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File: cb142623161537d⋯.png (156.79 KB, 670x447, 670:447, uh.png)


I have 2 male cats, and they're bonafide faggots, they're constantly meowing and humping each other. These guys are horny/in the eat 24/7 and just meow all day. I've tried everything, I beat them, yell at them, seperate them but to no avail anyone have any tips?


File: 985c2499ddcb74e⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 512x402, 256:201, shrug 3.jpg)

can't be loud when you're dead



get them neutered


If you haven't had they're dicks cut off thats why





THIS you stupid fucking retard, its as easy as taking them to the vet and getting neutered. I have 4 cats and a doggo, all neutered- quiet as night


You do not have many options unfortunately. Either you get them neutered, or you let them hanging around outside,they will bang a few females then they will come back calmed down, but the day after they will go crazy again and one day they may get killed by a car…

( In my country if you want to get your cat neutered it's $150 minimum plus all the mandatory shit you must buy if you have a cat : fucking mandatory id electronic chip, fucking mandatory vaccines… So my cat kept his balls and he is an illegal who spends half his days banging all females around and spreading all crabs and STDs it may have. Take that, society ! )



Yeah, I was going to do that as I could care less about the repurcusions of them spreading their seed (I already have one cat that is an outside) and he's always quiet.



Still had faggot cats after that.


castrate them, find a female cat and fuck her infront of them to establish your dominance.



Please don't neuter or spay your animals. Please. Just don't. If you truly do love your pets, please don't make them genetic deadends. Even if you're the type that justifies this cruel act of sterilizing your beloved pets, then please at least give them a compromise. At least let them produce some offspring just once in their lifetimes. They at least deserve to be mothers or fathers once before you permanently cut them out of the genepool.

This is why I don't spay any of my lops. My two little angels.

You're lucky to have two male cats and no females, OP. The main people who neuter/spay are the owners who want to have both male and female cats living under the same house. I'll admit that's a powder keg to so many potential babies if left unchecked. Which is why if you want to own unneutered/unspayed pets like I do, it's smart to stick to just one gender only.

Such as your all-male cats or my all-female buns. Zero chance of an unexpected population growth of kittens in your house.



twist thieir necks






Nigger I once had ten pups and nobody wanted to take them, two of them died and one ran away to probably die as well. Fuck you hippie fuck.



shut up retard i swear its been the same hippy retard who posts this shit in these threads for years

cats aren't sentient they don't think or feel like a human, they don't give a fuck about being a parent or not. spade your fucking cats or else you get annoying horny cats

and your "furbabies" aren't substitutes for real children


File: 4b6b61d8ecb6deb⋯.png (366.75 KB, 533x391, 533:391, ClipboardImage.png)

Try kitten mittens.


Do what people ordinarily do on here, call them both faggots and hope for the best.



YES, I have tips. As soon as you wake up run around making loud noises or turn on heavy metal is better. Then stop and feed them after a while. They know you can't hear them when it is loud. After they eat, if they still make noise turn back on the heavy metal. Rinse and repeat. If they are whining to get outside and are indoor cats, they need more toys and exercise. The homosexuality is likely modeled behavior so don't browse in front of them. If you do this for a month, the cats will have great taste in music.


cook and eat them



>in the eat

Are you retarded?


File: a01bd62d7ca5815⋯.jpeg (24.32 KB, 480x360, 4:3, D9608418-5AC9-447A-AE7F-7….jpeg)

ew why do you own multiple cats





if you're poor enough, you can get spay/neuter vouchers that cut the price to even 20 bucks (at least where i live)


Easy answer. You kill them.



aggressive petting


File: 5b316ceba003b39⋯.png (1.12 MB, 894x894, 1:1, Bonzi_Really.png)


>posts edgy shit trying to fit in but outs himself as reddit with that spacing



This, just snap their fucking necks


If it'll be done without anesthetics and with switchblade then go right ahead



You need to have different gendered cats. Otherwise they both try to fill the same role. unless they feel like theyre brothers in the pack or some shit I guarantee you didnt do, they will always fight for power and shit.



my cat pissed at my face last night before sleeping, the only choice is to find some female cat owner and let your faggots cat stay to their house until the bitch cat get pregnant… after some sexual intercourse, your cats will be silent


File: 6d55b898b4787dc⋯.jpg (147.03 KB, 600x456, 25:19, cat btfo.jpg)


Why do people ask such fucking stupid questions?


File: 77b5b6f67e61be2⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 781x781, 1:1, 10485366_10153335200138224….jpg)


nothing i said was edgy, stop trying to devalue what i said by throwing out buzzwords instead of actually retorting

yes spacing so you can read what i have to say its totally leddit


File: 68aeb2fe1b33e67⋯.png (22.09 KB, 633x140, 633:140, dfrgdfghdfhdgfh.PNG)


actual reddit poster btw



Shut up, you're an gay NPC.


File: 5484179f123d3e7⋯.gif (1.11 MB, 600x800, 3:4, __eris_asobi_ni_iku_yo_dra….gif)



Source of image is Seismics old game btw.


Punch them in the butt hole. Works every time.

>not too hard, but not too soft either.


File: 51878e0abb2c134⋯.jpg (23.37 KB, 403x403, 1:1, DmbgMU6WwAIcngr.jpg)


Why hello Jeremy,



Fuck you, you hippie piece of shit.


Bake one while the other watches and feed the baked cat to your cat while you rape it



File: 9ae91cc3883c5fc⋯.jpg (58.51 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 10653704_10152773374153224….jpg)


if you actually read through his facebook you'd know he was completely insane and thinks he invented anonymous, and 100% would not know how to use 8chan


File: 6553792e8032929⋯.jpg (68.69 KB, 740x490, 74:49, umaru156.jpg)


>How to make cats quiet?

cat >/dev/null


boxes they could barely fit in. Cat love boxes.


File: 9f29841f08993e9⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 600x489, 200:163, Schrodingers_Cat.jpg)


Calmly, but firmly, tell them to behave…

or they get the box again



Might agree if there wasn't a massive population of feral cats. You're a retard.



>I have 2 male cats, and they're bonafide faggots, they're constantly meowing and humping each other. These guys are horny/in the eat 24/7 and just meow all day. I've tried everything, I beat them, yell at them, seperate them but to no avail anyone have any tips?

Give them lube, FFS! Ever try anal dry? You'd meow too!



You should see his Youtube…



Give them catnip. It’s fun to watch them rolling for fun.



>genetic deadend

>species is eternally secure

Fuck you,


The ONLY solution is to assert yourself as the Alpha cat… fuck them, fuck them both.




actually laughed out loud

upboat for you good sir



Nya'd and megucapilled


Try getting a female cat. Maybe their just prison gay.

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