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The Fabricated Charges Against Assange Show How Much Our Society Has Drifted Towards Totalitarianism

by Rainer Shea 05/15/19

2019 is a time when we’re supposed to have always been at war with Russia, when those who hold incorrect thoughts are Russian propagandists who should be censored for spreading “fake news,” and when the crimes that political prisoners are accused of become real simply because the official consensus says they are. In this world, heroes like Julian Assange are turned into the most heinous villains imaginable through media narrative control and the actions of corrupt courts.

Assange is arguably the biggest enemy of the global oligarchy, because he’s created a tool for exposing high-level corruption that continues to regularly do PR damage to governments and corporations. And the power structure’s means for retaliation have been to smear him, and to target him with the law at every opportunity. This operation to take down Assange has driven society in a totalitarian direction.

Show trials, where the government theatrically convicts people for crimes that they haven’t committed, are a classic feature of dictatorships. Examples range from the Nazi People’s Court, where prisoners frequently had charges leveled against them without being able to defend themselves, to the extrajudicial arrests and assassinations that the United States has engaged in throughout the War on Terror. The persecution of Assange and other whistleblowers is taking America to a point where the state can treat dissidents the way that they were treated under the Third Reich.

As a U.N. panel found in 2016, Assange was being arbitrarily detained in the Ecuadorian embassy throughout his time there, with threats of prosecution having given him no choice but to stay confined in his legal refuge. During this time, his health dangerously deteriorated because his detention made him lack access to medical treatment. He was kept in this situation as governments around the world continued to threaten him with prosecution, and as media outlets throughout the West harmed his chances for freedom by directing a politically motivated smear campaign against him. The most damaging piece of slander that these outlets have directed against Assange is the claim that WikiLeaks got Democratic emails from Russian hackers in 2016, a now thoroughly debunked lie that’s been floated as a route for prosecuting him.

Since the U.S. pressured Ecuador to force Assange out of the embassy last month, several of the popular slanders against him have been used to target him with the law. The American DOJ’s initial charge against him was transparently bogus; the Trump administration’s claim that Assange deserves prosecution for “conspiracy to commit computer intrusion” comes from the exact same charge that Obama’s DOJ considered using against Assange, and the Obama administration found the charge to be insufficient for treating someone as a criminal. Last month, it was also revealed that the DOJ is investigating Assange for “obtaining and disseminating secret information,” a crime that’s punishable by death. If these charges are carried out, both government leakers and their publishers will be subject to a dictatorial new legal paradigm where revealing the secrets of the powerful is punished potentially by execution.


It's not that I don't care, it's that I know there's fuck all I can do about it.

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