1. Global rule is always enforced


1. Do not Spam or flood

2. Don't post template threads. Example: "X thread? X thread.", "Thoughts?", "*X your Y*, what do?", ETC.

3. No Duplicate threads. *Multiple .webm threads are allowed for different topics.

4. Threads with spam in subject field are not allowed. Example: ".", "afsdfadf", ETC.


1. No Pedos. >>>/l/ allowed

2. No Trap threads

3. Porn sauce requests belong on >>>/r/


1. No Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Discord, Steam, Twitch, ETC. requests

2. All rate my GF/BF/dick, ETC. Belong on elsewhere

3. Threads about celebs / e-celeb threads belong elsewhere.

4. Posts with content such as "tfw no gf / bf, ETC." belong on elsewhere

5. Users under 18 will be banned

6. No "Pics you shouldn't share threads".


1. All meta content about 4chan, 8chan, bans, other boards, or the moderation thereof belongs on >>>/sudo/.

2. No Ban evasion. Screencaps of bans may be treated as ban evasion.

3. Requesting to be mod will get your thread removed.



1. Repeated bans may be doubled and ban evasion may be permanent.

2. Do not mess with other mods bans/appeals. The board owner will handle these.

3. Please put a reason on your ban or the rule broken. Example: "Trap thread", "Porn. No Trap Threads."

4. Not following these rules may get your account deleted.

5. Funbans are allowed. Keep them shorter than 1d.

6. Range bans are allowed on spam and ban evaders.

Ban lengths.

Global: Permanent. No exceptions.

Spam: 12h to 90d depending on severity and repeat offenses.

Porn: 12h to 5d. (pedo can be any length 30d to permanent, just get that shit out of here)

Meta: 12h to 30d

• Repetitious threads (same threads or style of thread over and over again) are allowed if they aren't spammed. Cyclical threads may be requested at bump limit. .webm thread, Hikkichan thread.

• Porn threads are limited to 1 thread for 3D and 2D each.

• It's highly recommended to post porn on the respective porn boards. This will help traffic and keep the /b/ catalog from being consumed by porn.

This page is subject to changes.

Last updated on February 1st, 2019.