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"The Supreme Court notes that a person who, against her will, is subjected to a sexual approach does not have a responsibility to say no or to express her reluctance in any other way. Furthermore, the Court notes that the fact that the plaintiff and the perpetrator agreed to lay in the same bed and that they were dressed in only underwear does not mean that the plaintiffs volunteered in the sexual acts ",

"The court finds it proven that the perpetrator has carried out the sexual acts without her having participated voluntarily. However, it has not been proven that the perpetrator acted intentionally, but that he acted grossly negligently. "

Sharia when?



no sauce, fake and gay



The more feminists push "rape is anything you want it to be" the more they trivialize it. Soon it will be a misdemeanor.


What kind of fucking freaks are on this planet?

>we're just gonna strip down half naked alone together and lay around in bed, but no funny stuff mkay


>rape out of gross negligence

Sad to see the swedish justice system fall victim to cultural marxism. The country is completely fucked now


>it's not the jews who rape our little girls

>it's not the niggers who rape our little girls

>it's not the rapefugees who groom our little girls

>it's not the fags who rape our little boys

<it's the muslims who fuck their own wives in their own lands

<it's the toxic incels who want to groom little girls

>it's never our enemies

>it's the ones who DONT hate us who are bad

When are we going to kill those retarded drones?


My god this is what feminism does to a fucking society holy shit.




Rape will have the same shame as drunk driving. Except with rape, they will continue to extend the prison sentences and lower the bar on the definition. Until regret sex (for any reason in her fucking mind) is rape, punishable by life in prison.

So we continue to roll the dice, gents. Is it worth it?



CEO of Volvo Says Company is Considering Leaving Sweden Partly Due to Rise in Violent Crime

>“We will only place our headquarters in a country where things work”.



What is the point of this spammy garbage?


Yeah I know this shit, they go on about consent but it's all BS cuz they can change their mind after anyway.

What it really means is "fuck you white boy dis iz our cuntry now" which it will be soon if we don't sort our shit out.



> a person who, against her will, is subjected to a sexual approach

they have to prove it was against their will

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