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I thought minors weren't allowed to drink



Careful, anon. (((They))) are watching.



then (((they))) should do something to stop the girl from drinking



but instead, (((they))) will do something to stop you from posting little girls



im nothing but concerned about her well being


It's grape juice, dumbass



>muh pedos

pedos haven't been active since Jim took over. Fuck off, (((Reddit)))



shit you are right that got on the top of my head


more pics of her teen feet



anon focus on the topic im worried about the drink



Ah i recognize this girl. She is the new wannabe Zhenya



so lithe and nubile



does this past the DOST test?




Why shouldn't it, dubs? Nothing illegal there



>wannabe Zhenya

tbh im the only pedo obsessed with her here and zhenya is fine too but i like to be diverse with my obsession



She is cute, she is. But Zhenya is cuter, imo. I get triggered every time people say, Zhenya is a nigger



>Why shouldn't it, dubs? Nothing illegal there

focus is on her lithe underage legs and crotch along with her feet and her seductive look on her face combined with other pics in the set of her drinking it's very sexual



I don't know where you got those pics, but my guess is you got them from (((Instagram))). Idf those pics were illegal, do you think (((Instagram))) would allow it to be hosted on their service? If it's on (((Instagram))), it's safe.



instagram is not the the master arbitrator of what is cp and has had cp posted on it many times



What is your definition of CP? Keep in mind, that a loli in a bikini IS NOT CP



>I get triggered every time people say, Zhenya is a nigger

this is why they do it because it triggers (((someone)))



hey, fuck off rabi




idk what or who that is sorry



Ah, i got (((you))). Keep deflecting, (((Goldberg)))


>I thought minors weren't allowed to drink

Depends on where you live. In my country they only are not supposed to buy alcoholic drinks by themselve (but most shops don't care). The thing is we never had a problem with kids or teenagers drinking too much like UK has for example, so we don't care.

It can be any non-alcoholic drink in that glass anyway, and this girl may not be so young, I knew a few 18-22yo girls who looked even younger than her.


What the horrible and disgusting hell are you talking about ? I come here almost everyday and the worst I saw was a weirdo spaming childish cartoon porn to triggers mods.



>What is your definition of CP? Keep in mind, that a loli in a bikini IS NOT CP

my definition is what you could be prosecuted for



google search the image you fucking newfag



my wife tbh



any hurtcore?



you wish, faggot


File: 0fea699162b2833⋯.jpg (7.61 KB, 261x193, 261:193, nice try fbi.jpg)



hurtcore is legal if the girls are 18

child hurtcore is legal as long as the girls are only being cut or killed and it's not sexual



use DDG, you fucking retard



This is so true.




Quit samefagging, (((LEO)))


Personally, I think hardcore kiddie porn is a good thing and should be promoted and encouraged not shunned and vilified.

What many people dont seem to understand is, as an adult, sex with children can be very exciting and beneficial for both parties. Those who say that it is bad will generally answer the question if they have ever tried it with a "no". How the hell can you believe someone who has never even experienced it?! It is in fact, very very good.



(((FBI))) is shilling hard, i see



Im just a regular guy dude, lurking here now and then. Moved over from USENET around the 4chan hal turner raids time. Then moved onto superior 7chan and still occasionally poke my head in here.



All this talk about driving the normies away and I haven't seen a single ceepee post. Instead I see a few pics of fully clothed children and some gore.

I'm not encouraging cp-posting btw. But if this isn't a sign of how mild /b/ is now I don't know what is.



I mean if you're trying to drive away the sjw ledditors who flocked here to see how scary the place is spamming pics would've been more effective but alright.


Good work mods. Very fast. Godspeed



So you can save it faster with your crap internet?


Yeah, this is why they get rid of innocent little girl images. You can't see how these images are designed to appeal to pedophiles?

Pedophiles are as bad as terrorists because they seek to terrorize our children, to destroy their innocence, to damage their psychological well-being for the rest of their lives.

You almost never see children who are sexually active as kids grow up to lead happy healthy lives. They almost always grow up in a disastrous life never able to find what they want and destroying themselves and their own children along the way.

They often become drug-addicts, alcoholics, or simply jump from bad relationship to bad relationship.

Pedophiles destroy people's entire lives when they are too young to realize the ramifications of what they're getting into, and all for what, so that the pedo him or herself can have a few minutes of sexual pleasure.

There isn't much that is more selfish than that. Have you ever wondered what is the basis of all of those boogyman, what's under my bed, children never should go out into the dark things?

Think about it. It's because of pedophiles. They are the boogyman of legend. Pedophiles are the people who would snatch children under the dark of night or wait hiding in some kid's bedroom until everyone went to sleep.

You ever wondered why it seems so natural for children to fear the dark? You realize, that's such a common thing that it's almost as though it's in our DNA, as though perhaps pedophilia is so common throughout history that we literally evolved to as children fear the kinds of places they might typically hide in wait to snatch a child for their own perverse ends. You realize also that if this is the case, then it means that most probably murdered the child afterwards, thus ending their DNA line so that those children who for whatever reason avoided those places were the ones that predominately survived to pass on their genes as adults.

Then lets consider little girls. Little girls are probably the most fearful of the things that little kids of fearful of. And little girls, at least today, seem to be the primary targets of the larger pedophilia epidemic.

This isn't some joke or meme-game. Collectively, pedophiles cause a significant amount of pain and suffering.

If you want to know what the Bible says.

God calls homosexuality an abomination, but of pedophilia, God says that it is better for the pedophile that a stone too heavy to lift is tied around his/her neck and he/she be thrown into the sea than to be allowed to cause a child to sin.

Now, Christ is being admittedly broad in His wording, but that's understandable given the types of things he's talking about. There's no need to be specific enough to draw pictures in our minds.

We all have this innate sense already that a child's innocence must be protected, even the pedophile's, but the pedophile has to necessarily burn innate sense that out of their mind in order to justify their perversion in their own heart. And this is how it is that they can bring themselves to actually become that boogeyman of legend.



Bro, did you just type this out?



You're like the equivalent of a man hating feminist except instead of having an irrational hatred of all men because of how often they rape women you have an irrational hatred of all pedos because of how often they rape kids.

Have you ever considered holding rapists accountable for their actions instead of the entire demographic they belong to?


File: daa00c5cc94b0a0⋯.png (240.08 KB, 442x376, 221:188, this fag again.png)


nigger do you really think anyone is ever going to read your wall of text?



I did. I think it's part of his Pedo Conversion Therapy or some shit.


File: b806f90ade9b756⋯.jpg (177.31 KB, 783x1048, 783:1048, 1546349437934-0.jpg)

File: beec4ad4e1bfc7d⋯.jpg (112.51 KB, 800x835, 160:167, 1548180857214-0.jpg)

this thread needs moar lolis with holis tbh


File: d62b12377dd930f⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 6ca322a6917961ad71c8dbb180….jpg)



cuuuute! cute! cute!



Why are they always russian?



Because russians have fag hysteria not pedo hysteria.



>not letting him at least attempt to scare away journalist and normalfags

Take it easy tight ass




Nice toes in first pic tbh


File: a1eea55bb1b5d93⋯.jpg (316.71 KB, 2335x2507, 2335:2507, kawaii.jpg)


>second one

>loli maids celebrate with sparkling soda that they pretend is fine wine after a long day of cleaning



footfag eh?



Not my fault a lot of lgs have perfect feet tbh


Why do nigger globals delete these images?


File: 02c5f16b6276985⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 563x563, 1:1, 079.jpg)



how bout you stop spamming and suck mah dick


File: 788225129751ec3⋯.jpg (75.74 KB, 436x617, 436:617, 788225129751ec3592bf4ee4e0….jpg)

There is a certain amount of bad modding that is simply necessary.




Frick off CIA




Alphabet Agencies are filled with pedophiles and pedophile supporters.They have the biggest archives and aren't afraid to fap to it



Not to mention start honeypot sites with it. But aren't they just furthering the abuse by re-sharing all those images and plastering them on the headers of their websites? I'm sure if the victims knew what LEA are doing with their images, they wouldn't be too happy about it.



Actual theologian reporting in. Jesus says nothing about paedophiles. There is nothing in the entire Bible about any sexual orientation, only various sexual things that should not be done (screwing animals, men screwing other men, things like that).



FBI probably has 250 terabytes of CP, you know, to identify the poor girls that are willingly having sex with older men, because the FBI and other agencies are hard at work bustin a thousand pedos a day. What a scourge to society, that natural inclination to like fresh young females with cute stuff.


UNION COUNTY, Ga. - Dozens of students at one Georgia high school have been caught up in a sexting scandal, officials said.

Union County Schools Superintendent John Hill said around 50 of the 850 students at Union County High School in Blairsville were caught sending naked pictures of classmates over their phones.

That’s nearly 6 percent of the school’s population. Hill said the students range in age from 14 to 18.

Channel 2's Rikki Klaus was in Union County, where Hill said most students didn't realize what they were doing is illegal and could have led to child pornography charges.

"It's just a very large problem," Hill said. "This has been very disturbing to our high school and to our school system, and I think it's impacted our community."

Hill said a parent brought the issue to the principal’s attention a few weeks ago. Officials have since determined that at least 46 students were involved in the illegal exchange of nude photographs of each other.

The Union County Schools Police Department is investigating the situation.

Hill said the school district could have filed felony child porn charges, but decided against it.

"In Georgia, if you're under the age of 18, that's actually manufacturing and distribution of child pornography," Hill said.

Instead, Hill said the punishment has ranged from short-term suspension to alternative school, based on the severity of each student's actions, per the student code of conduct.

The district is also trying to educate parents and students about the dangers of sexting.

"We feel like it's important to educate the children and educate the parents about the seriousness of the crime," Hill said.

"Once it's out there, you can't control it. You can't get it back," Hill said. On Wednesday, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the district attorney made presentations to Union County High School and Middle School students about sexting, emphasizing that nude photos could get into the hands of child predators.

The district also plans to hold a community meeting on sexting, led by the GBI, at Union County Schools Fine Arts Center.

Hill said that next year, the district will be looking to implement a curriculum on cyber safety.

Hill said there's no indication any child predators have gotten their hands on the photos.


tl;dr we're letting everybody who produced CP go, our concern is that somewhere a pedo might have appreciated it


File: f6350b5df142be7⋯.jpg (149.26 KB, 697x845, 697:845, hard-at-work.jpg)


some even work overtime



More kids should sext, tbh. In fact, they should post their pictures publicly. Sexy young girls should be celebrated.



he never said anything about hating pedos, that's projection on his part. He actually just stated the damage caused by acting out your child fetish and how if one does that they are bad people.


File: fc68d06684e80a0⋯.jpg (96.16 KB, 538x712, 269:356, antifa.jpg)


I was wondering what he did, or did not do to get jailed

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