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File: a3d9d8ff10d4a01⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 512x286, 256:143, opisafaggot.jpg)


It's been years since I visited both half chan and full chan. The world have changed since, particularly towards faggots. This world has been more accepting of faggots. What does 8ch think of faggots? Does 8chan support faggots and lgbt shit now?


LGBTQ people are a part of our culture and have always been so. It's silly to hate on a group that'll literally never disappear, so those with an IQ over 80 realize that's it's wiser to support LGBTQ people, or at least be tolerant of their presence.


>Does 8chan support LGBTQ now?

Yes, I think it's safe to say that we do.



I'm guessing I can get banned now from saying faggot?


what a faggot fucking thread you cumslurping nigger enjoyer



Yeah, reported.


File: 6ed0bfdf0e73ab3⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 475x395, 95:79, 1544935874523.jpg)



Being a faggot is gay lmao








Faggots and trannys need to get back in the closet or die, the choice is theirs.


Fuck off faggot. Go back into the closet so we dont have to see your degenerate fagness or end your sorry excuse for a life.



oh well, that's horseshit then. I guess every neckbeard forums in the web are all supportive of this degeneracy.

It's been fun anons. But fuck all of you for succumbing into faggotry.



I see a true btard here. Made me smile a little. Thanks anon! Even just one anon against all these abomination, I am already satisfied.



I'm sorry, I lied. Faggots go in the camps.


File: b79428e37563559⋯.png (251.97 KB, 542x450, 271:225, kaiji.png)


my nigger


VPN test


File: 3dfad415d97d8e8⋯.gif (627.49 KB, 300x281, 300:281, doc.gif)


Then enjoy this and kys faggot



yup. they're also anti-pedophilia and CP. I'm trying to get 8chan back to it's roots.

this is what revisionism is, homosexuals are everywhere used by republicans to be anti-CP.




samefagging with lies so fucking hard

go frack your ass with a cactus lubed with diarrea from an elder rabbi and puke from an ebolanigger you pozzed faggot




Insults have improved over the years

you don't find raw gem-grade indults of that density on 4cucks anymore, the mines got depleted during the exodus


op larps as le epic oldfaggot



> It's silly to hate on a group that'll literally never disappear


That approach makes no sense whatsoever.

Even if they never disappear, it is incumbent upon everyone to insure that the fringe elements of society are kept that way by continued ostracizing in order to preserve social order and stability. Yes, recognize that faggots exist, but do not allow them into the mainstream of the social order or they will change that social order and it will weaken.

Your argument is shit, and to prove it, all you need to do is substitute "terrorists" for LGBBQ. They have always been a part of our culture, so it is silly to hate on them….right? Let's tolerate their presence. They are so misunderstood. Does that sound good to you, faggot?

KYS, You will NEVER be accepted into mainstream American culture. NEVER.



>VPN test

It failed. You are still identifiable as a name-fagging faggot.



stfu nigger



Pretty much this >>8817975

Like it or not, the gheys have been as much a part of the culture as autists.

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