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File: da6345ff036564d⋯.gif (1.85 MB, 500x667, 500:667, 8ab6aed787b5fed7a38f58f2b2….gif)


This realization came to me when it was learned the NZ government banned their plebs from accessing the chans. This act of premature-ejaculation by the aussie-minor governments, only hours later, shows exactly what they were planning to do behind the scenes for weeks. Since when do governments do anything fast and efficiently? They are trying to stop the coming shocking news from spreading to the public, and are pulling out all stops to silence and censor non-mainstream news outlets. You feel it too don’t you? Something big is coming in the news and they are trying to close the internet spigots, and create distracting social tension now. Yes social media tech giants were implementing the highland forum group’s initiatives to censor the internet earlier, but now they are trying to pick up the pace by getting the government involved in straight up censorship. This is why they threw Pewds into the attack, expect (((jewtube))) to try to silence swedish man-jaw Gloria Borger and other alt-right channels soon.

This is just the start of a bigger series of attacks and fear campaigns waged on the general public to scare the normies into panic and justifying their illegal attempts to keep the normies deaf, blind, and dumb. Previous false flags up till now were simply attempts at pushing gun grabbing legislation and changing the news narrative from focusing on damning and criminal revelations that were coming out regarding FISA.

/pol/ has already ID’d the shooter ‘Brenton Tarrant’ i actually ‘Israr Osho Thang’ through kikebook who traveled to Pakistan before the shooting. And if he really was from /pol/ as claimed then why were muslims targeted instead of a synagogue? Obviously because the whole thing is a bullshit designed and crafted to scapegoat the uncontrolled targets. There are 82,000+ sealed indictments on the books according to Pacer.gov each of which can assign arrests to multiple people in a criminal organization. Also Lisa Page transcripts confirm that the POTUS at the time wanted to know everything about the spying operation on Trump and his campaign. This means the criminals are as high up as the heads of states and governments. Governments like… New Zealand. Where many rich elite are fleeing to in lavish and luxurious doomsday bunkers. The insane level of shills that have been seeing on the chans for months trying to “shut it down” on anything of note as we have seen are also an indication that something bigger than the 2020 primaries and elections are on the horizon. We can go on and on. Many of us know what chans are like when the shills aren't around and it is just your average troll anon shitposting.

We have meme’d “Day of the Rope”, and now it is time to meme “shills will hang too”. See they ignore the fact that they are accomplices in this whole affair. Yes, this thread will get hit with demoralization, divide and conquer, concerned shill, and other tactics to try to keep pushing the narratives they are pushing right now on 8chan. It doesn’t matter though. What matters is by coming on here and doing what they do, they are aiding and abetting criminals. Criminals that might start getting locked up soon. See the thing is, their bosses and financiers know, that WE KNOW. This is why they pay the contractors like JIDF, JTRIG, and other kike organizations serious money to try to stop us since 2011. It isn’t because we post shit and influence people to shoot up places. If we really did that, they would leave us alone and even hire us to do more since they fuck over kids and patsies with drugs and MKultra to do what they claim that we do. We would do it a hell of a cheaper and help their narrative faster. No they pay the sad lonely virgins shilling shekels because of what we know.

And we know, we have already won. Anons have every right to be the ones that pull the levers on your short drop, with the quick stop.


allahu agbar


>aussieland bans pron with small tits because muh pedophilia

>kiwiland bans its citizens to access 8gag becuase muh mudshit feelings

they are cucks and they deserve to be replaced by alpha mudshits who rape the living shit out of everyone


File: 336d2902286afd1⋯.jpg (92.41 KB, 436x600, 109:150, as foretold.jpg)


The Happening approaches as the memes foretold.



>NZ government banned their plebs from accessing the chans

not possible, that's not how internet works


File: d4de580406b1bf6⋯.jpeg (125.34 KB, 750x1152, 125:192, 3d6eda980f0683a2ff23e6f5e….jpeg)



All those government organizations have to a substantial degree people in their row that would be criminals they just lack a certain network and prefer a more controlled risk.



VPN sales going up in




holy shit how can someone be so much of a rulecuck

I hate those fucking rulecucks

there is no single thing on planet motherfucking earth that is worse

to be so much of a cuck that you feel the need to tell other people what they can do and what not



Guess those people in New Zealand are going to start using VPN from now on


File: d98c3973c122398⋯.gif (355.2 KB, 394x500, 197:250, spearsspar.gif)

Tldr go away & lik post on ur containment board ok



didn't read



You should ask yourself: Do a bunch of eunuchs that let their shit programs be present by a fat lesbian represent you?


File: 5b9f3e3139180af⋯.png (142.64 KB, 490x576, 245:288, 5b9f3e3139180af5aa0c93f3dd….png)


Been a while since I've seen such a quality post on here.


OP is a fag


File: f10749d7a38cde6⋯.png (335.53 KB, 595x629, 35:37, happy akari 2.png)


I only read the first 2 sentences.



File: ec8a23e42429be0⋯.jpg (43.46 KB, 388x512, 97:128, tl;dr.jpg)





>why were muslims targeted instead of a synagogue?

Because muslims are more likely to retaliate and thus aid in acceleration.

I didn't read further.

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