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File: b0ed328874dac0b⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 767x478, 767:478, spaceghost_0.jpg)


where should I start, need to be a subtle gentle pill for this family member, and where should I go.

what have you done and what evidences have you used to red pill family?


Just keep criticizing the actions of a jew without naming the jew. eventually in their minds they realize that people whose names end in stein/berg/levine or have gold or silver in their last name are the problem.



Start by redpilling them on the media, governments, banks, medical industry, the 1%, the state of Israhell (murdering children/bulldozing homes), who was behind the American slave trade, communist genocides (Holodomor), and genital mutilation. Tell them nothing but the truth. Then reveal to them the architects.

<but muh shabbos goyim who aren’t explicitly Jewish

>proceed to discuss the Jews over representation

If they’re Christians, pepper in a healthy dose of New Testament verses that decry genital mutilation and the Jews, it is explicitly written in their religious texts. As for other ideas, ask /pol/ in the QTDDTOT thread.

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