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File: cddc17f3e5430f9⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 640x490, 64:49, 124235254.jpg)


What do you guys actually think happens when we die?


your body and mind cease to exist and you'll go back to the state before you were born, forever. complete nothingness and you won't even know it.



Existence occurs on a quantum level. You will always exist. You will re-experience the universe an infinite amount of times in an infinite number of ways, but you won't remember any of it.


You go to kekistan


"We die only once, and then we are judged."


It's not complicated.



This. I died for a few minutes before and there is only everlasting nothingness.


me & marisa playing craps



An eternity passes and then you are born in another universe


I no longer mind when the cat pees the bed


you rot and turn into worm food.


What's your karmic balance? Positive? You ascend. Negative? You're born again as some duck or frog.


You wake up and the nightmare starts all over again


Its obvious that our consciousness becomes the seed of a universe and we join the infinite multiverse


File: c9659b6a54e0248⋯.jpg (28.34 KB, 384x494, 192:247, CoolTimes.jpg)

You die, its like going to sleep and not waking up

>That's scary

But why? Whats so scary about it? You have to be mature enough to accept death

If you are aware of a state called is, or reality, or life, this implies a state called isn’t. Or illusion, or unreality, or nothingness or death. You can’t know one without the other. And so as to make life poignant, it’s always going to come to an end, that is don’t you see what makes it lively. Liveliness is change it is motion, and motion is going to fall out and be gone…. -Alan Watts





Sounds like some nihilist "jus enjoy it while ur here XD" cliche fagshit tbh



existence and consciousness are two different things, fucko.

"you" don't even exist. where is the "you" you were ten years ago? think about it. moron






Spiritual evolution



Nothing. You just no longer exist.


File: be07da22a576df2⋯.jpeg (66.76 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 44F91B25-D69E-40C4-AE0F-0….jpeg)


Its not nihlism. Its the complete opposite. Actually pay attention to what Watts is saying. Hes saying that for life to have meaning, death is necessary. Another way to phrase this would be a thought experiment. What would actually happen to a man if he could live forever? Think very carefully about the answer. What would happen to this man after trillion of years of consciousness?



Who gives a fuck about a man who lives forever. What a dumb thought experiment. This piece of shit philosophical question needs to die.



I agree, its obvious anyway what would happen, he'd just live forever. Fuck man, Im alive right now.

Fucking pretentious piece of shit science faggot



Are you trying to imply that an afterlife is any different then eternal life? Its not philosophy, its actually logic if you really think about the answer.



“You” is an identity based on the sum of your experiences.



>What would happen to this man after trillion of years of consciousness?

He'd lose memories after a long time?



hey man, did you ever notice that being wet can refer to being covered in water, but it can also refer to being covered in milk or even beinf sexually aroused?




Would it matter if an afterlife was any different from eternal life? Life ends and life begins. Life itself is a part of the universe. It is a quality of existence. You and i may die, but life itself is already immortal. Quantum existence.


You are kept alive and simulated in a computer.

In this simulated world, you experience 1 million years in 1 minute of Earth time. You exist in this state for eternity.



death is a shit


File: 6b9dd2f0f79a9e0⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 420x416, 105:104, 6b9dd2f0f79a9e0b6f6d707880….jpg)


> he'd just live forever.

Everything would get boring eventually. Actually, everything would get more then boring. Every aspect of reality itself will have become beyond mundane after such an incredible amount of time. Thinking itself will have become mundane. You would be effectively dead. This is why death is necessary. For life to have meaning it must be finite. Otherwise you are effectively a part of the scenery. Your very being will exist as a constant. Like a fucking rock.


You could actually learn something you know? Maybe get new perspectives? Right now you're the one being a pretentious twat


It depends on what you believe it to be your consciousness. For me, consciousness is energy, the electric energy from the neurons, inside your brain. As such, and because enery caan't be created or destroyed, i believe we pass to another realm. Another plane of existence, much like the Alterans from SGC series.




everything is already boring

Its not a new perspective, its semantics



Jeez, get a load of this guy. Muh boredom, if we don't die we'll get bored.

Sounds like a way of justifying the refusal to ascend beyond mortality.



>everything is already boring

And you aren't even 80 to 100 years old yet. Things could get a hell of a lot more boring man. Its like superboredom. An Ego death


Consciousness does not exist. You are just a various combination of elements that has the illusion of free will, consciousness and intelligence.

Life is the same as anything else in the universe, it has no inherent meaning and is a social construct.



Im here posting on 8chan and ive been here for days, Ive already experienced ego death and while doing this for eternity sounds like hell, its already hell



That’s subject to debate but if not that the individual meaning of such memories could collectively fade into a morass of triviality. But that’s theorizing a lot based on a consciousness that has the ability to persist for aeons.

Maybe such a being has a perfect recollection not only of events but emotional contex. You and I will never know.



If I were someone with a higher social standing than others then it would have meaning.



Ego death is for fags, enjoy being a causality buttslave.

Fight for your individuality. Yours is not the collective.


File: 015e9bd4fedb885⋯.jpg (90.52 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Thumpie Bunny Eve.jpg)





This >>119562 is what being an individual looks like.



You don't remember your past life generally speaking (I know some people believe its possible but thats debatable) so effectively for your life right now it is basically the same as just dying but at least the idea your consciousness never goes away is comforting I suppose


All the people in this thread who say some gay shit about infinity and rebirth:


Consciousness is biological and all that lives is doomed to die. I defy you to prove anything else is the case or even could be the case.



Is all that we see or seem, But a dream within a dream?


File: 34a5d326b9addf5⋯.jpg (112.91 KB, 500x335, 100:67, Thumpie Bunny Eve2.jpg)


Actually I can remember a bit about what happen before I was birth it's weird and make me nervous everytime I think about it.

I think reincarnation in new brain have some effect we don't understand yet. it may deleted or hide our memory from previous lifes


Why is there so much philosophy ITT? Anon just asked a simple question. Stop being pretentious you dumb niggers.



wasn't there a comic similar to this? it was like bunny girl cops or something?


There is no death, only zuul


File: a5b1378306df16d⋯.jpg (101.33 KB, 335x500, 67:100, Thumpie Bunny Eve1.jpg)


I dunno

god I wish there are woman like this in my country



Because it's a philosophical question you mong.





intangible does not refer to something that is not real. This isnt even a proper synonym.


File: 9279cdad1feb214⋯.png (345.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, death pony.png)

Q: What do you guys actually think happens when we die?

A: If everything goes well, a mass casualty event.



so what you're saying is the universe is basically just ideas generated by the mind, and not wholly material



>What do you guys actually think happens when we die?

Same thing that happened before you were born, you ignorant slut.



life starts at conception you fucking mong


File: ec5bb5829a380f1⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 630x653, 630:653, 0c007ec549efa007af291a4233….jpg)


>a few minutes




Your perception of the universe, at least.



And death starts at death, you special needs child.


File: 6603fb4c1bc26e3⋯.jpg (20.65 KB, 307x307, 1:1, confused-asian-guy.jpg)


>birth is conception



Pretty sure sperm cells are pretty much living. A better question would be when humanity starts, but nobody likes that.


Ultimately, there's no way to know, and I don't find it that useful to think about. The most logical extrapolation is that we probably just stop existing, but our perspective is limited as fuck. For all we know we're just pieces in a 6-Dimensional being's chess game. Or, if the universe is never ending due to some quantum bullshit where causality doesn't apply, we could hypothetically reassemble eternities later in a world identical to the one we leave, and live indefinitely (of course, this is basically multiverse theory with the critical divider being time, and assumes every possibility is eventually true. It also means we'll all reassemble in Hell at some point).

Ultimately though, betting on any uncertain possibility is gay. Everyone should shitpost assuming that you are spending your finite reality in doing so.



nah dog, sperm cells are incomplete. Needs the other half of life. Thats why babies dont grow in my ballsack


You guys are gonna start quoting Berserk any moment now.


File: cd3041d3fe86c20⋯.png (2.84 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, guts berserk image.png)


“‘I’m human, the real deal, right down to the fuckin’ marrow of my bones. Don’t lump me together with you faggot-ass monsters.” – Guts



nice griffith trips



>faggot-ass monsters

>takes it up the ass by a big nigger




>if i slap the word quantum it will sound super serious


it doesn't faggot.

quantardation is the belief in dark matter, dark energy, and inflatons, all without evidence of them even existing in the first place.

They just suppose there is something that exist for their equations to match with what's observed, the problem being that when they go with the "logic" behind quantard shit, you end up with an ever-increasing amount of magical stuff, and suddenly masses of some galaxies that exceed what is possible (in the same manner a planet can't go above 13 jovian mass before collapsing into a star).

But hey who cares! it got the word quantum that means i know what i m talking about! right?

quanta shit is essentially ether mk2.0 at this point, and should be regarded as a litmus test warding against morons who can't observe evidence, and live contempt in respewing whatever they've been forcefed.


Stick with the whole theory, albeit not rock solid, it's still FAR less shitty (and just like quantum non-sense, should not even be called a theory but an hypothesis instead).

good lord, it's like you fuckers know how to trigger my autism.



>sperm cells are incomplete

Not necessarily.




>What do you guys actually think happens when we die?

I think you know what happens, anon. The answer is consuming you, but it's there, staring you in the face.

Sorry, but we all wish that we would continue on after death. Unfortunately, we don't. This is it.



Go back to /christian/, jew lover.


File: 4f2e86652ab811e⋯.jpg (116.58 KB, 472x644, 118:161, 12.jpg)

you meet whatever anime art style girl you admired in life

every hero gas journey to meet his maiden

some have to journey to afterlife


Our corpse decays.




I have a theory that having your body embalmed or cremated after death prevents you from being one with the earth.



You dissolve into your core components and thereby become part of all the life around you. That is the physical passage in the circle of life. The only lasting thing you can pass on is your bloodline inside your offspring. That represents the meaning of life; creation.

Now that we have covered the natural law, let's look into the human lie…spirituality. Humanity claims it's own consciousness as a defined stage of higher being. It is their justification for every negative action they ever did. In their heads they make everything about themselves, which is called hedonism, and it's against nature and thereby self destructive. What the consciousness actually is, is a tool to comprehend our surroundings. It is confined to the mechanics of our brain and just like any other machine it's worthless without fuel, which is blood. Therefore blood equals life. Take the blood out of the brain and it dies, but the blood on itself can easily exist without the brain (transfusions).

The brain and our consciousness within are mere tools fueled by blood, which is our true identity. Spirituality is hedonism, a lie as a justification for the crimes we commit.





Anon, your pretentiousness is showing.



It's worse than that…any tampering with the corpse is poisoning the ground and further makes humanity mentally ill. The stuffing of the corpse with straw, the embalming fluids, the cosmetics, the clothes, the trinkets, the casket, the grave, the mausoleums etc. are all poison to nature and prevent the natural state of decay. Furthermore the entire industry and circus around the passage of death is mentally destroying the living, because they manufacture lies to so that they not have to face death, which is a downward insanity spiral they're constantly feeding. They are desperately trying to masquerade death, thereby getting oblivious against the ultimate natural predator, which is death and which constantly uses temptation to test our survival ability. That's why life demands struggle, because death is always on the prowl. Not facing the reality of death is called a delusion.



Well, I use "our" later on so maybe my misanthropic, and clinical logic hasn't consumed me fully yet.


Hoping for more than nothingness but the likelihood of nothingness is so high that it makes me fear death.



Nothing doesn't exist in nature. Your consciousness will just stop comprehending your surroundings. And you don't have to fear death, because it's the most natural thing in the world. What you should fear is not passing on life, because that's what survival dictates you to do. The fear of death will disappear once you see parts of yourself in the eyes of your child, because then your life has meaning.



>What do you guys actually think happens when we die?






I do plan to have children but I will still fear death. Ever since I was a child I have thought about death and what happens after said death. It is my one and only fear in this world.






he's projecting.



The only reason I would fear dying is because knowing I wouldn't live to see the inventions of mankind afterwards. Like maybe in a century or so we actually do get to experience virtual reality, or some futuristic stuff of that level. Just I won't be around to witness it.


File: 1ef3004b690e07d⋯.jpeg (83.68 KB, 640x960, 2:3, D9F9120C-8965-4121-89B3-5….jpeg)


Lmao, who gives a toot.



I'm afraid I'll die before ayys reveal themselves or we find ayys.



72 virgens






Either that or Miura dies.



He's japanese, even if I was born yesterday the fucker would outlive me.



That's called "believe" and it's a form of control designed by humans to control other humans. In nature believe equals superstition, which means temporarily accepting something supernatural as a given (lightning, mirage, thunder). This is naturally followed by curiosity about it, which turns to knowledge. Therefore "believe" in nature means the way towards knowledge. Now humans created religions to take that path of knowledge away and replace it with human "believe", which means unconditional acceptance of an ultimate answer (deity/god). So the deity acts as a roadblock towards natural knowledge, which demands believe to work. The few who wanted to control the many, then created their own set of rules "the laws of men" to exploit and control everyone who doesn't follow the original laws, the laws of nature.


File: 3383c00c59fdcb4⋯.webm (7.83 MB, 480x270, 16:9, gazeintoeternity.webm)



What you're doing is called hedonism…taking short term benefits, while ignoring long term consequences. This makes you a parasite to this earth, which natural law will correct by either wipe out your species or wipe out the whole ecosystem.



Empty promises in return for unconditional believe. That's a control mechanism enslaving you to the will of others.


File: d03592146e823c6⋯.jpg (371.58 KB, 1740x1080, 29:18, 1521594293241.jpg)


I feel like we're at the half-way mark for the story. The first half getting Casca her memory back, second half Guts goes after Griffith and/or God Hand.



I was saying that you shouldn’t fear death. I agree with your view on hedonism.



>began publication 1989

>at halfway point 30 years later

I don't think I'm gonna make it bros.


File: 5cb702002ef0e38⋯.webm (7.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, GAZEDTOOLONG.webm)

I don't know

Most people point towards religious beliefs but those beliefs are bread from an intense fear of nothingness after death, and each interpretation is different from one another. Some even having multiple afterlives. And these visions of after-death where fueled by religious figureheads going on trips whether it be through taking drugs while in a meditative state, or intense starvation and sleep deprivation whilst meditating. Both of these methods make your mind all fuckey and see things which aren't there so I haven't really trusted them too much.

Also most people who say there's absolutely nothing afterwards most likely haven't been at deaths door. When you're staring it in the face you truly do begin to wonder what happens after this.

I just choose not to think about it, too many questions and too many conflicting answers


I'd imagine if somebody had eternal life they would most likely end up like in >>119562 pic where they lose all touch with reality and take on the persona of somebody or something else just to keep their minds busy and give themselves a challenge. But I also like to think that some people would see it both as a blessing and a curse. A curse because they can no longer die making it so there is no longer a sense of urgency. But this would lead them to create a fake sense of urgency so they could be motivated to do something, and this fake urgency would be created by a burden they would put on themselves. Maybe something like educated others with their catalogues of ancient wisdom and knowledge, or to take up a field of study which would greatly benefit everybody else. But that also begs the question, how would the mind work with eternal life? There's no secret that the brain degrades over time, and when you're in your 60's and above, you'd be lucky to have the same kind of mental faculties you once had when you where younger. So would your brain eventually become nothing more than paste and you would be reduced to a gibbering animal? For the sake of this argument lets assume you have the same brain power you did when you where in your early 20's, the rough amount of time when the brain fully developed. How much information could it hold? How much could you remember? If enough time has passed, say 100 years, would you remember them? Does your perception of time stay constant with mortals? As in, the older you get the faster life moves by, but you never truly get "older" now do you. Maybe the lack of understanding of time has something to do with your brain degrading. But that's based all on a hypothetical where the immortal man is feeling as if he needs to help the people, but what if he didn't care at all about others? Then that would loop back to the first path he would take. But then would such a lifestyle be worth it? Since something like the first is hedonism taking on a different form as the user is doing it solely out of pleasure for the flesh.

I'm going to stop right here because I got too many questions that could lead on for miles and I always figured that thinking about something such as this which is truly hypothetical is a bit of a meme since we gain nothing out of understanding it better, maybe for writefaggotry but that's about it.



>I'd imagine if somebody had eternal life they would most likely end up like in >>119562 pic where they lose all touch with reality and take on the persona of somebody or something else just to keep their minds busy and give themselves a challenge.

I don't think you quite grasp eternity anon. All those personas will eventually get exhausted. Everything will become trivial. Life will become trivial.



I wasn't playing on fear, but on you downplaying the significance of death. That is is how humans try to cope with it, and it's based on lying to yourself, which is because of fear of facing up to the consequences of their actions. And that is called hedonism. In short…everything that doesn't follow the truth is self destructive hedonism and naturally will have negative consequences.



That's 30 years counting the hiatuses.



I understand what you're getting at

But the way how I see it is that they would go insane from immortality, and take up those personas because they've completely lost themselves and desperately try to cling onto some form of reality. And they've been alive for so long that they've figured out how to fully integrate themselves into their characters and feel the supposed emotions of said characters. They would be something akin to a highly sophisticated wild beast. Their food and drink become their hedonistic desires, and they refuse to think of anything else whether it be fear of collapsing under the sheer weight of eternity, or they simply have forgotten how to. Time flies by them all the way to the eventual death of the universe and then onward.

Actually now that I think about it, wouldn't immortality be a sort of afterlife? But instead of being subjugated to the effects of the death-realm you would be forced to find your own peace?




The circle of life disproves the concept of an afterlife. When you die you become food, host and materials for the life around you. Therefore all dead will be part of the remaining life. This goes on as long as there is energy to consume.


File: d8853506a705ca9⋯.png (89.83 KB, 737x527, 737:527, 004.png)

what I want to happen is you get to pick your next life, and it can be whatever you want, you can control your memory, so you can forget if you had a shit time or are bored

what it probably is just nothing, no thought, no stimulus, no perception of time. Don't sound too bad tbh



I can not change it, therefore there is nothing to worry about.


Anyone who thinks they can answer that question lacks sound critical thinking skills.



One rule to all existence…to be or not to be. That means there are two constant forces to everything. One is constantly approaching and represents the end (death), the other demands struggle to uphold (life). Since you cannot escape death the meaning of life is (pro)-creation and the means to achieve it is upholding the natural order. Balancing existence by struggling to survive, while preventing temptation to draw you towards death.

In short…survival demands constant "worrying" as in adaptation to ever changing circumstances. That is called being alive.


File: b690199da887221⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Anime GF.webm)

We are made in the image of God, therefore we are eternal beings. People hoping to simply cease to exist are engaging in wishful thinking, they hope they will merely cease to exist because that way they can avoid judgement. People who think God is this all-loving hippy have a very very warped idea of the almighty, his main attribute is justice, it's only through his son's sacrifice that you may be pure enough to stand in the father's presence. This is why Christ is needed by all because in order for us finite and imperfect, sinful beings to stand before the infinite morally perfect being we need that mediator.

Any division of infinity is zero, eternity is not a joke, get saved people.



I agree with everything you wrote. I originally meant that I don’t think one should waste time worrying about the state after death. I simply misunderstood what you meant by “dying”.




That is a concept solely based on believe, a superstition. In nature a superstition is followed by curiosity, which leads to knowledge. Your god is the opposite. Unconditional surrender to believe, therefore against natural laws, because that would severely lower your survival ability against predators. It's just a simple man made concept to control large groups of humans, by hiding the natural laws from them, while forcing new rules upon them (the laws of men). Religion stands for unconditional believe for empty promises.

>avoid judgement

Impossible. Death is the ultimate judgment and nature does a very thorough job to show it to us at every opportunity. Furthermore every negative action we take against nature will have a negative consequence while we're still alive, so the ultimate judgement is our constant companion, our motivator to struggle for life.

>us finite and imperfect, sinful beings

All our sins are based on the consequences of all our actions against nature.


Does not exist, because existence is the state in between two fundamental barriers…the beginning and the end.



>I don’t think one should waste time worrying about the state after death

That's absolutely correct. The past is gone forever, the future always unreachable and what matters is only the present.


File: 72d0a1b15f6535f⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 640x476, 160:119, JVTaZwN_d.jpg)

I believe the brain releases a SHITTON of DMT (depending on how healthy the individual is) and this almost has a slingshot effect on the consciousness, allowing it to move on to the next reality. The reality the consciousness moves onto is based upon the spirituality the individual maintained and ingrained within themselves throughout their lives.

If you're atheist or spiritually weak, you simply fade into nothingness.



Ah yes, boomerisms. The degradation of humanity by way of the hedonistic mind.

What you do today reflects back on you tomorrow as we can see and as we have learned from yesterday.



Give us any prove of transferring consciousness.


Yes. The natural law behind that is "all actions have consequences", but you're describing what should be, not what is. In reality we destroy the past, exploit the present and corrupt the future.


File: 0407f2c3595637b⋯.jpg (22.58 KB, 432x604, 108:151, 1557833114845.jpg)


>Give us any prove of transferring consciousness

No. I was asked what I think happens and at best it's a theory that's most likely wrong and I recognize this.

Even if it's true, the process could be immeasurable on our plane of existence. We dont understand how a lot of shit in the human body works. The functions of telomeres, while profound in terms of human health and wellness, are still just being figured out and researched.



Heres some speculation. Near death experiences where people have an out of body experience or they claim to see heaven/hell could be an incomplete transfer. They're consciousness has put itself in that new existence with only the death of the physical form being what completes the process.



>are still just being figured out and researched

That's what they are saying, while being funded by organized crime, guarded by military intelligence, bound by non disclosure agreements, bribed by politicians, back stabbed by colleagues, and driven by hedonism.

It's a way safer way of living to assume that everything that isn't based on natural laws and that can't be practically proven by yourself is nothing but a fat ass lie. Doing this will free your mind from so much wasted time on "what if" scenarios, dead ends and harm through exploitation.



Or those people are lying.



>Near death experiences

Well I had one as a child while drowning in a pool. What happened is that all my senses were heightened so that my comprehension for survival was at it's peak. Not that that helped me much (a teacher fished me out), but it explains how the natural survival instinct takes over in acute situations. That's why suicide jumper talk about their bodies shutting down before the last step. You can test that yourself by holding your breath until your body will overwrite your consciousness and force you to breath.



Humans are pathological liars. They lie about absolutely everything and the biggest lies are aimed at themselves. jews playing on that like a fiddle is just obvious behavior.



Retards like this are like children. I wish the afterlife were nothingness, there would be no reason to ever worry about death



Bro can you dumb ass faggots back to Reddit or whoever you came from?



Nothing; either our awareness stays the same so nothing relatively changes or our awareness fades away so nothing opposably changes. There's a 3rd fake option that we'll be worm food so it looks like "nothing" changes occur. Changes or nothing



Everything is a transferrence of consciousness. It's how you're aware; there is no absolute-space because everything is tied through one.



There is no comfort zone in life, anon. You cannot escape the conflict, just as you cannot escape the final judgement. So you either participate in it like an adult, or you will become white noise of reality.

On a less serious note. Disprove me, make a better point, or gfy.



>you'll go back to the state before you were born, forever.

What makes you think that the same thing can't happen again?



>our awareness fades away

And nature gives more than enough prove for that. It's called getting older.

>nothing opposable changes

Nothing does not exist. Natural law "opposites must always coexist". So what is the opposite of nothing? Something, which is what? A loose term to describe stuff you haven't named yet. There is no such thing as the state of not existing, because inside the barriers of existence everything exists, or in smaller scale…inside the ecosystem everything is already there. Nothing on this earth comes into existence out of nothing.


>implying we die



Nothing gets older


Nothing does exist, it's known as space which everything strings through.

> Nothing on this earth comes into existence out of nothing.

Everything on this earth comes into existence out of experiencing itself.



Natural law: "the sum of all things" as in everything works together with everything else to create the whole. The problem here is that humanity sees it's consciousness as what defines their existence, when in reality the consciousness is nothing but a tool of awareness that helps us navigate this world. That is where hedonism originated and why humanity became pathological liars.


Your awareness is no-thing, a foundation able to change. Non-physical manifesting perspective.


File: bddb16da44d5233⋯.gif (1022.73 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1557676598410.gif)


That's understandable. I should have specified I meant people who were generally unconscious and usually in a hospital setting.



>Nothing gets older

So you reject time?

>it's known as space which everything strings through

And that space is filled with the smallest elements, which would be two natural opposites aka a positive and a negative energy.



>Everything on this earth comes into existence out of experiencing itself.

No, everything came to existence by the sum of all things reacting with each other, thereby creating. Experience is awareness, perception…all in your consciousness.


File: 12f1bb89bffa1e5⋯.png (36.48 KB, 809x808, 809:808, ClipboardImage.png)

If there are an infinite amount of universes it means that time is infinite meaning that everything will happen again & again & again.

You'll never get of the train of the living.



Where does the home go when the house is torn down? Where does the program go when the PC is turned off for the last time? Where does the storm go when the weather turns clear and bright?

You don't think or feel. You don't experience it. You're just not there anymore at all and never will be again.



If everything happens again but you're not aware of it (the information has been destroyed) that's the same as it happening for the first and last time.



>consciousness is energy, the electric energy from the neurons, inside your brain. As such, and because enery caan't be created or destroyed

Let me stop you right there. The physics definition of energy has absofuckinglutely nothing to do with your definition.


Take that shit to /adv/

They'll help you


File: c570beda87c12c0⋯.png (1.71 KB, 320x200, 8:5, Quest_for_the_Garden_of_Ed….png)

All the arcade and pinball machines go on unlimited free play!


File: 085584ec9cf2463⋯.png (164.21 KB, 659x525, 659:525, ClipboardImage.png)


Your consciousness is a unique identifier, only one is in existence at the same time. If you die that information gets lost but nothing is saying that the same information that creates your conscience cannot be created again if time and space are infinite.

If it is really infinite the same thing will happen eventually maybe in 1000 trillion years but it can and will happen again assuming conscience is information alone and doesn't need the material part that makes up your brain.



I believe you're attached to time.

Nothing is 0, Everything is 1

Nothing is negative, everything is positive;

There's more nothing than everything.

Everything is female before it's male.

All space contains a time

Nothing is mathematical, everything is scientific

Nothing is magnetic, everything is energetic

Nothing is fabricated, everything is determined

&then awareness was born

Awareness is male & female

Awareness is nothing & everything & something & anything

Awareness observes & explores

Awareness is space & time

Awareness is electro-magnetic

Awareness is male & female

Awareness is simple & infinite

Awareness is dead & pulsing

Awareness is stored & pulled

Awareness is provided & activated

Awareness forgets & remembers

Awareness is un-established & physical

Awareness is established & impossible

0 + 1 is only one.

Nothing is binary & everything is binary

Awareness is an anomaly where male & female understand the same language



this. i believe it will be like an ultimate CYOA once you die


File: a20a628f13af159⋯.jpg (59.34 KB, 720x400, 9:5, 1420948444666.jpg)


>What do you guys actually think happens when we die?

No one alive knows. Ask the dead.



>like an adult

I second his request that you go huff your farts somewhere else.



I'm honestly waiting to enter a thread where no one asks me a rhetorical question and also states things in a "."period form. It is absolute. I need someone who won't word philosophy as a science. ("That makes no sense!" is (I have proof this appears senseless)) Bitch, you are not sensitive! What you understand is improvised by what you acknowledge and you're froze by objectives. Tell me what you understand not believe, a truth about space-period, about nothing; not something haunting everything you fabricate. I'm tired is all. You don't have to feel anyway without choice. Powerless-on-purpose is lying about yourself, you can't help anything especially me.


If the dead aren't still alive then you believe nothing happens when you die. "No one alive knows" is a lie. You can discover the answer but everything is deniable so nothing has to change once you die.



You can't initiate shit! GTFO excuses


You will experience the year 2500 in exactly the same way you experienced the year 1500



nothingness does not exist .

there is only existence of matter.

zero is zero, is one, a zero.

absence of matter is displacement of such, inside of a spatial dimension reliant on the observer.

nothingness unequals as denominator zero for a state of any given system.

zero means zero unequals null ≅ nil ≅ none ≅ −273.15 °C ≅ 4.5×10−10 K ≅ (…)

Σeverything = {nothing,everything}



You're trying to prove a point that everything has a loophole so nothing can end. An objective remains.

Will improvises belief, acknowledgement improvises understanding. You will experience an illusion the same way you experienced all other illusions; choosing. An understanding hidden by objective.



>If the dead aren't still alive then you believe nothing happens when you die.

You seem to assume what I mean by "alive" and "dead" are the same as your artsyfartsy definition.

>you can discover the answer

Enlighten us, oh gatekeeper to the other side.

>but everything is deniable so nothing has to change once you die.

What the fuck does this even mean.




there is only the present subject to change ,

now, memories of the past, as long as the rememberance is prolonged and

the future, as further ahead as the observer can sense it, like a passing object or means of knowledge in case of events taking place through action.

now is now gone, now will be over now, now was then now and will never be the past and at the same time the future. we all share the present ,independently of day or night eastern or western hemisphere, being on earth the moon or mars yet everything changes as we as individuals act , everything is because of our individual existence



>I believe you're attached to time.

>Nothing is 0, Everything is 1

A better intro would be…0 is the state of not being 1 yet. An unborn, unconceived baby already exists in the sum of all things. The base materials to create that baby are all there, just not being used for creation yet. Just as much as the knowledge and the materials for the most futuristic achievements are already at our disposal, we just haven't figured them out yet.

>Nothing is negative, everything is positive;

No. Negative is negative and positive is positive. Not nothing.

>There's more nothing than everything.

We can't prove that, only logically assume that it must be.

>Everything is female before it's male.

That's knowledge and has nothing to do with the state of existence.

>Nothing is mathematical, everything is scientific

Math I accept because it's mechanical and logical, but science is not based on truth, it's based on temporary assumptions. The field of science is about disproving other scientists.

>Nothing is magnetic, everything is energetic

Magnetism is energy.

>Nothing is fabricated, everything is determined

Everything is fabricated and determined, because the rules of existence have two distinct boundaries "to be or not to be"

>Awareness is…

based on different interpretations, therefore not the truth, but an assumption.



1 is everything that behaves, guides, weighs & generates through 0.

Don't post a mathematical formula you don't understand. You're froze again. If that's "the end" of the formula you're lying.

Matter does not identify as a behavior; it's kinetic or potential. Nothingness does exist, it's primely a space that provides. I don't know what you internalize that must mean but it's not what you believe is blocking your science or formula. Nothingness is a tool to remember everything is a tool. Nothing & everything stream parallel with each other.

I believe it will assist you to internalize that nothing is space and "nothingness" is a redundancy by term of "spaceness" however "-ness" means space. It's a double-negative created from a double-negative that doesn't want to behave as a double-negative. "SpaceSpace" doesn't exist because there's 1 space except when you're debating on whether space exists. Now there's two spaces; I understand this is an illusion, it' how wordplay works. It's your choice to make an objective from it.

If nothing doesn't exist that's a "place holder" that you won't utilize and you're limiting yourself again. It shouldn't scare you if you don't believe you'll hit a wall, give up or face oblivion for relying on a miracle variable. Understand me when I say nothing will change. Therefore nothing will always/never internalize because it needs to uphold your conscious exploration until you remember you blocked out nothing.


Sorry I'm not going to think for a liar. Since you admit to being so misunderstood & weak. There is no otherside, that's you lying again. The only person who'd want to be jesus or a chosen one is someone who feels weak or could seek out an ultimate non-existent final solution for some overwhelming opposition.

Life existed before meaning and it will exist after meaning.

FYI, if you post a statement yourself and it doesn't revolutionize an understanding internally, even as the one posting it, you're full of shit. It's likely why you're so addicted to pain & joylessness.


Anons at what age do you reach your physical peak? As in what age do you start to grow old and decay? Mid 20s? Early 30s?


Your body is basically a gooey, smelly machine that works for a while until it decides you've taken enough damage and done enough fuckin' to die off and biodegrade. There's no afterlife. Stop appeasing your ballless fear of death with some semblance of more life, but this doesn't mean you have to be some nihilist dickhead or quantard. You live and die, easy enough to understand. And no one will miss 98% of you fat, acne-ridden mongoloids who haven't seen a pussy near you since you slimed out of your momma's pooter.



no what I am saying is the atoms that make you will be disorganized like they were in 1500 in the year 2500. You did not exist in 1500 in an organized machine of working atoms like you do now and you will be the same way in 2500

>You're trying to prove a point that everything has >a loophole so nothing can end. An objective >remains.

>Will improvises belief, acknowledgement >improvises understanding. You will experience an >illusion the same way you experienced all other >illusions; choosing. An understanding hidden by >objective.

what drugs are you on



In your 30s you're gonna start to feel your energy draining whenever the weather changes.


File: 2985c8de93b240a⋯.jpg (242.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Smug Lightbringer.jpg)


>You'll never get of the train of the living.

We'll see about that.



>Nothingness does exist, it's primarily a space that provides.

Give me an example of such a space, that isn't filled with something that already exists.



This dumbass redditor needs to be publically executed


File: c89d5f1f8f3811f⋯.jpeg (11.1 KB, 196x257, 196:257, c89d5f1f8f3811fdc2a5ae932….jpeg)

''Negatively Existent am I, that mine Energies be not encircled and by Circumstance be made

Existent as Nature'.

Neither am I bound to Will, nor Summoned in Knowing.

Unto the Bless'd and the Wise of the Elder Cultus of the High Sabbat,

Unto such as are privy to this Secret Rite and are of the Old Worship,

to such some Sign is here given that will serve as the Key.

Know ye that I am a Conclave of the Formulae of 'Self.

Totem unto me and as Twin-Pillars to this Gate are the Stars called 'Castor and Pollux',

As Twin Children unto the Great Double House - that is yet the Greater Geminus.

In the Syncopation of their Duality, as in the Womb Celestial -1 am!

Yet not to Birth am I given:

Insufficient Possibility hath the Existent to articulate mine Arcanum.

**Immanent of the Whole am I, yet dwelling solely in the Infinities of its Division.

All that may be proceedeth from mine Eye, yet naught that liveth may meet my Gaze.**

The Sum of all Senses in the Power of the Sight, such is my Blessing, such is my Curse.

Here T may write of I, yet I am ever as a True Secret hid!''



>No. Negative is negative and positive is positive. Not nothing.

Then no is no and not nothing is not nothing.

The science is crumbling here.

>We can't prove that, only logically assume that it must be.

We can't enact everything but we can understand everything, it feels like nothing.

>Math I accept because it's mechanical and logical, but science is not based on truth, it's based on temporary assumptions. The field of science is about disproving other scientists.

Everything is temporary, nothing is a constant

Everything is science, nothing is mathematical

Everything is an illusion, nothing is real.

>Magnetism is energy.

Energy doesn't repel; A magnet is electro-magnetic if that was haunting you.

>Awareness is based on different interpretations, therefore not the truth, but an assumption.

It's your choice to assume. Understand that awareness is shared space, it's based on different experiences.


I believe you want a space that is filled with something you can't understand therefore I hope you get confused.


Everything exists you were never experienced until now. I'm not going to respond to someone who's confused by something stuck to you.

Everything exists within the space of infinity, including the idea that infinity can end meaning infinity has to last forever to properly hold the narrative that infinity can end.


File: d3865ed91c1722c⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 397x401, 397:401, 9ab7def364510c3f884e2e23a2….jpg)


I admire your optimism.


File: 3d418ff881e9282⋯.jpg (144.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3d418ff881e92826c84ac1453d….jpg)


I don't know!


Maybe when you fall asleep and you just discover that you still are alive when you wake up but in case of death, you never will wake up.


>>121192 (me)

Electric(+) attracts like energy

Magnetism(-) repels like energy

Energy is neutral.

Nothing is always magnetic but Everything is always electric then Electro-magnetic while Nothing will always keep it's (-) space though. You may understand this idea better as universal fucking. This is because everything strings through nothing.

AKA get out of my space, I need to find someone like myself. I believe the personification can be utilized if hiding from someone isn't an objective. Then you may think that "energy isn't people, people is energy it's different". But nothing is nothing & everything is everything.


File: a3316d9a95728fa⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 200x200, 1:1, thissecond.jpg)



>Then no is no and not nothing is not nothing

Nothing is meaningless, because it doesn't exist. "Yes" and "no" on the other hand are provable terms.

>The science is crumbling here

Human science is constantly "crumbling" everywhere. You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you see all human sciences as temporary assumptions until proven otherwise (by yourself).

>We can't enact everything

Correct, because we don't have control over the highest authority (the laws of nature)

>we can understand everything

Theoretically, if we follow the laws of nature, which we defiled since the very beginning, so everything we do know is based on us corrupting each other by the consequences of our actions. Therefore we missed a lot, that we would otherwise have.

>it feels like nothing

Nothing doesn't exist, and feeling refers to you perceiving things in your head, which means it's most likely highly irrelevant.

>Everything is temporary, nothing is a constant

Wrong. The laws of nature are fundamental.

>Everything is science, nothing is mathematical

Change that to "everything is knowledge" and you can see the difference. Science isn't based on the truth, it's full of lies. Meanwhile math can only work with the truth, because it's based on logic and mechanics. You cannot cheat math.

>Everything is an illusion, nothing is real.

Since we can create illusions by distorting our minds (with drugs), reality must likely be real, but it's not a truth we can prove (yet).

>Energy doesn't repel; A magnet is electro-magnetic if that was haunting you.

I'm great with fundamental understanding, but I suck at the fine print. Sorry for that.

>it's based on different experiences

That's why it can never be the truth, since it can be interpreted in multiple ways. And everything that isn't the truth is automatically a lie. This is how one can disprove the terms "love" and "hate". They don't exist on it's own, only in the millions of interpretations thereof.

>something you can't understand therefore I hope you get confused

It's not that, it's that everything inside our ecosystem already exists in the sum of all things. So you can't make something new out of nothing. There can't be a nothing, because there is no room for it. Existence means everything already is.

>you were never experienced until now


>confused by something stuck to you

Again, what?

>the idea that infinity can end meaning infinity has to last forever to properly hold the narrative that infinity can end

But "idea" and "narrative" are just assumptions. They're not based on a truth. Which brings me to a question I have…Is existence part of time, or is time part of existence?




A negative state doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. It's just the natural opposite of positive.





File: dd85f2d34b9e700⋯.png (614.42 KB, 1016x1080, 127:135, dd85f2d34b9e70016cea7ccc7e….png)


my consciousness is a product of molecules being arranged in a very, very, very particular fashion. given that many of said molecules cannot be naturally synthesized, I doubt that I would spontaneously through quantum (im)probability. and it is far beyond our wildest imagination to be able to perfectly replicate an exact brain.



I almost don't want to respond to this because it was hours ago and I went to sleep but I will.

>Nothing is meaningless

Yes it is, it's how you give anything meaning. Yes & no are choices and nothing is a choice.

Nothing is no & everything is yes. "I'm not sure".

>Human science is constantly "crumbling" everywhere.

It's real though, everything is a fact; the illusion is based on a belief we hold about the fact. Belief is what gives life meaning, assembly frames meaning.

>Nothing doesn't exist, and feeling refers to you perceiving things in your head, which means it's most likely highly irrelevant.

Nothing does exist and feeling is primely acknowledgement. Acknowledge, sense, feel, guide, teach, nurture. Everything acknowledges everything regardless of thought, study, discovery or belief. Everything is bound by acknowledgement. This improvises assembly to unattach from space.

>Change that to "everything is knowledge" and you can see the difference. Science isn't based on the truth, it's full of lies. Meanwhile math can only work with the truth, because it's based on logic and mechanics. You cannot cheat math.

Everything is science, nothing is enacting. Belief was a reaction. Everything isn't knowledge because nothing is not knowledge it's space.

Science is domesticated by discovery & motivated by facts. Mathematically facts, opinions & lies are everything; pure fabrication.

Math holds a space for every lie because it's based on providing & nurturing. Math provides you with the blueprint to cheat math. We see it as denial math sees it as unique, it's physically expansion.

>Since we can create illusions by distorting our minds (with drugs), reality must likely be real, but it's not a truth we can prove (yet).

We can create illusions by discovering reality & attaching ownership to an idea you had through it. Everything is a drug, our bodies are mind-altering machinations which is necessary for the establishing of ideas. Each reality has a constant weighed through choice & opposable through behavior.

>That's why it can never be the truth, since it can be interpreted in multiple ways. And everything that isn't the truth is automatically a lie. This is how one can disprove the terms "love" and "hate". They don't exist on it's own, only in the millions of interpretations thereof.

Everything & nothing is uncovering truth, Something & nothing is fabricating truth

Behavior, response, weighing & revolutionizing exist on it's own. It's a fundamental law.

>It's not that, it's that everything inside our ecosystem already exists in the sum of all things. So you can't make something new out of nothing. There can't be a nothing, because there is no room for it. Existence means everything already is.

Everything has equal opportunity to exist as everything, choices to make do not dictate age.

Nothing is always new which is the understanding something will always be a duplicate. Space will expand to provide & access the new fabrications, edges, & realities stored inside it, a space that changed from when it didn't store those adaptations through it.

Adaptation which is the link through math & science, nothing & everything does not acknowledge assembly, drive, enactment or stability, through that space nothing is expanded that everything can access. Everything already is but what is not creates space.

>But "idea" and "narrative" are just assumptions. They're not based on a truth. Which brings me to a question I have…Is existence part of time, or is time part of existence?

Reality was sequenced after a fabrication, an idea supported by behavior. Reality dictates meaning to behavior. Time is part of existence because time is "part", a breakdown or reflection of behavior. It is an illusion.

Nothing is real, it is space. When you hear "nothing" is doesn't assemble anything you then mean it to be. It's space which can improvise & provide life and support reflection but also expands because that exchange is stored.



According to the bible. Everyone sleeps until the resurrection. Everyone who was alive will be reborn and the books will be opened so that everyone can understand them. There is 1000 years of peace. sort of a second chance, after which everyone will be judged.

The few given understanding in this life will rule in those days. The Jews will be utterly destroyed.

"Edom is modern Jewry" - The Jewish Ency. 1925 Ed., Vol. 5, Pg. 41.

"It shall be as never had never been" - Oba 1:16



Zero does not equal null faggot



File: c820ea487dc1217⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 400x583, 400:583, batman1940series164.jpg)


According to the back of this book you can buy Real Xray Goggles! for $2 plus shipping and handling


Pain, and then the soul detaches from the DNA. If it can get past the alien ships waiting to harvest it should you be selected, then once it leaves the stratosphere, it will be violently pulled into the obelisk cube on the moons Sinus Medii region for processing to be reincarnated


Mortality is an accident of imperfect biology to be overcome.






>typical /pol/cancer. literally cannot stop thinking about jews for 2 minutes.

I actually chuckled because it does appear that they're haunted by jews. Every site, every thread, every board, every idea, every event; it's jews, came from jews, benefits jews, feeds jews or opposes jews. It looks like they are haunted by jews.



I finally escape my torment.



Believing the kike demon desert gods faggot book

Muh god wont love you unless youre a good goy jew slave



>nothingness does not exist .

was meant there is no nothingness for it would imply everything else not existing since it is fairly certain by this exchange the latter is proven thus embracing the concept of nothing itself into the existence of everything.

more like the absence of nothingness means there is no void even that what you call nothingness you call to provide space for matter is itself something no matter how tiny the amount of matter located in defined space be.

would it be non-existant it could not provide function for matter therefor it is part of everything.

behavior is descriptive of biological (animate) matter, it consists of inanimate matter.

potential facilitates the concept of present as a trait of entirety disallowing infinite and irreversible standstill.

plain existence of everything most certainly does not imply the existence of animate matter but increases the certainty of such, eventually accumulating enough density to enable behavior, anticipating the animate conscious observer.

again, nothing is part of the sum of everything.

yet the descriptor 0 is still disparate to null, nil, none, 'absolute zero' et cetera.



You're responding to me; I'd recommend responding to the chain of responses of the post you responded to to keep up with relevancy.



So I get to be the nameless one?




was meant regarding you response to my prior post :



File: 744105eda13f857⋯.webm (3.22 MB, 640x360, 16:9, r-atheism.webm)

>This Thread



You ain't read the thread gtfo excuses


File: 1c54c1102d9cc29⋯.gif (349.28 KB, 260x400, 13:20, galil tail wag.gif)


God loves all his children and so long as you aren't a total cunt and believe in the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ god will reincarnate you into a cute anime loli cat girl for keeping faith in his word.

It's never to late to repent anon.


Unbased and fedora pilled. Read the bible faggot.


File: 477cf5849b2eed8⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 460x690, 2:3, azqAgLz_460s.jpg)

The organic body decomposes, and your very spirit, if untrained, returns to the dark energy of the universe. However, those who have learned to live on after death end up being unique entities of their own, still a form of dark energy, but now fully sapient: the catch is, unless they learn to master the existence of a bodyless spirit, they still must use alternative bodies, such as robotic bodies.

Spirits usually get created at a young age, usually 3-6 years, but many fail to fully generate, being launched back into the ether. This creates the NPC, a creature that works like a human, but doesn't have the spirit of one.

I got this idea mostly from the Odyssey series, but I did think of my own ideas, such as individuals being able to train the independence of a body on their own, hence becoming ghosts.


File: abcfff9d949083f⋯.png (184.81 KB, 450x390, 15:13, firekekker.png)


Your God is a pussy ass spirit who is way too OP. He's just a Jew instrument.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

thread theme


File: b43571c52261b6e⋯.jpg (168.38 KB, 588x767, 588:767, b43571c52261b6e31a022cc9de….jpg)



>everyone has died

>entropy is complete

>what is this OwO

>universe into's another big bang

>universe is constantly "dying and being reborn" in different configurations

>this happens an infinite amount of times

>eventually this leads us back to the exact same configuration as our current universe

>due to the fact that your consciousness, and ability to perceive time were gone, it would be as if you went to sleep as you were dying, and woke up as a fetus

>are "reborn"

ad infinitum


File: 580f5aa6d1388c9⋯.jpg (317.54 KB, 1439x2028, 1439:2028, DeepFryer_20190517_222858.jpg)


I don't believe they're necessarily identical (maybe other universes will create identical copies elsewhere)

I think universes simply keep alive by bumping into each other, or banging, and a big freeze occurs when a universe is isolated.



I think that what's going to happen is basically as theorized, except I do not subscribe to the idea that particles will just poof out of existence, I think that the bonds that hold them together will just weaken until they're free, and then they'll just keep breaking down into smaller parts over time, like a piece of bread in acid, appearing to dissolve into smaller parts, but we all know that the atoms are still there. I think that eventually it'll decay to the point that the particles that once made up the universe will have become so small that they'll be at or around the same size as the particles that are theorized to be being created and destroyed on the smallest level. Maybe this little input will result in some kind of "spark".

I even think that the result of such a spark would result in a temporary area that is incredibly dense (ie filled with most of the matter in the universe for a short moment), which could maybe temporarily reverse the effects of dark matter, which is said to be the main proponent of the spreading and stretching of space-time. This could in essence give us something similar to our current universe.

I made up a bunch of equations to try and explain the shit while being efficient in terms of space on paper, but I don't want to post them because I'm frankly embarrassed by my latent autism. They were in essence an attempt to explain the relationships between the natural forces. "The grand autistic unified theorem"


All wrong



This. I don't even think things will just dissolve on their own. There are white dwarfs older than the 13.6 billion year age the universe supposedly is, so I assume the big chill doesn't just dismantle molecules on their own. Metallic structures will remain. I think only stars and shit will get turned back into quarks. Everything else that is sturdy will be preserved.


File: adec868b1bce620⋯.jpg (18.43 KB, 300x169, 300:169, screamerclauz-interpretati….jpg)


I was tripping and high as fuck when I wrote this. I didn't remember I even wrote this until I clicked on this thread again, lel.



But I thought atomic decay would eventually effect every atom there is?



Lighter atoms, yes, but heavier atoms such as metals would be able to withstand entropy.


File: b7f1704452eb6b7⋯.gif (1.28 MB, 320x213, 320:213, 1544134070418.gif)


wad the fuggggg

I was always under the impression that basically everything would be fucked into a smaller particulate eventually.



Ignore the physicsfags, they're retarded. You're not even existing between moments for them.

You die when you sleep.


File: 8cc034646829890⋯.jpg (48.49 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 8cc034646829890089b6b045ca….jpg)


I-I am a physics fag though, in fact I'm >>124266

although I think it definitely deserves to be called theoretical physics at best

> you die when you sleep

I was actually thinking this today, it makes sense.

I mean, when you sleep, you have no perception of time, and you are basically by all means unconscious, everything that you aren't when you're awake. We don't remember being asleep because we can't, because we're not conscious, I would go as far as to say that our mind is "not", as in the terms of pic related.



You can pretty much chop all of existence up into various phases of existing and not existing, starting at life and death, then to conscious and unconscious, and at its most extreme, moment to moment. You can say that we are here having this conversation for the nth time, but it doesn't matter as it will always be the first time we have it and this thought will always seem novel.

There's no point trying to make sense of it. This could be hell or something as mundane as a physics experiment on a higher plane that lacked an ethics oversight committee, or even a test by a deranged god like everyone hopes. I'm not a physicist or even a philosopher but it seems to me that our laws of physics existed after a certain point the universe was already existing, meaning that if random truly exists then the universe could have already existed in an unquantifiable number of configurations, and if it doesn't loop at all then this is the one true universe, first and the last. If not then we are actually just looping round and round due to the fact the same outcomes occurring at unquantifiable odds are happening over and over again.

Sorry if this is a bit incoherent but I'm tired and drunk so I will be going to bed now, you have a good night.



Nah dude, I got what you meant. You seem to be a well read guy. Have a good one.


Your body will decompose and the memories of you among other people will wane and finally vanish. Nothing will last, and all will be like before your conception.


File: 5b4c636ac908373⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 600x338, 300:169, 5b4c636ac9083737f5fbe1a7eb….jpg)


You nigger I'm just about to go to sleep


Magical space voodoo happens and you get to go to forever happy land because the laws of nature doesn't work on dying things.



when you die you either experience an infinite amount of cummies or an infinite amount of edging


File: 5153f22eb409e79⋯.png (84.48 KB, 404x361, 404:361, tlXh4E3.png)


The people who thought this up had good reasoning, but they forgot that some objects have survived (the white dwarves older than the universe), so I figure denser objects can survive the speed.


File: 9b5ee4a1db9aac7⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 630x435, 42:29, rfv67t7gbynhuj76y5gtrf4ewv….jpg)


>What do you guys actually think happens when we die?

You don't want to know.


There is nothingness. Our brain is us. Without it,we cease to be. It would be like we were never born.



basically no afterlife



Ricardo Lopez is in that webm.

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