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i miss the early 2010s, lolis were better back then





early 2010s tween loli

you missed out alot newfag


Omegle opened many opportunities for pedos to get with young sluts, now adays it's just filled with spam and oldfags who didn't migrate to other sites



You dun goofed! Her whole story was crazy.

Not too long ago some cross dressing weirdos actually tracked her down and paid her to make videos of her fucking them with a strapon.



You can find those vids on pornhubba



T. 30/40-something Xennial



Point me in the right direction good sir



By that you mean it gave pedos something to look at if they weren't man enough to fine real girls for in person encounters



tfw every child born in the 90s are in their 20s and the oldest just turned 30



Just put her fucking name in the search bar, bruh.




Nice too see jessi slaughter has recovered and is doing fine

god bless her tortured soul



File: 629dad0527ffe78⋯.png (117.29 KB, 455x364, 5:4, lain bro you just posted c….png)



oh shit, is that Jessi Slaughter?



There's a name I haven't seen in years!



How many glock's do we think she's had pop in her mouth


File: 1fa6a8ebba5fbfd⋯.jpg (761.49 KB, 2000x1394, 1000:697, Chloe Moretz 32.jpg)


File: 21a4ec68cfeed30⋯.png (569.79 KB, 510x537, 170:179, JS.png)

she's lost weight recently. has she done any new nudes now that she is not as fat?



That doesn't look recent, and once you get as fat as she is in those videos, your body never looks the same.



it was on her instagram recently.



Then her tits look like snooker balls stuffed into socks, guaranteed.



And where did they go?



Umm, I was born in 1989, and haven't quite turned 30 yet. A month away. So, your math is slightly wrong.


I'm 29 and all my girlfriends are always bearly 18. I'm blessed.



Did she lose the weight in those giant beef flaps of hers? If not then why bother.



she has no other use, so she may as well start getting it all out again.



>dating grandmas


>live in mud huts

>gets enslaved

>is gifted civilization by humans

>destroy humans' civilization

>claims you created civilization

>have not stopped serving the jew ever since

Guess which race am I talking about.

Still can't guess? here's one more hint: hate everything that is natural, like murder, rape, pedophilia and gender roles

Answer: Whites.


if thats jessie slaughter, werentr she on the way to become a man?


I would rather have sex with farm animals.



>dating girls past their peak at ages 12-15




1989 was 40 years ago.



>1989 was 40 years ago.

You are one dense motherfucker

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