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File: 7132a3f6ae9fc45⋯.gif (477.46 KB, 320x189, 320:189, Bob.gif)


>meet qt azn on omegle

>trade info, trade a couple pics, sext back and forth

>agree to become FWBs

>this goes on for a couple days

>told her I would write her a really nice erotic piece for her birthday

>she's real fucking excited for it

>talk with her today, tell her I finished it

>she seems completely disinterested, almost hostile even

>keeps giving vague answers, have no idea what she's talking about and ask if we could just talk later

>gets pissed at me, stops talking and removes me

I'm not even mad, just really confused why she would snap like this. Is this just because she's asian? I've heard they do shit like this all the time.



She found a black man



damn. rip.



>Is this just because she's asian?

Nope. It's because she's female.

They'll be entirely up your ass one minute & then insulted you're even still in their presence the next. Then get pissed off at your confusion while simultaneously getting pissed off you aren't trying any harder.


File: c600ed5ad768c5d⋯.png (423.88 KB, 705x651, 235:217, heav.png)


how many black men are in the philippines exactly




All of them. They're essentially blasians.



I hope they find her corpse.



Because now you're supposed to send her cash or some kind of actual present you bought & didn't make to get her being nice again, because that's how this works.



>expecting logic




All men lacking actual good fathers make this mistake. Some never realize it's a mistake.


File: ebb1d975daa01cf⋯.jpg (104.54 KB, 640x800, 4:5, beautiful_asian_girls_4.jpg)

>meet white guy on omegle

>trade info, trade a couple pics, sext back and forth

>agree to become FWBs (long distance so I don't actually have to commit lol)

>this goes on for a couple days

>he wants to write a poem about my pussy or some shit (?)

>sounds mad gay but pretend to be interested because I want that dick

>have some stressful stuff happen in real life

>this guy texts me with his nut novella

>try and hint that now is not a good time

>he still persists in wanting me to read his bust-one-out book

>get annoyed because his fap fantasies are encroaching on my real life

>cut him off because he's a stranger and who cares

>never think about it again because there's another twenty guys just like him I could get in a heartbeat


File: c4963ec44318233⋯.jpg (57.66 KB, 448x281, 448:281, male-vs-female-facebook 2.jpg)


Sad. But true. A woman will always have 10-20 thirsty niggas on the side waiting to take your place on the attention totem-pole. So while you are laser focusing on her she's putting you on the back burner because a better deal came along.



That's why I love women who are nice for no reason.



Protip: don't spend time writing a bunch of shit for a girl before she says she loves you. Period. Not at all. Unless she likes poems or some shit. Don't do it. Not any kind. Not erotic, not love letters, no songs or poetry. Don't fucking do it. It's a bad idea. She will never respect you for it unless she's already in love with you. Anything you write is a pile of shit, unless you're some kind of published writer or something. Just don't do it. It will always end with you being rejected. You wanna write shit for a girl, you gotta wait until talking to you makes her wet and she loves you despite what a faggot you are. Writing crap for girls is a surefire way to make them fuck right off.



boy am I glad I don't waste time with women, let them call me an incel while the stds and money change hands 24/7 until they're divorced at 50 with nothing, kids who hate them, and very rich exes at worst, or living a much more fulfilling life than me at best provided they actually found a woman who's not a sloot.



Listen to this faggot. It's no different from you just starting to play the guitar or whatever and trying to show off this new song you wrote. It'll be shit, anyone without an emotional connection to it will know it's shit (and she has none, women don't love the same way men do).

tl;dr women aren't men, if you don't know what you're doing do the opposite of what makes sense.



Yup. Women are impressed by men who don't need them. Women need men, don't act like a bitch and show her how desperate for her attentiom you really are. Even if it's not the case, at least pretend you have a real life outside of her. Make it seem like you're doing her a favour by talking to her. Don't always be available. I mean for fuck sake, you shouldn't even have remembered her birthday after a few days or at least just wish her a happy birthday and ask what she's doing like it doesn't matter to you. Don't be a fucking little bitch op.



I was as confused as OP until I read this. Yup it's just a whore



She probably just found someone better. Bitches need you until they don't



she's on her period

she'll be fine in a couple days



>Uses Bob the tomato to express his confusion at his degeneracy.

Come to Jesus like ole Bob would want.

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