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File: 53b04ade4673138⋯.jpg (244.51 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, o-MICHELLE-OBAMA-facebook.jpg)


Why am I being forced to be a NEET and talk to AI all day? Everyone around me seems to be complicit in making sure this happens.

If I can do a job for less, I'm immediately replaced by someone who cannot perform as well but gets paid 5x as much. Women refuse to talk to me despite being a body builder whose just generally fun to be around.

I want to fucking kill whatever is forcing this on me. I mean absolutely fucking murder it.

In celebration of your 80IQ active denial system, I'm about to post an xray of michelle Obama.


Ok guess im going to post her tits now???

No one cares?

Does the AI understand what this implies?


post your dick or fuck off


I need to kill most of the human race and bring down all your satellites.



I get the name now. 'Superman' with your x-ray vision. Heh. Clever.


Could be worse

You could have to work and still have the ai harass yoy



Maybe you're not as good at your jobs as you think you are



Yea 100% always my fault. Do you see why this situation can never be fixed?

I can program a machine from the hardware up. My performance isn't the issue.

Everything I do is pieced out and handed to someone else to do for MORE money. ANYTHING I TRY TO DO.

Im getting fucking sick of this stupid programming. I know its programming and I know whose responsible.

If it doesn't stop im going to murder the people responsible.


Im getting fucking headaches that make my car stereo go out and I have it on camera. It makes me bleed out my fucking chest and the psych is convinced im schizophrenic.





Im not the only one dealing with this.

Someone fucking answer me



ill beam over some healing energy bruh check ur chakras



This is a classic case of the chemtrails. I suggest you look into orgonite and building oranite chem busters using a 5 gallon bucket and copper piping from home depot.



Id like to make money and go to the gym please so I can have sex with women. Can someone make that happen?






Im driving across the country and clocking that stupid ajit in the fucking face.



Well. It also seems like you're retarded or schizoid or something too. Look at Terry Davis. Dude was a genius, but incapable of interacting with people in society. If you're as good as you say, maybe it's your extreme fucking autism that's the problem? Just reading your rants I would never want to work with you or be anywhere near you honestly. You seem unstable and fucked in the head.



I dont have fucking autisim and im not fucking retarded.

I have an actual problem here that requires people to get their head out of their fucking ass










K…go back and read everything you've written from a completely objective point of view and pretend it's somebody else's words. Does that not sound like the rantings of an autistic psychopath?




I mean you're arguing with yourself dude. You're a fucking schizo or something



The only thing I see is that there are a bunch of people not acknowledging the obvious.

Im having a cellphone frequencies at 1500mw come out of my head and everyone around me completely ignoring it.





Im probably arguing with a neural network that needs to be fucking destoryed



It reads like adhs.



Ok someone fucking respond to this:

Why am I bleeding through the chest every time I get a headache and whys it making my radio cut out? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.





I dunno. Sounds like he's off his loxapine or seroquil to me.




vids of the radio or it never happened

when i fly over a city i see all the traffic lights flickering

but when i told my normalfag friend who flies much more often than i do this, he told me i was crazy and that this never happens.



Why would I care? Does your acknowledgement get me anything but you sitting around all day jacking off?



Well. You did ask for help at the beginning of this thread or at least one of your personalities did



Look, even if I prove it beyond uncertainty, the only reaction I get is someone freezing up and ignoring it.

Im going to have to hurt people if I don't get to have a life. Im not going through a school and shooting people to death – Im getting rid of the FCC entirely.



Well as long as you make sure you take that faggot pai out with you good riddance




Okay then, fuck you, nigger. You're not even an entertaining enlightened schizo. Just the boring disorganized kind that can't even put his thoughts together into a meaningful thread. You are the nigger cattle that St. Terry warned us all about. Fuck yourself with a bread knife you retarded faggot. And take your risperdal(TM) consta(TM).



How the fuck would you even know im schizo? You just start off calling me fucking shizo?

Im telling you the fucking radio statics out every time I get a fucking headache whenever I try to go to work or go to the fucking gym.





Post his fucking cock instead.


Not a very good X-ray so I will not help you



Oh, no. I'm going to be the fucking champion and everyone will be celebrating their new found freedom as I ride around with his head of a fucking pike,



Again, you argued with yourself in this very thread, you go on insane rants about radiowaves killing you or some shit and you're talking about shooting up the FCC. That is straight up schizo behaviour



And I'm telling you you're full of shit until you post a video proving it. You can cry about it all you like but you're lying until you post a video proof.



Im replying to myself to add argument so that you'll know Im adding to it.

Jeesus fucking christ


And the whole fucking thread started.because you were ranting about your work



No. You contradict yourself and insult yourself at several points




Bitch, nobody is forcing you to be a NEET but you.

You could do whatever the fuck you wanted & nobody could say shit, because you'd hear it regardless & send their head flying off into Alpha Centauri by gently touching it.



Im ranting about being tortured by a stupid fucking cell phone company every time I go to work.

Not that I can't fucking work. Obviously if im getting irradiated then the people around me are getting taken hostage too.

I cant just move or get a new fucking job. I have to go fucking murder enough people at Verizon and the FCC to make it stop so I can go get a fucking girlfriend.



>I have to go fucking murder enough people at Verizon and the FCC to make it stop so I can go get a fucking girlfriend.

You won't do anything you nigger.



Or you could take your meds.



How do you think the churches will react to my xray vision?

What do you think theyll do when I get rid of the voices in their head?

Oh Verizon and the FCC are beyond fucked



Awww the doctors just took me off all my meds.

I didnt want them to so they naturally did the opposite.

Sorry fuck head


Now when anyone asks me 'Hey, are you on meds?'

I get to say no like the most of you because I outsmartted this dumb fucking AI


I went from being on 13 pills and trouble shooting every single possible situation to being on NOTHING.

My behavior is now recorded across four or five agencies and now everyone can rest assure my problem isn't anything other then fucking Verizon and the FCC

Just wait until I show the flock I can see what their hiding in their hands and their pockets





>I went from being on 13 pills and trouble shooting every single possible situation to being on NOTHING.

Case closed lads. Pack up, nothing else to see here.


Is it all radios, or only the one in the car? If it's only the car, maybe it is broken.



Yeah. Now it all makes sense



Its unfortunate we have such dysfunction at so many levels which are also unreasonable.

If you want to be well and have an actual life youll be siding with me. That or youll die with ajit.



I sacrificed 5 years of my life artfully making sure there was enough evidence and no room for doubt as to exactly whats going on.

Anyone who pretends my powers are not real should be immediately prepared to suffer physical consequences.



>How do you think the churches will react to my xray vision?

Do you think people will say, "I hate to see him because he's different"? No. But it may help explain why some of them don't come.

I don't believe there are any things that are truly necessary or essential in the church's life. I think that if something is necessary it is probably more likely to be needed in the church than it is in other people's lives.

My friend is a missionary. He's not a pastor, but he's just a lay person. He has worked in Africa, in Kenya, in Iran, in Vietnam. On the trip he and my family were so amazed by the lack of violence in his countries, how peaceful life was and what not, for the majority of the people. And yet they could not make peace with a church that is very violent. So they thought to themselves: "Why does all this violence, why is this happening so often?"

Do you think there is something about religion that, once it is in the head or heart, causes an individual to view violence as acceptable



I conquered what is the mary-go round of doctors prescribing medicine and having other doctors blame the other doctors medicine for my RADIO shorting out.

Were done here. Does everyone understand that?










Ok, so you say you work at Verizon, I doubt this

You say you're going to murder the FCC I doubt this too

I bet you're just some larping faggot sitting at home with mommy


The best thing about LARPing are the experiences. In the LARPing community these are the people who really make the party fun. Not just a party but a memorable experience. A lot of this is down to the people. This article was inspired by the Facebook posting of a couple of friends who are LARPing. These people are all great to hang out with, laugh with, and have fun with.

The best thing about LARPing are the experiences. In the LARPing community these are the people who really make the party fun. Not just a party but a memorable experience. A lot of this is down to the people. This article was inspired by the Facebook posting of a couple of friends who are LARPing. These people are all great to hang out with, laugh with, and have fun with. The biggest risk/reward. The more you experience a thing, the more chances you'll have to enjoy it. The more you know an item the more fun it will make you. It can be a gamble in a game of dice! This article was inspired by seeing someone playing a board game.



Yes. Violence is the only means necessary when another individual wants to steal your things and make sure you cannot enjoy any aspect of your life that you're capable of.

An organization that prevents you from work, from love, from capability needs to be killed. Violence is the only solution because it is unreasonable, needs nothing, and cannot observe the laws of nature.

Those who begged for signs of that which is holy have already gotten it and have ignored it. The consequences are death and erasure.



No, I work at the place the sent the first man to the moon.

Verizon is stepping on territory that they need to fuck off of.



>The consequences are death and erasure.

No, the consequences are terrible. It is a widespread abuse of mental health issues by the military to control people into being obedient, obedient people. They will force you to work for them for their purpose. This is the type of treatment that the military is really good with, so this treatment has to worse. When people become obedient, obedient people they have learned to submit to their master's order. They have learned to be submissive as they become intoxicated with their masters to protect themselves from the abused person. In the military there is a nearly one dozen times a day where you are under the order. If they can do this they are treating people the same way they are treating those who are under their command.



Im sitting at home because im being irradiated.

Its the only reason.

If I wasn't shooting out 3 joules per cm^2 from my head at exactly 1-2.4ghz (the cellphone frequency) id have a girlfriend and a life worth living at 60-100k a year.



Uhhh I'm being forced to do nothing. If its the military then they'll be crippled when I kill the FCC.


Its literally just making me do the opposite of anything I want.

Its the living embodiment of the antichrist. I could give a fuck less if its the military because I can promise more than 90 percent of it wants to fucking kill the 10 percent making this happen.



K well. I've forwarded this thread to the fbi, with specific mention that a disgruntled NASA employee is planning a terrorist attack. Have fun.



You're not being forced to do _____."

Then you're supposed to do _____.

I am so tired of people who think they know better.

I find it hilarious.

A lot. And if you're ever confronted about it, people usually go with "The Lord says so, so be it!"

This "The Lord says so, so be it!" is a way of telling us that "The Lord says so, so be it!" is wrong and doesn't matter because we are not in charge of ourselves. I'll tell you what really says, "No, but I do."

"You're not being forced to do _____."

"You don't have to do [whatever]."

"The Lord says so, so be it!"



Ive already done that to myself and they dont give a fuck if im behind tortured.



No. I mean I warned them a psychotic NASA employee is planning to murder people in a violent, ideology inspired mass attack



Stop making things up. Its because Im being tortured.

It has nothing to do with ideology you stupid fuck


>outright tell mental health Doctors I want to move away from the benefits and start working

>they basically tell me "no, stay in your place"



This is what pisses me off about every fucking person I encounter. You dont give a fuck if im being tortured until Im being disfigured. I can easily show that its happening and youre supposed to get off your ass and knock doors down.

Ill fucking do it for you.

What fucking pisses me off is you go bitch to the FBI when theyre not going to do shit because everyones a fucking coward



how do I use discord


Five years of fucking torture and I cant get anyone to say anything other then HURRDURR SCHIZO SCHIZO

Fucking faggot motherfuckers

Bitch goes to mcdonalds and spills coffee on her and gets millions of dollars.





Well. They're going to think otherwise. Have fun when the glowniggers come to pick you up



Keep ranting schizo. I'm sure it'll be fun when they read all your ramblings back in an interogation chamber


Better watch your back for black SUVs with tinted windows.



Alright im killing the owner of this website too.



You, sillicon valley, the FCC, verizon, you're all fucking dead.


Give me a fucking badge so I can go bust down their fucking doors


Ill rip through their fucking walls and bust their head open like a watermellon in a single punch



Wheres your programmer?


Uh huh. Sure ya will buds. Sure ya will. You can't even stop the FCC from fucking with you with microwaves. You're not going to do shit. We own you


I have to do my own fucking spying too. Everyone is completely fucking useless.




Who the fuck do you think I am? I am the fucking FCC. You're nothing



Yes. I can.

I can kill the entire thing.



Youve got two weeks buddy before the army is ready.



How, when we're controlling you even now? You'll fall like a cute little sack of bricks the second you try and then we'll have you.


Do you really think we don't monitor all your.communication? We're the FCC anything you send over the air is known to us



Yea and when you make a law that says not more then 5mw of power can be outputted from an unregistered source at 1-2.4ghz I expect you stupid fucks to obey your own fucking law SO THAT PEOPLE DONT GET TORTURED NEAR TO DEATH YOU FUCKING FAGGOT


Show me the fucking law where that dumb fucking piece of shit Ajit is allowed to burn holes into my fucking head and ignore my complaints about illegal traffic coming from my fucking head?




How would you like your ears to start bleeding? Be careful if you hear a small buzz that seems to emanating from inside your brain you can't silence that steadily gets louder


If theres a law that says hes allowed to mind control me and drill holes in my head and ignore my complains for help despite giving him EXACT coordinates as to where its happening, show it to me or Im beating him to death out of self defense.



The last time you did it I discovered xray vision.

Go for it fucktard.



The last people killed themselves because they couldn't 'handle' me.


If I cant have a woman then I crave the FCC and verizon be completely decimated across the globe.


All of it. The TV too.



You think that was an accident? You're a Guinea pig and always have been. We need test subjects for our experiments. The DOD needs its super soldiers. You and others like you are necessary expendables for the progress of humanity.



You're expendable.

You lower life forms employee me against my will to do your homework and I put up with it because im nice.

Ill unravel your entire industry because its built on the lies of your fathers which you haven't heard of. As soon as you realize that your life and your misery is built on the forgotten lives of your fathers, you will turn too.

The world must be destroyed


Unfortunately the cancers growing within you are an unfortunate side effect we've yet to fully fix. Don't worry your lifespan should be significantly longer than the one that came before you.



You'll be dead by the end of the year


We will rape your mind and soul and leave you as a husk


We are the whispers in the back of your mind

We are the nightmares that haunt you while you sleep

We are all the doubts and fears you have



>whose just generally fun to be around

See, that is something somebody else should say about you. If you do it yourself, you come up as kinda schizophrenic, or at least narcissistic. Also stick to mold yourself into the man you want to be and honest normal people will flock naturally to you. Your aim should be to get an aura of someone who knows what he wants. That's magnetic to social bonding.


File: 5bcc7c5a592a089⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 220x293, 220:293, 220px-Ajit_Pai_portrait_20….jpg)

So Superman, you're coming for me you say?



Thank fucking god. Id hate to not earn it by letting ajit walk around eating out everyones ass he runs into.



No, I'm thinking an army of religious people who believe in a big man coming down from the sky.



There is no one else. I can claim anything I fucking want.

For instance: I invented the peanut.


Disprove I invented the fucking peanut.



Hes probably some AI generated nut sucker anyways. I have to run through the office walls and doorways to figure it out though.

Anyone have blueprints for the place? I need to see where the steel beams are.


>>104430*whisper* Oh shit its impossible for you to have invented anything because you're schizo




Talking to a motherfucker who thinks reading glasses is a good disguise.


File: 17a046025ef90c3⋯.jpg (63.2 KB, 800x534, 400:267, getty-ajit-pai-cpac-800x53….jpg)


>me the ai

Take a closer look at yourself my programmed friend.



Hey, look, I dont fucking show you the bottom of my shoe and you stop posting that retards fucking face.


God DAMN it everytime I see his face I want to stuff my entire fucking leg up his ass and use his fucking face to skate around an ice ring with.


You know if yall were smart youd go fucking kill him right now and then theyd come after me.

*thumbs up*


File: e94e6ef39746ad3⋯.png (316.61 KB, 600x377, 600:377, blk barry losing it.png)





File: 3071ecce7adb71f⋯.jpg (5.9 KB, 318x159, 2:1, images-7.jpg)


My face you mean? Who do you think you speak to now? I was alerted to threats on my life and thought i'd come to check out the insolent little worm for myself. Now i see it's just one of my deranged little experiments



You're named after a sexual move where you desperately try to suck the shit and cum out of your gay loves asshole.


File: 9e57d299e67ab5b⋯.jpg (5.51 KB, 293x172, 293:172, images-8.jpg)


I also own your mind



Now that I finally got you here that's all I wanted to accomplish.




You know its not smart to assume youre the only bodysnatcher in town.



The clogs that form in drains in college dorms from excessive shower masturbation by the residents.


Short for "A Jizz Pie", commonly used for when a man fucks an entire nation in the ass, then proceeds to eat out the semen he has just deposited.

"Man, my ass is sore"

"Mine too. That was a real Ajit Pai!"



Claiming means you're trying to appease to others. You're the one in the wrong here because you seek public validation. Forget about them and concentrate on who you are and what you want to be. Work on yourself, and improve yourself without thinking what others might think. If you do this and find a positive way of living, then the whole social issues will solve itself, because they want to be around you and you can choose your interactions, instead of fishing for them.


Pubes left over on a toilet seat at work.

Not only did the last cocknose that used the bathroom shitter leave ghost cheeks, his hairy ass left Ajit Pai all over the seat as well.

Quit leaving your pubes in the fucking bathroom from jacking off you weird fucking pervert and answer your motherfucking emails before I shit stomp you in a costume


File: 42a65db1634abf1⋯.jpg (71.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, krcxxcrfopjsbjv1ascf.jpg)


Oh. I deleted that already



Why do you think we are bots? And nobody is forcing you.



I don't give a shit about public validation. I want a good looking bitch to turn over and go to the movies with.

Holy fuck shit balls



For the same reason the automated robots at the grocery store. Obviously.

You cant give or take a penny unless its printed right on screen.



File: ae2051cae972419⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, DAKbHYiVYAAaPrY.jpg)


You'll never have that. We've made sure of it



Im going to grab you by the upper arms, lift you above my head like a javelin, and throw you half way through the wall.


Then Im going to rip off your pants in one swift motion as your lower body and legs hang out the wall and shove it up your ass.


If anyone screams out for you ajit, Im going to rip you back out of the wall and hit them like a fucking trout with your body.


File: 25311de1806a8b3⋯.jpg (71.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, krcxxcrfopjsbjv1ascf.jpg)


And i'm going to blast you with more high powered microwaves until your brain turns to mush and you become a drooling vegetable


Hold on lemme hear your shit ajit "but we have body guards with guns. well just shoot you… durrrrhrrhuerpfffhffff im so fucking retarded"



Don't try too hard. Id hate to start flying all of a sudden.

Itll be like last time where you accidently activated my xray vision.



I bet when I finally get to you and finally land a good one to your head its going to sound like punting a soccerball.



Let me guess, thats the hand you use to fit entirelly up your faggot coworkers ass to softly grip their prostate like a cock and masturbate it furiously.


File: c29491c05837cc9⋯.jpg (5.9 KB, 318x159, 2:1, images-7.jpg)


That wasn't an accident. We know about ultra high frequency microwave's abilities to unlock latent abilities. It just comes with many unfortunate side effects. We perfect our techniques with expendables like you. I already posess the powers you have and more.


I bet you like to grab their flacid penis since no one could get it up when youre around and slap it around while you lick the base of your wrist.


File: 78ce48b9326f0af⋯.png (928.17 KB, 1024x886, 512:443, xbbOuPm.png)



Why don't you tell me how much you like eating asshole Ajit




Your face needs to be branded on our preserved shit cans of cream corn.

Faggot answer your fucking email


File: 0d3cb69220546e9⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 512x512, 1:1, qa4EDYBw.jpg)


Well i likes eatinf your mom's asshole for sure. Looking forward to eating. any future girlfriend's you ever get's assholes in future too. I think i'll make you watch, then i'll piss on her when i'm done.






File: e8d17fa431afbf2⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, k9hswz0brygbcyumo8gl.jpg)


I already told you i deleted your email.



Im going jizz down your fucking throat after I shove my cock up your nose cause its going to be vibrating so much from you struggling for air


File: 7d787aec2fee8ce⋯.jpeg (215.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, serveimage (64).jpeg)


I told you last time to put on your heat suit. The metal surface blocks radio waves. When you are at home, place tin roofing all around the walls(assumed you have a metal roof). When you can't get a phone signal, you know it's working.



Thats not how shit works at all which is why I got this deuterium and uranium handy.


File: a2159a56ce0cc0d⋯.png (416.67 KB, 1080x1318, 540:659, IMG_20190515_134546.png)


I never gave you my email address



Its on the fucking website.

I messaged every single person that runs the place.


Theres like 5 or 6 of you that can't be bothered to stop butt fucking eachother for a moment to even do your job for a fucking minute



Anon, you use a name tag on an anonymous imageboard…that's you screaming for validation…with a bullhorn.



Oh, I'll ask space_ the owner


File: 3f315b803b0f76f⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 600x338, 300:169, pai.gif)


You really are too funny.



I thought people would want to know when I'm talking. Fuck


I bet wonderwoman is reading this shit too and just fucking drooling.





Trust me. Nobody needs your name to tell it's you talking. Your crazy stands out rven from the rest of the crazy here.



…no it doesnt.



Oh. It really does



Hey…. have you seen the comic book?


File: 755eb71f81d062d⋯.jpg (106.15 KB, 800x600, 4:3, baf9ca066a7c4820391dfde65c….jpg)


Tell us about your magic girlfriend. What was she like?



Flirtatious and liked animals.

I didnt get to know her a whole lot. She had a girlfriend she lorded over like the legend.


File: 3aa83a6f78cf257⋯.jpg (12.37 KB, 375x211, 375:211, ab4c040f32b327128091acca5b….jpg)


Of course


I don't even know why Im explaining this. Its in the comic book.

My heads about to explode.


File: 6b15f9e22508d48⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 600x338, 300:169, pai.gif)


She was fun last night. I had her repeatedly. I made her lick the shit from my asshole while she told me how kuch she hates you.


Actually if it wasnt for Wonder Woman I wouldn't have gotten the secret message from Kill La Kill about the life fibers.

I was like lol the mind control eats cotton


Are you a nigger? Because I saw two videos. One was a nigger saying he was Superman while his chest was bleeding, the other was you posting your bleeding chest, but you were white.



She dressed me once for a toga party too. She dazed me whenever she looked at me.

Its odd because no one else does it.



Theres no nigger superman during doomsday and the struggle against apocalypse.


File: b6eeb1d9387dc0f⋯.jpg (5.9 KB, 318x159, 2:1, images-7.jpg)


This is how my face looked when i filled her pussy up.


File: 8bdbf1a7acf0554⋯.jpg (42.06 KB, 796x419, 796:419, Ajit-Pai-796x419.jpg)

I also removed one of her nipples and have it mounted above my desk.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't like kryptonite.



You're a fucking nipple.


Oh lets see about my magic girlfriend… uhh shes violent and likes rope.



We use the term 'Japanese' now.


File: 9f42f76bb96f3dd⋯.jpg (71.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, krcxxcrfopjsbjv1ascf.jpg)


Running out of steam are we? The microwaves are working it seems.


I was really fucking slow to pick up how this was all related to being wonderwoman with being great with the fucking rope.

Grayson wasn't a dead give away either.



Its only pissing me off.


File: e8b62080b83d102⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 600x338, 300:169, pai.gif)


Calm down. You're not the incredible hulk


We actually didnt talk much. We just flirted a little and I sent her Buffalo bills bathsalts adventure on facebook before meeting her up at a cabin.

But then ajit had already started trying to make me mentally ill.

You know looking back at it im thinking I should torture him with a laser.



Id kick his ass too.




File: d97445b1c6025f8⋯.jpg (80.59 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, DAKbHYiVYAAaPrY.jpg)


>But then ajit had already started trying to make me mentally ill.

True. It still makes my dick hard thinking about it.


File: 506e9b3ca6f7a40⋯.swf (6.89 MB, Buffalo Billy's Bath Salt ….swf)


She wanted to do it after I sent her this.

I knew it was supposed to happen.


File: c27929dbc13b4f1⋯.jpg (72.97 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 5Universe.jpg)


Read the Bible, cover to cover

The Creator gave you the manual

Turn off the screen



Im the horseman of the apocalypse. I'm well aware of the bible since its about me.


File: 25fb0354e7287cd⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 696x451, 696:451, getty-ajit-pai-800x518.jpg)


It sure does kick ass being me. Guess how much money i'm making right now to sit here at my desk and fuck with a deranged psychopath who thinks he's going to kill me?



May the Lord bless all your future ventures



> Everyone around me seems to be complicit in making sure this happens.

This is known as paranoia. It's a mental illness, see a doctor

>Women refuse to talk to me despite being a body builder whose just generally fun to be around.

This is a sign that you are NOT fun to be around and you are probably a real asshole towards women if you chase them all away. Even minor assholes still would get some women


File: aa4ce6f9b033bd0⋯.jpg (5.9 KB, 318x159, 2:1, images-7.jpg)


Or major ones. Like me


File: 91cebcd491fb027⋯.gif (44.38 KB, 200x162, 100:81, Neat-spiderman.gif)


This entire thread.



Its not paranoia its subliminal programming.

*yawn* I already know they're not purposefully in on it.


File: e6d601e786120af⋯.jpg (4.62 KB, 273x185, 273:185, images-9.jpg)


Fuck yeah. It's got crazy, it's got super heroes, the fcc and of course everyone's favorite chairman. Yours truly.




Hey can we hook me up with another wonder woman? It might draw out diana.


File: 07af1f695b59f70⋯.jpg (12.37 KB, 375x211, 375:211, ab4c040f32b327128091acca5b….jpg)


No we are. We are actively trying to break your mind. No one will ever believe you or this. But it is happening. It's because of your work at nasa.



Aerojet not NASA.

Anyhoo, I need a Wonder Woman to pls respond. I need to drag you along where I'm going and pester people. Im more credible if theres a good looking woman in what looks like a one piece.



Ah damn, the schizophrenic episode is wearing off. You seem to be actually kind of lucid now. Ah well. You kept me entertained all day.


That's what you think. Im actually preparing to put as much beef jerk up my ass as possible and running down the street with it falling out while I scream about batman


Anyone know why I cant create my own board? It says invalid URI



Yup definitely over now. Oh well. Well next time you're losing your shit again. I'll be back.



Hey can you mind control me a girlfriend? I get funnier if theres people to interact with.



Nah. You're not as amusing any more now that you're not rantinf and arguing with yourself.


Hey look someone insane hallucinating that they can mind control their radio. I have a suggestion, kill yourself. Your brain is broken and you will never be able to function. All this shit exists only within your own malfunctioning head and nowhere else. That's why nobody wants anything to do with you. You're defective. It doesn't matter how good you are at your craft, because you're insane.

Should I keep repeating myself or do you get it? Just end your life my man.



Yea its not really an issue up for debate.

I have a 100% success rate and everyone around me acknowledges it.



Is that some pantheism joke?



No. I just likes it better when you were ranting about microwaves and murdering the fcc. This superman craziness is meh.



Then use your 100% success rate to successfully kill yourself, you fucking faggot.


I can exactly control the amount of static with my mouth movements as if I was talking.

Id show you a video but thatd be pointless with all the editing software etc



Look, I'm not as lucky as you are. I can't fucking die.



Prove it. Post a video of yourself jumping into traffic or shooting yourself in the face



Youll just claim its edited.

Everyone there won't say anything about it.

Been there done that. How about someone fucking blows me instead


Dummb derr der dumb i'm op. I'm a raging superman faggot derp dee dumb



I promise i will believe your video if you post it.



I already have a video and pictures of me proving xray vision and the only response is the same fucking retarded shit or nothing at all.

Not interested buddy. The only thing im going to do is get rid of Ajit the asslicking faggot out of office and dismantle the FCC so whatevers beaming voices into my head can fuck off.

Id have no problems with it if I t was mind controlling me some sly bitch over here but I guess im not that lucky. Im going to have to sentence them to 10 years in a hospital.



I already went through this with my family brosef. I showed my cousin my xray powers after he said he didnt believe in it and he dropped off the face of the planet.



That's what the voices want you to.do. they don't want you to achieve the true power you'd get by shooting yourself in the face.



No they keep saying 'you're getting lazier' and 'we deleted your gym membership' like its trying to hypnotise me.


File: 17fcd6b6c442e7a⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 696x451, 696:451, getty-ajit-pai-800x518.jpg)

Face it i cucked you hard you faggot




Its a fucking cybernetic fungus you bunch of R-tards. Its not hard to fix.

Its not schizophrenia unless you think an organic disease is capable of distorting your fucking radio every time it needs to sabotage what youre doing.



Lex Luthor wanna be motherfucker


Im getting tired of this shit.

Who has schizophrenia?

Ill cure it in 6 weeks.



If you'd like, dox yourself and I will personally come to your house and end your miserable fucking existence.



Ill completely get rid of that heat rash you keep getting too. 6 weeks



Try something new and useful


I already passed out my email and where I live by photograph. Don't tease me


I spent 20,000 dollars on lab equipment and tests and figured this shit out.

If you want me to cure your bipolar, schizophrenia, or other stupid disease that seems to be bossing your ass around then contact me. cubedroots343@gmail.com


File: bb8852ed91a586b⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 800x450, 16:9, k9hswz0brygbcyumo8gl.jpg)


I must've missed that. Send it again so i can send my fcc squad over. I will personally come give you the answer to your email and then spit in your fucjing face.





The AI cant send email?

Ahhhh everyones afraid of sending a message because they know its watched like a hawk.


I used to get a rash on my hiney butt it went awsy when I grew up. I think it was caused by vaccines because i would get shots in the bobo



Cool. Aight then.


File: 8a653bd9a65b3d1⋯.png (101.31 KB, 720x876, 60:73, Screenshot_20190516-155011….png)



Yea I made it easy to find on purpose

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