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File: 2f96b1ed007de9f⋯.png (146.32 KB, 687x827, 687:827, kay.png)


anything going on with anyone body tonight?



I think I want to go back to bed… but should I land a dump beforehand?


File: 5afe071f546f457⋯.png (109.23 KB, 659x598, 659:598, kay1.png)



too late to provide input






fit tit




ack a tac




rick a tick



pick a dick


File: dbac37e8e6f9e75⋯.png (29.19 KB, 368x303, 368:303, kay2.png)


File: 84af24f71705509⋯.jpg (205.34 KB, 415x547, 415:547, 146e.jpg)


File: 2a44aebbc2342b5⋯.png (117.77 KB, 797x550, 797:550, kay3.PNG)


awful movie



oh yes


he knows


File: 0f5e2c5208ef931⋯.jpg (64.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 0f5e2c5208ef9317c8112f154f….jpg)

I wish, I even stopped fapping thinking I'd interact with a girl sooner or later



I came yesterday, anon, so it's not a problem.



No fapping works if you have contact with girls but I had none of that, I'll still be waiting though



Look at mating like me look it with animals and care about and work for something else.



We do*


I'm gonna go to bed at a 1,000 kcal deficit



i read about you burping and i wasn't disgusted, just a little bit proud


File: 0caafb8a90defdb⋯.png (35.86 KB, 259x477, 259:477, kay4.png)


I wish I could draw like that


File: 6c26a844139d899⋯.png (71.34 KB, 386x702, 193:351, kay8.png)




do it


apparently i didnt post till this






pinis pirkir


File: 91bce03b94be8fc⋯.png (70.02 KB, 484x598, 242:299, kay9.png)


i can't tho

not good enough



no not like that

draw it like >>8729927


File: 464fe6d65b31e25⋯.png (140.81 KB, 714x882, 17:21, kay10.png)


I can't tho



try again


File: d80dbdeb2d3718b⋯.png (214.15 KB, 777x838, 777:838, kay11.png)



dont draw that draw like that


File: 67dfee8e153fa72⋯.png (60.79 KB, 515x638, 515:638, kay12.png)


draw like what?


Are you dummy thicc?


File: 5baabddbaa84aca⋯.png (50.95 KB, 299x673, 299:673, kay as thiic.png)


yea, my IQ is around 70, now draw like what?


hello shill

I wish you luck in your chan the only thing I got me posting here was being banned for CP from 4chan





does the sound of your asscheecks clapping keep alerting the mods?


File: aebde0c9763ae2d⋯.png (70.94 KB, 437x681, 437:681, kay13.png)



>I wish I could draw like that

you're the one who said it, you tell me

that shill is getting real desperate


File: 0b99fb0afa87db8⋯.png (52.59 KB, 423x655, 423:655, kay14.png)


I can't draw like that becuse I like skill, and/don't have the genes for drawing

yea, don't know why anyone would shill here







I lack skill*

fuck me god damn it



How feet



Show feet pls


Kay is pretty whore isn't she



>dont have the genes for drawing

what a faggot attentionwhore response that is. and here of all places


File: d54dcb2073fe9fa⋯.png (57.51 KB, 520x570, 52:57, kay15.png)



I just want you to know that people can and are judging you

this is like asking chris-chan for feet porn


sure, I think anyway


look I have been drawing for like 2 years now

I didn't read any books, and I don't practice like I should

but 2 years is a long time to see no progress



I think kay is pretty hot and i kinda liked her feet


File: 4e71aac7bb0c802⋯.png (58.9 KB, 440x614, 220:307, kay16.png)


I think you're alright anon



Have you considered drawing with intent? Because it looks like you're trying to just doodle an idea across rather than drawing something and making it look right.

If you have a distinct curve, try capturing it with just one line, make your overlaps deliberate rather than scribbling over and over until you have an unreadable cloud, and use line weight.

Play around with curves coming toward and receding away into the background. Getting curves to smoothly go from one elliptical trajectory onto another is a lot harder than it seems, and line weight might help you see when it's right.



thanks for the advice

sorry for not getting back to you

homework and other shit


File: 2375706569325dc⋯.png (66.56 KB, 450x881, 450:881, kay17.png)




File: 8b22166890ba64f⋯.png (81.21 KB, 801x859, 801:859, kay18.png)


File: 05700f28313ed4c⋯.png (143.75 KB, 462x347, 462:347, 05700f28313ed4c03de12f812f….png)

I caved and fapped.

gonna try a few more days this time.


File: 54c4547d80dfba1⋯.png (138.45 KB, 814x879, 814:879, kay19.png)








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