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File: 898710bef0d947c⋯.jpg (42.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Just done spilling my spaghetti all over the phone while texting my future gf. For the background;

>never had a gf

>never used to text over the phone except some school related stuff back in high school

>mind corrupted by years of shitposting

>she's a normalfag

>she's younger then me

>we're not anglokikes

Despite everything, I can converse rather well irl, but when it comes to chatting over the phone I feel like a fucking grandpa.

>hey anon xyz


>umm what do you mean anon?

<*lame joke from mid 2000s*


<so see you this weekend?

>sure anon, though it depends on my schedule

> same word used for schedule is used for weather forecast

<heh sure hope it isn't raining this weekend wink wink FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKF CUKF UCK

>no anon, i meant time

<ha ha was only kidding ha

<so see ya?

>sure sure

Should I just end it all now?




>future gf

Wow, you are naively optimistic, huh?



Well he is a meme-loving fuck.



Not gonna lie, I can't imagine having an easier time getting a gf, she has literally presented herself to me on a silver platter, didn't really think i'm autistic enough to fuck this up tbqh

yet here we are



post face + body


File: 00ee0f99c35a58f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.33 KB, 623x486, 623:486, belle.jpg)



Fake and gay



>b-but you didn't post the reel picture of your gf

fuck off cia nigger



Faggot stop whimpering, you just say outrageous stuff to women without directly insulting them and it's fine, people's lives are painfully boring, you just gotta make her feel stuff that isn't anxiety or boredom, outrage is fine, just, you know, don't call her a fucking whore or something like that, that can work, but you gotta be slick to pull it off, and you're not since you're probably non-white and dating a 15 year old, whatever happens don't be neurotic about it and don't apologize in a serious manner when she fakes being offended or something



>non-white and dating a 15 year old

no and no

Good advice though, my problem is that I just feel annoying over the phone. Hard to adjust my behavior when I can't see her reaction.I feel like we can read each other's thoughts when we speak but over the text it's like i'm talking to another person. I'd like to stay away from phone as much as possible but will be hard since she's going to uni in another town and only comes on weekends.



You'll pick up on it, it really depends on the reaction, there's only one bad type of reaction and that's withdrawal and silence, everything else is essentially good


OP the only solid advice I can give is have standards, don't compromise on those standards, and be ready to discard her easily if there is a big problem come up, don't rationalize things and keep going. Also, don't fuck her, unless she's willing to be a wife and have your children.

If you're not even white though and she's not white then just do whatever the fuck you want your lives don't matter anyways and you have no obligations or duties you're just cancer.

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