok so how does it work then


File: aff163339f49ecd⋯.jpg (50.38 KB, 346x461, 346:461, umaru220.jpg)


That's just internalized misogyny speaking. Or internalized faggotry at least.



I agree.


The differentiation between male and female is an alien design. "Nature" has been taken over and given a narrative by other beings. Chemical and physical processes are "natural," however our nature environment, and all flora and fauna, was engineered.



Nature works on maximize benefit for the least amount of work. When this system is applied to relationships it generally ends with two organisms trying to fuck each other over, or one organism trying to fuck the other over or control it and the other orgasm trying to stop or resist it. Very rare to find a true symbiotic in nature.



No, he's right. Thats why you resorted to ad hominem attack.


File: a5e965c5f788a65⋯.webm (3.62 MB, 426x320, 213:160, 1431811161299.webm)


yea, not wanting to deal with this, makes me a faggot

god damn you cucks need to get some more lines


File: ee7f68a3bdf33fb⋯.jpg (138.78 KB, 534x800, 267:400, umaru141.jpg)


You're supposed to man up to the symbiotic challenge, "man".


File: b4fdbcd4bd6b50a⋯.jpg (112.37 KB, 740x416, 185:104, umaru176.jpg)


It wasn't an ad homonem. I was just commenting where all the good men have gone.



>You're supposed

the only thing I am supposed to do is not murder, rape, or steal and I only don't do that because I don't have super powers that would allow me to get away with it.



Then use those goddamn words and stop fucking around.


The world is a lot more subjective than you think



Aren't you going to be late to your Gloryhole, the men will line up on your hole over there.



All of those can be done, disregarding the realm consequences, there are no soul consequences. Theres no god, no hell. Agents of government are allowed to kill, and its highly encouraged in wartime, or else.

Rape. Nothing that an out of court settlement can't handle, should anyone have the resources.

Stealing is easier to get away with, and its a good skill to have. Practice. It can save you money.



don't want to do them that much

just saying if it was easy to get away with, I would do it



Stop replying to this umaretard poster. They're clearly one of those cucks who obsess over Koreans. When you have the choice of all the races to obsess over, I'll never understand why you'd choose those plastic-surgery fiends.



This umaretard poster should be banned and driven out of b…it's much worse than Lain.


The world does not fit evenly into any belief system, you are just trying to play God with these silly games. You are not the Übermensch, your system doesn't hold up.



This is science. Lets be rational. There is no god. Theres plenty of arbitrary belief systems that are sustained, provided that theyre somewhat compatible with our biology and genetics. The division between men and women, as contributors to active civilization, emerges to a classical standpoint when those societies are of a First World economic health.



It's not science, it's sexual dogma.


File: 28067ee14d4bfe2⋯.gif (5.14 MB, 800x600, 4:3, fggfhfrytse5ryj3hrw4.gif)

Maybe they can fix the nigger problem, or at least make sure every little boy is born with a 12 inch dick to shove in umaru' face.



No, its science. That the science illuminates data that shows an actual difference between the IQ and professional proclivities that also happens to be a demarcation between the sexes, is indisputable.



>I don't understand biology, the post

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