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File: 76ef940b5d634cf⋯.png (2.86 MB, 2320x2320, 1:1, 76ef940b5d634cf8911fe481c6….png)


I dream about humping a anime girl in my bed,why did i have to wake up?I have a huge boner now and i was probably humping my bed in sleep.Why is the brain doing this to me?This is torture.


File: 856d4b67ac36ac3⋯.png (635.36 KB, 1000x1398, 500:699, 1527926879595.png)

be glad it happened etc…



>Not immediately fapping to the dream

You're a shit anon


File: 1d7cbd1bb924671⋯.jpg (20.36 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1d7cbd1bb9246710a56a53c70e….jpg)


>be glad it happened etc…

What do you mean be glad it happend,nothing happend aaaaaaaa


Why don't YOU fap to my dream



Just wait until that happens to you, when your kid sister has come crash in your bed next to you, while you were asleep… now THAT'S difficult to explain…


File: 82dc6610569422a⋯.jpg (35.06 KB, 412x371, 412:371, 82dc6610569422a22745f2e84c….jpg)


>Why don't YOU fap to my dream

Maybe I'll fap to (you)


File: d3c99806daf97a1⋯.jpg (15.2 KB, 210x240, 7:8, Lisa .jpg)


File: 8f9b024da646990⋯.gif (276.76 KB, 613x626, 613:626, 8f9b024da6469905c618de8fc3….gif)


File: 0a9db56ba704881⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, dacd03cafdda0f19e13e8294e6….jpg)


>What do you mean be glad it happend,nothing happend

Humping an anime girl will never happen irl, so you better accept that it happening in your dreams is the closest you'll ever get to the real deal.

Just hope that that type of dream will occur again in the next 10 years.

I dreamt of a beautiful girl once, it was perfect in every way. Haven't dreamt of her in the last 20 years. She's gone.


File: 5da92e787bf610c⋯.jpg (437.26 KB, 1000x902, 500:451, smug_loli_mugs.jpg)


You should learn to vivid dream anon. The last dream I had that was super-vivid was me in a giant wooden tower-like structure with thousands of naked lolis and shotas all learning things on their own personal computers. The ability to fly around without physics affecting me and the ability to move right through solid objects is a constant in all of my dreams, so I would just fly around and play with, lick, suck, and fuck the lolis/shotas I liked the best. When the dream ended I was rock hard and there was precum sticking my undershorts to muh dick and balls. Try it sometime OP.



Whenever I fast for an entire day I have these crazy vivid dreams. Happens every time.


File: 31b429b428688a5⋯.gif (650.11 KB, 647x363, 647:363, 31b429b428688a5077db18cc33….gif)


Stop right now


Teach me how



Did this actually happen anon? how are you alive?



Humans aren't culpable for actions they perform in their sleep ffs


i dreamt i was fuggin a post-op but it didn't feel like anything and made splatting noises, then i pulled out and it looked like my dick had mustard on it



>little sister is sleeping in your bed

>you end up jacking off in your sleep

>your parents end up seeing this

>haha whoopsie just a wetdream

Most parents are going to think the worst you retard.


fuck off


File: 684e0c82d60572b⋯.jpg (107.86 KB, 564x1200, 47:100, beware_the_loli_predator.jpg)


Fasting can have that kind of effect as it tends to focus your mind and make you much more tired than your usual "tired feeling."


You can take Diphenhydramine Citrate for starters also Melatonin works as well. Be very careful not to combine the two in excess. It's better that you take one or the other. When you start to vivid dream, understand that you can get sleep paralysis and sometimes have nightmares. However, if you just take them as something that is part and parcel for vivid dreaming in general then you will be fine. I haven't even gotten into the Astral Projecting part of it. It's sort of like jumping into other people's experiences at first if I were to call it something.



lol calm down nigger. Parents know about wet dreams.



My parents encouraged me to have wet dreams when my kid sister crashed in my bed… saved them from having to do the 'sex talk' with her… bastards.


File: 7a51a86de1535d1⋯.mp4 (471.81 KB, 854x480, 427:240, oh god.mp4)


I dreamt that the Myrmidons declared a war of independence on me and took the duchy of Achaea with them.



It's still going to look weird you fucking mongoloid.

>cum all over your sister

>haha that's ok because it was obviously a wet dream



Real life isn't an anime where you can accidentally bukkake your sister in your sleep ya sperg


I just had a dream that i was having an orgy with the little sisters from bioshock last night. I'm not even a pedophile i am not attracted to little girls. But i dreamed up that weird shit up anyway for some reason. If i remember correctly some were developing breasts so the ages of them varied.



Did you harvest them ?




yes it is


File: 8422faeacbb2ec0⋯.png (384.15 KB, 842x678, 421:339, 8422faeacbb2ec044d735bbd20….png)


That's terrible…

So did anything ever happen?



No but i got them pregnant. I think the adam greatly sped up the development of the babies because their wombs had swollen at an astonishing speed right after i came inside them.


File: 231525ea3fdb5db⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 331x262, 331:262, r67043.JPG)

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