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File: 7c8188c6300deb1⋯.jpg (266.84 KB, 1080x1850, 108:185, 20190314_123725.jpg)


>owe girl money for event we went to

>she tells me to pay her on Venmo

>no idea what it is but i download it

>add her as friend and pay her

>feed lists people paying each other for various favors and situations with short blurbs explaining them

>take a look at her recent payment to someone

>"bread ass"

>click on her friend

>"ass juice on Uber seat"

>click on her friend

>"cum is NOT combustible"

>click on his friend

>"hallways are not infected"

>continue clicking on profiles until I am obviously out of her social group

>nasty stuff still persists

What kinda things are normalfags paying each other for?


It's perfectly innocent:

>baker delivers by mule cart

>mule gets taxi ride home

>safety checks of bodily fluids

>decontaminating buildings



its all drug buys


I blame smartphones. giving kids access to knowledge made them gay



im not her friend. i just owed her money. you're a dumbass



that could explain it



>what is an acquaintence



Idk, a fancy word?


this is the modern day of prostitution

you can be a whore without having to engage in actual sex

cucks will pay you for farts

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