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File: fa327d003b808a2⋯.jpg (56.73 KB, 539x700, 77:100, c02cd492-02a2-11e7-987e-b7….jpg)


how are you people?

I've left and stopped browsing 8chan's /b/ for the last 3 months, I tried to get myself a real life instead of browsing the internet ,shitposting and watching animeo suggested by retarded anons.

I've failed in achieving a normal life, I still suffer from many psychological problems, I can not get out to the street without the anxiety strikes my ass without mercy and feel with panic attacks.

the things has developed these days and I suffer from a great depression that does not allow me to even go for my exams.

I feel pity for myself, I don't know what should I do, I really think about ending the whole thing and not just to fuck around about nothing.

what should I do /b/ ?


you cant really just choose to become a normalfag. its not going to happen if you dont have people that support you in it. its just not going to happen when all the others just avoid you. just go outside sometimes.. its good for you but you dont have to stop doing what you like.



well I tried to get people dear anon but , the problem is that I didn't feel good being around with people "friends" , I hated the fact that I am always surrounded by people whom always pretend to understand me and I am really tired from acting like "yeah! you people understand the shit I go through" , also beside acting like I care about anything they discuss

it really killed me slowly , I tried my best but I failed.

however I agree with you on that:

>you cant really just choose to become a normalfag

>just go outside sometimes.. its good for you but you dont have to stop doing what you like.



normalfags like that fake happiness. its just annoying if you arent like them. something i have noticed is that the anxiety gets worse if you just stay inside too much. then if you start going outside walking or something every day it starts going away. still dont care about the normalfags but you just start ignoring them instead of thinking about them or what they think about you. starting doing it is the hardest part tho and you probably wont immediately be succesful in doing it every day


>i have crippling depression

get a wheelchair


File: 192568ba6886e03⋯.png (104.99 KB, 1548x1468, 387:367, 1552350228466.png)

Leaving this world might not be as scary as it sounds



He never used the word 'crippling' you bozo



harden yourself, armor your mind against the relentless entropy of the mundane world, and know that if you swim in the darkness deep and long enough, you will find the calm eye in the infinite storm where you will be able to rise out of the depths and deploy your wings to set this world ablaze with the righteous flame of your anger



its better to stay alive. it makes the normalfag wageslave mad


Just embrace being a spaz and enjoy yourself.

Turn all of your inward hatred outwards.



you are a real faggot, you know that?


Face your fears. Go out and talk to people even if you give them the creeps and they don't like you. You'll find many are kinder than you expect and you'll learn to get by without the approval of the rest. When you realize you're really in no physical danger things will get easier. When you're able to stand up straight and look people in the eye they'll respect you more. It takes time and effort. You can't do most of it from your room.

Spend an hour picturing a chair as a real human. Talk to that chair and imagine it responding as people actually normally talk to each-other. When you get used to that go to a store and say "hi" to a cashier. You don't have to make it a conversation, just one word. Branch out from there.


File: 3e396f437fbbd9b⋯.jpg (179.91 KB, 720x400, 9:5, Functional Thigh And Legs ….jpg)

Functional Thigh And Legs Workout Outside Home




better not do this before you can talk well about normalfag things. its going to be really weird if you talk about wrong things with some random on the street. no one ever does that if they dont know the person anyway.


File: 0fe318b87707513⋯.png (208.61 KB, 1512x1114, 756:557, depression.png)


File: 0325a57681d8e2a⋯.jpg (43.12 KB, 600x450, 4:3, shiggy2.jpg)


>current year +5

>taking anti-depressants


an hero



/b/ told me to get an autistic girl friend and I did and I am doing much better.

the trick is being tall, attractive, and charming.

but also having a kind heart and helping others.

but also knowing the con



you are a faget you need to suck a dick or shut your shitholie mouth up



Or drugs, either or



Were you getting high by any chance within even a few months of your attacks? Mind altering medications? Because if yes that becomes a primary subject to address.



ha. People should just accept not going outside thier range in finding mates. But if you can. More power to you.


File: 6bf6e75f5de3503⋯.jpg (334.49 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, e477e35b039520c11c08b01894….jpg)


Stay away from imageboards if you want any happiness at all.



none of your business

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