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File: 5235b919e8c19e2⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 3300x2596, 75:59, 5da780d23adcda62623ac48715….jpg)

File: 81010dea0dd39c4⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 3476x3200, 869:800, 81010dea0dd39c4ecb44640341….jpg)

File: 06baf036e6b173a⋯.jpg (918.2 KB, 1600x1293, 1600:1293, f84ca1081433be0b4aa7137baa….jpg)

File: 10e4365a26e4ee2⋯.jpg (516.42 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, NnfGpWz.jpg)


Art thread


File: f4d2b335c159c88⋯.jpg (3.78 MB, 3654x4458, 609:743, f4d2b335c159c88d4aef77e3bf….jpg)

File: cb681ac26bad8e7⋯.jpg (3.75 MB, 3000x2128, 375:266, cb681ac26bad8e78ce3f90713a….jpg)

File: ec1b1188816862f⋯.jpg (3.72 MB, 2899x2019, 2899:2019, 9d51c3ea38de2c67ed395182f9….jpg)

File: 7fc99b5b39f5e99⋯.png (3.66 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, dce6c3cb40e2b0e833679e4b36….png)


File: 83a290385873d9e⋯.jpg (3.64 MB, 3000x2200, 15:11, 83a290385873d9eca6acf0732f….jpg)

File: 97f610284784056⋯.jpg (3.68 MB, 4952x3255, 4952:3255, 97f61028478405619e5a2aac5e….jpg)

File: 90a1afa989b3439⋯.jpg (3.52 MB, 3051x1513, 3051:1513, a350eda9b78f25f0bb7baf02cc….jpg)

File: b1c86a72e338c13⋯.png (3.47 MB, 2048x1236, 512:309, fc2e4e924a691df0dbe90fc003….png)


File: a240b1bac7d762f⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 4001x2692, 4001:2692, bd6af51ac55ebe8e73f99919a4….jpg)

File: 9c5379a09140f15⋯.jpg (916.88 KB, 1280x1623, 1280:1623, a37750d5954d97de75fd25dade….jpg)

File: a88f34f78447571⋯.jpg (282.91 KB, 2535x1833, 65:47, 1565-Pieter-Bruegel-the-El….jpg)

File: d8526908ab3235a⋯.jpg (3.4 MB, 3200x1942, 1600:971, d8526908ab3235a7bdde6f804e….jpg)


File: 27e3035368035d9⋯.jpg (201.91 KB, 1500x681, 500:227, 1495236776694.jpg)

File: 3a2a74771589f54⋯.jpg (493.72 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, 1495241515971.jpg)

File: 1ffe29369fd269b⋯.jpg (4.67 MB, 4000x2500, 8:5, 1495241559539.jpg)

File: 2fca1a3ff549bdb⋯.jpg (291.01 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1495269929191.jpg)


File: b255ca5be41dd62⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 4001x2387, 4001:2387, cb4175cbad0f21b9eb4d43db2b….jpg)

File: ea4112122bde313⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 3787x2080, 3787:2080, 9be9ec087ac4063af38849dd24….jpg)

File: 3755e1c38e04601⋯.jpg (369.32 KB, 942x1306, 471:653, 2bad11a244a998b0f5cb8c5ecf….jpg)

File: 1fd355cb6cdd419⋯.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2970x1968, 495:328, b9f8b84baa89feea6e366fe06….jpeg)


File: 8bcd68376c4499a⋯.jpg (325.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1496045098587.jpg)

File: 8862bea0a5f4598⋯.jpg (981.68 KB, 1920x1061, 1920:1061, 1496045310944.jpg)

File: 5fd82f5f99c9d86⋯.jpg (681.93 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1496045455383.jpg)

File: ac2ca1434bb0abf⋯.jpg (628 KB, 1920x963, 640:321, 1496045757195.jpg)


File: 4eeb46e79d79672⋯.jpg (529.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1496045913989.jpg)

File: f2225852de2efdd⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 1921x1080, 1921:1080, 1496046109334.jpg)

File: 0dae9ee7a4e105e⋯.jpg (599.48 KB, 3000x1663, 3000:1663, 1496944341917.jpg)

File: 3370e66b4f9137a⋯.jpg (729.53 KB, 2000x1250, 8:5, 1496951342002.jpg)


File: f1eb1783286f68d⋯.jpg (838.78 KB, 2048x1032, 256:129, a9a50cb052812aae7ab8b9984a….jpg)

File: 3b6c42aaebc3311⋯.jpg (408.04 KB, 2008x1300, 502:325, f7b3b2fa5e76cfd35682c3200d….jpg)

File: c8269bc714f4006⋯.jpg (544.61 KB, 1800x1188, 50:33, 8ab7c9bd5e65a805e41bdc8652….jpg)

File: 1fd355cb6cdd419⋯.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2970x1968, 495:328, b9f8b84baa89feea6e366fe06….jpeg)

thanks for bootin anon


File: 319bf5ed3bb4f74⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 707x1024, 707:1024, 4b1c16491c5b9d0e29488e90bd….jpg)

File: 8d51d0f0bedd1b9⋯.jpg (268.68 KB, 934x960, 467:480, 58bbfbc7eb355a5c406ecfb6c4….jpg)

File: 3449f0e90aaa2c4⋯.jpg (128.02 KB, 485x750, 97:150, 2012-10-21-06-48-24-Takato….jpg)

File: e585af368e578e2⋯.jpg (129.04 KB, 500x652, 125:163, 1143546365746856.jpg)


File: 609c63e15921cec⋯.jpg (133.23 KB, 500x701, 500:701, f92b5e31234dde4a201b9fbc4a….jpg)

File: 949d2725b1c4613⋯.jpg (379.83 KB, 695x1000, 139:200, PA_takato15.jpg)

File: 178b4860035e7a9⋯.jpg (318.09 KB, 1455x1000, 291:200, serenade.jpg)

File: 4e0c59b3b3ff364⋯.jpg (140.76 KB, 500x676, 125:169, Takato Yamamoto.jpg)


File: a386f2c98813b45⋯.jpg (983.79 KB, 1500x2110, 150:211, takato-yamamoto-01.jpg)

File: 5633f8fa9adf8b8⋯.jpg (226.21 KB, 900x660, 15:11, takatoyamamoto-Slider-4-90….jpg)

File: 4b99c6ae2fb4fca⋯.jpg (95.14 KB, 499x803, 499:803, tumblr_nipbw2VEvh1qhttpto4….jpg)

File: 533c7abec496c08⋯.jpg (336.22 KB, 600x862, 300:431, Watercolour_Skull_Painting….jpg)


File: 2a1b294a7d100ad⋯.jpg (9.05 MB, 5000x4130, 500:413, India 1821.jpg)

I think I'm out

heres a big map of India



Why are all the streets coloured brown?


File: 7364bb3fd5936ba⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 4535x3200, 907:640, 7364bb3fd5936ba2d158540384….jpg)

File: 026f3041f12cf90⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3000x2038, 1500:1019, 026f3041f12cf90e1b185041fa….jpg)

File: b2dde53fa1030e0⋯.jpg (573.84 KB, 1924x1077, 1924:1077, a4d80460363ada106dc6413d0b….jpg)

Found a couple more


because poo culture is beautiful





so has Japan always been a little fucked up or what


File: be518349e98e335⋯.jpg (551.88 KB, 1920x1227, 640:409, Sodom and Gomorrah 1852.jpg)


File: 8d902cabf340e5c⋯.jpg (362.25 KB, 1356x668, 339:167, JACKSON POLLOK - BLUE POLE….jpg)

File: 000001987109f2b⋯.jpg (26.92 KB, 738x719, 738:719, MARCEL DUCHAMP - FOUNTAIN.jpg)

File: 7f4d4ccf8fd5a34⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 738x415, 738:415, ANDRES SERRANO - PISS CHRI….jpg)

File: 752d34d9cb5da2f⋯.jpg (32.23 KB, 738x738, 1:1, JANA VANITAS - FLESH DRESS….jpg)


File: 4e4c67244584af1⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 2408x4000, 301:500, William-Adolphe_Bouguereau….jpg)


File: 13565adc4df9e0c⋯.jpg (1.65 MB, 3456x2693, 3456:2693, William-Adolphe_Bouguereau….jpg)


File: 86605ec0e80acd3⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1818x2424, 3:4, William-Adolphe_Bouguereau….jpg)


File: 38de7f2af134862⋯.png (91.31 KB, 596x450, 298:225, BRICE MARDEN - EVENT.png)

File: e95ca06b52192ce⋯.png (32.71 KB, 508x450, 254:225, GEORGE CONDO - ORGY COMPOS….png)

File: 9639bd197f9f93e⋯.png (48.47 KB, 597x450, 199:150, MARIA LARSSNIG - KRANKENHA….png)

File: 0b572ec09c19039⋯.png (158.69 KB, 721x450, 721:450, JULIE MEHRETU - DIPERSION.png)


File: 9342443cb55962a⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 2559x3508, 2559:3508, William-Adolphe_Bouguereau….jpg)


File: f49ceabdee91359⋯.jpg (505.23 KB, 1454x3221, 1454:3221, William-Adolphe_Bouguereau….jpg)


File: deda6ae4542a926⋯.jpg (156.16 KB, 564x836, 141:209, 00868f34f1dd058d749732234c….jpg)

File: 1abd9b5f84a80af⋯.jpg (308.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cthulu.jpg)

File: 1f76eb4343b8008⋯.jpg (271.84 KB, 731x926, 731:926, Geryon.jpg)


File: a37a1c056ecc40f⋯.jpg (161.82 KB, 1180x786, 590:393, haim steinbach - untitled.jpg)

File: f141ecb4f9d5a97⋯.jpg (258.57 KB, 990x670, 99:67, Jenny Holzer - Marqee #7.jpg)

File: c5715e817ccaf43⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 571x457, 571:457, Millie Brown.jpg)

File: 94a2dd0d42d2aad⋯.jpg (25.24 KB, 565x730, 113:146, Jeff Koons - New Hoover Co….jpg)


File: 8ccfbef811e6aaa⋯.jpg (148.52 KB, 975x1024, 975:1024, Andy Warhol - Brillo Box.jpg)

File: bc368715c621312⋯.jpg (153.27 KB, 800x1060, 40:53, v_1990_by_erickuns.jpg)

File: cf370750d210f07⋯.jpg (246.01 KB, 777x550, 777:550, Paul McCarthy, Train, Mech….jpg)

File: bcc28d239590f7f⋯.jpg (170.14 KB, 900x620, 45:31, Wassily Kandinksy’s - Stud….jpg)



File: 6275833dd644122⋯.jpg (40.76 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Tree by Paul McCarthy, 201….jpg)

File: a11bbf590f69d81⋯.jpg (18.5 KB, 550x373, 550:373, Paul McCarthy - Grand Pop.jpg)

File: ead3562e4c6868c⋯.jpg (122.83 KB, 800x625, 32:25, der_trommler.jpg)

File: 45fa8126b479369⋯.jpg (354.85 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, larger.jpg)


File: a4b31187942f957⋯.jpg (246.04 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 940711_ra132.jpg)

File: 485d38c8c2da61a⋯.jpg (113.06 KB, 1200x624, 25:13, 525253634.jpg)

File: a8681ca76daff7b⋯.jpg (89.31 KB, 610x801, 610:801, 8364082648062803.jpg)

File: af7e69e09b0c904⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 610x391, 610:391, Peinture-Le-Chien-by-Joan-….jpg)


File: 144599c391717aa⋯.mp4 (5.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 144599c391717aa068f617baa7….mp4)



It doesn't matter how many times I see it.

What the flying dog shit am I looking at?


File: 2e4b1a67f5b4489⋯.jpg (79.89 KB, 610x1339, 610:1339, christopher-wool-blue-fool….jpg)

File: 7bbde60e01966b0⋯.jpg (43.21 KB, 610x427, 10:7, cold-stream-610x427.jpg)

File: 0a7f5c33eb843a8⋯.jpg (21.4 KB, 610x407, 610:407, YokoOno-610x407.jpg)


File: 31812a3b2c4c239⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 610x413, 610:413, awayfromtheflock-610x413.jpg)

File: 4b810cc27e8d92b⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 610x458, 305:229, Paintinwhitebackgroundfort….jpg)

File: 9f06cb27b9e9ed5⋯.jpg (70.63 KB, 610x458, 305:229, no-5-pollock-610x458.jpg)

File: 62dd7e22324d528⋯.jpg (45.17 KB, 610x917, 610:917, felix-gonzalez-torres-1-61….jpg)


I don't understand what you mean


File: 04f2205b78535e8⋯.jpg (26 KB, 610x406, 305:203, Guillermo-Vargas-starving-….jpg)

File: 654bedfa441eaa1⋯.jpg (75.19 KB, 610x458, 305:229, Wegonnadanceinthetrash-610….jpg)

File: 040d79c6a127f25⋯.jpg (44.96 KB, 610x456, 305:228, Terence-Koh-610x456.jpg)

File: 2a6235012f8c717⋯.jpg (53.32 KB, 610x387, 610:387, everyone-i-have-ever-slept….jpg)


File: 1917474c301cb03⋯.jpg (45.16 KB, 610x405, 122:81, levitated-mass-610x405.jpg)

File: b580de74817b3aa⋯.jpg (52.34 KB, 610x683, 610:683, Rothko-610x683.jpg)

File: d3b44ec9ed23d3a⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 610x513, 610:513, onement-vi-1953-610x513.jpg)


Some people are so quick to dismiss modern art but even they can't deny how provocative and dangerous it is.


File: 399ef19057ddbd2⋯.jpg (3.37 MB, 3127x2100, 3127:2100, ch04_image04_large.jpg)

File: 792e69e5435c575⋯.jpg (194.36 KB, 950x634, 475:317, re8ntix.jpg)

File: 2a28545b7b20aa4⋯.jpg (41.85 KB, 605x236, 605:236, warhol-marilynset.jpg)


File: f5add601ac0a6a4⋯.jpeg (11.62 MB, 4362x6192, 727:1032, John_Everett_Millais_-_Au….jpeg)



>artist can't even get proportions and perspective right

>Someone posted this in an art thread


File: 3210dcdc3e09a44⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 443x600, 443:600, Sophie_Gray.jpg)


You were the one that just got done posting all of that modern art trash, aren't you?

>Autumn Leaves (1856) is a painting by John Everett Millais exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1856. It was described by the critic John Ruskin as "the first instance of a perfectly painted twilight." Millais' wife Effie wrote that he had intended to create a picture that was "full of beauty and without a subject".

>The picture depicts four girls in the twilight collecting and raking together fallen leaves in a garden. They are making a bonfire, but the fire itself is invisible, only smoke emerging from between the leaves. The two girls on the left, modelled on Millais' sisters-in-law Alice and Sophy Gray,[1] are portrayed in middle-class clothing of the era; the two on the right are in rougher, working class clothing.

>The painting has been seen as one of the earliest influences on the development of the aesthetic movement. [2]

>The painting has typically been interpreted as a representation of the transience of youth and beauty, a common theme in Millais' art. Malcolm Warner argues that Millais was influenced by the poetry of Tennyson, at whose house he had once helped to rake together autumn leaves. Warner suggests that lines from Tennyson's song "Tears, Idle Tears" in The Princess (1847) may have influenced him:

< Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean.

< Tears from the depth of some divine despair

< Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,

< In looking on the happy Autumn-fields,

< And thinking on the days that are no more.[3]

>The apple held by the youngest girl at the right may allude to the loss of childhood innocence implied by reference to original sin and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.[4]

>After a positive review from F.G. Stephens, Millais wrote to him that he had "intended the picture to awaken by its solemnity the deepest religious reflection. I chose the subject of burning leaves as most calculated to produce this feeling."[5]



File: 82fd1aad08eed65⋯.jpg (212.99 KB, 1000x833, 1000:833, bedroom.jpg)


>You were the one that just got done posting all of that modern art trash, aren't you?

Yeah I am

I was just trying to fuck with you.

I actually use to study art, I got offered a bachelor for it in college but i turned it down because it became really obvious to me how much is based around post modern art at that college. They didn't offer me any more training or means to improve my painting skills and instead encouraged me to "experiment'. I decided I needed to test them and so I wrote an analysis of Vincent van Gough's painting (pic related) where I wrote all this bullshit about red representing period blood and passion and power and how the perspective implied claustrophobia and all kinds of pretentious nonsense. I recieved my highest mark for the entire course and I knew I had to drop out because I couldn't bullshit like that. I couldn't keep faking all these supposed "deep insights" into someone shitting on the floor or someone knitting wool out of their vagina. Now I work a shit job I hate and it's damaged my hands so I can't draw or paint like I use to. Art is an open wound to me now. I thought getting you angry about it would make me feel better. I'm sorry


File: 38c979ee455893a⋯.jpg (222.05 KB, 531x750, 177:250, William_A._Bouguereau_-_La….jpg)



You can see her face and everything!

Muhammad (peace be upon him) would not approve of this show of deviant sexual behavior.



Im interested in the history of this masterpiece


File: a240b1bac7d762f⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 4001x2692, 4001:2692, 041909401871.jpg)

File: 545a2897ecc7d48⋯.jpg (81.01 KB, 540x720, 3:4, 1532394712290.jpg)

File: 66e6ee2e7fcf197⋯.jpg (421.47 KB, 1280x943, 1280:943, 59410961638753.jpg)

File: cfc505044c0674e⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 3000x4373, 3000:4373, img4109519.jpg)

File: ccd6bb487c80fd4⋯.png (810.59 KB, 1092x610, 546:305, 711357617.png)


File: 82fa217e19c1188⋯.jpg (356.19 KB, 830x1100, 83:110, 1230545564456.jpg)

File: 29f4fbe3312cfa9⋯.jpg (625.42 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, 1408009636676.jpg)

File: b72adc00c59b86f⋯.jpg (552.12 KB, 733x1325, 733:1325, 1540670111624.jpg)

File: fa5ce98295299d6⋯.jpg (87.29 KB, 800x609, 800:609, 6769.jpg)

File: 544b5621de33a4b⋯.jpg (237.75 KB, 702x935, 702:935, 1454376211546.jpg)


File: 897923e26a2ec6b⋯.jpeg (156.06 KB, 583x1024, 583:1024, 66F6E6E6-7F1A-43B2-8C36-B….jpeg)

File: 152bf71f400388d⋯.jpeg (149.33 KB, 841x1536, 841:1536, E23AC67B-6CD3-4CD7-A7E9-1….jpeg)


File: 96c20812eac34f0⋯.jpg (301.31 KB, 1600x1071, 1600:1071, starry starry night.jpg)


File: 20fd913bb14804e⋯.jpg (3.5 MB, 3809x3057, 3809:3057, Two_Men_Contemplating_the_….jpg)

I'm fond of Caspar David Friedrich's work.



who dat


File: 472a6556eb8fec6⋯.png (32.44 KB, 606x311, 606:311, 472a6556eb8fec63c098fcf695….png)

File: afae0f2f43927f7⋯.gif (135.88 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, afae0f2f43927f7f6c9cc962fd….gif)

File: 206bdc738932125⋯.png (27.05 KB, 576x265, 576:265, d101cef19cf4fa7f15045fb754….png)


File: 84051c679271ede⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2953x2408, 2953:2408, 9fa8711882980d85ee20c98980….jpg)

File: 4313cc7487b9a85⋯.jpg (102.72 KB, 354x600, 59:100, 9fddab2414632a44b278aa8cae….jpg)

File: 9838216847cd834⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 1544x2000, 193:250, 10bc35f4e06bf785cc5c92ffb8….jpg)

File: 13fcb99631b0230⋯.jpg (231.92 KB, 834x1285, 834:1285, 13fcb99631b0230ac96d0c82cc….jpg)






is there an 'expand all images' command someplace?


File: f6af2cf890b2f13⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 4001x2655, 4001:2655, f6af2cf890b2f13b957fbfe820….jpg)

File: f72c65edb7c2434⋯.jpg (781.62 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, b1a1b8e25efd5a3fe803c835c2….jpg)







Here on desktop it's on top of the page, on the right.

Small blue text.


File: 79ccb9c40613988⋯.jpg (789.99 KB, 1420x2071, 1420:2071, Der_Reiter_von_Valsgärde_i….jpg)

File: 28e54996ef79a06⋯.jpg (550.83 KB, 1202x791, 1202:791, Prinz_Eugen_in_der_Schlach….jpg)

File: c1a852a0b5fe96b⋯.jpg (490.75 KB, 1920x888, 80:37, wolgatreidler.jpg)


File: a700b76ae6b653e⋯.jpg (159.5 KB, 1345x747, 1345:747, IchhatteinenKameraden.JPG)

File: 7b89fea5db9e39c⋯.jpg (457.52 KB, 1920x1030, 192:103, Battle_of_Lepanto_1571.jpg)

File: fe2cd2f3e1bed04⋯.jpg (519.39 KB, 600x529, 600:529, deutsche revolution.jpg)

File: 64473619fa57ac3⋯.jpg (81.57 KB, 472x595, 472:595, deutsche revolution 2.jpg)


File: 643a3be7e802e7a⋯.jpg (205.66 KB, 655x560, 131:112, 0516213121007_2687_tumblr_….jpg)

File: 7feb8fb757bdbac⋯.jpg (129.76 KB, 398x750, 199:375, 0516213121007_2472_tumblr_….jpg)

File: e6ffa79bb800e41⋯.jpg (236.1 KB, 1000x651, 1000:651, 0516213121007_2111_tumblr_….jpg)

File: 6bbd802941cb08c⋯.jpg (129.2 KB, 556x773, 556:773, 0516213121007_1994_tumblr_….jpg)

File: 2741d4df2afd55c⋯.jpg (204.44 KB, 693x944, 693:944, 0516213121007_1709_tumblr_….jpg)


File: 988ff230a3380ba⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 3000x4431, 1000:1477, 007.jpg)

File: 308bb35a3a8e2f7⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 3000x4292, 750:1073, 008.jpg)

File: 6aa96eed3de6df5⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 3000x5198, 1500:2599, 009.jpg)

File: fffd33e52a6264a⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 2983x4213, 2983:4213, 010.jpg)

File: 4d07bc50710ba91⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 3000x4325, 120:173, 011.jpg)


File: a42976c2c00ab4f⋯.jpg (146.11 KB, 814x610, 407:305, qjo3.jpg)

File: d7c5fdb2c7ea670⋯.jpg (398.08 KB, 1658x1186, 829:593, px5lr.jpg)

File: b6af1c1f5052fed⋯.jpg (58.73 KB, 500x688, 125:172, Knj3r.jpg)

File: 4824887f70ce3ec⋯.jpg (134 KB, 1576x2536, 197:317, e7uMJoJ.jpg)

File: e3e073a6541e897⋯.jpg (457.64 KB, 700x992, 175:248, Dracula.jpg)


File: 8433e679e32b6fb⋯.jpg (626.01 KB, 1624x1192, 203:149, 1466528449569-0.jpg)

File: 34fe110bd7533ac⋯.jpg (132.38 KB, 482x600, 241:300, 1455765164466-1.jpg)

File: e66168650de073f⋯.jpg (320.48 KB, 1800x1352, 225:169, 1452696229831-3.jpg)

File: f1d2e9675acfacd⋯.jpg (355.8 KB, 800x1120, 5:7, 1431044467469.jpg)

File: 2cb6f39d8fea541⋯.jpg (192.49 KB, 700x1051, 700:1051, 1417887801299-2.jpg)


File: a3aac28f271dff9⋯.jpg (232.27 KB, 1280x964, 320:241, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. ….jpg)

File: 8d52603258e5d28⋯.jpg (309.45 KB, 1280x765, 256:153, One of the Family (1880) b….jpg)

File: 5e642290fa446a6⋯.jpg (239.43 KB, 803x1024, 803:1024, Sword of Damocles, 1812, R….jpg)

File: b489a46f01423b4⋯.jpeg (282.78 KB, 730x1139, 730:1139, British illustrator, Char….jpeg)

File: 824e705c4e89fcc⋯.jpg (928.74 KB, 1000x787, 1000:787, Mucha - Glass Windows St V….jpg)

>not putting title, artist and year in filename



File: 0efe0b47c3c41c5⋯.jpg (178.91 KB, 877x1113, 877:1113, 1417887801299-1.jpg)

File: 0ae5a3d65a09de9⋯.jpg (678.21 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, 603743.jpg)

File: 2d1455acfad6fe4⋯.jpg (122.86 KB, 458x900, 229:450, 5hqwjc.jpg)

File: b97f2312d270b98⋯.jpg (181.42 KB, 551x800, 551:800, 994150.jpg)


That doesn't seem like important information.



cuz I don't know nigger I just saved them off of pol, I guess you could reverse image search



I bet you didn't post a single image ITT.


File: 6f9605470375147⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wallpaper9.png)

File: 9390230c881e92d⋯.png (427.81 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, wallpaper5.png)

File: 1b4947347d5ba1d⋯.jpg (119.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wallpaper2.jpg)

File: 1e05f4168166258⋯.jpg (555.49 KB, 2400x1500, 8:5, wallpaper1.jpg)


File: b428b7673038ac0⋯.jpg (224.91 KB, 990x727, 990:727, Laying.jpg)

File: 502a8ff892c455b⋯.jpg (318.39 KB, 1239x1300, 1239:1300, Parked.jpg)

File: d2b58ef06824410⋯.jpg (309.15 KB, 876x1016, 219:254, Burning.jpg)

File: 226ab770133813c⋯.jpg (184.97 KB, 798x1002, 133:167, waiting.jpg)


File: 98a3c046d5c6242⋯.jpg (292.71 KB, 653x969, 653:969, Gatekeeper.jpg)

File: 623ceb42734ea4f⋯.png (715.77 KB, 924x1200, 77:100, 72274824.png)

File: f4dcfe4f0c662a2⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 500x406, 250:203, Together.jpg)



You're right I didn't post a single image I posted half of them


Bump, because this is better than pedo threads.


File: 7a336d7cc5ff09c⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 3200x2567, 3200:2567, 7a336d7cc5ff09c07dd234b4a5….jpg)

File: f93f3e17fe96ca1⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 3200x2112, 50:33, f93f3e17fe96ca1ce956fa2cb1….jpg)

File: 316c489b5334e09⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 1539x2000, 1539:2000, 316c489b5334e09d64ebb503c8….jpg)

File: ee1ac1159389d36⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 4530x2641, 4530:2641, ee1ac1159389d36e9cbcc906e2….jpg)


File: badc16808b367b8⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 3200x2184, 400:273, badc16808b367b8a12f5210520….jpg)

File: b771c02b0ea7725⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 4494x3471, 1498:1157, b771c02b0ea77251048a85d629….jpg)

File: 6f89ec3a37e5844⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 2048x1476, 512:369, 6f89ec3a37e584421aada87386….jpg)

File: e131947ee0a3bf3⋯.jpg (771.76 KB, 3537x2061, 393:229, e131947ee0a3bf365b18f66e65….jpg)


File: eb9cce36c4c2809⋯.jpg (3.47 MB, 4278x3538, 2139:1769, eb9cce36c4c28096d080513e66….jpg)

File: 6ac1f31a348222e⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 2400x1605, 160:107, 6ac1f31a348222ed84ed69f282….jpg)

File: 52a636df70a4ff3⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 2048x1226, 1024:613, 52a636df70a4ff3512194f5ce9….jpg)

File: b06deb7401b6786⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1800x1047, 600:349, b06deb7401b67869c154633dd2….jpg)


File: a8a9f7384402cc6⋯.jpg (2.76 MB, 1734x1222, 867:611, a8a9f7384402cc66e71aff2cee….jpg)

File: 379ba63b92d2fbf⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 1752x1227, 584:409, 379ba63b92d2fbf1ed47670113….jpg)

File: dadb533a3bca884⋯.jpg (2.48 MB, 1780x1203, 1780:1203, dadb533a3bca8849724d45080b….jpg)

File: 27f76139d53e2be⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 2000x1070, 200:107, 27f76139d53e2beb77a317657f….jpg)


File: ca3d8199a837573⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2770x1100, 277:110, ca3d8199a83757387b26cd91e7….jpg)

File: 488213b4a598c22⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 2048x1206, 1024:603, 488213b4a598c22efd6990f8f1….jpg)

File: 72b60818b456e84⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 2400x1371, 800:457, 72b60818b456e84e7124318db5….jpg)

File: aec22c62cf1c373⋯.jpg (438.19 KB, 1564x1000, 391:250, aec22c62cf1c373af32345fa68….jpg)


File: 79f8bbce5d8ad48⋯.jpg (156.99 KB, 1158x740, 579:370, 79f8bbce5d8ad481748fdf88e9….jpg)

File: e26b48be8fe2c99⋯.jpg (615.88 KB, 1280x1824, 40:57, 4e5e640fca7d537cd401d010ec….jpg)

File: cf549979a035825⋯.jpg (77.95 KB, 800x1092, 200:273, cf549979a035825f624f73e45c….jpg)

File: 767ff8dbc43abbd⋯.jpg (3.31 MB, 5450x3915, 1090:783, 767ff8dbc43abbd849560cfb04….jpg)


File: 5fd7ec1e9cb466c⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 1303x1800, 1303:1800, 5fd7ec1e9cb466c8e9a11583fc….jpg)

File: 91e335b72f996a9⋯.jpg (3.51 MB, 4488x3222, 748:537, 91e335b72f996a988e5e04178e….jpg)

File: f8ff9f1cf3f97b4⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 2091x956, 2091:956, f8ff9f1cf3f97b4fdd2a165a0b….jpg)

File: a28c8034f24e89c⋯.jpg (3.07 MB, 2000x1513, 2000:1513, a28c8034f24e89ca63046d4959….jpg)


File: 5da08fa7a68bd40⋯.jpg (623.62 KB, 1994x1500, 997:750, 5da08fa7a68bd4050a9e49a11f….jpg)

File: 88004a4a8366b20⋯.jpg (2.53 MB, 2000x1443, 2000:1443, 88004a4a8366b20d391a195836….jpg)

File: f87307559867dfe⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 2000x1154, 1000:577, f87307559867dfe1e0ea75ba97….jpg)

File: 7f96c8de14155b9⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 3671x2959, 3671:2959, 7f96c8de14155b93b0d63f3de0….jpg)


File: bee0b66cab4a0a2⋯.jpeg (215.17 KB, 880x1070, 88:107, bee0b66cab4a0a260f505a722….jpeg)

File: 1287181201caed2⋯.jpg (240.84 KB, 1536x1177, 1536:1177, 823117948d70d95febd3faa991….jpg)

File: 9d1d498f456b407⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 2157x1400, 2157:1400, 9d1d498f456b40798fd874beaf….jpg)

File: aa72364983800c5⋯.jpg (3.21 MB, 4000x2266, 2000:1133, aa72364983800c5ec62c1934c4….jpg)


File: c8db063ff2f19fa⋯.jpg (720.51 KB, 2560x1879, 2560:1879, c8db063ff2f19fa5a341940dcb….jpg)

File: 484f67b06aa81a6⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 9536x5392, 596:337, 484f67b06aa81a63a687926b3c….jpg)

File: ce8ec7d0fa759a4⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 854x1280, 427:640, ce8ec7d0fa759a48de9dc76d69….jpg)

File: c3399735b682427⋯.jpg (3.48 MB, 4266x9516, 711:1586, c3399735b68242710988b6b138….jpg)


File: 84051c679271ede⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2953x2408, 2953:2408, 84051c679271edea9c417be1a7….jpg)

File: 96c20812eac34f0⋯.jpg (301.31 KB, 1600x1071, 1600:1071, 96c20812eac34f0b754fdc079d….jpg)


File: ef08dd97cc036e9⋯.jpg (201.47 KB, 699x1395, 233:465, 158454153466453.jpg)

File: 172f9466556f44f⋯.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 50389655103553556.jpg)

File: ae32090a7235e1a⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 300x522, 50:87, 300px-Ruskin-1-drawing.jpg)

File: 399c712c1990fc4⋯.jpg (62.97 KB, 699x599, 699:599, 699px-Rembrandt_Harmensz._….jpg)

File: a6b4c7245102b48⋯.jpg (382.51 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tumnun.jpg)



why do paintings of trees in autumn make my dick hard


File: 8b2e3738a9d7fac⋯.jpg (230.53 KB, 1280x859, 1280:859, 1280px-John_Wilson_Carmich….jpg)

File: 166ca15b40be634⋯.jpg (202.91 KB, 1280x913, 1280:913, James_Pollard_-_The_Derby_….jpg)


File: 23c67175c3a7912⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, redpillparrot20190309_1232….jpg)

does anyone here create? post some of your stuff, let's maje this a dick measuring contest



he even painted her mustache


File: 6b3aa69ae8a9fa3⋯.jpg (574.71 KB, 1020x765, 4:3, Le_Moulin_de_la_Galette_Pi….jpg)

File: a9bd599871c4414⋯.jpg (113.54 KB, 800x999, 800:999, Pierre-Auguste-Renoir-08.jpg)

File: 2739a1eae83d02e⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 365x700, 73:140, Pierre-auguste-Renoir-Danc….JPG)

>No impressionism art

>no Auguste Renoir

Westerner really fall from their grace…


File: 5036bfb9862de7f⋯.jpg (1002.78 KB, 2413x3208, 2413:3208, 6he1Jna.jpg)

File: 663b10ffa51aaf8⋯.jpg (829.96 KB, 1401x1888, 1401:1888, PwILekI.jpg)


I'm one of those turbo faggots with no imagination. I can only recreate a pre-existing image


File: f2d503c3fa0b881⋯.jpeg (266.68 KB, 783x1024, 783:1024, 783px-Swing-Renoir.jpeg)

File: ca878003f383aad⋯.jpg (463.12 KB, 2024x2466, 1012:1233, Pierre-Auguste_Renoir_106.jpg)

File: 966945d50b6c62e⋯.jpg (117.88 KB, 471x599, 471:599, renoir-lise-ombrelle.jpg)



That second image leaves me speechless. Look at that beautiful civilization.


File: e3d3f3c635848ee⋯.jpg (582.16 KB, 2048x1176, 256:147, kemonolastsupper.jpg)



It's part of a series of paintings by Thomas Cole called The Course of Empire



i used to just draw off imagination when i was younger because i felt using a reference was cheating. but ever since i started using reference images and drawing with pens I've noticed some improvements, it makes you more precise. i don't see any shame in using a reference, it's part of the journey man


File: 649c2bd51a62e61⋯.jpg (312.62 KB, 1170x818, 585:409, edouard-henri-avril.jpg)


File: a3a45c84c2812d2⋯.jpg (960.75 KB, 981x2000, 981:2000, 1432330834794-1.jpg)



Time to fap



anime feet >>>>>>>>>>> 3d feet


File: 9d7e6cf3ad488aa⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1452666662019.jpg)

File: 9b9c6217a20ee80⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 495x768, 165:256, amazingfantasy_02.jpg)

File: 667bb2a23874825⋯.jpg (95.81 KB, 495x600, 33:40, image.jpg)

File: 8751507f40429c4⋯.jpg (76.27 KB, 447x599, 447:599, lightyearsaway.jpg)

File: e1ca2da59081e58⋯.jpg (47.53 KB, 310x470, 31:47, litho04.jpg)


File: d9deb64fefab295⋯.jpg (189.56 KB, 552x700, 138:175, messWithTheBull.jpg)

File: 5c17956e4d6197b⋯.jpg (38.74 KB, 236x323, 236:323, projets_06.jpg)



>strong womyn spooderman

When does the pain stop


File: 9522859b02e1ebe⋯.jpg (229.7 KB, 918x1100, 459:550, Battle of Lepanto (detail)….jpg)

File: 18b0c1cef717d59⋯.jpg (204.17 KB, 1589x600, 1589:600, Battle_of_Lepanto_1595-160….jpg)

File: 148d5eb97854cea⋯.jpg (266.29 KB, 1280x852, 320:213, The_Battle_of_Lepanto_of_1….jpg)

File: 95a7b6763a22dad⋯.jpg (121.44 KB, 615x800, 123:160, Battle of Lepanto (1632) b….jpg)

File: 1934bdd9be2a738⋯.png (173.2 KB, 311x1446, 311:1446, Battle of Lepanto 1571.png)


>2nd image

<The Battle of Lepanto was a naval engagement that took place on 7 October 1571 when a fleet of the Holy League, led by the Venetian Republic and the Spanish Empire, inflicted a major defeat on the fleet of the Ottoman Empire in the Gulf of Patras. The Ottoman forces were sailing westward from their naval station in Lepanto (the Venetian name of ancient Naupactus Ναύπακτος, Ottoman İnebahtı) when they met the fleet of the Holy League which was sailing east from Messina, Sicily. The Holy League was a coalition of European Catholic maritime states which was arranged by Pope Pius V and led by John of Austria. The league was largely financed by Philip II of Spain, and the Venetian Republic was the main contributor of ships.[11]

<In the history of naval warfare, Lepanto marks the last major engagement in the Western world to be fought almost entirely between rowing vessels,[12] namely the galleys and galeasses which were the direct descendants of ancient trireme warships. The battle was in essence an "infantry battle on floating platforms".[13] It was the largest naval battle in Western history since classical antiquity, involving more than 400 warships. Over the following decades, the increasing importance of the galleon and the line of battle tactic would displace the galley as the major warship of its era, marking the beginning of the "Age of Sail".

<The victory of the Holy League is of great importance in the history of Europe and of the Ottoman Empire, marking the turning-point of Ottoman military expansion into the Mediterranean, although the Ottoman wars in Europe would continue for another century. It has long been compared to the Battle of Salamis, both for tactical parallels and for its crucial importance in the defense of Europe against imperial expansion.[14] It was also of great symbolic importance in a period when Europe was torn by its own wars of religion following the Protestant Reformation, strengthening the position of Philip II of Spain as the "Most Catholic King" and defender of Christendom against Muslim incursion.[15] Historian Paul K. Davis writes that, "More than a military victory, Lepanto was a moral one. For decades, the Ottoman Turks had terrified Europe, and the victories of Suleiman the Magnificent caused Christian Europe serious concern. The defeat at Lepanto further exemplified the rapid deterioration of Ottoman might under Selim II, and Christians rejoiced at this setback for the infidels. The mystique of Ottoman power was tarnished significantly by this battle, and Christian Europe was heartened."[16]


>That doesn't seem like important information.


File: e18da19ed879102⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 845x930, 169:186, 090a.jpg)


Erma has a boyfriend!

😊 🧡 😎 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 👍 😃




File: dfa14091ebad191⋯.jpeg (41.98 KB, 400x344, 50:43, sasnal7.jpeg)

File: eb9f8593eaa8563⋯.jpg (514.23 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, wilhelm sasnal prace 5_599….jpg)

File: 4b2e0c9338e5743⋯.jpg (207.78 KB, 620x820, 31:41, womanlead.jpg)


File: ecb6b373d8c95b7⋯.jpg (238.19 KB, 857x1280, 857:1280, halflegthnude-xlarge.jpg)

File: f5a750fb070d259⋯.jpg (461.52 KB, 1280x1234, 640:617, tumblr_mbr2tujwcq1r556mmo1….jpg)

File: c267fc05fd0cb87⋯.jpg (174.83 KB, 736x926, 368:463, 1b68e3f4dad0a887296cf8a3f2….jpg)

File: 65a6bdbc8590329⋯.jpg (106.47 KB, 468x505, 468:505, auerbach.jpg)


File: e1d08fa02e4bfca⋯.jpg (95.76 KB, 728x590, 364:295, Schirn_Presse_Gericault_Fr….jpg)

File: 92cf159d0bd0ad6⋯.jpg (265.73 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, theodore_gericault_013_tes….jpg)

File: 1bf90b617c71ccf⋯.jpg (309.44 KB, 1184x764, 296:191, gericault_main_mouche.jpg)


File: 7fed305b8292ff0⋯.jpg (17.24 KB, 630x442, 315:221, I.G.-by-Gerhard-Richter-00….jpg)

File: 68588e4368bb863⋯.jpg (8.35 MB, 5535x4386, 1845:1462, MB2011_01.jpg)

File: 6225319dfefce08⋯.jpg (595.65 KB, 1414x1600, 707:800, Confrontation-1-1988.jpg)


File: 260f760d6270838⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 859x823, 859:823, richter_meadowland.jpg)

File: 0d4001a70890def⋯.jpg (232.32 KB, 1270x1536, 635:768, N04720_10.jpg)

File: aee9f20237600e9⋯.jpg (412.44 KB, 1000x1503, 1000:1503, antony-micallef-untitled.jpg)

File: bf05d6844a70a96⋯.jpg (32.82 KB, 476x650, 238:325, l.jpg)


File: e308730838069b7⋯.jpg (333.13 KB, 1197x1600, 1197:1600, SC685.jpg)

File: e200a7022bfdd7e⋯.jpg (3.88 MB, 2209x2877, 2209:2877, William_Blake_-_Sconfitta_….jpg)

File: 5659f9e637777f0⋯.jpg (178.59 KB, 811x1009, 811:1009, a4932aab4f4773ee7c1e51ca78….jpg)

File: 2a14087bdabab23⋯.jpg (230.32 KB, 1145x1536, 1145:1536, N05896_10.jpg)


File: 3a33a358e4b5af6⋯.jpg (329.36 KB, 673x590, 673:590, 16723.jpg)

File: d2a5f13810c5671⋯.jpg (11.57 KB, 307x400, 307:400, Gerhard-Richter--.jpg)

File: d52d3450df74901⋯.jpg (156.16 KB, 673x504, 673:504, 2699.jpg)


File: 4058e0ca25122d7⋯.jpg (96.16 KB, 769x1600, 769:1600, SC145625.jpg)

File: 40af080ef19cfe0⋯.jpg (123.96 KB, 560x699, 560:699, p025hmcd.jpg)

File: 1e1499792bdff37⋯.jpg (156.29 KB, 984x620, 246:155, sassetta_stthomasinspiredb….jpg)


File: 4513659c8524535⋯.png (2.11 MB, 940x1000, 47:50, ClipboardImage.png)

yall niggas dont even know real art



That looks like bird shit. I don't know which is worse: It being literal feces, or somebody making it look that way on purpose.


File: da92e08d7aba978⋯.jpg (737.43 KB, 1536x1302, 256:217, satan-sin-death.jpg)


File: d62673fdb0c8352⋯.jpg (184.96 KB, 800x1651, 800:1651, steven-hanks.jpg)

File: 984485d56404c24⋯.jpg (282.77 KB, 1174x1600, 587:800, steven-hanks2.jpg)

File: 2d7217360f7fd02⋯.jpg (144.87 KB, 736x1143, 736:1143, steven-hanks3.jpg)



I see a non-diverse Society of Hate.


File: 6b20037d58ef313⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 552x364, 138:91, kari-suomalainen-barge-hau….jpg)


Khrushchev is shouting: "Imperialists!"


File: ca4bd0aebb377ad⋯.jpg (89.33 KB, 960x679, 960:679, 074.jpg)




Gorgeous love 19th century European architecture



Thanks for teaching us about a classic instance of kebab removal



Shut the fuck up



Kill yourself glow nigger


File: b853459be43309c⋯.jpg (457.25 KB, 1280x1186, 640:593, PeterPaulRubens_AchillesUl….jpg)

File: 2dd59c6b9d4ed92⋯.jpg (117.68 KB, 652x900, 163:225, HiroshimaKoho_nightbridge.jpg)

File: 93e290d920a00fa⋯.jpg (760.7 KB, 1280x1750, 128:175, MaxNonnenbruch_TheArcher.jpg)

File: 3805b36b310cdcd⋯.jpg (206.09 KB, 827x1022, 827:1022, ThomasFrancisDicksee_Waiti….jpg)


File: b2eaaf3cb4045eb⋯.jpg (313.02 KB, 800x823, 800:823, oc.JPG)

can somebody edit odoacer black and the crown into america


File: 1a4660231dd8bcd⋯.png (977.48 KB, 796x828, 199:207, WEWUZKANGZNSHIEET.PNG)


I did my best anon



dats da real odaker to me my brutha







perhaps one can imagine romulus as the 56 percent, handing down america to the mutts, a new dawn art


File: 8ca584d81ba2899⋯.jpg (514.6 KB, 1280x1186, 640:593, daREELachilees.jpg)

If you're a fan of history you'll already know this thanks to the BBC but achilles was actually black as well


File: 3b9c43acdd7948b⋯.jpg (122.04 KB, 674x1023, 674:1023, Francesco Hayes - Nu Femso….jpg)

dat ass



You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like


t. soiboi


> ==Epic greetings from http://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion :^)==


File: a10b568ace29c2c⋯.jpg (9.2 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181120_111605.jpg)


File: 113b6a1b7f2f9b2⋯.jpg (7.15 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181120_104916.jpg)

My art.


File: b6a3eda142a95c1⋯.jpg (5.73 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181127_105036.jpg)


File: 53ded7f39c03f9f⋯.jpg (29.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 53ded7f39c03f9f6a2b919b5da….jpg)





Pls show boobs and vagen



Based john martin









oy vey



theres no way that dude didnt have a good jolly laugh with his boys about how he managed to convince a city to put up a big inflatable butt plug





gape your ass, ass.


File: df978cf52ba4382⋯.jpg (130.11 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, 070b.jpg)

Photo or Drawing?


Threadly reminder that all works that are modernist, postmodernist, dadaist, cubist, and other such shit aren't art at all.


File: 82176ec6d7f8220⋯.jpg (337.56 KB, 1000x726, 500:363, Stobart141SanFranciscoEmba….jpg)


File: 5d1f4e56bf3a187⋯.jpeg (512.73 KB, 1563x1000, 1563:1000, fhghgyfccfzcfchjcfgfaffc.jpeg)

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