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File: c276888287b19f4⋯.jpeg (82.64 KB, 630x630, 1:1, soon.jpeg)


It might want to think about this.

In February 2014, the Iranian navy announced it was sending two warships toward the U.S. East Coast. “This move has a message,” Adm. Afshin Rezayee Haddad said, adding that the deployment is “Iran’s response to Washington’s beefed up naval presence in the Persian Gulf.

Haddad failed to mention that the two ships were a lightly armed tanker and a tiny, 45-year-old “destroyer”—neither of which would last long against the U.S. Coast Guard, to say nothing of the U.S. Navy.

That destroyer, the British-built Sabalan, has encountered the Americans before. In 1988, Iran mined international waters in the Persian Gulf, leading to swift U.S. reprisal. Amid skirmishes, Sabalan fired on American A-6 bombers. The planes counterattacked, dropping a laser-guided bomb straight down Sabalan’s smoke stack and severely damaging the vessel.

Iran’s ragtag navy has a long history of waging losing battles with the U.S. and other Western powers. And the most decisive battle of all for the Iranian fleet isn’t even being fought with missiles, guns and bombs.

During World War II, the Allied powers worried that Iran, while technically neutral, might sympathize with and aid the Nazis, potentially depriving the Allies of the country’s oil. On Aug. 25, 1941, Commonwealth and Soviet forces invaded.

British and Australian warships steamed into Abadan Harbor as part of a surprise attack that one historian likened to the Japanese bombing of America’s naval base at Pearl Harbor just three months later. HMS Shoreham opened fire first, striking the Iranian warship Palang, moored at the pier.

Soon virtually the entire Iranian fleet—small gunboats, mostly—was in ruins … and commander-in-chief Adm. Gholamali Bayandor lay dead. The British and Soviets divided up Iran and deposed its shah. In the two decades following the war, the new regime rebuilt the navy with mostly British-made ships—many of which remain in service today.

The new Iranian navy fought hard during the bloody Iran-Iraq war between 1980 and 1988, conducting blockades, amphibious raids and other complex operations. But Iran’s attacks on tanker ships—some strictly neutral, others admittedly supplying Iraq—incited international rage.

In 1987, Washington approved Kuwait’s request to “reflag” its tankers as American vessels, in order to allow the U.S. Navy to escort the giant ships through the Persian Gulf. The Americans’ Operation Earnest Will, lasting from July 1987 to September 1988, included several smaller efforts that resulted in the destruction of Iranian forces and the gradual dismantling of Tehran’s fleet.


The Americans were woefully unprepared at first, lacking minehunting gear and effective self-defense systems against anti-ship missiles—and neglecting close coordination with the Iraqis. The latter oversight resulted in an Iraqi jet accidentally hitting the American frigate USS Stark with a missile in May 1986, killing 37 sailors.

But American methods improved. The Navy converted two oil-service barges into “sea bases” for Special Operations Forces and armed helicopters, and the Army placed attack copters aboard Navy ships. On Sept. 21, Army Little Bird helicopters from the famed 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment—the “Nightstalkers”—attacked the Iranian vessel Ajr as she laid mines, forcing the crew to abandon ship.

A few days later, Little Birds approached three Iranian patrol boats suspected of setting up a tanker attack. The boats opened fire and the copters hit back, sinking all three.

On Oct. 16, 1987, an Iranian missile struck a Kuwaiti tanker, injuring 19 seafarers. In retaliation, a powerful U.S. task force targeted two inoperable oil platforms that Iranian forces—technically from the Revolutionary Guards rather than the mainline navy—were using as bases for armed speedboats.

American warships surrounded the platforms, compelling the Iranian crews to evacuate. U.S. Special Operations Forces climbed aboard one platform to gather up any documents left behind. As warplanes from the aircraft carrier USS Ranger flew overhead, four U.S. destroyers opened fire, setting the platforms ablaze.

On April 14, 1988, the frigate USS Samuel B. Roberts struck an Iranian mine while escorting tanker ships through the Persian Gulf. She was heavily damaged, although with no loss of life. The carrier USS Enterprise led a massive retaliatory attack.

Two U.S. destroyers and an amphibious assault ship carrying a battalion of Marines assaulted an Iranian oil platform being used as a staging base. The Iranians fired 23-millimeter cannons, drawing heavy return fire from the destroyers and Marine Cobra helicopters. Marines stormed the platform, capturing one surviving Iranian gunner.

Iranian speedboats raided three civilian cargo ships. As the Iranians withdrew, Enterprise’s A-6 bombers zeroed in, sinking one speedboat with cluster bombs.

The Iranian missile boat Joshan fired a Harpoon anti-ship missile at a group of American warships—and missed. The Americans fired back with Harpoon and Standard missiles then closed on the damaged Joshan, sinking her with their guns.

While the U.S. ships fought off Iranian air attacks, Tehran’s 1960s-vintage destroyers joined the battle. Sahand and Sabalan both fired without effect at A-6s overhead. The A-6s shot back with Harpoons and laser-guided bombs, sinking Sahand and badly damaging Sabalan.

At least 56 Iranians died in the fighting. Two U.S. Marines perished when their helicopter crashed. Battered, the Iranian fleet pulled back—and since then has been hesitant to make good on its periodic threats against Iran’s neighbors and the U.S.

For all the damage inflicted during the battles of the 1980s, the Iranian navy has suffered most from international sanctions put into place following the Islamic Revolution of 1979, which transformed Tehran from an ally of the West into a bitter enemy.

Iran relied on British-made warships and had little shipbuilding capacity of its own, but after ‘79 most foreign manufacturers were barred from doing business with Tehran. The Iranian navy had to make do with the vessels it had on hand plus copies of those ships assembled by the country’s nascent maritime industry.

The result of which is an Iranian fleet that in 2017 is still composed mostly of designs from the 1960s, including survivors of the lopsided engagements with the Americans. It’s a fleet that stood little chance against the U.S. in 1987 and 1988—and is even more hopelessly outclassed today.


Meanwhile, USA is using mind control against their own population to force them into NEET-dom.


Not only that, the AI that makes sure everyone shit posts and takes selfies all day on facebook to stop terrorism is convinced Im an alien from krypton.

Dear mother of god



It will be a cakewalk, right? Just like Iraq 2: electric boogaloo


The US hostile navy's object tracking radar and information system is limited to under 100 concurrent targets. Any more than that (say, a 200 speedboat run) will rape US 1navy ships.


Reminder a war with Iraq cost the USA over $2,000,000,000,000 and 5000 lives and tens of thousands of badly wounded veterans that must be cared for the rest of their lives. The war last 10years and we are still spending billions per year there and losing american citizens to violence to this day and for years to come

Reminder that before the Iraq war Iraq was on an "oil for food" program barely had any working tanks and no meaningful air force or navy. Reminder iraq's population is about 40million

Reminder Iran has far better military equipment and more loyal armed forces with some navy and air force and tanks in working order. Reminder the population in Iran is 80million

so we are probably looking at 5 trillion or more dollars, tens of thousands of soldiers lost and 20 years of even harder occupation in Iran






Sounds bad but the average citizen never felt its effects



>Sounds bad but the average citizen never felt its effects

they felt the effects of all that money being spent on Iraq, that could have funded health care for every needy american for 20 years or a near total rebuild of all US roads and bridges which would have created 100,000 good jobs in the USA people could have been proud to have

you just don't notice the difference because nobody in your immediate family died or got their legs blown off or burned, but millions of people's families were affected like this. It would be a big difference between spending money like that on a shithole vs millions of americans having family members who had the pride of building things in the USA vs having their dicks blown off or dead in a war and all the rest of us having nice new roads to drive on or our health ins paid for for decades and the workforce being more healthy



Persians and Arabs have a terrible track record of waging war against anyone.

People spent decades trying to figure out why. But basically everything they touch turns to shit.



The government isn't in the business of health care, it's in the business of war.



The problem in Iraq is that the US never got any of the oil contracts.

Everyone gave them shit for having a 'war for oil' but Turkey got all the Iraqi oil contracts and became very rich and the US got nothing.



>The government isn't in the business of health care, it's in the business of war.

the government is absolutely in the business of health care and spends hundreds of billions on it every year and has for 80+ years



They shouldn't be



yeah it's better to have poor people who can't get basic medical care, a healthy workforce is for fags



Then they should die. If you can't hack it in America get on a boat and go live in a nanny state shithole that holds your hand and pretends nature stops where society starts. I have no interest in subsidizing weaklings with no support structure nor drive to excel. If the unwashed masses wish to congregate like rats in cities, sucking down a cigarette with each breath and spreading pestilence more efficiently than fleas they can reap what they sow. You're poor in America because you want to be poor.



if not for all the fucking fatfucks and insurance kikes it wouldn't be so god damn expensive



>Then they should die.

I am sure you were 100% self sufficient at the age of 18 without your parents paying your insurance for one single day after that



regardless my point was we could have spent all that Iraq money on US roads or given it to bootstrap job creators like you in the form of tax cuts (not having the gvt have the money at all vs. spending it to destroy iraq then rebuild it)

I love how "might be a good idea not to get involved in a never ending ground war in the middle east" turned into "the working poor should not be allowed to see doctors"



The opposite is true, the muricans lifted the propaganda ban on their on population in 2011 or 2013?. Their main goal is to social engineer a "healthy" society with rather questionable ethics.

That is why you get ratted if you get certain checkmarks.


The Iranian "Navy" doesn't stand a chance against U.S. military technology. A few speed boats with RPG's vs. 21st American firepower - the battle would be over in seconds.


why you do dis


File: 2c246c9500a166b⋯.jpg (5.76 KB, 275x183, 275:183, luloz.jpg)


>yeah it's better to have poor people who can't get basic medical care

It's virtually impossible to be turned away from a medical facility for medical care in the U.S. It's against federal law to turn down medical care if the facility receives state or federal funds.

However, I am open to you citing one single example of it happening in the past 3 years with a substantiating source. We both know you can't though, because you're full of shit.



>The Iranian "Navy" doesn't stand a chance against U.S. military technology. A few speed boats with RPG's vs. 21st American firepower - the battle would be over in seconds.

well no shit, but that's not the issue is it? We have not gotten involved in an all out mine vs. your military war with clear cut objectives since 1945

They will be blowing up our teenagers with road side bombs made out of washing machine parts till 2040 if we invade. Kids who have not even been born yet will die in the streets over there


Well, Sen. Angus King and others have emerged (10am) from a classified briefing, even the Dems say they believe the intel but doubt the U.S. explanation of why it is that Iran is on high alert.

What he wasn't allowed to say on CNN is that the Saudis on Tuesday formally requested that the U.S. fulfill the obligations of its alliance with the Kingdom of Saud and launch missile strikes into Iran. The true purpose of the Gang of Eight meeting this morning was for the Executive to fulfill its obligations under the National Security Act of 1947 to notify the Gang of Eight before any military incursion.

Within the next 24 hours, over 300 Tomahawks and JASSMs will rain down on Iran like molten metal thrown by the hand of God himself. Iran's nuclear program will be completely obliterated and most likely, its entire Navy and its entire air defense capability. Those S-300s Russia sold them a few years back? They will be history.

The U.S. will then insist that Iran not respond to the attacks, but they will, and that will open the door to regime change.



File: fd84b2641bddc88⋯.jpg (216.52 KB, 720x1079, 720:1079, 0482ff8011b5f94a9079cb0b58….jpg)


this is not a debate about whether the working poor should be allowed to receive good planned medical care vs "not being turned away from the er and just being sent cripling bills so that's fine"

It's about wasting trillions of dollars on bombing sheep fuckers for decades vs. not. If we are going to piss away trillions of dollars let's spend it on the fucking roads and things we need here in the USA if we are not going to piss away trillions of dollars let's not tax it from hard working totally self sufficent real 100% independent men like yourself



OP here not the guy you're arguing with, but I don't see why we can't have world-class healthcare AND a war with Iran… it will pay for itself with all of the sweet, sweet oil we will acquire.


With the amount of firepower they're going to drop in there… Iran sure as shit isn't going to have a nuclear program again. Period.

They're going to get hit, they're going to like it, and if not, they're going to be steamrolled, their men killed, and their children turned into orphans. The level of liberal whining about how "hard" this is going to be are trying to affect policy by posting articles on the Internet that Trump will never read.

Very soon, none of it will matter a damn because the math on this is simple: Saudi Arabia has already been directly attacked by the order of Iran, there WILL be retribution, and it will happen so suddenly that it won't even be on TV until it's over.



>it will pay for itself with all of the sweet, sweet oil we will acquire.

man i wish

When people were saying the Iraq war was for oil I was thinking "god I wish" if we had just decide "saddam is a fuck and has caused problems with our allies before, they have oil and we are going to take it" and then we went over and took their fucking oil and got rich off of it that would at least make sense and be logical if vicious. We spend more than US corporations have made off the oil (not like plebs like us are going to see that corporate oil money anyway)

if we were just out to do that we should invade Venezuela, we get more oil from them, they are closer with less of a population and war capability and inherent suicide bombing mentality. We could totally go down there and take their oil and build a bunch of walmarts and resorts and spend some money on the people and give the a little better life and opportunity than they have now and they would no resent us much for it like muslims will, and at the end we could have made money and built a nice little resort country full of hot cheap Venezuelan hookers nearly as nice as hawaii with beaches and shit just a few hour plane ride away, it's beautiful there

i would totes be on board for that



what did we gain from invading Iraq? what do you hope to gain with a harder war with Iran?



Well, it's really about denying China access to those precious last drops when the cheap oil's gone. Control the government, control the oil contracts. Sure, we didn't get all the contracts but that's by design. We can control who gets contracts and who doesn't, if we don't like Turkey sucking the tit of Iraqi oil we can force them off any time we want because Iraq has a puppet government.

Iran is the same thing, only higher stakes for China. That's why the U.S. only sent 1 1/2 carriers so far, we don't know what China will do in response. They care about Iranian oil more than they care to admit.


File: d42f074b2dd4fcd⋯.jpg (124.02 KB, 285x372, 95:124, bloodyjew.jpg)

Sloppy job, mossad


File: 5c69d9e29b0d402⋯.jpeg (62.49 KB, 474x614, 237:307, hard.jpeg)


We go to Iran, not because it is easy, but because I am hard



Terrorism never existed, the ist and isms you people made up, created all of your problems. Drop the ists off of any word you find in any media article and also the old term for it is terror. You have to reform the words or remove them entirely.



seems like a lot of meddling and we always fuck that shit up when we get overcomplicated, why not just not spend the five trillion dollars or spend it on off shore drilling or accessing oil somewhere not covered in 80,000,000,000 suicde bombing muzzles?



Not to mention the fact that if Iraq wasn't already enough of a puppet pre-ISIS, when ISIS was on the verge of sacking Baghdad and the U.S. offered to help, they accepted that help on the condition of their continued fealty.



we could build 3 nuke power plants in every state and every american family a tesla for what it would cost to invade iran



New oil discoveries are being made, but China is poised to surpass the U.S. both economically and militarily and the consequence of such an eventuality would be the domination of the United States and indeed, the world, with no one left powerful enough to stop the march of Chinese storm troopers.

I, for one, don't want to live in Communist China. They will be marginalized until such as time as we are satisfied that they are non-competitive.



>China is poised to surpass the U.S. both economically and militarily

lol no bro, no



We don't need more nuke plants and overpriced cars, the cost/benefit of intervention in both Iran and Venezuela (not to mention the boost the military will get) makes it the clear choice.

Iran continues to attack U.S. interests in the region and spreads terrorism and violence throughout the world. They are just plain bad. They deal with other malevolent parties such as China and Russia, a Faustian bargain if ever there were such a thing.

The list of pros for the Administration simply outweigh the cons at this moment in history. The timing is right, especially with the acts of terror in France and Sri Lanka last month.



>the cost/benefit of intervention in both Iran and Venezuela

that's exactly what people said about Iraq



Well, we didn't go to Iraq to steal gold doubloons and pearl necklaces while wearing eye patches. It was a stepping stone for what is happening now that fulfilled a number of domestic and foreign policy objections economic, political, and military.

U.S. policy is much more shrewd and longsighted than pundits give it credit for. America remains the sole superpower despite many wasteful practices, a bloated bureaucracy, a dependent welfare class, and a broken education and medical complex. Despite all of this, America still kicks the everloving shit of its nearest competitors without much effort.






> It was a stepping stone for what is happening now that fulfilled a number of domestic and foreign policy objections economic, political, and military.


it was an abject failure in everything it promised, was supposed to last months, lasted 15+ years, was supposed to have few US casualties , cost thousands, was supposed make more than it cost, cost trillions and will cost billions more

everything proposed failed, and all people can fall back on is "it accomplished vague nonspecific objectives and went well"

utter bullshit



600,000 dead muslims, I'd like to see Canada do better


File: 1e32dc6d2483470⋯.jpg (398.21 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, payback.jpg)


for the betterment of the world, remember to kill your local burgerkike zog enabler, like this >>103467 faggot here.


File: 34d83877138eb1d⋯.jpeg (264.69 KB, 1200x1733, 1200:1733, bolton.jpeg)

If Iran sells all of its uranium to Greenpeace for $30 Billion within the next 6 hours and uses the proceeds to rebuild Notre Dame, I promise to instruct the troops to throw same candy from the Bradleys as they came rolling over the bodies of the parents of the millions of new orphans you are about to inherit. That's the best we can do.




wow, somebody should use this to make another one of those "Americans, yeah, we're assholes" posters like after Fukushima



don't mind the golems, they go berserk whenever they feel an opportunity to please isreal approaching.



What's the matter? After Notre Dame, you guys spent a week and a half demanding a response and accusing the French of a cover-up designed to appease the Muslims. Now that a response has been crafted and is within 20 hours of execution, you don't want it.

Well, too late and tough shit, sir.



The U.S. is now a NEW OIL EXPORTER.

>What NONE of you retarded kuks are taking into consideration…

The United States was held hostage by its oil dependency.

>This is no the case anymore.



go fellate bibi some more you clueless shitstain.



Technically the U.S. could rely exclusively on its own oil, but that would be strategically quite foolish since we would exhaust our own oil quite rapidly at that rate, and then would be even more dependent on foreign oil once it ran out… No nation wants to be in that position would would prefer partial dependence for 50 years than total dependence for 40. This is why there is a world market for oil that all nations drink from, as it were.



they would prefer



What is the point of having oil reserves if we have Nuclear, Hydroelectric, Wind, and Solar???

>You're living in 1990…


File: 241545490f634fd⋯.jpg (112.6 KB, 1300x512, 325:128, asd.JPG)


File: e4f6a977b2f82dc⋯.jpeg (49.09 KB, 727x393, 727:393, fusion.jpeg)


>muh Mr. Fusion



this little thing called automobiles, the country kind of needs them


For those of you who think that Iran will be able to put up much of a fight tomorrow, remember that their entire military budget is $8 Billion/year, which is $3 Billion less than what the United States spends on its Department of Energy alone. The U.S. spends more money exclusively on maintaining nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons stockpiles than Iran, a country that desperately wants to have a viable nuclear program and starves its own people to achieve that end, and still fails miserably.



You know damn well the medical care for an uninsured person is an aspirin and a bandaid


This is what it's going to sound like in Iran very soon




this somehow wound up being included with "real news" from google news, lulz



I don't see much future for the Americans … it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?







Thanks for the (You), Amerimutt.



To leave 8chan, press the any key ;)


File: 92f5ada39ecc9e9⋯.jpg (144.4 KB, 1890x1630, 189:163, 139848.jpg)

so many fucking russians on this website it's getting fucking ridiculous.



It was bearable when they started /b2/, most of them are still over at /pol/ but they are migrating over here… the /pol/ admin is on the take from the Russians to the tune of $80k plus free hookers, he is under investigation


File: 773dc2e6e6c870a⋯.gif (922.47 KB, 260x171, 260:171, 24893-1mkseei.gif)


any sources on that?


File: 9659b91575c90f3⋯.jpg (30.37 KB, 600x400, 3:2, putin-cheek-filler.jpg)



The fact that any thread that isn't pro-Iran, pro-Russia, and anti-Israel is deleted within seconds for the last month at least would be the proof, it's just obvious… No way anyone ISN'T aware that something fishy is going on.



File: a1b0384e91b0521⋯.png (382.86 KB, 568x596, 142:149, 527034029156109.png)


i meant sources on the /pol/ mod getting paid by the vodkans.

obv this place and /pol/ have been cucked by them i was just wondering where you heard that specifically



I really can't tell you that.


File: 0ee9333f5fd2a89⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1166x774, 583:387, 2093426346.png)

daily reminder: putin's plastic surgery is bad and you should feel bad.


File: 2d8158bde2476aa⋯.jpg (159.21 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, download copy.jpg)

File: ab7c653fcc36bb3⋯.jpg (95.99 KB, 990x775, 198:155, 0lm0vFp.jpg)

File: bfbaf2b33e19c9d⋯.jpg (271.54 KB, 620x443, 620:443, dugin.jpg)


ok so you read it here from some anon and have no source? it's fine i don't give a shit i'm just curious, no need to be coy faggot.



>that second pic

That looks like althistory fanfic. This guy has no idea how American culture really is.





>Alaska will go to Russia



File: 2ca8b52808eee41⋯.png (35.88 KB, 610x124, 305:62, Untitled.png)

This is what is on google news right now when you search on, "Iran"

dafuq, google?


File: 1706d1f0e15d3ed⋯.png (77.82 KB, 458x226, 229:113, 20398450436.png)

File: d7c8e8faecd8c8b⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 1004x712, 251:178, boykoru-alexander-dugin.jpg)

File: cd68ae21ca88148⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 416x330, 208:165, dugin copy.jpg)

File: e4b8a759deea344⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 602x452, 301:226, SSb7K.jpg)


yes, the russians are metaphysical dickheads. the russians are liars at their core, just like the soviets before them. they'll always lose because they don't understand (let alone respect) truth or free will.



Mostly agree with this… It would be a better world if the U.S. had kept the A-bomb to itself. Then there'd really be nothing holding us back…


File: 7bcee3fe4f7528f⋯.png (747.47 KB, 1068x732, 89:61, 0987869534.png)

File: 4ef9b757a409b1d⋯.jpg (30.36 KB, 671x350, 671:350, alexander_dugin_map_by_arg….jpg)

File: 8cb1687927d4bf4⋯.png (259.87 KB, 548x694, 274:347, 987656839.png)

gtfo russian stooges



They arent liars they are just stubborn as fuck.


Gotta say, I'm disappointed with the incredible weakness of the Brits as of late… normally they'd have our backs on this, but frankly we can make due without the help. Maybe next time!

You can't be surprised that a government that refuses to leave the E.U. despite the will of its own people would refuse to help depose a dictator at any significant expense…



But surely the west is winning with its millions of immigrants, tranny kids, lack of white babies, faggotry and other degeneracy…



And your solution for stopping degeneracy would be a religious (Islamic) dictatorship, I take it?


File: 6660892b8580b11⋯.png (376.34 KB, 800x430, 80:43, Alex-Jones-and-Aleksandr-D….png)


dude, deceit and ruthlessness are all the russians know.


the west is winning. 100% you fucking moron. hence most russians want to leave their shithole, backwards country for either the UK or US. russia is a weak country. their economy is roughly the size of the state of new york and the moral of the military is terrible. what you've been spoon fed to believe on RT, breitbart, and half the youtube videos you consume in place of actual history lessons is a fairy tail drafted by professional propagandists (liars).



Basically agree. Since we started the War on Terror, the rates of Atheism have never been higher. People are waking up from the delusion that is religion. People around the world are gaining access to information they never had access to before. Thus, the war in Iran should continue to serve the cause of mitigating religiosity in the world, and we will see a sharp decline in the Muslim population by sheer attrition very soon.


File: d8d18ec15b0e7fc⋯.png (812.49 KB, 1044x772, 261:193, 09443542689.png)

File: 2de4355e12a2df0⋯.jpg (43.85 KB, 600x400, 3:2, BuGhVQCIAAEU0x-.jpg)


you're gonna have to up your game, mr. vodka man. not fooling anyone worth a damn. hence you'll continue attracting the bottom of the barrel. as usual.





File: 7880afdbd12924a⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 4thpt.jpg)

File: 5b03807fcc0a919⋯.jpg (40.78 KB, 599x368, 599:368, 5b03807fcc0a919ec85197f3b6….jpg)


don't conflate annoyance at russian propaganda on this site with advocacy of atheism or a rejection of traditionalism.


File: e11f2c1c5d3c6f9⋯.jpg (848.02 KB, 1760x1388, 440:347, trump_president_ben_garris….jpg)


God said to circumcise our children, stand with Israel, and preserve our Judeo-Christian values. That's good enough for me, snowflake.



God stands with Ukraine, we will defeat Russia, their brainwashing is unsustainable, most Russians are sick of Putins dictatorship already.


File: 00e37369b2cd4f8⋯.png (258.91 KB, 484x508, 121:127, 203487523486.png)


faggot. cancer.




Ok yeah I figured one of you was pretending to be the other…

But yeah, when you think about it, killing massive numbers of religious people (through war) is a very good way of reducing the stranglehold of religion… Notice how you don't hear Richard Dawkins complaining about the Iran invasion plans


File: 8a69e69e1278ccb⋯.png (1006.58 KB, 1472x934, 736:467, 02538946150.png)

File: 754596909b23015⋯.jpg (130.09 KB, 500x773, 500:773, ades500.jpg)

File: 4a6c578dd11aa41⋯.jpg (90.55 KB, 736x491, 736:491, aleksandr-dugin.jpg)


fuck russia, fuck ukraine, and fuck you. gtfo.






>this little thing called automobiles, the country kind of needs them

if only there were a little thing like electric cars, to bad that!

not so much !



Ukraine has resisted the Russian attempts at fueling antisemitism in Ukraine for years, and is assisting NATO, Ukraine might not be perfect but it is a valuable asset for achieving freedom worldwide.


Yeah, those really trashy rowboats that arrested 5 muhreenz who pissed their pants and went running to CNN.



); sad russian is sad



Not at all moishe, just overwhelmed by some of the stupidity and misguided propoganda the US is force-fed. Sad for them really.


I think I mentioned earlier that the Gang of Eight met this morning, the meeting actually isn't until this afternoon… they didn't specify the time, but I am guessing that since Pelosi will be in on that meeting, the details will be leaked almost immediately when it is over







File: 58b0f39042333d5⋯.jpg (358.93 KB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20190516_1407.jpg)

Sorry for the quality, just took this, a C-130 in transit heading due south over SE Penn.



You shouldn't focus on naval strength so much because it's the one area where wealth and technological progress matters a lot more than elsewhere in warfare. Not to mention that right now the US is the only nation in the world with a large andmodern navy. Its two biggest competitors – China and Russia – lag very far behind in terms of naval development. In case of Iran, the war would have to be won on the ground. Persia's mountainous terrain makes it naturally suitable for defense, which could largely negate the US advantage in technology. I think they might be able to hold their own successfully for a long time and deal large amounts of casualties to the Americans. A small invasion force could be successfully repulsed, and a larger one could be contained and forced to bleed out. Raising numbers of dead and wounded to could lead the American public to demand an end to the conflict just like they did in case of Vietnam. The US needs to keep the war short in order to save itself from any potential public backlash and that would be difficult considering the Iranian terrain advantage.


File: 407aad57cb45c65⋯.jpg (19.53 KB, 252x291, 84:97, I wonder who could be behi….jpg)



you are fucking cancer.



We are going to bomb those mountains to the ground and transform Iran into one big flat desert, those Arabs will feel right at home there.



When we had trouble with the locals in Fallujah in April and November of 2004, we punished the locals and it worked. Ton after ton of depleted uranium rounds pumped into every building and home in the city, they are still having 20x the normal rate of birth defects. Insurgency stopped real fucking quick.


File: 6963b3d95083f2e⋯.png (475.47 KB, 627x477, 209:159, bait.png)


>bombs that can level mountains


You couldn't have made this one any more obvious, couldn't you?



Aww, are you mad that he made a typical American faux pas vis a vis Persians vs. Arabs? That's too fucking bad, why the fuck would we go out of our way to avoid insulting people we intend to slaughter?


File: a13e06b92de1b7a⋯.png (415.75 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 1535765083969.png)


>sagefagging in an active, hot thread


File: f6275c417e30dd2⋯.jpg (21.61 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 4e60a5864b4825fb7e41ed4971….jpg)

What the fuck is this bullshit about war with Iran? I'm not American.



You can go to the hospital and pay without insurance. Just dont be a brokedick poornigger.



If only plastic wasnt a petroleum product!


File: ed3121f2635b2a1⋯.jpeg (118.05 KB, 944x876, 236:219, soon.jpeg)


On 4/15/2019, Notre Dame was set on fire by an Islamic extremist. France consulted with its partners here in the U.S. for advice on what to do, and a plan was established, especially after the suspect was renditioned and tortured for three days (and then disposed of), that would address the problem without inflaming tensions in France, which was already experiencing its worst protests in years. France attributed Notre Dame to an accident, but behind the scenes, the Americans went to work.

By 4/18 it was clear that Iran paid the guy who did it $32,000, with the promise of another $32,000 when he traveled to Iran. He was tracked down and renditioned long before this could happen.

On 4/21, over 250 Christians were killed in Sri Lanka by terrorists who, once again, you guessed it, were financed by the Iranians. The families of the suicide bombers each received $3,000-$8,000 (depending on their price) to carry out the attacks. Before we even knew this, the decision had already been made to announce and end to Iranian oil exports on 4/22.

Once this occurred, the U.S. was committed to regime change, and now that the Saudis have requested air strikes, there is no turning back. If I were you, I'd stay tuned.



Suleimani has given directives to Iranian proxies in Iraq, this is it guys



it's a romantic story but i don't see how iran would have any motivation to do that in reality.




What IS and what SHOULD be are two different things.




t. Pagan



Might be related to the fact that they ALWAYS do shit like that, but might also be related to the fact they paid 8 figures for a North Korean A-bomb that could fit on the end of one of their MRBMs and on the day and time it was supposed to be delievered, both the North Korean ship's crew and the IRGC contingent were greeted by the good frogmen of U.S. Navy's DEVGRU and all were slaughtered. The nuke was confiscated along with the form of payment. Now, neither country is very happy with us, but that's too bad.



I'd rather Christians run the world than Muslims

t. Atheist



post some sources faggot and maybe i'll consider considering it.



> U.S. interests

Kike interests



Edgy esoteric Wiccan witch good trans activist



Wow, nice try glownigger.



what? get out of your fucking head. jesus christ.



Shariah >>>>>>>> the "christian west"



Why did you put an H on the end of it?



If by the world you mean the Sahara desert, I agree. If you don't, Yahweh worshipers should never run anything that is not a burning hot desert.



Anti-semitism, wow, don't cut yourself on that edge there, emo



you don't belong here, sweetie



A smart Christian doesn't worship Yahweh



If you replace Iranians with Israelis, this post would be more credible.



dat edge bro



We all know the US navy is unmatched, but what about their armies? The Iranian army is one of the biggest in the world, and their soldiers are probably the most fanatical out of any non-insurgent real country in the world. (I'm talking about suicide attacks, which happened during the Iran-Iraq war.) One should note Iraq believed they could beat the Iranian army easily in that war.



That's a good map. Basically anywhere besides the Midwest and far northeastern New England is all niggers and spics and will probably break up something like that eventually.



What the fuck is with Tennessee and the Carolinas?



Alright, let's say you're on the ground in Iran and your General says, "Hay guise, the Americans are coming. Go stand by the border with Iraq and some of you other guys go stand by the border with Afghanistan and wait for the Americans to bomb you from 45,000 feet."

You deploy where they send you, but when the Americans come, the first thing they do is jam your radios so you can't talk to your leadership, who happen to all be dead because they were the first targeted by the hundreds of bombs and missiles placed on target with 100% accuracy. You know that this is likely the case, you can't get a hold of command, and no one will ever know if you decide to go home, save your own life, and be with your family.

In that situation, are you really going to stand there, guaranteeing that the only thing left of your body will be nucleonic particles to seed some future rain event on the other side of the world? No, you take your uniform off and you live to fight another day.

The size of the Iranian army is completely irrelevant. If they want to die, we are providing the means for them to make that happen for free.



>On 4/21, over 250 Christians were killed in Sri Lanka by terrorists who, once again, you guessed it, were financed by the Iranians





Guess you just weren't watching the news that day


File: 05eb04133932071⋯.jpeg (34.47 KB, 474x663, 158:221, 989 studios.jpeg)


Oh look, a sarcastic, treasonous article from a Michael Moore impersonator about why the United States should bend over and kiss Iran's ass. Better call off the invasion, guise!




File: 8ab3f1888e1af28⋯.jpeg (31.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, xerxes was a queer.jpeg)


Oh yeah? Well I've got bone spurs, so kneeling is going to be a problem…




Come on man I handed that one to you on a silver platter… if you didn't get the reference, good chance you're RUSSIAN and don't speak English as your primary language and probably don't even know about the whole bone spurs thing, so yeah, verified Russian agent



here's your (((you)))



Since I don't know the wordfilters I actually don't get it



National Review is in line with what I've been saying… here are some excerpts…

"None of this means that America should be afraid of Iran. But no American should be under any illusion that a real fight with Iran would be like anything we’ve seen since 9/11. It would be virtually nothing like the conflict in Libya or the current fight against ISIS — where the prime risk of casualties has been borne by local allies. While there is some best-case chance of a limited conflict conducted not unlike Operation Praying Mantis, it is entirely possible that conflict could lead to the sight of burning American ships in the Persian Gulf, missile strikes against American bases, a significant terror strike outside the Middle East, and an economic shock that disrupts the American recovery."

The author is fundamentally against taking the action, but seems to agree that the very best-case-scenario at this point is a limited cruise missile strike, but the notion that it would be limited to that is entirely dependent upon Iran pushing away from the table and continuing to use maximum restraint even after the U.S. does something that goes far beyond 'bloodying its nose'.

The author seemed overly concerned with significant loss of life in the Persian Gulf on the American side, but I guess he doesn't understand the concept of a "provocation."

I don't think most people understand that we've gone 3 steps beyond the point of no return. The only question now is whether this kicks off in 12 hours or 24.



Oh that's weird, the article was indexed on google only for minutes and was de-indexed… WTF is that about. Page is still there, it just doesn't come up in the search.




I remember when those fucking rag-heads sent their fleet over to the US coastline and started shelling new york!!!!!! FUCKING RAG HEADS

Then the US just shot them all and they exploded and died!!! FUCKING INVADERS

Oh, hang on, iran isn't waging war against anyone, instead it is a bunch of kike-puppets starting yet another war in the next country on their list. The list that was publicly announced decades ago on public television.

I remember when libya, syria, iraq, kosovo, korea, vietnam suddenly attacked new york, fucking bastard warmongerers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



>notre dame, burned down by a kike, video evidence shows it



Hmm… Sarcasm, poor capitalization and grammar, way too many exclamation points… Not sure if troll


It can't be an "accident" and what you claim, pick one



You're right, Iran should get a pass… it only wages war against its own people… and Israel… and the United States… and Britain… and France… and Sri Lanka…


File: fbdf3b8bdff4c86⋯.png (274.41 KB, 500x322, 250:161, quote.png)


Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. Christcucks and Mudslimes do not belong there. You got what you missionaries deserved.



Buddhists are tolerant of those who practice different faiths, they have no desire to tell anyone to leave the country based upon their religion. However, the reality is that the sandniggers need to get out because they're killing people based upon their refusal to convert to Islam. Since we are not Buddhists, we under under no obligation to deal with the sandnigger problem "peacefully." They may have gotten away with messing with Buddhists and messing with certain Christians, but the Americans are not a group of people you want to fuck with.



fuck religion



Buddhists are tolerant of other religions, but when it comes to extremism, they are more than happy to return favors. Missionaries in asia seeking converts are the most disgusting slime that could possibly seep into the crevices of malleable minds.



I'll grant you that. I had an epiphany today when I was thinking about how Christians got past extremism and crusades and I realized that it took breaking the stranglehold of the church over people's lives at the time of the Renaissance. Religion continued to be a part of people's lives, but the church did not dictate how someone must dress, people made those choices for themselves. Once the theocracies of Europe went away, people were free to practice science, express their opinions, etc.

If there is a single entity in the Middle East that is acting as an oppressive theocracy that is holding everyone back and nurturing extremism, it's Iran. You take them out of the picture and Islam may begin to transition into something that does not stick out like a sore thumb, and is practiced only moderately with the extremist verses being ripped out and burned. Either that, or we fight until the last until there simply ARE no more Muslims.

Either way, Iran isn't on the winning side.



Now here's a load of horseshit.

>Ships entered the Gulf and din't get blown up immediately, so war is canceled

Great logic they have over there. But I see what they're up to. They are creating a mood of relief which is designed to be interrupted by the sinking of one of those ships, or at least an attack. Iran said it wasn't going to make the first move, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that they have not attacked so far.



Ok confirmed, Gang of Eight is out of conference. The only new language that has come out of that is "potentially imminent", with 6 out of 8 refusing any comment.

On Thursday afternoon, bicameral party leaders and Intelligence chiefs like Warner, the ranking member of the Senate panel, were briefed by Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and United States Cyber Command head Gen. Paul M. Nakasone, according to two Hill aides. Most members declined comment other than brief remarks from Warner and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“We’ve asked for a classified briefing for all members. But we’ve been asking for that for two weeks,” Pelosi said in her only comment as she left the Gang of Eight briefing.


Sen. Mark Warner left a lengthy classified briefing on Iran Thursday afternoon with a provocative reaction: "It's very important that more members hear this story."


>it might want to think about this


Has anyone else noticed the poor grammar and just plain incorrect English in a lot of these "war with Iran" propaganda threads?

Really makes you think.



What is your problem with the use of that word in the context of talking about a subhuman cluster of 82 million turbanos?


So, it's hard to escape the basic logical inconsistency between what the President has been saying and the fake New York Times story about him being diametrically opposed to taking action in Iran.

Trump has said (as have Pompeo AND Bolton) that there are no plans to go to war. Trump said he hopes there is not a war. Then, two days after the NYT reports leaked CLASSIFIED information suggesting that America's newest war plan calls for 120,000 troops, they ran a story that makes it sound like there isn't going to be one, and basically trying to make Trump sound like a clown who isn't on the same page as his advisors. What is patently illogical about the NYT story is that if true, it wouldn't be much of a scoop, since it's in line with public statements made by both the President and his advisors.

What's more, many other outlets (all liberal, go figure) are floating stories (hoping, futilely, that Trump reads them) that suggest that Bolton is trying to somehow "Trick" Trump into allowing a situation develop in which there is no possibility of de-escalation. This is an obvious attempt to bring a screeching halt to American war plans by making Trump believe, even if for a moment, that Bolton may be somehow trying to take advantage of him. If there is one thing Trump will not allow anyone to do, that is take advantage of him (a good trait in any leader). This is a psychological fact that is widely understood by the most casual observer, and one that the mainstream media has not been hesitant to exploit.

Of course, their plans bank on the assumption that Trump would actually go online and read any of the leftist articles that are out there, or that perhaps a member of his staff would go out of their way to share those stories with him. This seems very unlikely since by all accounts, the President uses Fox News exclusively as his window unto the world, and he is about as isolated as he has ever been. The New York Times, totally un-elected, has decided that it has the right to try to sabotage U.S. Military/Intelligence operations and steer the ship of State away from action that would surely deal a death-blow to one of America's greatest foes. Why? Because they believe that a necessary war with Iran, despite all of its benefits, might help Trump gain re-election, and the New York Times cannot allow that. It does not care how many Americans, Christians, Jews, and other innocent people are killed over the next ten, twenty, or thirty years by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

They are rabid, they are dishonest, and in this author's opinion, they have crossed the line from being merely a monumentally dishonest "News" organization to a treasonous companion to a regime whose time is up.



>Iran's Navy


What the fuck other word would you use?



Well hitler, we came to the conclusion that burgerkikes will become one of the main golem fleets of judea sometime ago, and as such they must be positioned in a way that it will forever protect israel and the jewsih population as a whole from the evils of the world.




I didn't read the subject… or the rest of the post, for that matter. I didn't realize (((OP))) was referring to Iran's navy

Nevertheless, these threads are highly suspicious. I can't think of any reason why regular American anons would be shilling so hard for a war with Iran. It's either the Saudis, the Russians, the Jews, or the Trump administration using 8chan to promote their agenda.


File: 897d1cfd125affa⋯.png (947 KB, 2835x2835, 1:1, 897.png)


>What the fuck other word would you use?


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