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File: e180ad548bfe1b0⋯.jpg (189.86 KB, 700x455, 20:13, the-village-700x455.jpg)

File: abd97e331f1a6bc⋯.jpg (61.86 KB, 767x431, 767:431, the-witcher-triss-merigold….jpg)


Yennefer and Triss should look like theyre in their upper thirties, but theyre played by actors in their lower twenties.

Yennefer's is 22

Triss' is 26

What the fuck is wrong with hollywood and why cant they deliver on the milfs?

In the book it says Yen's figure is like that of a 20yo, did they take that as meaning her face and everything else looked like a 20yo as well?

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It tends to be red heads/gingers too that they replace with niggers that sport curly hair. Its a very noticeable trend and its weird as shit.


File: 1385a95a5566782⋯.png (455.42 KB, 633x845, 633:845, milkchanmope.png)


mope harder



its because red heads are the rarest breed of whites, and the oldest. they replace them, its a sign of things to come.



Shit characters in an otherwise interesting game.




YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Boomers gonna BOOM

Post boomercore music and remember when women were proud to be a man's bitch.

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My all time fave boomer classic to sing along to


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>1985 is now boomer and not gen X



I figured OP meant boomer in the meme sense of everybody over 30


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: a9895e6c6f1db5a⋯.png (607.67 KB, 474x715, 474:715, ClipboardImage.png)


schizopost ITT

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>it's funny if I keep doing it



That's me too.



1. Poor video quality. The feet go back to normal when he re-enters the mosque but you can see that there are parts of his foot that are partially blue due to the nigger tier camera quality.

2. Camera quality.

3. See 1.

4. See 2.


The holocaust happened.

File: 41c6757e5fa9cca⋯.png (246.34 KB, 354x367, 354:367, 1467941944700.png)


why my thread about rss function on torrent client was deleted?

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kys thainigger


File: 0df2fab6f70fc6b⋯.jpg (6.34 KB, 183x275, 183:275, rabbit108.jpg)


what if I kill you first ?



You'll die in another military coup long before then


File: 187697d04b74c90⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1520x1200, 19:15, jojo4.jpg)



the last coup :zero dead

you fools



<bugs bunny posting

gtfo /intl/

File: 60174ad12fc9c4e⋯.jpg (123.24 KB, 1300x957, 1300:957, male-robber-with-baseball-….jpg)


How hard/long would it take to beat someone into a stroke with a baseball bat. Like say I Mark McGuire some cunt in the head, how many more whacks would it take to stroke them out?

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No shit taken, I know that "stroke" is a vague term, I'm just looking for brain damage in general. I know that if they start seizing during the job you've gone too far. I'm just looking for a technique to prevent them dying.



Well I'm an internet navy seal and hitting people in the head can cause a brain hemorrhage aka stoke but it can also cause blunt force trauma that does not cause a stroke, often a blood clot that hits the heart and causes a heart attack or goes to the lungs. But being an keyboard Dr. you know all of that.



>But being an keyboard Dr. you know all of that.

That's Dr. Keyboard to you


Damn brah just smoke some weed and chill out my dude lmao



Brain damage is better achived by restricting breathing. Choking or drowning

File: 606145503fed018⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 400x400, 1:1, DgaIqOCXcAIw3ig.jpg)


Can women consent to reproduction?

Seriously, imagine that if you have sex it makes a three kilo shit in your womb that will destroy your pee hole, your body, probably kill you and makes your tits less beautiful.

So how can women biologically consent beside the "it feels good"

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Yes otherwise the lion is violating the NAP.



i don't get it? Is that guy not white? looks like his father


File: 453da12322fcaa7⋯.jpg (291.3 KB, 1125x1122, 375:374, r-monkey.jpg)


>unable to divorce reality from their sexual fantasies.

If anything incels on 8chan fit that description




It probably gave up many lbs ago and forgot what a "sexual fantasy" is.


File: 5ecb0d43d566cee⋯.jpg (30.72 KB, 480x480, 1:1, kys.jpg)

<people aren't responsible for their own actions if they have bad consequences


File: 046d97c7b79acd0⋯.png (43.84 KB, 402x561, 134:187, rabbit sith.png)


come fun post at


note: you must have 108 IQ up to post there

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File: c9cf3761e46af9c⋯.png (36.18 KB, 241x242, 241:242, rabbit zero jr4.png)


Foolish westerners . that is your biggest mistake

it's bad karma. now you will understand what it's like to be minority on your own land.

Asians like China are real inventors or many things also your gun. it have root back from china taoism monks


File: dfae939c6e8c456⋯.jpg (573.69 KB, 1439x1092, 1439:1092, here it comes.jpg)


But you came after the commie generation that destroyed many Chinese artifacts. At least Japan's culture is getting destroyed by Jews, not by themselves.



108 IQ is borderline retarded tbqh


File: 9de03f0615573e8⋯.jpg (297.87 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, rabbit77.jpg)



"Bad gene was selected"

I don't think Nature care things you call good or bad. you are the one who try to refuse selecting of nature. funny isn't it ?

Nazism think they are Racism but they are not

you should learn taoism

start be call me sensei for first step


File: 14cc090a3d93ef4⋯.jpg (490.36 KB, 1920x1235, 384:247, zack-cy-madmax-study.jpg)


You should learn grammar

File: e5d89dafae3b75b⋯.png (225.04 KB, 615x591, 205:197, 2f8371bbc228fcc008f70a396e….png)

File: daa4154f10f3534⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 753x394, 753:394, 1560910693101.jpg)

File: 9f32fb6cc3d4ec9⋯.jpg (53.6 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 1560469566347.jpg)

File: 63ebf22bf94d14d⋯.png (339.12 KB, 597x597, 1:1, Alita and me.png)

File: 9192e6022da22ce⋯.jpg (267.5 KB, 1200x1128, 50:47, 1559251003541.jpg)


Post 5 random pictures

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File: d3b1e4ce6f5a069⋯.webm (4.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ( ( ( If I Where The Devi….webm)

File: 0ce0897e0890ba3⋯.webm (5.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ( ( ( intolerance cause v….webm)

File: cf537779e663c28⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1386x1040, 693:520, ( ( my place 2.jpg)

File: aa4e5329910eea7⋯.jpg (567.12 KB, 1386x1040, 693:520, ( ( my place.jpg)

File: 0dba813a0c3a4cc⋯.png (388.31 KB, 1200x1700, 12:17, (((How to counter right wi….png)



Amerimutts' "heritage" is from the mediterranean race, but they believe it's from nords. Fuinniest part? They have 0 nord blood, amerimutts are like 1/64 italian and 56% anglo with "a bit of scottish".


File: d40626bc2d60a28⋯.gif (624.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, spurdoe_nip.gif)

File: dcabe90ee71bf96⋯.png (112.81 KB, 565x565, 1:1, TGT_anime.png)

File: a2536bb4c1042ef⋯.png (581.97 KB, 1000x998, 500:499, born_to_AWOO.png)

File: 3c35ab6afd512b9⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1024x1598, 512:799, polnareff.png)

File: 7698e57d0da2e0c⋯.jpg (387.29 KB, 2556x1084, 639:271, cleric.jpg)


File: c0ec4f123a29185⋯.jpeg (95.09 KB, 896x1155, 128:165, pokewaifu with gub.jpeg)

File: 5d30973b07a7a65⋯.png (62.25 KB, 200x197, 200:197, ベビィピーチ-9.png)

File: 88bd9d6e631e95b⋯.jpg (177.04 KB, 709x709, 1:1, 0d68abef1e15d7f603ad5ec1da….jpg)

File: a5b3767452c3453⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 388x443, 388:443, the_violence_has_escalated.jpg)

File: ba4167c56d844ed⋯.png (118.67 KB, 906x822, 151:137, UWU.png)


File: 88080e8309b704c⋯.jpg (667.05 KB, 1200x1899, 400:633, 7faf10dc3f0807bb3f5c9242ba….jpg)

File: 321ba9db87608b0⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 750x585, 50:39, 1546616340856.jpg)

File: d505709344894a9⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 491x699, 491:699, 1548298036502.jpg)

File: f8d41293b919abe⋯.jpg (55.38 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1548730581482.jpg)

File: ef5fa8d2757043b⋯.jpg (302.93 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1548950583091.jpg)

File: 4825f4298535d61⋯.jpg (331.41 KB, 724x779, 724:779, 1556779850745.jpg)


I can't wait to create at least 4 hapa sons with my Asian fiance.

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File: 4fd83cc61355d13⋯.webm (3.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, happy.webm)

tell me you guys wouldn't take the rice pill, if you could.


>the SJWs forced me to racemix!




2 nukes weren't enough.

The KyoAni fire was an act of justice.




it's a Chinese song, you uncultured swine


File: 5c3e3182edd8d50⋯.jpg (256.82 KB, 1400x1361, 1400:1361, MentalIllness.jpg)


Closeted homosexual.

File: 0d4c11f07221dcd⋯.jpg (604.05 KB, 2100x2800, 3:4, product-original-637289-23….jpg)


>blocks your path

What do?

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I'll dance with her.


File: a9ca96544ff3c17⋯.jpg (45.96 KB, 600x733, 600:733, 1446742132040.jpg)


File: 03a4f3220abb4f8⋯.png (582.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, soyfatherPets.png)


Yup it depends on the child


File: dfae939c6e8c456⋯.jpg (573.69 KB, 1439x1092, 1439:1092, here it comes.jpg)


No they can't


File: 8a4aae27c881ba3⋯.jpg (108.71 KB, 600x363, 200:121, 1554447182719.jpg)


Hi Zach.

File: fe0a2bd9766452b⋯.jpeg (29.3 KB, 660x574, 330:287, serveimage (13).jpeg)


Can we just talk to each other ITT like we are in real life? No memes and gay shit.

47 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: f9e3f04213d22ab⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GRIDS.png)


File: 3d1fc635cf1ddc8⋯.gif (396.46 KB, 480x368, 30:23, katz write.gif)

>Dr Katz posting is actually happening

I'm so happy.


File: 0430d42cb8fd2d8⋯.jpg (108.71 KB, 600x363, 200:121, 1471406315386.jpg)



I'm gonna need updates on this, as a fellow NEET.

Also good luck, anon.




The weather today was fucking dynamite around here, for a change. Also, I like the sun, but I hate the summer.

File: 4a007bdbb70f970⋯.jpeg (36.11 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, quesiton.jpeg)


tybb hidden 43 seconds /b2/ Deleted post #524572

You deleted my thread asking for shoop requests.

Is this you way of enforcing the correct board culture? what rule was broken? too much scat spammed in my fucking thread maybe?

9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.





this is what remains of /b2/ RIP.

I make a thread actually trying to provide OC, its deleted.. next thing i hear "cope"

yea, im copeing this doorknob. later



>t. cоpeposter

quite clever


tybb hidden 7 minutes /b2/ Bumplocked thread #524878

LOL, well this board is b1.


tybb, you had a good thing man. you are intent on losing it i guess. plenty of other boards out there that dont have a single person just deleting shit they dont like. i will go there.

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