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File: db2a166aac5d263⋯.jpg (543.24 KB, 1079x1544, 1079:1544, Screenshot_20190313-222412….jpg)


Hey guys it's cr1tikal


He's turkish




He is God and God is a serb


He's Floridian across generations, with his closest relative outside of Florida being Irish or Scottish (can't remember).

He said it in his answering Jewgle questions vid. If he was a kike or spaghet he'd proclaim it to the heavens since both love to announce their race even if they are 1/10th either of them.


cr1tikal post face reveal is trash son



hes too white, might have some asian genes tho



I always had fond memories of him, I imagined him as this square jawed Germanic type who lived a pretty decent lifestyle outside of making his YouTube vids. (he also said he didn't want to take money from YouTube as that would ruin his hobby, so he'd donate it to charity).

Anyway, eventually I stopped watching his videos and completely forgot about him for a few years until I heard his voice in some meme clip compilation.

when I checked out his latest vid l I was horrified that he had revealed his face but was some scrawny swarthoid who was gossiping about how he had gotten into conflict with a pornstar.

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