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File: c3c37b12712ee99⋯.png (145.51 KB, 802x1300, 401:650, pedobear.png)


Guess what someone posted to the front page of Xhamster.


nobody care


direct link, i'm curious right now


HA! No way!



kek, time to fap!


They seem ok with it, maybe 8chan isn't so perverted in our times!




I can't find it



if you can't even go to the front page of Xhamster, you could as well go back to reddit or even facebook



It's been up for over 5 hours now, heh.

Also, dubs checked.


Look for this title:

Russian College Girl Blowjob


Aaaaand… it's gone



aww who did it


"This movie has been removed due to participation of too young looking persons on the screen."





So who was the star?



It was just that Siberian moose thing that was spammed everywhere on the internet. I made an xhamster accoutn just to report it to spoil pederasts fun.



>I made an xhamster accoutn just to report it to spoil pederasts fun.

Nice. I would have done the same thing. I don't create new accounts but sometimes I spam social media and create fake outrage so stuff like that gets taken down.






you're the reason we can't have nice things. /b/ wasn't filled with redditors back then.



jokes on you

i only report so i can have them all to myself



What was the video OP? I don't see anything special on the front page but a day has passed. Any chance of linking what it was?



The fact i triggered you into making this response to me is the real reason i posted the post because pedo's are very easy to manipulate into being butthurt because of thier low iq :^)



>because of thier low iq

Ain't that the truth.

Any pedo that thinks their dick is supposed to go inside a 2yo has problems.


ahhh anti pedo's so full of their own self loathing at their desires that they feel they must go amongst their like to finger point and virtue signal, so nobody looks twice at them.

the "poofter bashers" of the 1970's and 1980's who are now front and center of all the gay pride marches in 2010 and dressed to "thrill"



Where's it supposed to go genius


Nobady else..



u dont post to front page of xhamster. Fron page has newest uploads and its not a newest anymore




you're some kind of special, aren't you?


oh so you didn't see the video, 5/10 troll believed it for a second

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