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Probably taking molly for the first time this weekend (first substance ever, not even alcohol or weed), any advice? Also maybe a good drugs board on this site?


I did it for years. For your first time you want to be around friends who are also doing it, if even if it's just a couple. When it starts to hit you'll want to talk about how you're feeling. It's a nice experience.

If you're around a lot of people, stick to the people who are taking it. Drunk and stoned people are hard to relate to when you're on molly. So try to steer away from them.

Other advice: Don't drink alcohol before or during, and also take it on an empty stomach. Food and booze can lessen the effects. Definitely don't smoke pot because (for me) it makes the whole experience go sideways. Stick to the one drug. A line of cocaine might be okay, but that's it.

The effects last for 4 to 6 hours. The morning after you're going to want to plan that out somehow. Bloody Mary's are the best, if you know how to make them right. Watch mindless TV like 'Jackass' and chill out and talk about your experiences. The morning after, after your first time should be very nice.

Good luck.


if you can get it 5-HTP a few tablets when you are going to sleep after the E wears off and a few the next night before bed as well

otherwise plenty of protein chicken cheese etc when you are up to eating





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