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File: 3edbe62c403b72d⋯.jpg (173.81 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, college-2.jpg)


This is a warning to any zoomers still in highschool here. Dont go to college.

If you are a straight A student that studies all the time and you know for sure you want to be a doctor, or a nurse, or an engineer ect. then college is a good idea for you and you should go, but if youre just graduating and are planning to go to college just because its "the next step" and you dont have any idea what to major in other than general studies or mass com, then just dont go.

Go work a McJob for a while until you know for sure what you want to do bc its literally smarter to go make minimum wage making big macs rather than going into inescapable debt just to get a meme degree. Im saying this as someone in his late 20s and EVERYONE I know that graduated in something that wasnt STEM related regretted their choice and went back to school for something in that field.

You should also just consider going to your local tech school for something relevant in your area or HVAC ect. because the overall cost is really cheap and its a more assured employment opportunity rather than getting an english major when you have no plans to teach.

Seriously, despite what your boomer parents or teachers say about how "an education is worth the price!" they are bullshitting you. This may be true if we lived in ancient athens and you just went sit in a public place and listen to some philosopher ramble on, but you are going to go into at least 30k in student loan debt that is inescapable. College is for getting a job and getting a job solely. If you arent there to get a degree in a highly technical field to show off your knowledge and networking with other ambitious intelligent people, then you are wasting your time and money



>EVERYONE I know that graduated in something that wasnt STEM related regretted their choice

well duh, anything that isn't STEM/medical/law is worthless shit. when people say 'go to college' that's what they mean


worthless shit that will make ~$65k tops, probably less. plus it'll destroy your knees, back, joints, etc. it's hard on the body. only stupid idiotic faggots do trades. either get rich by buying crypto in 2010 or winning the lottery or being born into money, or get a good degree like the ones I mentioned. or live off autism bucks, supplementing your bennies with online transcription work to buy new onaholes and oppai mousepads


College is only worth it if you are certain you can do pure math or physics. Everything else is worthless.



med and law aren't worthless bruh


Fuck. I want to work as a NASAfag or sone other aerospace engineer. What is a lower cost guarantee for there?



No but they aren't a guarantee for easy jobs either. Law requires ample amounts of (((networking))) as well.



>either get rich by buying crypto in 2010 or winning the lottery or being born into money, or get a good degree like the ones I mentioned. or live off autism bucks, supplementing your bennies with online transcription work to buy new onaholes and oppai mousepads

what if we killed rich people and stole their money?

we could start with Rothschild family.


Only a STEM degree is of any value, and even then if you're stupid, college won't fix you.



Chem and Bio aren't.


Been saying this for years, listening to bitching from older family members about how you need any college degree because they went in a time when it actually meant jack shit and have been in their cushy bullshit do nothing jobs for decades. Their health is quickly declining from doing non-work, and this is hitting the lazy boomers hard now so we don't have to hear it much longer.

Get a job where you have to do actual physical work, its honest, healthier, and you'll feel more accomplished and live longer than some fat cunt who polishes a chair with their ass and pushes papers all day.


File: b71e9ff63519344⋯.jpg (140.63 KB, 1484x989, 1484:989, nasa mohawk fag.jpg)


> I want to work as a NASAfag

You're in luck, they hire faggots.



Vocational/trade school. Learn to do shit!



I feel like sitting in a bad posture at a computer desk for 20 years will fuck you up worse than working a trade. Perhaps you should reconsider based on job availability and ease of access to the common man.



This. My mum worked a desk job her whole life. Blew up like a balloon in the 80s, chronic pain by the 90s, bad knees in the 2000s, and dead at 61 four years ago.

Your body isn't wired to sit still all day.



Its pretty clear that you are a child who doesnt know what hes talking about since you think law is some free ticket to money and bc you think 60K isnt a livable income.


File: 3ac4979aba33827⋯.jpg (104.92 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, hmmpster.jpg)


so like most things in life, it's good if you do it properly and not good if you do it improperly


Sell crack or suck cocks



Not every trade is carpenter tier back breaking work you fucking retard, and, unless you live in an area with a retarded cost of living, 65k is also more than enough to live comfortably even with a family to take care of.

You don't know what you're talking about in regards to those areas at all, which makes me think you're talking out of your ass about the other shit.


File: 54cbe90e5d8f98c⋯.png (260.19 KB, 1056x804, 88:67, 1551157252088.png)


Oh fuck, same guy here. I post here, these niggers will legit not hire me because they'll probably know that I hate putting objects and apes in STEM.


>tfw too stupid to go into STEM

I'm going into the machining trade, is that worth it?


I plan on being neet instead of going to college


I'm going to college and taking out every single loan I can and you know what I'm going to do when I'm out of college?

move to another country and not pay my debt


File: 1660b64e70417d1⋯.png (208.98 KB, 517x455, 517:455, nitro_dubs.png)


this man has the right idea



>drop out freshman year

>drift around for a year


>reapply for college and get student loans

>spend the loans on random bullshit

>stop attending classes a little while into it

>homeless so they have no idea how to contact me to pay my debt

>currently living somewhere without having my real-name registered so still no way to get me to pay my debt

Only thing I regret is spending the money on random shit instead of long-term things. Fuck college.


Sent this thread to my zoomer thread who was thinking of falling for the college meme.



hahaha I make about 3k-5k a year. Making 65k a year would be more than I've made in a lifetime.


What about studying abroard? France (yes, I know) has really cheap costs for example.



>them quads

Me personally I'm just going to be a hobo for life. Why work so hard when you can just live off of public infrastructure? The only purpose of my life is to shitpost, as long as I have an internet connection and a keyboard and a device to shitpost from, I'm good.



No because zoomers and even millennial and my generation were brought up on this meme that you HAD to go to college. Your choices after highschool were go to college and get any degree and succeed, or dont and be a poor loser who starves to death. Just having any degree is worthless, if you want to work in a certain field that requires one and if that job market is open, and if you have the temperament and the intelligence for it, then college is a great idea. But this boomer lie that everyone needs to go there is fucking stupid and its driving millions of people into inescapable debt that is forming a bubble thats going to pop sooner or later (spoiler alert: bernie isnt going to wave a magic wand and make it all go away)


Sure. Dont know much, but my friend dropped out of college sophomore year, got a job as a machines, and now hes one of the higher ups at a smaller company (this is over the course of like 5 years iirc) just do some homework and ask around how the job market is for a certain career path.

My point is that this idea that you NEED to go to college as the next step after highschool is not only stupid, but dangerous idea and it will be you being the one stuck with the bill you will NEVER be able to pay if you decide to go to college with no real solid plan.





If you're serious then send him this also.




Nice truth bombs, op. Learn a trade and get a cert while in highschool or right after, and only go to uni if you have a specific career in mind that requires a degree.



>meme that you HAD to go to college

There was some truth to it before. Used to be that jobs would test candidate's intelligence to determine if they should hire you, but the government decided that was illegal because a certain group that commits a lot of crime was not getting the required scores to get jobs. The government then implemented their own test so that way it wouldn't be racist in other words, honest. Their test would bump certain basketball players up higher than they actually scored, so once employers hired them they got screwed as the employee could not do the work. Thus, employers once again looked for another test, this time settling on a college degree.

Of course over the decades the college degree has been devalued as colleges seek to increase their revenue by increasing the amount of students they have. Along with turning political to the point where a afro thug can get a degree in rocket science while being dead. We are at the point that a college degree is near worthless.


File: 7d98c1c8ac6c195⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 415x498, 5:6, 716DCC69-CB37-40CC-9B37-01….gif)

um no go to college it’s fun and stuff just get good marks and also get a job for experience and extra money while you’re there it’s not even that hard OP is just dumb and can’t handle it ignore him ok


File: 421a39559d8b5d1⋯.jpeg (90.01 KB, 431x767, 431:767, 384475C5-2D66-456F-AA12-5….jpeg)


If you do this you have to be serious about it. The federal government will remove your ability to get a passport if you defult on your loans so plan ahead an know where you’re going. Also keep in mind the fed has positive relationships with some countries and said countries will not grant you citizenship if you owe money back in America. SO IF YOUR SERIOUS PLAN AHEAD

alternatively we could get rid of bush’s bullshit bankruptcy laws and every neet could file and be fine in seven years when it falls of your records. Compounding interest is horse shit that creates wealth from nothing. So I totally support not paying your loans just realize its a commitment. The fed has a 98% collection rate. Higher then anyone else in the world. Also if you do, do this make it public. So normies boomers and zoomers can get redpilled on the scam and it can change.



>but the government decided that was illegal because a certain group that commits a lot of crime was not getting the required scores to get jobs.

this is what caused the housing bubble in 2008 btw. Certain people with horrible credit werent getting loans to buy houses and to boost the number of home ownership among these demographics, the government forced banks to give out subprime mortgages.





Government is great at creating catastrophe.



Glad you went a productive route, I did the same. I don't despise the boomers, though. Most in my circle of influence busted their asses, maintain high moral standards, know how to save money. Yeah, they look lazy NOW… they're in their fucking 70s.

Never know, you guise may know some douchebag boomers. Not been my experience.

Generations of free men working challenging, blue collar jobs. I actually completed college, didn't enjoy office work, and went back into control work (my dad was an electrician, so I took what I learned from him a step further). Can be a nice career if you excel. Like someone said earlier, only a fool would do manual labor for 30-40 years. That's probably 15% of the labor market and most of those people are Mexicans now. You can easily pull 100K. I know top guys making 250K. (Superintendent for a big construction company). Constant travel, long hours, but 250K is 250K.

I hope I live long enough to get fat and lazy and retire. Old warriors deserve a modicum of respect and comfort, imo. Obviously, I'll work on my fitness… don't want to be unhealthy. See how many hobbies I can rack up. Monetize one of them, maybe. I hear you can destroy in the custom cabinet or tile business. If you're a perfectionist and know how to market yourself.



I already have my passport and it won't expire before I finish schooling, and the typical 6 month grace period after completing college before you're required to start paying would be the ideal time to move.

I don't plan on ever returning to the US so any penalties here are irrelevant. I've read up on it, but the country I'm planning to move to, unironically japan, doesn't seem to care about foreign outstanding debts. Debt collectors in the US would have to sue me within the other country, so I strongly doubt it would be anything they would actually do as the cost to profit ratio wouldn't make it worth it at all.

I haven't been able to find anything on gaining citizenship though, only about people who have lived there for 3-7 years. The path to citizenship there is fairly long (approx. 5-10 years depending on if you marry). If you happen to know anything about that or somewhere to point me that would be nice.



In the US alone, if all of the billionaires were taxed 100% of what they make they'd last a few years at most. It's not a longterm solution.




instead of college, i'm going neet


Learn to Code

Hey it worked for HuffPo, what could possibly go wrong?


the only reason to go to college is if you can go completely for free. student loan debt is the jew's favorite form of income.



I don't see how learning to code could possibly be detrimental



Actually, both pure math and pure physics are practically worthless. A) there is little uncharted in this territory, only the truly gifted achieve anything. B) the only work in the field for the non-uber sooper genius is academia. Not only a loser job, but in current year downright evil.

Engineering, either Electrical or Mechanical are really the degrees that matter today. Even Software has become mired in metric tons of Poo.



it's only detrimental if you're a journalist who is incapable of doing work that is productive instead of destructive.



>but they aren't a guarantee for easy jobs either

Nurses is a guaranteed job, there is just that much of a demand that you'll immediately be put on track for it. You'll only be removed from it if you do something stupid or it's obvious you can't handle being worked to the bone.



dumbass weeb



I can't, just don't expect too much unless you're really willing to buckle down and learn. The field is flooded with ineptitude.


< the joke—————–→



< your head



My POC prof sidetracked the entire IT classroom on Tuesday to bitch and moan about muh Drumpf, and to try to convince everyone there to become good little commies.



references are not jokes



actually, in you're case, they are.



Harlan Ellison?


File: 21f1d2126b496fa⋯.png (193.81 KB, 475x477, 475:477, unknown-28.png)


I've actually been interested in moving there since I was a little kid. I was always into history and culture and would read tons and tons of books that I'd rent from the library. Before I became more interested in Japan, Mongolia was my main interest. Was a good little Christian boy back then and told my parents I wanted to become a missionary to Mongolia.

Eventually got more invested in reading about Japan until living there was my dream. Wasn't till several years later that I even discovered the more otaku/weeb side. Dream died with the childhood but now that I'm throwing aside the suicidal doomer, I'm picking back up those childhood dreams.


File: c66d08ceccc5e47⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 448x313, 448:313, rabbit47.jpg)

>mfw OP is 20% right

>mfw anon in this thread is 10% right

>mfw I know the rest 70% of the truth

>mfw I will not tell them what I know



i'm working on a bachelor's in STEM and plan to move there within a couple of years of graduating. you learning Nipponese anon?



government = merchant

catastrophe = africanization

These are the only two problems.



Money is a scam, everything connected with it is a scam. It's called usury and the bible warned you about it over 2000 years ago.



yeah man, fuck money! having an efficient medium of exchange is a sin!


ye i went to college op and dropped out after the first year luckily enough i am in a civilised country that does not charge money for college education, apparently not civilised enough to land job without a degree so i am stuck being unemployed now, fuck you



>Go work a McJob for a while until you know for sure what you want to do bc its literally smarter to go make minimum wage making big macs rather than going into inescapable debt just to get a meme degree

I'm not in college for a meme degree (computers), but I can tell you this is bullshit. I worked a "McJob" for two years after graduating and it fucking broke me. I got to work with a bunch of old fucks who never had any dreams and a bunch of dipshit high schoolers who would regular skip out on shifts which would cause the extra work to be shifted onto me. I'm only finishing up the second quarter of a bachelor's program, but in these 6 months I'm much happier now than I ever was in two years working that wagecuck bullshit.

What you say at the end is true though. Get a degree in a tech field and befriend ambitious people. But the idea that people shouldn't go to college is just plain stupid. The problem is that people are going to school for the wrong reasons. Instead of women's studies or literature, people should be going to school for computers or economics. Because if they do go for the right degree, they'll be far better off than they ever would be if they got a "McJob" and spent their whole life trying to climb the corporate ladder.


>Only stupid idiotic faggots do trades

Like it or not, but not everyone is a genius who can get an engineering job. For those people, trades is the best option. So fuck you



>there is little uncharted in this territory (maths)

Are you fucking stupid or just blind? Maths is the one subject that can never be exhausted. Literally never. And I use "literal" literally. The possibilities are literally endless. All you need is taste, and a modicum of rigour, and some internal spark, and you're good to go.

>only jobs for non-uber sooper genius are in academia

That explains it. You're just ignorant. First, acadamia is where all the interesting maths jobs are, as pure researchers. Second, all the maths jobs outside of academia are either intellectual assembly-lines where you apply the most boring solution to trivial problems, or are mimicking academic research, with the caveat that you're told what to discover, what directions to go in, etc. This is Kaczynski's Law. Outside of acadamia

You Have No Control

Third, you don't have to be a uber sooper genius to have a decent academic research position, being a normal genius suffices. But, fourth, and most important, you'd be right not to go to college to study maths, 'cause you can do it for free with the right books; there are even online forums dedicated to discussing mathematics, so you don't even need the "connections" colleges offer. In the case of maths, they are literally the scam of scams. everyone says "go STEM", but really it should be STE, because all of Science, most Technology, most Engineering, but no Maths whatsoever, require big expensive equipment, which unis can afford, but you can't.



Haven't started yet, plan to soon though.




Also the future generations should look into trade school. Much cheaper and they teach you the skills you need to know, nothing more nothing less.



Whoring your butthole out doesnt count



Most peopl dont even go to college to actually learn anyways, they go for the degree to put on their resume.

And when everybody has a degree, no one does.



Theres a video…jamie pull that up

Tucker carlson was talking to a guy who yold his teacher there were two genders.

Tucker asked why he even goes to college


Tucker says we need to stop it cuz college is a bubble and a scam



Jokes on you, college is free on mexico



If college is free in Mexico, then why do I always see you guys outside of Home Depot willing to work for 5 dollars/hr?



Comp Sci degree will absolutely get you a job, dont listen to /g/

Pure math/physics is only useful if you get a masters- which you should only go for if your job is paying for it; so thats a chicken or the egg problem.

A degree in physics works the same as either ME or EE for employeers; they dont give a shit. Civil is for retarded faggots



Because only things that are worthless are free. See americas k-12 education



Heres another little truth bomb for all the "why cant we have free college like [insert country]" fags

The reason is Colleges in America are giant McDonalds Playplaces and need to earn more money and do so by advertising certain extras. Colleges have their own sports stadiums, gyms, pools, dorms, restaurants and cafeterias, basketball, football, ect. teams which is why tuition is so fucking high.

If colleges were simply buildings with classrooms with desks and thats it, then this would work, but the fact that they are their own little SJW cities is something else.


Again, Im not saying no one go to college, Im saying be smart about it and plan it out and be realistic with your abilites. I actually think the conservative idea that NO ONE should go to college is fucking retarded because the fact is the future leaders of America will all come from that academic backround, and if you just roll over and die, then dont complain when you start seeing hatespeech laws and getting arrested because you said something was gay on the internet the moment millennials and zoomers start coming of age and gaining positions of power in government, tech, and media.


Just ban humanities departments and everything will balance back out


What college is supposed to be

A long time ago, when everyone was doing menial tasks for a living, someone had a brilliant idea. They took the 5% that were smarter than everyone else and told them they didn't had to work, as long as they did things like engineering, economy, medicine, etc because those things require actually smart people to do them.

The result is that everyone else lived longer and had better lives thanks to those 5% not doing menial tasks, but since they are such a minority and demand for them kept growing, the wages they get rose higher.

Then someone else had another brilliant idea: These guys are good at doing their jobs, but what if we built a place where they could hone their skills and start their profession already knowing a lot of things? Maybe even turn that place into something where they can research their jobs?

That's what college is supposed to be. A place where we put the best and brightest in society so they improve and start their jobs knowing what previous generations discovered, letting them benefit society as a whole.

What college turned into

These jobs tend to be paid really fucking well for a simple reason: supply and demand. When you have something that only a small amount of people can do, you're gonna pay them a lot to make sure they work for you and that they actually put in the work to get to that position. It's simply a more valuable worker than a janitor because almost anyone can be a janitor.

However, some morons that can't understand the difference between correlation and causality saw "get diplomma -> get loads of money" and thus they figured the whole thing was an investment, no different than buying stocks or property to sell later. Your parents don't tell you to go to college because learning is good, they tell you that because they "know" that getting a degree means getting a job that pays a lot more.

There's a catch, though. Not everyone can finish an actual degree. Wouldn't you know it, you actually need the mental faculties to complete one and that's something that only a few people have, like everyone always knew.

That is not a problem for American Universities however. All they want is the biggest amount of students possible and if STEM is too hard for you, don't worry! We have African Rythm or Women Studies or some other bullshit that anyone can finish. It's useless in the market but that's none of their problem.

You see, just like the average joe figured out that degrees are somehow an investment to get a good job, universities figured out that degrees are products to sell. All the bullshit degrees you see that serve no purpose in the marketplace, those are just "broad appeal" products to sell more than usual, like Ferrari suddendly making a shitty car to get all the customers that can't buy their more expensive models.

And yet everyone goes along because they still think that any degree whatsoever means getting an highly paid job, completely forgetting that you need something with value in the workplace market.

It's like stockpiling some basic resource until it's more valuable to get profit out of selling it. Except, instead of stockpiling gold or silver, american students are stockpiling manure.


File: 8899f1b5b354e00⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, 8899f1b5b354e00e2a0598608d….jpg)


>mfw that furfag lost his potential job at nasa because he tried to act tough to someone on the nasa team who actually had to pull behind him

Anyways, fuck NASA.



>wherever i am

>i must shitpost

Are you an aussie cunt?




File: 7430926670b3f06⋯.png (604.22 KB, 1302x820, 651:410, C2DDFE96-F6DC-43E2-8C18-09….png)


I’m not really so sure about the computer bits. Computers have gotten so mainstream, globalized and casualized that every street shitter in India, and slanted eyed gook can easily do that 100k over paid comfy little gig in their own country for 2/3 of that salary, still have a great living, and probably do an overall much better job than all those diversity hires american companies love to do.

Like what fucking education are you talking about. Something anyone can learn on the computer and google all the answers for? Something that has no licensing? Computer workers are just glorified tradesmen. You work with the toys and tools just like anyother tradesmen.

The correct answer for the college problem is to not go into college for anything that is not licensed. The only reason doctors and lawyers make so much money and have such a good life is because of the license. Otherwise every company would treat them like tradesmen who get shit pay and get treated like shit because they can replace you with some guy off the street who cant do the job half as good as you but that can still get it done. The only tradesmen who arent fucked are the ones in unions because the union controls the supply and demand much like the license does for the doctor and the lawyer.

In fact, dont ever do any job where the supply isn’t regulated because you will be treated like you are replaceable because you are. Absolutely no security.



Why would you pay shekels to Jim for this post

What's your motive


college gay



this is so out of date / wrong in places



>43%of left support same sex marriage






Oh the other hand, while money can be stolen from you, your education cannot… to the same degree nya~





Dudes it was just the first non picture of me and my life on my phone i saw. It isn’t relevant to my post.



>posting political memes and not expecting criticism



>Got job somewhat thanks to cheap associates degree

>Would have gotten it with a certification I got as a teenager

>Some of my coworkers have masters degrees

>Others have 80+ credits but no degree

>All of us were told / bullied into college

Just have a plan to make $60k a year wihout having to follow your dreams or whatever college is going to do for you.


File: 09600341172f52a⋯.png (33.88 KB, 573x402, 191:134, logo[1].png)

>going to college for thousands of dollars per semester

>not going to School 42 for free instead

what's your excuse?


File: 6a10dba4323bb0e⋯.jpg (26.2 KB, 699x435, 233:145, 1547715562631.jpg)

>do this because my friends and I in our lives figured it out and I'm an oldfag just in case you didn't know, I'm here to help, on fullchan's /b/



>going to work

my dear slaves, I just had my last day at work last week

enjoy your slavery you eternal cucks



This. Twin Oaks in Virginia is supposed to be pretty nice. I plan on going to a place in Ecuador, the fuckers there work around 20 hours a week at most and all the food is grown on the spot they're at.


What if I have a lot of free time and want to go back to High School just to hang out around prime teen pussy? Should I actually enroll somehow or just go on the first day and try to get it in before I'm found out?



File: cbf6e3a4373c068⋯.png (59.5 KB, 442x768, 221:384, 1379783464195.png)


>stockpiling manure

That's called composting and it actually has an important role in agriculture.



Don’t listen to crackpot OP. If you want to have even the smallest of a chance you need to go to college for at least 2 years. Anything less and you’re screwed.


File: d14cc864ec7fcad⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 500x465, 100:93, 14712130498468416544.jpg)

btw, STEM fags are fucked as well. Why? Because a big part of the open borders ideals from democrats is to also allow in more H1 visas from asia, meaning a whole trove of robotic STEM chinks with no life or personality are going to start pouring into America and taking all of those jobs as well lol


You are going to be replaced by third worlders, no matter what you do, or you will be replaced by robots and you deserve it for being such idiots. Have fun voting for Bernie retards



i'm already droping out. you should of told me 2 years ago



see it positive anon

if you stayed for the rest, you would have wasted another 2 years


File: a9af8d73594d0c6⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 2000x1336, 250:167, Welder.med_.jpg)

File: cf6eb1fff73b98a⋯.jpg (286.55 KB, 770x390, 77:39, HVAC-Preventative-Maintena….jpg)

File: 49c32a00fb255e9⋯.jpg (889.71 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, nikki_sims_showing_plumber….jpg)


Trades is where it's at.



I dodnt realize whore was a trade but it makes sense now.


whats the most future proof career that doesnt require that you waste 10 yeara of your life in college and is stable (in that your income isnt based on luck or other parameters like creative media careers)





whore is one of the original trades


just learn to code, and don't even waste money going to a technical trade school either, what to speak of college

you can then live anywhere in the world and work online coding.

You can make 1000s of dollars a month coding online while living on a beach in Thailand and fucking hot asian women


File: 96737407d05a39d⋯.jpg (9.43 KB, 353x363, 353:363, cat.jpg)


> it's hard on the body. only stupid idiotic faggots do trades.

I dont plan to live for anyone other than myself no wife, no kids etc. Im just about done my last semester and im even going to an introductory metal trades course rn. Point is im realitively fit and I would rather kill myself then be forced to sit on my ass all day doing monotonous work, meanwhile i could be physically and mentally engaged in work, plus only losers go into debt my friend, live minimalist and just be rational. Trades are fine if theres a good demand and you can do the work and not a lazy bitch asshole like yourself


File: c890905e3bd7d6e⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1537161701419.jpg)


Im using those same gloves and mask right now until i can afford one that auto darkens, however I will say that general welding I fear to be a trade in which automation with succeed as it is a science rather than an art. However im going to edmonton to be a fucking boilermaker m8 so its a good ticket skill to have however not good for a sustainable vocation (unless you wanna make real shit salary)



none. Literally every job you can think of can and will be replaced with either a robot or third world slave. STEM fags who think they are safe are idiots and should enjoy it while they can because in a few years, both parties are going to open up America to globalization even more and the country will be flooded with chinese dudes who is a harder worker and better educated than you are and will work for much less.


File: 0d6ea96527d5b2a⋯.png (109.78 KB, 297x282, 99:94, internet_is_library_now.png)

>…and you know for sure you want to be a doctor, or a nurse, or an engineer ect.

agree. unless you need to get "hands on" instruction or have access to equipment that you can only access via university, it is a waster of time.



keep telling yourself that. it's a good excuse not to improve yourself in any way, isn't it?



Because most of the people that lives here don't care a shit about their education. They only want dollars and lazy jobs to mantain 5 kids. The 90% of the population is poor and the good free colleges are only in the capital, were you need to find a place to live first. Crazy fact: mean mexican citizen tinks scientists are crazy and dangerous people.

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