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File: f38a831cecb49bd⋯.jpg (95.9 KB, 900x506, 450:253, image 1.jpg)

File: 817e5d0133ce3fc⋯.jpg (96.84 KB, 453x640, 453:640, image 2.jpg)

File: 1393fa85f4650ef⋯.png (72.66 KB, 335x546, 335:546, image 3.png)

File: 209223045083980⋯.jpg (57.62 KB, 650x210, 65:21, cope.jpg)



>As well as race-based sexual rejection, sexual racism also manifests in the form of the hypersexualisation of specific ethnic groups. Freudians theorize that sexual fetishism, people of one race can form sexual fixations towards individuals of a separate generalised racial group. This collective stereotype is established through the perception that an individual's sexual appeal derives entirely from their race, and is therefore subject to the prejudices that follow.

>Racial fetishism as a culture is often perceived, in this context, as an act or belief motivated by sexual racism. The objectification and reductionist perception of different races, for example, East Asian women, or African American men, relies greatly on their portrayal in forms of media that depict them as sexual objects. An example of such a medium includes pornography. An instance of this hypersexualisation is commented upon in Artist and Designer Donna Choi's illustrative series targeting the specific fetishisation of Asian women, named, Does Your Man Suffer From Yellow Fever? (2013).

>The effects of Racial Fetishism as a form of Sexual Racism, is discussed in research conducted by Plummer. Plummer used qualitative interviews within given focus groups, and found that specific social locations came up as areas in which sexual racism commonly manifest. These mentioned social locations included pornographic media, gay clubs and bars, casual sex encounters as well as romantic relationships. This high prevalence was recorded within Plummer's research to be consequentially related to the recorded lower self-esteem, internalised sexual racism, and increased psychological distress in participants of colour. People subject to this form of racial discernment are targeted in a manner well put by Hook. Hook's historical overview of J.M. Coetzee's novel, largely addressed Coetzee's depictions of racial otherness within South Africa. Additionally, Coetzee goes on to write about how the otherness and social detachment from the colonials was what fabricated present racial stereotypes. Such stereotypes are what is said to encourage the perception of other racial groups as fantasmatic objects; a degrading and generalising view of different racial populations.



File: 0ab16e7df0d68f9⋯.png (698.33 KB, 1215x1000, 243:200, the white race.png)

>mfw cucks are the last defenders of the white race

As a white man, should i be worried?


File: 3129cfb6819a63e⋯.jpg (621.88 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, asnatureintended.jpg)

File: d086a86a086c584⋯.png (388.26 KB, 800x771, 800:771, choice.png)

File: 583cbea8cedaee1⋯.jpg (147.81 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, cyberpunk.jpg)

File: d03ce37f7cdb87e⋯.png (230.99 KB, 700x700, 1:1, forbes.png)

File: f35bbd68162a0b2⋯.jpg (105.09 KB, 749x1050, 107:150, innovation.jpg)

>my ancestors died so that we could live in this

>this is the white civilization i should be defending



File: b402ce8666fc53f⋯.jpg (207.62 KB, 650x433, 650:433, b402ce8666fc53f5efa35333ad….jpg)


tfw people call you racist because you like Asian girls


File: 51c7101feba88c7⋯.png (343.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 123425246357.png)

>it's another OP is a nigger mad at whites thread


File: bf4d1eb4e3bcd5e⋯.png (795.97 KB, 750x2938, 375:1469, chickenmatrix.png)

File: e40ad35c0b3bd77⋯.jpg (59.16 KB, 640x558, 320:279, mcdonalds.jpg)

File: 8d52f036b939f1f⋯.jpg (42.17 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, mcdonaldsprogress.jpg)

File: d129cf8f10098b9⋯.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x521, 720:521, news.jpg)

>i wonder why my civilization is failing. could it be the fault of niggers?


You're not racist unless you date them exclusively because they're asian. It's fine if you date them but only if you don't date them because they're yellow.


File: 401f31aa3c5e612⋯.png (13.85 KB, 255x239, 255:239, mediterranean.png)



File: d6ec1264a0c9134⋯.jpg (892.71 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, ineedakidney.jpg)

File: c05d63a2fd06ae0⋯.jpg (325.2 KB, 2100x1574, 1050:787, needkidney.jpg)

File: 369f5b8e15dcb16⋯.jpg (68.56 KB, 594x674, 297:337, pepsico.jpg)

File: 7d282595508ba25⋯.jpg (99.87 KB, 1125x1087, 1125:1087, investinginjobs.jpg)


How could you be so naive? Is it impossible for a white man to hate the world he was born into?

>>130466 (checked)


bleach negresses



Normalfags are so pathetic kek. Imagine worrying about jewish-made words with no meaning.


Just post >cuckime till he cry. I don't think weebs are even white.


File: e9f2549b93ad46b⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 341x290, 341:290, 1433551043075.jpg)


Sounds pretty (((Freudian))) if you ask me.


Reminder that Meds are Caucasian and OP is a nigger pretending to be a Med.


File: a06f6993d1c49d7⋯.jpg (257.89 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, a06f6993d1c49d74b5302c9fe8….jpg)


Now this confuses the fuck out of me. What if I just happen to find oily gook faces the most aesthetic? Does that mean I am dating them because they're Asian or because they're hot?


File: 36c0c75d3ab2f5a⋯.jpg (880.83 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, robots.jpg)

File: 3b52d3075010e98⋯.jpg (43.43 KB, 620x361, 620:361, poor.jpg)

File: 90142f637c87d9a⋯.jpg (48.08 KB, 676x750, 338:375, sadness.jpg)

File: 1764d6c28df66ae⋯.jpg (200.45 KB, 1200x751, 1200:751, safe space diapers.jpg)

File: 9a112fecd359f9a⋯.jpeg (44.43 KB, 546x767, 42:59, honkpilled.jpeg)


But anon, i'm white and i like anime. I don't really care about not being racist, but racial supremacism is a scourge.


Nothing wrong with Freudian theory as long as it wasn't made by Freud.


I'm not that spammer.


Sounds alright with me. Would you turn down a white girl because she doesn't have epicanthic folds or yellow skin?



I wouldnt give to shits since the things i like the most are tits, videogames (competition) and friends and shekels since that is also competition and i do not like to be a nigger of the jews.


File: 49d57b7bb463b68⋯.jpg (33.5 KB, 750x554, 375:277, stoppussy.jpg)


Could you say that again in English? I couldn't understand your… caveman babble.


File: 6288bbd9fb1d374⋯.jpg (98.73 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 6288bbd9fb1d3748368d98bd3b….jpg)


>Would you turn down a white girl because she doesn't have epicanthic folds or yellow skin?

Yeah but that's the thing. Is it bad if a guy only wants to date girls with big tiddies or light skin? I would argue it isn't. People can be very shallow when it comes to physical attraction, that's just how it goes. If I happened to be attracted to epicanthic folds or yellow skin then what's even wrong with that?


File: 2a3f1974423db76⋯.png (571.85 KB, 2170x1138, 1085:569, thelorax.png)


Actually, this is not okay. I'd be fine if you judged them based on how much money they made, but if you;d turn down a 10/10 hottie because she had the wrong skin color, you're a racist. Sorry.


File: 2ff43aef53a7348⋯.jpg (462.6 KB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, 2ff43aef53a7348a76582305ff….jpg)


You're being (((ironic))) but this proves my point that physical attraction is quite shallow by it's very nature


File: f3da6b05ded4ebd⋯.png (38.2 KB, 779x342, 41:18, youth.png)


Anon, physical attraction is all fucked up nowadays. You're telling me you wouldn't fuck a 18 year old white girl because you'd rather have a 25 year old asian girl because she had big tits and yellow skin. It's racist.


File: 68dba8b249da3c4⋯.jpg (44.09 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 68dba8b249da3c461e8a0b0233….jpg)


There are certainly situations where I would fuck a non-Asian. I am not exclusively attracted to Asians, it's just a personal preference


File: 7888e333e2afbbc⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1808x886, 904:443, parchman prison mississipp….png)

>"white" civilization

Is this worthy of the white race?



People who think white people are amazing need to go outside and walk around. Tons of degenerate white people out there.


File: c9f4dcec840fa6b⋯.jpg (88.56 KB, 1070x991, 1070:991, wellsfargo.jpg)

File: 36cce94c0ecdabb⋯.png (105.33 KB, 658x444, 329:222, virgintrains.png)

File: c262625e2e5c612⋯.jpg (902.52 KB, 2976x3968, 3:4, traffic.jpg)

File: 5ec5b706ca99e6a⋯.png (797.15 KB, 1183x691, 1183:691, stroke.png)


Would you turn down an 8/10 black woman who is willing to let you have asian and white girlfriends on the side in favor of a 6/10 asian girl who is not?

If you, it's racist and also dumb.


People who hate white people need to do the same. Racism is unacceptable in this day and age.



Entire post disregarded. Freud has been widely regarded as a con and a shit "doctor" for decades with no noteworthy or credible research.


File: 0b08f18cdc12b02⋯.jpg (208.72 KB, 1280x812, 320:203, 0b08f18cdc12b02d7e7a758a28….jpg)


>These arbitrary conditions

Heh well I have nothing against boning a hot black girl so whatever.

>Racism is unacceptable in this day and age

Good luck with that


File: b85d2008e453037⋯.webm (8.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, importedlabor.webm)

>"British" civilization



>implying not freud

If i say i'm a "Tesla-ist" and then say "white people need to be removed", does that represent what Tesla believed?



you seem threatened by him tbh


File: f23320c9dc51646⋯.png (719.88 KB, 1523x454, 1523:454, italians rules cumskins dr….png)

File: f6013bb8d043083⋯.png (192.89 KB, 1000x657, 1000:657, mediterranean race the cre….png)

File: a81ca7044134349⋯.png (568.68 KB, 891x710, 891:710, Keep crying Snownigger You….png)

File: 1e1765c57fb709e⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x2240, 6:7, the ancient meds where ger….jpg)


>we wuz romans and shiet!

>dat romans be blonde just like me :)

I wish my ancestors had genocided you snow niggers. For how long will you ignore the facts you fucking sperg?



>i'm white

>i like anime

>but racial supremacism is a scourge.

Your race is done, and that's a good thing.


File: ce12851e89f008f⋯.png (536.93 KB, 1016x790, 508:395, mentalhealth.png)


Anon, no racism in my thread.


Hi /pol/. Nice to see you here!


File: 27935ab7172e098⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 770x483, 110:69, cat-niqqa.jpg)

This entire thread is the definition of "We live in a society" bro go outside and get some fresh air, turn off the internet and the news for awhile you need it for your own good. Get a hobby that doesn't involve using electronics, like playing an instrument, it teaches you discipline, a skill you can share with people while expressing how you feel. Get exercise, self-improvement bro.


File: 7523cb35c57db29⋯.jpg (282.14 KB, 600x1772, 150:443, pepestolengold.jpg)


we live in a society meme is nothing but another way of poking fun at people who normies don't like.


File: 8fe6f6e686b403e⋯.jpg (35.93 KB, 613x531, 613:531, 8fe.jpg)


>we live in a society meme is nothing but another way of poking fun at people who normies don't like.

No, its to poke fun at people that collect cherrypicked news articles and images and form a false-consensus on the world based on sensationalism. AKA, you




It amuses me that you are bitching about racism but the only criteria for a woman you can come up with is a number indicating her level of physical attractiveness.


File: 9e2b4e07778a244⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, shopping.jpg)


Anon, i don't know what to say. Are you projecting?


I'm actually a normified former /pol/fag, if you'll believe it. I'd unironically shoot a /pol/tard before i ever shot anyone else.


File: 748474631544f4c⋯.jpg (216.11 KB, 1194x1196, 597:598, 7c41782861089c38a70f444673….jpg)


>Anon, i don't know what to say. Are you projecting?

Anon, I said

>its to poke fun at people that collect cherrypicked news articles and images

Look at your thread, that's exactly what you're doing, you're self-evident. Its not me projecting. Its you deflecting.


File: 048966eb34c5258⋯.mp4 (3.71 MB, 612x360, 17:10, america.mp4)


Hi! Look who's here! I applaud your efforts.


I'm only replying to your post to give you a free (You). You should thank me for this.


File: 6262d16baa3a475⋯.jpg (395.76 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 6262d16baa3a475b9cf2f18be6….jpg)


>Its not me projecting. Its you deflecting

Shit's getting serious here


File: e281b196afe7723⋯.png (89.27 KB, 631x452, 631:452, 8chanangrythread.png)





bot level retort. how will anon ever recover?




cope mad incel LOL


File: f42fbc410b2b118⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1024x1800, 128:225, environmentalism.jpg)





>Crusty-ass JPEGs with no source

seems legit Protip: Thats a b8 image, they reversed the order of the images, they actually took down the signs and transplanted a tree in its place


File: c46d98b2a78957f⋯.png (217.11 KB, 996x794, 498:397, 62percent.png)





>Mixing real news articles with clearly fake unsourced images to push disinformation



File: 3455b3d836dd774⋯.jpg (81.95 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, billionaire.jpg)


It's a metaphor, not a metafact. Cope.



Stating facts is not racism.


File: 10fc33efe22541d⋯.webm (7.59 MB, 480x360, 4:3, democracy.webm)


Stating facts like they determine the worth of a race is racism though. Big difference.



You are a racist if you defend this >>130482


File: 6376245fdeedeeb⋯.png (42.6 KB, 940x469, 940:469, racist.png)


You are a racist for assuming that i am medspammer.



Med spammer?

1. This >>130482 uses racism.

2. This >>130583 this shows him that he not so superior.

3 You tell #2 not to be racist as if #1 is not.

If you ignore or support #1 you are racist.

No need to assume anything.


File: d89b7265e0100d5⋯.png (4.14 KB, 341x63, 341:63, muhwords.png)




File: 78d7dadcd2f9d38⋯.png (152.99 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1333583034150.png)

Another shitty /pol/ thread



Then don't virtue signal retard.


File: 0f98328bcabfef1⋯.jpg (145.35 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 55-og.jpg)


give us more monkey blather



>dissing root beer and cocaine

Whoever made this pic died a virgin



I saw someone mention a good meme term to describe this entire fetish in just two words.

Hate Fapping

Basically these /pol/ racists have worked themselves into such a hatred of niggers that they started to fetishize their fear of white women going black. So now many of them hate fap their dicks off. Similar to the term hate fucking only applied to fapping.



As a fellow yellow fever patient, I would take that as a compliment.



I think that "racists" are more likely to have interracial fetishes. Normalfags mistakenly think that race is just skin color and don't really see interracial sex as being different from sex between two people of the same race. On the other hand, you've got people who are either repulsed by it or fetishize it, and I don't think there's always a clear line between the two.


"Racial supremacism" is just ethnocentrism, and some degree of ethnocentrism is a necessity if you don't want your country to turn into a Third World shithole.


>wanting to stick your dick into chick of your own race so that your kids resemble yourself is considered rayciss now

I am looking forward to the collpase of the west

because when everythings collapses, the leftists will also lose the power over everything and we can start over again


>posting in zach threads

You retards realize /tv/ is unmoderated at the moment right? All the shitstains have come to sully this place instead.



fuck you barq's is delicious



>Not wanting to fuck niggers makes me racist

Before you know it they'll say that me not liking Mexican food is racist



No anon, in this specific case wanting to fuck black people specifically because of their skin color is racist. You're fine.



>race is skin color

This meme needs to die.


Asians are superior.

I spent a decent amount of time looking for and spreading the mylittlehugot vids on /b/ a while back. They used to be on pornhub, but i think they got shoah'd for some reason. im hoping they are all over the place now on places like /wmafsex/. I have three long mp4 files.


File: 08e2e21b159bb07⋯.mp4 (3.01 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, small benis small pink ton….mp4)


Yellow bugs are the cutest. Wights are ugly brutes in comparison.



>I saved a bunch of lefty memes to spam them the way I do mine and bitch about de huwite man

>this will contextualize the threads shitting on /pol/, as /leftypol/ boogiemen

you're a fag lol



that is one of the dankest Q-BAMs I've seen


File: 827db5fd424f137⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x467, 600:467, 001.jpg)


>Racism is unacceptable in this day and age.



People don't seem to realize that it's not the '60s anymore.



Weird… /tv/ looks exactly like it always does.


File: 851f46228565899⋯.jpg (62.83 KB, 640x762, 320:381, polgirl.jpg)


No that's ok. It's only racist if you like to fuck black girls. Wanting to date and procreate with black women is evil.


File: d08d4e0e1ea4276⋯.png (116.32 KB, 720x877, 720:877, black PS4 vs white PS4.png)



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