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File: 46e5c509fc45a81⋯.jpg (4.95 MB, 3937x2346, 3937:2346, scream.jpg)


my sexuality was killed off by antipsychotic medication. i haven't gotten it back yet, i don't enjoy any sexual thoughts or fantasies




Lucky you. Sexuality is nothing but a way for your brain to trick you into being a depressed degenerate.

Have you had any dreams lately? Antipsychotics take those away from you.



>Sexuality is nothing but a way for your brain to trick you into being a depressed degenerate.

actually i became a depressed degenerate AFTER losing my sexuality

>Have you had any dreams lately?

some, not really



Sucks for you, I'm going to go back to fapping.



Damn, you must be the envy of nofappers



Ssri blockers block receptors that your brain uses for certain chemicals such as DMT. When you don't dream, your brain has a harder time recovering from negative memories.

You should try psychedelics.




i still fap every few days to relieve prostate pressure. it doesn't feel good but it will feel worse if i don't.


i dream i just don't dream that well



Fresh air, daily exercise and nothing but water to drink. It acts as a physical and mental detox, but you should adopt it as a lifelong dogma to follow. There is no telling how much damage was done to you by the toxic they pumped into you, but only a full detox will show you if there's still hope left.


File: 20203fb6cfe6bf8⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 235x252, 235:252, Brian.jpg)


drink mugwort tea 8)



good idea, but i will do it for less than a day and then never think about it again


that sounds like something that will give me swamp ass


File: d04fe5a2313b2db⋯.jpeg (34.95 KB, 600x418, 300:209, CF12C6FE-7F91-41C3-9B02-0….jpeg)


File: 4abcdf9cccc4deb⋯.png (8.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 406.png)


no seriously research it, a bit hippie but it works for me.


File: 9e43d77f9c12e4a⋯.jpg (33.97 KB, 750x702, 125:117, head out.jpg)



>i will do it for less than a day and then never think about it again

So motivation is your main problem. Then get the fuck out of wherever you are and get yourself into a position where you are required to do daily chores to sustain your life. You need to get yourself into a position where your inactivity will have severe negative consequences for your well being, because that's what's happening to you now, but you can't see it, therefore you are able to ignore it. You are killing yourself.



This happened to me but from out of the blue. Still don't know what caused it and doctors don't give a shit. It's ruined my life. It happened within 24 hours, was fine, normal, horny, boners several times a day, fantasising, strong morning wood.

Then next day nothing. Morning wood gone, no sexual thoughts or dreams, no boners throughout the day, and feeling very tired all the time. Other symptoms are a lack of that pleasure rush feeling when pissing, eating something tasty etc, which fits with anhedonia, a lack of emotions. I can't even feel sad properly. It's been several years now. I couldn't ever have imagined this before hand, it is like being dead while still alive.



>You are killing yourself.

sounds like a pretty good deal to me


>lack of that pleasure rush feeling when pissing, eating something tasty etc, which fits with anhedonia, a lack of emotions. I can't even feel sad properly

i didn't mention this in the OP but i am experiencing similar



Do you still have morning wood?



actually, no, now that you mention it



>sounds like a pretty good deal to me

Then why are you bitching about the side effects of your slow succumbing to death? You seeking approval on here, is your instincts trying to tell you that something is wrong. Either end it now (and make it entertaining for us) or fight it like nature demands you to do.



How long were you on the medication, and how long have you been off it/experiencing this?

Serotonin and dopamine balance can be a factor, sounds like it could be low dopamine, that you aren't producing enough or that your brain isn't being receptive to it.

Could be a lot of other things. I'd recommend you to go to an endocrinologist and have a "full hormone panel" blood test done. It is just a couple of vials of blood, to test your testosterone, oestrogen, prolactin, TSH (thyroid), and some others.

Serotonin and dopamine aren't usually tested but you can ask about it.

Also ask about growth hormone testing and therapy.

To naturally increase dopamine, you could try having a massage once a week if you can afford it.

That would stimulate it, and perhaps with time it would help. to some extent.


File: 1851eb57f61eb9f⋯.jpg (11.14 KB, 264x206, 132:103, joke.jpg)


because i want to die the way i used to be, not this fucking husk that i turned into



>How long were you on the medication

few years

>how long have you been off it


>experiencing this?

at least since i started meds

>It is just a couple of vials of blood, to test your testosterone, oestrogen, prolactin, TSH (thyroid), and some others.

those are the tests i got in the first place that got me these meds prescribed

>you could try having a massage once a week if you can afford it.

i don't think the shame of being touched by 3dpd is going to help



Did you used to have morning wood regularly? When was the last time you had it?

Have you stopped fapping completely?

Morning wood erections come from a different chemical process than sexually stimulated erections, and are a sign that something is physically or physiologically wrong and needs fixing. i.e. it is proof that your problem is not just psychological.

Make that clear to your doctor, and ask to see an endocrinologist.

Until then, consider taking viagra or similar to stimulate erections and keep things working. Viagra doesn't increase libido, it just increases nitric oxide which improves erections, but if you aren't having morning wood, you need to stimulate erections every day for at least 10 minutes.



if you've been off it only for a week then just give it time.

it might take up to 3-4 months for your brain activity to readjust.



A week isn't long, a few years of medication is a lot, but your body has a chance to bounce back.

I'd recommend having the massages so your dopamine circuits start working regularly. Shower and wash well, dress in clean clothes and find a reputable massage place in your area.

At first, you can ask for just an arm/upper body massage, honestly that will help a lot. It will be less embarassing and you'll soon become used to it.

Keep having those, once a week at least for a few months and see if there is improvement.

Also do as the other guy suggested, go for walks in the park/green nature or to the sea if you are near the coast, sea air is very good for you, the negative ions in the air from the waves breaking chemically improve your mood.

Eat plenty of dark green vegetables, lean meat, eggs, mushrooms, brasil and walnuts, dark chocolate 1 ounce/30g a day - 70+% cocoa.

Broccoli, cabbage, spinach are good.

Walking at a good pace for 30 minutes a day.

You have to force these for several weeks until they become habits, regardless of your mood. Treat them like medication, write a list and tick it off each day.

Also, go to a new doctor and have a blood test like I said, have your hormones checked. Then have them tested again six months from now.

It will take a few weeks at least to clear your body of the medication, longer to clear it of the effects. Don't worry or stress about it, take a positive approach and know that you are going to improve with effort and time, you will be yourself again. Stress raises cortisol, which affects your libido negatively.

One other thing, sleep is very important. Sleep 7.5-9 hours a night, at night so you have at least the period from midnight to 5am included. Sleep in a dark, quiet room, not too warm or cool. No mobile phone charger or alarm clock lights.

Avoid screens for 2-4 hours before bed, download the "flux" app to filter out blue light.



This. In the meantime, regardless of mood, practise positive lifestyle routines. Walk in the fresh air and sunshine for 30 minutes a day, spend time in nature if you can, eat healthy food, ejaculate 1-2 times a week to keep your prostate clear but avoid porn - use your imagination or look at bikini models if you have to.

The massages will really help, it will stimulate your dopamine receptors and improve brain healing.



Op, did you abandon thread.

It will benefit you to read and apply this stuff.



Well, I told you what to do to change it, and I told you what's holding from reaching it. It's up to you now. Also, the past is gone forever, the future always unreachable and only the present counts.


It will return after you expel them from your system. Believe me, I was there.



Good. Lust is a primitive emotion that held you back. Now you can focus on more important things like getting rid of the other weaknesses of the flesh.



>feeling like a wooden doll all day makes you really productive

Become a breatharian, you imbecile.


>my sexuality was killed off by antipsychotic medication.

Same thing here op

Before I started taking AP meds I'd masturbate between 3-5 times a day and could fuck for hours, being able to cum multiple times when I did.

Now while I still have sexual thoughts my dick is always dead and unresponsive and I can't fuck as I normally would, also I can barely masturbate and now fap about twice a month if I'm lucky.

Unfortunately if you really need to take crazy pills there's really no easy fix.

I now use Viagra which does help so if you want to be sexually active in future I'd recommend you do the same.

Even though it sucks part of me can't help find it at least a bit liberating that I no longer have lustful thoughts and urges all the time.

It does make your head a bit clearer, it just takes some getting used too.



>3-5 times a day

Dude, that's not normal unless you are 14-16






>jews want to turn normalfags into hypersexual porn addicts

>jews also want to turn OP into an effective eunuch

nigger what?



>not normal

Everyone is different

I used to be hypersexual

I used to regularly, most days watch a lot of hardcore porn as well which would make me fap multiple times

Now I find porn boring and am generally so uninterested in sex that I may as well be asexual

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