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File: edf7a2e2b0237d4⋯.jpeg (86.83 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2a82dc18.jpeg)


Underage Girls are the best. Change my mind.



so cute..


Older guys think underage girls are cute. Younger guys? Not so much.

Even if it were legal, most young bucks will ogle but not smash any girl 3+ years their junior.



That’s because they’re terrified of the social implications, older guys are past the threshold of giving a fuck which ironically makes them more attractive to women in general.



She looks 25 years old.



Thats because society gives a free pass to older men.

Older men run society.

Have you ever noticed that whenever people talk about their son(s), they always blurt out their weak points?

"My son he a good boy but sucks at math."

"My son is a beast on the football field yet he cannot clean his room!"

By peers and elders alike, boys are always known mostly by their faults.

Girls are let off the hook.

The tables switch by 30. Now as men, their faults are viewed as charms, whereas women, their faults are federal offenses. Most people will not touch older women (especially with kids) with a ten-foot pole.

When women lose their cool, or grieve over a loved one, or need comfort from a breakup, their male friends handle them as indirectly as possible.



Tits are fake.



Maybe its also bc young girls dont turn them on. They had dealt with those gals during school years and want someone more mature and meaty.



Dunno 18year old girls look retarded, i prefer them with fat tits and other female shit.



Please clarify



They do look retarded to me. But as you say that the last time i was in a club is probably more than a year ago. hmm.



So youre saying under 18 girls are more aesthetic or over 18?



Good question but maybe put the under 18year olds on estrogen and soymilk like the murican government does that for the beta males.


alright so I'm kinda stuck here: I've got 2 chicks (one is 14 and shes pretty stacked for her age and the other will be 17 in a couple months) who really want my meat stick. the 14 yo is drop dead gorgeous and the 16 yo is really thicc and I'll probably fuck before her birthday. I can't fuck either of them yet and it's killing me, how do I let the younger one know I'm interested but want to wait until she's legal without getting her hopes up too much and making sure she keeps it a secret?



Another pol/ster?

I thought you guys would be above that shit, but thats expecting God to reset earth to Eden.



An underage girl's love is as trivial to obtain as a dog's and therefore no more meaningful.



I itches inside and outside of my skin, and i have to make the splinters smaller or there is more fear.



>triggered female posting again

You're looking at it the wrong way, older men develop a certain level of ambivalence to life and their failings which is perceived as confident nonchalance to women based on how the men portray themselves.

>society is run by older men

You don't know how society works, there is no secret order of older men like it's the fucking freemasons where everything is shifted to suit them. No it is literally that men by that age have developed some consummate experience and confidence in who they are that people find it charming.

And I don't know of any parents who run down their children like that, it sounds like you're projecting a lot. It sounds like you're repeating a lot of demoralizing garbage rhetoric that postmodern women use as a way to let their frustrations out on somebody in an inferior position to them. I've seen it a lot with single mothers, I've never seen fathers wantonly run down their own sons.

And that's just the point, once men get to a certain age, because they have put up with society treating them like shit for half their lives, they stop giving a shit and women, being the fucked up, shit-testing units they are soak their undies the second a man decides he doesn't need the world's approval to be satisfied with himself.



This post was made by a frustrated, jaded old woman.



Maybe it is because they are fucking cunts, just maybe.



I'm a man, thank you very much. And you still haven't addressed the argument.



Men don't want women who have a "mature" mindset, they want women who are full of bon vivant energy, and a cheerful, sweet disposition.



For me you had to earn it, earn it, to the best of your merit. That is how i see it.



It's not an argument, and if you are a man as you claim to be your testicles are made of pure soy.

Female love is inherently trivial, and the "love" of an entitled crone is not some hard-won prize. Females are inherently shallow, and you're better off securing the affections of one that makes you feel alive while you are in fact alive than to consign yourself to something based on what other people believe is appropriate for you.

Most people are petty and hateful and don't want others to be more happy than they are.




The older men? That's your bias bubbling up again like a blocked sewer again.



I knew you would write bias, because in essence, it is deeper than that. But do you want to know, do you want to hear that music that you have been unaware of because i ve always heard it. You only put it in a jar and labled it. Never opened it. That are my demons they are like paint and pain.



And just like you are stream of consicousness. You pour it into me, everything and i feel everything like i always did.



And yet you still felt emotionally compelled to say things which had zero objectivity.



Well you felt that too.



t. only ever fucked shallow women

I'm not soy, I'm experienced. It is possible for a woman to be loyal, but not a girl



I felt compelled to point out your lack of objectivity.



Most women aren't, but the 10 year marriage survival rates indicate that has more to do with how many partners they've had, which implies that young women with few to no partners are going to be much more likely to remain loyal than whores.

And it doesn't count if the woman is so blown out emotionally and physically that she is afraid to seek greener pastures.



>young women with few to no partners are going to be much more likely to remain loyal than whores.

AAAAHAHAHAHAH go back to your pua forum



Hes right faggot



There are decade plus long studies which prove this is statistically correct.

And besides, blown out whores being "loyal" is the shittiest, lowest form of it to exist, a man should consider it the highest of insults that he should be "settled upon" by some used up cooze.


File: a505a30a25127ac⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 1016x768, 127:96, lolololol.jpg)


>Underage Girls are the best. Change my mind.

protip: i cant.


There is something wonderful in having a woman who knows how the world works, has some life experience, and has known many people in knowing you and judging you as good.



no there isnt.



How do you know? Has it ever happened to you?



Women are pretty immature about everything.

I would even say I don't even give a shit unless it's like a tiny kid.



No, that's pathetic.

This is you.


>I'm not the last loser she settled on, she finally found out I'm the best

Lie, lie, LIE to yourself some more.

Evolutionary biology tells the tale, your value is determined by a woman by when she offers herself to you. If it is not at her peak, then she sees you as inferior.

You're delusional, what women think in "knowing many people" is that they know that you're a big enough chump to take her depreciated reproductive value and all of her baggage. The rest of that shit is stuff she either outright lies to you about or you tell yourself in order to rationalize how pathetic you are.


So right.


It's called evolutionary psychology, only fucking retards need experiential evidence to gain axiomatic knowledge.



Once a woman "knows how the world works", she has already conceded failure, if she does not choose you when she's flush with arrogance and bursting with pheromones, she's got you as a mark.


Female "intelligence" if you can call it that, or at least the peak expression of it is the opposite of that of male intellect.

Female "intelligence" is reproductively based and almost entirely unconscious and sublimated. The lower functioning brain, the reptile brain is the refined aspect of the female intellect, if she needs to "rationalize" through coherent thought why she would choose you over merely being overcome with desire to simply do so, she's not only not attracted to you, but she's using you.



>The lower functioning brain, the reptile brain is the refined aspect of the female intellect

Whoa buddy.

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