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File: 0f4eddc14ae229f⋯.png (199.27 KB, 291x500, 291:500, cokezero_12-500x500.png)


I mean, who even drinks water anymore? Grab a Coke Zero, am I right?




Enjoy your diabeetus faggot


I only drink beer and liquor because I'm.not a zoomer fag


File: 556c19ce4b7702d⋯.jpg (33.47 KB, 356x321, 356:321, 1532184511146.jpg)


>zero sugar



File: 38dfc324a6c0d8d⋯.png (327.57 KB, 474x716, 237:358, 1457045634613.png)

enjoy your cancer faggot


Stop drinking soda for just a week and you’ll realize why water is so nice



last time i drank a non-water drink i was still getting raped by daddy. if youre ok with diabetes, go ahead, my friend


File: 556c19ce4b7702d⋯.jpg (33.47 KB, 356x321, 356:321, 1532184511146.jpg)


>zero sugar



If I drink too much soda it gives me kidney stones so I think I'll stick to water.



>tastes like liquified pharmaceuticals but doen't get you high beyond a babby's first buzz level

Pass as hard as my dick gets from this based redhead black-doll-rejecting former cunny who's now probably 30 & blown out to all hell.



<zero sugar




I'll never understand this pilpul

you eat the stuff straight and it tastes bitter

sweet my ass



Exactly, hope op likes pissing rocks


File: 55764353242a3b2⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 4608x2240, 72:35, 20190523_153708.jpg)


this but unironically



Baste taste in lgs


Take the water enlightment path. Right next to me i have several bottles of sparkling water. Sparkling water is all you need.



>carbonic acid

Enjoy your rotting teeth


Coke ingredients: Water, etc…

Ahahah, sparklingfags btfo



already had them since i was a kid. Nothing to worry about


File: a31c68b876be916⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1449x2048, 1449:2048, 1436636207946.png)

I want to drink her piss


File: afeba995b2fbbf8⋯.jpg (119.54 KB, 334x466, 167:233, 76446.JPG)

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